War Thunder - Mig Alley

I take to the skies in my F-86 Sabre and totally suck. Then a teammate in a MiG-15 shows me how it's done.

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920x1080 resolution

Intro by DiigitalDesigns http://www.youtube.com/user/DiigitalD...

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Автор kaizer soze (2 месяца)
Russians made this game. Real life, the sabres wiped the sky. Migs are
shit. This game is shit.

Автор basicbodybuilding (2 месяца)
Is this on ps4 and how much ?

Автор TEKNO640 (1 день)
what i would lie to see is a 'your opinion' video jingles.... give us you
opinion on what the best (one or more?) boom-and-zoom, dog-fighter,
ground-attack-fighter, bomber, and jets are.... maybe whats best for what
purpose.. you make your videos quite long so i think id be easy to name
what you think is the best aircraft for each type of game play.... i
personally wanted to see what you thought the best ground attack aircraft
was but im sure other people say otherwise, and i bet everyone wants to
know what the 'key' differences are in the jets 'IN GAME' before going down
a tree to get them.

Автор James Collins (8 дней)
This game is awesome I recommend it especially as it's free

Автор Dead Pixel (4 месяца)
1:23 How much money did you spend on those eagles? 25,000 eagles is 115$
you have 1.8 million!

Автор Gabriel Calderon (23 дня)
The Fagot

Автор thejonathan130 (4 месяца)
So war thunder is a multiplayer focused remake of Birds of steel. And both
games use the music from IL Sturmovik Birds of Prey Right? 

Автор The1FastGP (29 дней)
The Sabre is such a beatiful jet.

Автор Ethan M (1 месяц)
the game is really slow for me.

Автор BestChannelForGaming (4 месяца)
Got enough Gold Eagles 

Автор LtAce150 (1 месяц)
So glad germany gets the Sabre and the Mig-15

Автор JokuRandomSpuge (1 месяц)
MiG-15 = Faster acceleration and climb rate
Slightly slower than sabre
Slightly less maneuverable than sabre
More heavily armed, but less accurate
F-86 = Slightly faster in flat and in dive but
Slower acceleration and climb rate
Slightly more maneuverable
Weaker but more accurate armament

Автор Omar Khalil (1 месяц)
I shot down a sabre with a He 51 biplane before, he over shot and I shot 

Автор MikeFilmStudios25 (6 месяцев)
I still think that its no fair for German 262 players to fight against
Sabre's and Migs...

I dont have tier 5 planes yet, but from the states it shos the 262 seems to
have no fighting chance, the only advantage I see is it has four 30mm

Someone please correct me am wrong and its worth getting the 262.... to
play Historical.

Автор flyingace747 (2 месяца)
anyone else think the horton 229 should have been in the prototype category
just for fun?

Автор daniel joseph (2 месяца)
I shot down a mig 15 bis with my bearcat (squadmate was using a f86)

Автор Mofo Demofo (2 месяца)
Thanks for clearing that story on the sale of the RR engines to Russia. I
never got that part in history, it made no sense whatsoever.

Автор Aykut Turgut (2 месяца)
What is that skin on that mig15 ?

Автор TheSmeagol630 (2 месяца)
It would be a bit nicer for us military historians if you used the verbal
names for the aircraft instead of their written names. Say...when you say
M.E. 262, instead of Messerschmitt 262. That would be a more familiar for
some of us, since Me is not actually an acronym but an abbreviation.

Автор Kouki Monster (2 месяца)
As a big history fan I enjoy your videos not just for the gameplay but the
knowledge I can pick up along the way. Awesome channel

Автор Shkotay D (7 месяцев)
Need opinions :O This game worth it?

Hearing not so good stuff about wait times already by the comments >.<

Автор Devon Tripp (3 месяца)
To be fair.... at 17:40 it is a korean war jet. Me 262's are WWII era
planes that have very low stats in warthunder comparison wise.

Автор TheMightyChris901 (6 месяцев)
I like historical, but every now and then you have to play an arcade game

Автор GamesForOnlyDutch (6 месяцев)
You hacker you money

Автор Luke Galvin (6 месяцев)
Indeed the MiG-15's NATO reporting name was the fagot. Fagot, not faggot.

Автор Mofo Demofo (2 месяца)
What's up with the wobbling of the aircraft? Nice movie there!

Автор kenneth n (3 месяца)
oops the mig 15*

Автор Spookies_ (3 месяца)
This was the first jingles video I watched about 9 months ago (or so) and
even now I still absolutely love war thunder and the videos.

Jingles, you videos are awesome, keep it up!

Автор Juan Ramon (3 месяца)
the 262 could have one if he keept circleling

Автор nvt6000 (3 месяца)
I heard they were given the Rolls Royce engine as a sign of goodwill. Then
the Russians just copied and simplified the engine :)

Автор 05Hogsrule (3 месяца)
not NATO, United Nations sir...(for the Korean Conflict)...For this, you
are reprimanded and must play Arty for 2 games using a French-device....
Good segment...good team-work by the F-86 covering the take-off at the last
second of the Mig-15...being under-shot by the 262...but he was there to
cover enough time to give him speed for altitude. never bored with
this...even at 15minutes...:)

Автор Riverstyx197 (3 месяца)
How the heck did that random I-15 survive for so long in a match full of

Автор kenneth n (3 месяца)
jingles your i luck i used to live in dayton and actually was allowed on my
7th birthday to go past the gates and have a close up look at and touch it

Автор geeknproud321 (5 месяцев)
I find the M3 machine gun to be a major step up from the M2. It's
electronically assisted so is capable of some twice the firing rate. Even
the four wing guns on the first Bearcat are significantly better than most
other M2 equipped planes with 6 or 8 guns. The faster firing rate allows
you to put more lead in the target during scissor turn passes. With a small
window of opportunity to fire, RPM can really make a difference on machine
guns. They still don't have the one hit power of cannons, but it helps a

Автор rayce leffler (5 месяцев)

Автор aforgottenhero (5 месяцев)
Yeah I definently feel that the 50 cal. machine gun's in War Thunder need a
damage boost. I mainly fly American planes and its frustrating to feel like
I am out-gunned by every other nations aircraft despite the 50 cals
reputation it earned in WW2.

Автор EnglishXnXproud (5 месяцев)
I watched a BBC documentary a few months back that stated the f 86 suffered
hard against the MIG in Korea, because of the Migs superior engine?
Basically the Russians ordered Roll Royce Engines (But as i type you
started talking about it lol).....You mention Stalin saying "who'd be fool
enough to sell us their secrets", but there was a condition to sale, they
were only supposed to be used on reconnaissance/passenger planes. However
that all changed when the Soviets actually received them. 

Автор John-Paul Cox (5 месяцев)
look at how the graphics of the plane bounces around as if on a swivel of
sorts. that is what I don't like about WT.

Автор Shahzad Jamil (5 месяцев)
MM ALAM was beast

Автор Titus Deloye (9 месяцев)
Jesus how much fuckin money did you spend on this game lol

Автор Rein Sanders (5 месяцев)
you didnt crash and burn it was a hallucination from having every drop of
blood in the pilots head ;)

Автор LIGHT_it_UP (6 месяцев)
I wish I got games like this (I always get people on my team that would
rather go have a tea party)

Автор Mark Kapran (9 месяцев)
In real life for every mig lost 3 f 86 sabers were lost

Автор IconicLynX (6 месяцев)
they should really go and put back the old tiering system, it was so much

Автор Tigerfire75 (6 месяцев)
doesn't the Corsair F4U have the same armament as the Mustang?

Автор RUSSIANSNIPER1 (6 месяцев)
Jingles you need to try the f-86F2

Автор MC PPG (6 месяцев)
Have you ever seen a Mig 18 in real life.Its so small!

Автор jong un kim (6 месяцев)
why's there chinese spelling in the chating log?

Автор KingdomOfDimensions (6 месяцев)
Does it bother anyone else that we're watching a game with Me262s matched
up against F86s and Mig15s? That seems incredibly unbalanced.

Автор Jeremy Lynch (6 месяцев)
im a hostorical battle person

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