War Thunder - Mig Alley

I take to the skies in my F-86 Sabre and totally suck. Then a teammate in a MiG-15 shows me how it's done.

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Автор John Parkin ( назад)
I think you meant to say "UN" rather than "NATO" re Korean war ... I know
I'm a bit late with this but I've only just come across your vids ... I'm
really enjoying them - many thanks ....

Автор Donald Wrightson ( назад)
BF-109's also had leading edge root extensions!

Автор - TRM - The Ruby Mincart - ( назад)

Автор Jacob Messman ( назад)
This game has changed so much.

Автор A LITTLE TART ( назад)
Jingles it's called the SABER not the SABRE because it's an American plane

Автор Josh Briggs ( назад)
who's watching in 2016

Автор Rtz Productions ( назад)
I love this game ! .. Nice video .. Gameplay and history lessons .. Nice ;)

Автор REM700sniper@playstation network ( назад)
im in 2016 like if you are too lol

Автор Big Boss ( назад)
6:10 why is there a biplane in a jet fight. please expain

Автор KMOMO P ( назад)

Автор Vintage steam locomotive spotter ( назад)
I do like a good challenge a bit like Prop vs Jet fighters

Автор Qrafter 7113 ( назад)
If America & Germany have the BNZ Fighters, and Britain & Japan have the
Dogfighters, then what do the Russians have?

Автор AC-130 Lockheed ( назад)
Well, not exactly the best jet performance from jingles but, I'm sure I
couldn't do better. Good jet fighting. BNZ tactics, BNZ tactics...lol. I
have BNZ planes and I love 'em but, that's just me. And I did enjoy
watching this video. Thank you jingles.

Автор YellowbusRider ( назад)
"Watch how this guy works his columns"

Автор WarThunderers_ ( назад)
An I-15 in a jet battle, that is just sad.

Автор the AR-15 guy that is epic person ( назад)
unmolested? what the heck jingles!?!?!

Автор Viklas the Mad ( назад)
I live about 20 mins from the USAF museum in Dayton, and I've spent many,
many hours there. As soon as you mentioned the museum, I knew exactly what
you were about to say. I know the mig you're talking about. It's a beauty.

Автор FTPGAMING ( назад)
Those m3 50 cals sounds so much than what they Sound like now

Автор william liang ( назад)

Автор Rat fink ( назад)
holy crap I missed that wow u do got a lot of gold can u give me some lol

Автор Rat fink ( назад)
thanks to you im doing sooo much better in wt.

Автор Rat fink ( назад)
jingles man ur the **** man bro

Автор Wilbert Leyva ( назад)
For some reason I couldn't see the rest of the video. When the Mig15 took
off, the video went back to when jingles crashed but the commentary kept
going. Idk if it's YouTube of just the video. Anyways nice vid

Автор Rico de grijs ( назад)
jingles y JinglePie?

Автор zachary tyler ( назад)
Jingles this video is pretty old but i was listening to it wall playing war
thunder and at the end you said "watch your six" witch is a common thing.
But since i was not paying attention and it did not register that you where
a video and not my buddy who i normaly play with prompted me to check my
six. there was a spitfire comin down on my arse right at the same time. i
was able to avaid and live to kill him (then almost instantly go tkilled by
AA) so i wanted to ssay thank you haha ^_^

Автор DigitalDeath 142 ( назад)

Автор Yamato ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор AsBadAsBot ( назад)
Dislike for killing 262s

Автор Frag Maxter ( назад)
Does he use mouse controls or simplified?

Автор Strigon Wolf ( назад)
50 ground tanks / vehicles destroyed?!! OMG i can only destroy 16 with my
yak 9t :v

Автор e115x525 ( назад)
WOW theres a bf109 in that match, jesus christ.

Автор Dillan Addington ( назад)
I love the historical commentary!

Автор Babs Bunny ( назад)
hi How did you pul that verticle climb? is there a button to push?

Автор Kevin Bennett ( назад)
If you watch the "Wings Of The Red Star" on the MiG-15 you'll find that the
Soviet pilots didn't wear the uniforms, like the Flying Tigers of WWII they
went and bought civilian clothes to fly in.

They also knew how if they were captured it could start WWIII and were
so...well badass that they carried a pistol to kill themselves if they were
shot down over enemy territory and according to the MiG-15 pilots they
interviewed several did just that when their plane was shot down behind the

If anyone hasn't seen it and want to know more about the MiG-15 its a great
source, they even interview the NK pilot who defected who talks about how
he briefed Chuck Yeager on the dangers and weakpoints of the aircraft, its
a really informative watch.

Автор Charlie Scott ( назад)
so just wandering, how does he have 1.8 MILLION eagles? haha

Автор Ali Zulqarnain ( назад)
hey jingles the indo-pak war was in 1965 and M.M Alam shot down 5 IAF
hunters in less than 30 seconds. To this day, its a record. the F 86 was a
star in the hands of PAF pilots.

Автор logan Random last name this is the Internet ( назад)
Can you fly a P38 lightning?☺

Автор TableSalt17 ( назад)
I think the N Korean and Chinese uniforms for the russian pilots may have
been more for insurance. Some pilots would be killed while shot down. A
body's uniform in a wreckage may be the only evidence to the nationality of
the pilot.

Автор Waluigi ( назад)
*MLG Alley

Автор Brett Hart ( назад)
that mig pilot is one of the best i have ever seen!

Автор Sou Vad ( назад)
I really really sucked.. Butt ( I know its not what he said but I couldnt
resist haha )

Автор Skandranon Banefire ( назад)
Hey Jingles, why does my UI look different from yours? My UI looks mirrored
to yours, and there is no server button...

Автор Caleb Cantrell ( назад)
You know why I love this guy? Its because he gives you a mini history
lesson while playing War Thunder. Simply awesome!

Автор Coyote Duster ( назад)

Автор james daniel ( назад)
its cool that you talk about dayton ohio which i live 1 hour away from :D

Автор Halinspark ( назад)
How useful is researching an aircraft before you fly it? It looks like
sEraph1m knew how the MiG-15 was flown and made sure to do it the same way.

Автор LunchIsAwesome ( назад)
The pilot who brutally confirms an Me-262 kill takes the time to say the
words "Thank you". Warms my heart.

Автор illukeinati sw4g (937 лет назад)
wow isnt the a-26 super rare it apears right after the first death

Автор Creeperjr 5 ( назад)
i knew about the MiG 15's reporting name, still hilarious!

Автор Paul Robert Smith ( назад)
Great video, I enjoyed the commentary. I'm big fan of ww1 -> Vietnam era
I'm in process of learning now to fly with joystick in WThunder. I'm still
going though steep learn curve and not much for arcade flying (and its good
to have that option). Sim (or sim like) flying is not for everyone). I also
fly RC planes, mostly ww2 era ) and just assembled a kit F4 Phantom, which
I have flown a few times now. I'm really enjoying WT. il2 battle of
Stalingrad(and looks just as awesome as WT, but paid game) is similar to WT
and DSC also cool but even more sim.
Keep them coming :-)

Автор John Wiseman ( назад)

Автор John Wiseman ( назад)
Five airplanes shot down in less then a minute. "Cough".

Автор Michael Martin ( назад)
"Historical battle"
Korean war plane in late WW2
Whatevs, War Thunder

Автор TacTundra ( назад)
I've seen a MiG-15 at an airshow once. Beautiful plane. Also, You have one
of the most soothing voices I've ever heard on youtube

Автор Zach Teumer ( назад)
this video got me to download this game about 2 years ago

Автор Bob Americana ( назад)
i demand an apology before i ruin you in the states you
fucktard !

Автор Bob Americana ( назад)
i cant listen to this american bellitement bullshit...fuck off
you limy bastard...oh, i know,, you inbreds with crooked teeth
and tiny cocks invented it all, and made it all...piss off

Автор Bob Americana ( назад)
wow- jingles is an idiot regarding the mustang....his playstyle is
reflected in his opinion....tragic...not objective

Автор Sue Uchendu ( назад)
is this guy a history book about plane

Автор Sue Uchendu ( назад)

Автор Eid Umar ( назад)
MiG-15 NATO reporting name= The Faggot. Yes, I know, stop laughing. (I was

Автор VintageLJ ( назад)
the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This is 1,236
kilometres per hour (667 kn; 768 mph), or a kilometre in 2.914 seconds or a
mile in 4.689 seconds.

Автор BedRockProductions95 ( назад)
Like this if your watching in 2015!

Автор dan danny ( назад)
lol i live in ohio

Автор boletusatanicus ( назад)
What the hell was that biplane doing there???

Автор Alexander Rath ( назад)
The incident with the MiG-15 wasn't the only one of that sort: on 6th of
September 1976, Soviet Air Force Lieutainent Victor Belenko landed with his
MiG-25 in Hakodate, Japan. The plane was brought to Dayton to analyze the
structure, after 67 days of evaluation, the plane was given back to the
USSR in pieces!

Автор barnabás kocziha ( назад)
What do I need to do to get battles, where are sea, ships, and things like

Автор john mann ( назад)
Your videos would be half the length if you just gave us a link to the
Wikipedia page.

Автор Kpoole35™ ( назад)
I had to steal seraphim's paint job ;) lol

Автор PUNISHERISH211 ( назад)
hey Jingles whats your choice of jet fighter for any of the countrys

Автор logan sigmon ( назад)
Jingles well turn you into a Russian soon just keep up the boom and zoom

Автор nigel lim ( назад)
China players in the game lol the chat shows it all

Автор ProrokC2 ( назад)
11:57 what the hell is he doing there?

Автор Praetoras ( назад)
MiG-15's calling name is better than the acronym for the Portugese Air
Force (FAP).

Автор Nobady Whodoesn'texist ( назад)
Jingles, sorry, but turnfighting in a Sabre? seriously?

Автор Your Stew ( назад)
Yak 1b

Автор Your Stew ( назад)
The Russian planes are over powered cause I was flying a hurricane mk2 b
and one shot of the cannon s my wings and tail have gone

Автор Barry O'bomba ( назад)
So in this game f-86 and mig-15 fly against me-262 in historical mode? It
proves the allies are weak fagots.

Автор WeLoveGoProHD ( назад)
Watching you is more entertaining than actually playing :'D

Автор boyzwithsols (22 года назад)
The Faggot,,:),,very funny.btw indo pak war of '65 and not '56.

Автор Bloodstainer ( назад)
How farmy is this game? How much time do I need put in this game to get up
to planes like the F-86?

Автор evilhendrix2 ( назад)
Great Commentary 

Автор Vilhelm Mursal ( назад)
I didn't even notice till now that you're now the might jingles instead of
bohemianeagle :P

Автор mamiferuD ( назад)
using keyboard?

Автор AmvC ( назад)
you are a great storyteller. It's great fun listening! Thank you! From

Автор Ice Man the Editor ( назад)
Why does it sound like your clapping really quiet clams every time you say

Автор Krzysztof Mądry ( назад)
Jingles you are talking interestings things, but for god sake dont put your
own captured flights because it is painfully to watched how much you sucks
flying jets...

Автор Simply Ogookok ( назад)
i would get this game but, my game cant handle the graphics

Автор SoulTechnology ( назад)
what i would lie to see is a 'your opinion' video jingles.... give us you
opinion on what the best (one or more?) boom-and-zoom, dog-fighter,
ground-attack-fighter, bomber, and jets are.... maybe whats best for what
purpose.. you make your videos quite long so i think id be easy to name
what you think is the best aircraft for each type of game play.... i
personally wanted to see what you thought the best ground attack aircraft
was but im sure other people say otherwise, and i bet everyone wants to
know what the 'key' differences are in the jets 'IN GAME' before going down
a tree to get them.

Автор Ayyy Lmao ( назад)
This game is awesome I recommend it especially as it's free

Автор Gabriel Calderon ( назад)
The Fagot

Автор The1FastGP ( назад)
The Sabre is such a beatiful jet.

Автор Ethan Morris ( назад)
the game is really slow for me.

Автор LtAce150 ( назад)
So glad germany gets the Sabre and the Mig-15

Автор Pepe ( назад)
MiG-15 = Faster acceleration and climb rate
Slightly slower than sabre
Slightly less maneuverable than sabre
More heavily armed, but less accurate
F-86 = Slightly faster in flat and in dive but
Slower acceleration and climb rate
Slightly more maneuverable
Weaker but more accurate armament

Автор Omar Khalil ( назад)
I shot down a sabre with a He 51 biplane before, he over shot and I shot 

Автор flyingace747 ( назад)
anyone else think the horton 229 should have been in the prototype category
just for fun?

Автор daniel joseph ( назад)
I shot down a mig 15 bis with my bearcat (squadmate was using a f86)

Автор Kaos ( назад)
Russians made this game. Real life, the sabres wiped the sky. Migs are
shit. This game is shit.

Автор basicbodybuilding ( назад)
Is this on ps4 and how much ?

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