Repair ViewSonic VX924 LCD Monitor Blinking Green power Button

http://www.TheTubeReviews.com How to repair ViewSonic LCD monitor with bad power supply capacitors (bubbled out). Symptom is a "blinking" green power button and no display.

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Автор getonthetubedude (2 года)
Most likely the same problem. Take a close look at the capacitors (little
cans) sticking up from the power supply board. If the have a hump or dome
shape on the top, they are bad. Read the numbers along the side of the
capacitor and do a google search to find a supplier. eBay will have them
for sure. Hope this helps.

Автор magicodo (2 года)
Nicholas Cage?

Автор garagecrap (4 года)
I had similar problem, screen would go on/off repeatedly when resolution
changed to higher on Wins startup. I found all 4x 470uf/25V bad so replaced
them with 33V ones giving them some headroom. How ever the main problem
could be coz the caps are so close to the heat sink. Could add small fan
but the new caps should last couple of years enyway. Hey great vid too!

Автор handyman6042 (3 года)
Please help me out here. My moms monitor was doing the blinking light
thing. And I did just as you said in video. Now it comes on fine. But the
picture is real white and fuzzy. What did I do wrong lol.

Автор John Larson (3 года)
Confirmed that this works for VX922. Replaced all 5 capacitors in the row
shown in the video (all next to each other on one corner), and the one in
the center of the board. The smallest cap on the board wasn't bulging up,
so I did not replace it. I used: (4) 470uF 35V 105 degree caps (2) 1000uF
35V 105 degree caps The 1000uF caps I used were slightly larger in
diameter. They were rated to take higher voltage than stock 10V caps.
Thanks for this video, the fix saved my favorite monitor!

Автор apguy13 (2 года)

Автор Josiah Tullis (4 года)
I have the VX922, how do you know what capacitors to order? Where do you
buy them?

Автор getonthetubedude (3 года)
@BatistaReel Glad to see you were not afraid to touch the Flux Capacitor.
"10,000 Gigawatts, Ben what wa i thinking?" I am glad to see you left your
comfort zone to save some bucks. This stuff can get addictive!

Автор jdoepker (3 года)
Worked like a charm... the backing was a little tough to get off, really
felt like I was going to break it... and some clips did, but it's all good.
That was really the most difficult part!

Автор Zagen (2 года)
Which capacitors should i buy? i mean the specs of all of them.

Автор Jhon Conrado (1 год)
hello I need the integrated reference U101 that burned this VX922 monitor.

Автор Intestified (4 года)
Cool, thanks.

Автор jhonbus (4 года)
Thanks for the video, after seeing this I replaced the capacitors on my
VX922, and it's now fixed!

Автор koopa8585 (3 года)
I replaces 2 bulging capacitors on a viewsonic vx910 however i still have
the blinking green light . should i replace the other capacitors? or could
there b e another problem?

Автор recoil404 (1 год)
Thanks for making this

Автор Andrés Samboní (2 года)
Muchas gracias, me gustaria una pagina en español

Автор Germán Plastina (4 года)
Man, MANY THANKS!!! You save my old ViewSonic VX922 (75hz, 2ms, my
favourite for gaming) :D Yeah, i'm so happy, thank you mate!!

Автор atcair33 (3 года)
@getonthetubedude I have a VX922 that had the same exact issue. This video
is awesome!. The monitor opened a little different and I had to hunt around
for 105 degree C caps. I had 2 470 and 1 330 with crowns. I have never done
anything like this before. Caps must have + and - sides and MUST go in the
way they came out. My F#$%ing monitor works again!!! F#$k Viewsonic!!!!!

Автор fleetwoodsucks (3 года)
i have an old crt that has this problem of the power light flashing, Do you
think it would be a similar fix? Should i open it up and look for domed
capacitors? near where the power comes in?

Автор reanimax87 (4 года)
thank you, i just fixed my monitor, even though i have no idea of
electronics, your tutorial is very easy to follow i only changed some
transistors i got from a local electronics store thanks!

Автор getonthetubedude (2 года)
Glad it worked!! $2 < $145 for new monitor right?

Автор lindamist (4 года)
ty so much for your help!!!!!! i repaired my samsung moniter using
capcitors from an emachine monitor. your video was great.god bless you

Автор 1Zerotonine (4 года)
To bad my Father passed a way Electronics was his trade! never learned much
at the time but I must have picked up some, now I know I cant run to Dad
lol. OK not much people would show honest info like this, I got a LCD
monitor I guess they all work on a same principle and if one cant find same
cap then I recall that u can use not lover but higher cap in its place, I
am learning and will give my monitor the same thing here it is doing the
same jcards thnks u Good Man!

Автор allzaa (4 года)
than you this video brought my dead lcd to life

Автор Lite Finocchiaro (3 года)
@lite1979 Just as a follow-up: I borrowed a soldering iron from a friend,
bought some solder and some copper braided wick just in case (to soak up
extra solder). I was able to remove all of the bad capacitors by heating
them up - got a little messy and got kind of close to some other solder
points, but didn't melt them. I'm posting this from the fixed monitor right
now. I used a nail clipper to clip the long ends off the new capacitors.
Ebay is a good place to find the capacitors. $13 total

Автор ar3582 (2 года)
@getonthetubedude Hi can I ask you where one can buy a tool that opens thin
monitor cases? I have a monitor that does NOT have any screws. It would
need to be pried off. I don't want to mar it (butter knife) in any way if I
can buy a tool to do it right.

Автор 360kal (4 года)
hello thanks for this instructional video i have a viewsonic vx922 i have
followed all the steps now am on the step that you have to identify the bad
capacitors but it seems like all my capacitors are domed up apart from the
tiny one that is next to the cylinder like battery thing i dont know what
its called haha. so i dont know if i have to change most of them ? please
help thank :)

Автор Methuselah (4 года)
Just did this and have saved my two vx922's. You are my savior.

Автор Josiah Tullis (4 года)
I have the same question.

Автор Prinny God (4 года)
Awesome tutorial. But I have a question. Is it possible to take capacitors
from let's say, a mother board and put them into a monitor? Or how about a
spare Imac capacitors for it's monitor and place them into my monitor that
I'm planning to repair?

Автор OriginalSegaMan (4 года)
thanks for the video. glad to see its not hard to fix. : )

Автор mwm1962 (3 года)
This worked perfectly! I was going to go buy a new one, but took a minute
to look it up on the internet and boom there was your vid. Took me about an
hour, this was my first capacitor replacement and now I want to fix
everything. I had no problems and was stoked when it fired up on the first
attempt. Thank you!

Автор yambo59 (4 года)
@garagecrap you are partially right, theres two reason these fail, first is
low grade caps, second is too close to a heat source as you mentioned. the
heat sink bakes the electrolyte and shortens the life. I used hi temp caps
for this reason - I just did this repair, and noticed there was plenty of
room on the board to put these caps elsewhere, but they want us to buy more
monitors and you can guess the rest-lol crooks --

Автор MrKarbo51 (3 года)
Hello there. Thanks for that video. It helped me fix a ViewSonic VX724
which was almost the same as the one on your video. There was no image and
a friend of mine was to throw it to garbage. Cost me around 5 dollars of
capacitors and tada... and about an hour work. The only thing is that once
in a while, it blinks. There is like a camera flash in the center of the
screen, but it keeps on working well. What would you think is the problem?
Thanks for answering.

Автор Daniel Princ (2 года)
Thanks for the video, helped me fix mine ViewSonic as well, easy solution...

Автор JonskyGBR (4 года)
You sir, are an absolute legend! My VX912 started doing the blinking thing.
Whipped it open, took the two bulging capacitors out, popped round to
Maplins(UK) but they only had one 470μf25v in store. So I bought two
1000μf25v ones at the hugely satisfying cost of £0.84 ($1.29), popped them
in and switched it on, no more blinking! And all in less than an hour,

Автор Brian Tucker (4 года)
AWESOME I have a viewsonic VA1703wb came on for 2 sec then nothing.Keep in
mind I have never done anything with eletronics in my life beside hit power
button I watched a few vids on here borrowed a soldering gun 4 dollars in
caps and 3 hours later[anyone who knows what they are doing prob half hour
45 min]like BRAND NEW.The first thing I have ever done correct woohoo

Автор randybunny (3 года)
Hey, I want to thank you for the video post. I have a VX922 and was having
the green blinking light of death. I popped the case and all but the 400v
cap were showing signs of bad bloating. I replaced just the 470 caps as
they were the only ones available and my 5 yr old monitor is no longer
dead. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Not only have you given my monitor a new lease on
life, but now I have purchased the gear for a home business. THANK YOU! :)

Автор Den10D (4 года)
Thanks it works! I change all capacitors with new ones and working fine! My
monitor is VX922!

Автор Whypayforsoftware (2 года)
Hello video uploader, i have a question for you. I have the same vx924 as
you, have had it since it came out ( many years now). I've noticed a
buzzing sound in the back of it and after the monitor has been on sleep for
the night and I move my mouse around to wake the computer up it goes in and
out of picture for 2 or 3 minutes and then it will be working as intended.
I don't think anything is wrong with the cable as the monitor will work. My
feeling is that it is a bad capacitor?????? thanks

Автор Marcus Robbins (3 года)
Many thanks - replaced all six capacitors on my VX922 monitor and it's now
working fine. It was a bit difficult to separate the plastic casing - you
need to lever the casing outwards to release the catches - and there about
three each side. And reconnecting in the circuit board needed some
manhandling to line up the plug. So patience, care, and a bit of force is
needed! Thanks again for posting the video!

Автор David Sullivan (4 года)
Worked. Didn't take long. 6 of the 10 or so capacitors were bad.

Автор getonthetubedude (4 года)
@punfs I never guessed so many people would take advantage of this. I am
really gald I took the time to put this Up! I had just got my FlipVideo
camera and wanted to try a quick production. The whole video took me about
2 hours start to finish. Thanks for atking the time to pass your results
along. The more people who do this will motivate others. It really is
pretty easy, even if you aren't that handy or whatever.. Thanks again!

Автор K4lkiULTRA (4 года)
Thanks for the vid, worked a charm only had to replace 4 capacitors. Now
I'm feeling rather smug with myself lol £1.80 total cost and very easy to
do if you have a semi-clue what goes on with computers

Автор Joe Ryan (3 года)
I got the same Monitor but i suck at doing what you just did lol

Автор Lite Finocchiaro (3 года)
Great vid! I have my power supply board in front of me right now, and
there's three capacitors that are obviously bad on my ViewSonic VX922: 470
micro-Farad 25V, 1000 micro-Farad 10V, and another 1000 micro-Farad 10V.
There's a smaller one labeled 470 micro-Farad 10V that looks "domed" as
well, so I'm going to replace all four. If I don't post again, it's because
it worked. Thanks in advance!

Автор Deloso Sethjasper (1 год)
the LCD of our computer is blinking pls... help me

Автор HitmanInWis (4 года)
Thank you so much for posting this vid. I've never soldered anything
before, except maybe a tin box over 10 years ago in high school. I was able
to successfully replace the capacitors (never knew what those were before
either) on my VX922 and I am writing this review looking at the screen
right now. Blessings to you!

Автор Zagen (2 года)
Thanx dude, i just fixed my vx922 thanks to you. It was pretty hard, to
plug back the power supply board onto the the logic one, but it was worth
it, is working now. Thanks again.

Автор Batista Productions, LLC. (3 года)
Thank you!!! I'm the "software" kind of guy, not really the "hardware"
kind, much less if it means messing with capacitors (in fact, before this
video, the only time I heard about a capacitor was in "Back To The
Future"). Anyway, since I thought I had to buy a new monitor I figured
"what the hell, I'll give it a try". To my surprise not only was I able to
do everything instructed, but it actually WORKED!! All for only $2.78 +
tax!! Well, + another $7.99 for the soldering kit I get to keep ;-)

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