Repair ViewSonic VX924 LCD Monitor Blinking Green power Button

http://www.TheTubeReviews.com How to repair ViewSonic LCD monitor with bad power supply capacitors (bubbled out). Symptom is a "blinking" green power button and no display.

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Автор Alexandros Sotiropoulos ( назад)
hmm. I would like to ask if anyone knows the value of the fuse in power
supply in amps.

Автор akim1471 ( назад)
Наредкость подторможенный чел... На материнке, кстати, тоже есть кондёры и
они тоже, бывает, пухнут, а он их даже не проверил, да и пропаять ключевые
элементы БП, раз уж разобрал, тоже не лишне было бы...

Автор jcat187 ( назад)
Mine almost caught fire. Looks simple enough but i don't think i would be
able to find anything at radioshack.

Автор Diego Pradal (PanoramaMusica) ( назад)
I need the value of diode zener zd121 . Might I tell me ?

Автор Genius x ( назад)
i replace the capacitor with the exact numbers but different name band
still getting the orange light does the band have anything to do with it

Автор Brian Bylund ( назад)
Wow YouTube just deleted my whole comment so I'm going to remake it as said
again it's a viewsonic N3250w LCD tv/monitor, January 2006, and I'm having
trouble with the the power button I've tried turning it on threw the power
button on remote and tv but nothing it's an issue inside I'm thinking, if
anyone can help plz do would be so much appreciated and this just happened
today and its 8 in a half years old so yes it's old and thinking maybe
somthing fried idk but plz help has been a very good TV and would be a
shame to have to get rid of it, thank you

Автор Brian Bylund ( назад)
To clarify its a LCD viewsonic N3250w, January 2006.

Автор Brian Bylund ( назад)
To clarify its a LCD viewsonic N3250w, January 2006.

Автор Brian Bylund ( назад)
Hey I have a problem with my tv/monitor its a viewsonic N3250w and I've had
it for about 8 in a half years yes I know it's old but just recently like
today and yesterday but now it won't turn on at all but anyways so I've
tried pressing the power button several times on tv and remote I've
unplugged it and plugged it in and tried other outlets to rule out a power
issue but for sure inside the tv so it won't turn on at all now. And I
tried connecting my PC to the tv because it can and has a long time ago
been used as a monitor and I did that so if it were connected I wouldent
have to turn it off and back so that it would just go in sleep mode with
the PC. Because I got it to work yesterday and once I turn it on I can turn
it off and back on but after like an hour it won't turn back on period so
hopefully this is enough of information for someone to help me out if you
can help plz do would be so much appreciated, thanks.

Автор Scott Margerum ( назад)
Good repair.. I got analog working again but the DVI seems to not be
responding... oh well analog with a dvi adapter is fine with me....

Автор BadMadPlay (873 года назад)
I can't get my backing off the monitor...

Автор BadMadPlay ( назад)
cant believe how faulty view sonic monitors can be..>< i just had to buy

Автор Rat Rod Argentina Jorge E. Nuviola ( назад)
thanks!!!!!! i can fix my vx922, excelent tutorial!!!!! thanks again!!!

george from the end fo the world (argentina)

Автор Bob Villa ( назад)
Am doing this repair right now... I have a VX924... my 100uf 400V one is
blown as well so yeah... I need to get a few more... also these are the
ones I had in my unit... x2 470uf 25V | x1 330uf 25V | x1 330 35V | and
the big dog... 100uf 400V ... ofcourse if this fails you can still get this
entire board bit for $33 your choice if you do not have a sodder iron

Автор AzyleeZ Studio (A.S) ( назад)
i have this problem too

Автор cableaddict ( назад)
I'm having this same problem, but it's very intermittent. Is that common
with bad caps, or do they simply go completely?

Автор KDR DMC ( назад)
Hi um I have a 37 inch LCD ViewSonic um and it's having move is she shut
off would keep on going and going will stay on some day some days it won't
and I'll go grab the pointing light and its won't turn on at all some days
um leave a message please on the bottom there and would be nice if I could
have small I can't find the capacitors for so I'm wondering if there's
anything compatible with it

Автор BLAKsky ( назад)
Thanks for making this

Автор Jhon Conrado ( назад)
hello I need the integrated reference U101 that burned this VX922 monitor.

Автор Zagen ( назад)
It's been a while since i fixed my monitor using this guide, i wanted to
come back here to say "THANK YOU REALLY MUCH", i fixed it for 2 bucks,
after replacing the capacitors it worked perfectly until now, i sold it to
a friend and the monitor is still working great, now i know what to do if
my new one ever get this symptoms.Thanks again =)

Автор Moosplauze ( назад)
Hey, I had the exact problem with my ViewSonic VX922 and found your video
here quite some time ago. I findally managed to find the time (and courage)
to repair this electronic device (first time smoldering for me) and it
worked out perfect. The monitor is working like new. I replaced all
capacitors on it, they were all bad imo. Thanks a lot for uploading this
helpful guide, if it wasn't for you my monitor would have landed in the
garbage can. :D

Автор Deloso Sethjasper ( назад)
the LCD of our computer is blinking pls... help me

Автор Michael Saandoz ( назад)
my monitor switches off after displaying NO SIGNAL ANALOG message but the
green Led goes off and on again with no display on LCD ..if i switch off
and on again the power to LCD then display comes.. is this comes under same
capacitor problem or something other.... plz help.

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
Glad it worked!! $2 < $145 for new monitor right?

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
This same methods works on Dell, Hitachi, Sony and just about any brand
LCD. The key is finding the power supply board inside. This is where the
BAD capacitors will most always be found.

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
Most likely the same problem. Take a close look at the capacitors (little
cans) sticking up from the power supply board. If the have a hump or dome
shape on the top, they are bad. Read the numbers along the side of the
capacitor and do a google search to find a supplier. eBay will have them
for sure. Hope this helps.

Автор kalvin limbo (959 лет назад)
that problem my LCD viewsonic VG1921 19 help me ..problem

Автор Whypayforsoftware ( назад)
Hello video uploader, i have a question for you. I have the same vx924 as
you, have had it since it came out ( many years now). I've noticed a
buzzing sound in the back of it and after the monitor has been on sleep for
the night and I move my mouse around to wake the computer up it goes in and
out of picture for 2 or 3 minutes and then it will be working as intended.
I don't think anything is wrong with the cable as the monitor will work. My
feeling is that it is a bad capacitor?????? thanks 

Автор uncknownable ( назад)
i am no expert but i am pretty sure its the lcd

Автор Nikora Taia ( назад)
thank mate working again changed two capacitors,all for two dollars great

Автор Stathis Revas ( назад)
Great tip! I just managed to fix my Viewsonic VX922 monitor by replacing 5
capacitors (3 X 470μF/25V and 2 X 1000μF/10V) - Παίδες το tip δουλεύει!!!

Автор apguy13 ( назад)

Автор magicodo ( назад)
Nicholas Cage?

Автор Mayank Sharma ( назад)
Thnx a lot buddy! Worked like charm. Got my VX922 working again . :)

Автор ArcadeMachine15 (wescoolya) ( назад)
alot of dell moniters have the same ptoblem

Автор Daniel Princ ( назад)
Thanks for the video, helped me fix mine ViewSonic as well, easy

Автор Zagen ( назад)
Thanx dude, i just fixed my vx922 thanks to you. It was pretty hard, to
plug back the power supply board onto the the logic one, but it was worth
it, is working now. Thanks again.

Автор Andrés Samboní ( назад)
Muchas gracias, me gustaria una pagina en español 

Автор EmpirioN1 ( назад)
Thank you, got my VX922 working again with your instructions. :)

Автор BarberousseVII ( назад)
Hi here ! I fix my screen a year ago with this. But recently, it does the
same thing. I disassemble it, but... all capacitors are fine ! Any idea ?

Автор ar3582 ( назад)
@getonthetubedude Hi can I ask you where one can buy a tool that opens thin
monitor cases? I have a monitor that does NOT have any screws. It would
need to be pried off. I don't want to mar it (butter knife) in any way if I
can buy a tool to do it right. 

Автор MasterHD ( назад)
This just makes me wish that ViewSonic would use higher quality capacitors
that would probably just cost an extra $5 max total...

Автор Zagen ( назад)
Which capacitors should i buy? i mean the specs of all of them.

Автор Pierre Auger ( назад)
i get the blinking green replace capacitor no more blinking but black
screen no signal 

Автор Matthew Haynes ( назад)
FANTASTIC! Thanks for the help. Did what you said, and it now works great!

Автор Thomas Finkelmeier Jr. ( назад)
I have a ViewSonic VX922 that had this problem. Your video put me on the
right track. I replaced a 470uF and two 1000uF capacitors that were all
bulging up. Fixed me right up for $5 in parts. Thank you for the video

Автор JPavilion (1518 лет назад)
My capacitor seems to be fine. But the green blinking light happens and the
monitor flashes. The capacitor has these black dots on top but not domed
up. Could it be something with the power cord? I have a 14-inch Monitor
ProView. Any help? Im 14. This happened about a year ago when the power
went out probably and the fuses went out.The capacitor is 470uF 25v.

Автор Malcolm ( назад)
Fantastic. Thanks for these instructions. Fixed my VX912 - the repair - two
capacitors - cost just 92p 

Автор kc4759 ( назад)
Thanks so much for your video! I was able to order the capacitors I needed
for my Viewsonic and fixed it in about an hour.

Автор supers54 ( назад)
Thanks for this, I had a VX922 that was dead and a VX924 that was giving me
migraines with the shimmering diaplay....took both apart today, quick run
to the electronics store, back home and a couple of hours later I have 2
perfectly functioning monitors! Welcome back dual screens and goodbye to

Автор mwm1962 ( назад)
This worked perfectly! I was going to go buy a new one, but took a minute
to look it up on the internet and boom there was your vid. Took me about an
hour, this was my first capacitor replacement and now I want to fix
everything. I had no problems and was stoked when it fired up on the first
attempt. Thank you!

Автор getonthetubedude (1791 год назад)
@cozykris Could be something else wrong. Any other parts look damaged, too
hot, "melted" ? Play detective, you may see a clue!

Автор getonthetubedude (1921 год назад)
@handyman6042 Mark sure the + marks go in the correct hole. Could also be
another problem as well. Sorry not sure!

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
@koopa8585 Sometimes they do not show any physical bulging. Yes, I would
give it a shot for the few bucks more it's worth a test!

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
@BatistaReel Glad to see you were not afraid to touch the Flux Capacitor.
"10,000 Gigawatts, Ben what wa i thinking?" I am glad to see you left your
comfort zone to save some bucks. This stuff can get addictive!

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
@Silverhorn2k5 Awesome! This is the power of information. What was set to
go to a landfill is now working again!

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
@132aris I had this same type of action on another VX924. Try replacing the
other capacitors on the power board. This worked for me.

Автор John Smart ( назад)
@fleetwoodsucks Could possibly be the culprit here as well. Look for any
signs of heat or phisical damage. For everyone, I know most of you know
this , but just to be sure, always kill the juice on the equipment before

Автор John Smart ( назад)
@cozykris Hard to say exactly. It's always easier when you can see
something physical wrong on the board. It's a little like being a
detective! What doesn't look exactly right? Are there any parts that look
burnt? Or look like they have been extremely hot? There is still a good
chance it's on this board.. Hope this helps! 

Автор kris cozy ( назад)
Hi there, I have the same problem but nothing change after caps replace,
they was like new, no blow but I change 4 of them for brand new, and still
green led blinking :( Any ideas ? 1 x 470uF 50v 1x 220uF 63v 1 x 330uF 35v
1x 470uF 25v

Автор Marcus Robbins ( назад)
Many thanks - replaced all six capacitors on my VX922 monitor and it's now
working fine. It was a bit difficult to separate the plastic casing - you
need to lever the casing outwards to release the catches - and there about
three each side. And reconnecting in the circuit board needed some
manhandling to line up the plug. So patience, care, and a bit of force is
needed! Thanks again for posting the video! 

Автор randybunny ( назад)
Hey, I want to thank you for the video post. I have a VX922 and was having
the green blinking light of death. I popped the case and all but the 400v
cap were showing signs of bad bloating. I replaced just the 470 caps as
they were the only ones available and my 5 yr old monitor is no longer
dead. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Not only have you given my monitor a new lease on
life, but now I have purchased the gear for a home business. THANK YOU! :)

Автор Kyle Goetz ( назад)
Just wanted to chime in and say thanks. I have had two ViewSonics (they are
both Q20wb models) for a while. One has had this problem for a year or two
and I just never investigated the problem—it sat around gathering dust.
Yesterday, the other (my main monitor) just stopped working and its power
light is now a very dim yellow. I have no idea what the problem is, but I'm
going to try swapping out the "recently broke" power supply into the "ago
broke" one to see if the green light prob goes away.

Автор fleetwoodsucks ( назад)
i have an old crt that has this problem of the power light flashing, Do you
think it would be a similar fix? Should i open it up and look for domed
capacitors? near where the power comes in?

Автор Reyman Namoc ( назад)
hi there!!! i need your help..i had a monitor problem but it is a viewsonic
VE710s. i cant see where the screws are..i want to open the back of the
monitor to see if theres a capacitor bulging cause my screen display is so
very dark and hard to see.i change every settings for the picture but still
not working..hope you could help me..thanks!!!godbless u!

Автор Spiros Laggis ( назад)
hi there.great video...I have a strange problem. I have a viewsonic
va1916w.When I turn it on it does work normally for 3 maybe 5 minutes and
after the screen goes off but the indicating light stays on. I turn off and
then on again the monitor with the power on button and then it turns on
again and after that it does the same thing. I replaced a damaged capacitor
but it didn;t solve the problem. Could you give me any idea of how to solve
this. Thank you in advance.

Автор Silverhorn2k5 ( назад)
Fixed my $200 monitor FOR $1.93!!!!!!! Omg. :D After disassembling my
Sceptre monitor I found just 1 bulging capacitor! Went to radioshack and
got matching capacitor, little solder and POW! working like a charm. Been
w/o this thing for 3 months, <3 I missed it <3 Thanks a million

Автор Josh Koerner ( назад)
hey i have a vx2450wm-led and it will flash the viewsonic logo then
immediately power off and keep repeating the process please help if you can

Автор Sprincky ( назад)
I repaired yesterday my VX924 with this exact same problem. My power supply
have only 4 big capacitors. Three of them looked suspicious and i replaced
them. It cost me € 1,35 for the parts from a local store. Thank you for
this video witch i accidentally found but now i am happy and i hope i
doubled the lifetime of this nice monitor. (y)

Автор Batista Productions, LLC. ( назад)
Thank you!!! I'm the "software" kind of guy, not really the "hardware"
kind, much less if it means messing with capacitors (in fact, before this
video, the only time I heard about a capacitor was in "Back To The
Future"). Anyway, since I thought I had to buy a new monitor I figured
"what the hell, I'll give it a try". To my surprise not only was I able to
do everything instructed, but it actually WORKED!! All for only $2.78 +
tax!! Well, + another $7.99 for the soldering kit I get to keep ;-)

Автор nsuff ( назад)
Thanks for this. I've just repaired my VX922 by replacing two bulging

Автор littlegoobie ( назад)
after thinking it was an OS problem not being able to wake up just this
monitor in my newly installed multi monitor setup, i searched and found
this. I took my VX922 apart and sure enough, like everyone else, i have the
same problem in the video. Thanks. I'm going to replace the caps in mine
too. I have great fix-it skills but with only rudimentary electrical
knowledge. I'm going to ask friends to see which values I can change and
still be compatible to possibly make this more robust.

Автор Troy Stevenson ( назад)
Thanks for this video!! I was probably going to throw my old VX922 out, but
after watching this video, I disassembled mine and found 3 bad caps.
Tomorrow, I'm going to buy an iron, some solder and find some place local
to replace those bad capacitors. Full of confidence now!

Автор koopa8585 ( назад)
I replaces 2 bulging capacitors on a viewsonic vx910 however i still have
the blinking green light . should i replace the other capacitors? or could
there b e another problem?

Автор koopa8585 ( назад)
I replaces 2 bulging capacitors on a viewsonic vx910 however i still have
the blinking green light . should i replace the other capacitors? or could
there be another problem?

Автор Joe Ryan ( назад)
I got the same Monitor but i suck at doing what you just did lol

Автор king kong ( назад)
would it be okay to use 85 degree caps instead of the 105? 

Автор Lite Finocchiaro ( назад)
@lite1979 Just as a follow-up: I borrowed a soldering iron from a friend,
bought some solder and some copper braided wick just in case (to soak up
extra solder). I was able to remove all of the bad capacitors by heating
them up - got a little messy and got kind of close to some other solder
points, but didn't melt them. I'm posting this from the fixed monitor right
now. I used a nail clipper to clip the long ends off the new capacitors.
Ebay is a good place to find the capacitors. $13 total

Автор MrKarbo51 ( назад)
Hello there. Thanks for that video. It helped me fix a ViewSonic VX724
which was almost the same as the one on your video. There was no image and
a friend of mine was to throw it to garbage. Cost me around 5 dollars of
capacitors and tada... and about an hour work. The only thing is that once
in a while, it blinks. There is like a camera flash in the center of the
screen, but it keeps on working well. What would you think is the problem?
Thanks for answering. 

Автор John Larson ( назад)
Confirmed that this works for VX922. Replaced all 5 capacitors in the row
shown in the video (all next to each other on one corner), and the one in
the center of the board. The smallest cap on the board wasn't bulging up,
so I did not replace it. I used: (4) 470uF 35V 105 degree caps (2) 1000uF
35V 105 degree caps The 1000uF caps I used were slightly larger in
diameter. They were rated to take higher voltage than stock 10V caps.
Thanks for this video, the fix saved my favorite monitor!

Автор kukine ( назад)
Glad I found this video, VX922 here, thanks!

Автор Lite Finocchiaro ( назад)
Great vid! I have my power supply board in front of me right now, and
there's three capacitors that are obviously bad on my ViewSonic VX922: 470
micro-Farad 25V, 1000 micro-Farad 10V, and another 1000 micro-Farad 10V.
There's a smaller one labeled 470 micro-Farad 10V that looks "domed" as
well, so I'm going to replace all four. If I don't post again, it's because
it worked. Thanks in advance!

Автор m4a17878 ( назад)
i want to repair it but i don't have the tool lol

Автор gbales84 ( назад)
Wow and here I was thinking it was my video card. I have the same monitor,
I'll have to try this. It's starting to get real bad now about not showing
anything on startup.

Автор Freedish911 ( назад)
Hey man I have the same problem. Im getting a soldering gun soon and im
gunna repair this baby by myself (since warranty is void). Can you tell me,
what type of power capacitor do I need? Is their a certain brand/model?
Should I order it from viewsonic or a manufacturers website? Or can I
salvage one off another monitor?

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
Yes this same problem exists in flat TV's, also in computers, theres even a
class action lawsuit against either dell or gateway due to mass early PC
failures-- I know of a 50" Plasma that needed four caps replaced and it did
the trick, works like new. 

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
@punfs No kidding, I know a guy in Arizona who's started taking monitors in
for repair to make a few $, & hes flooded with work -- easliy 2/3 of the
ones he fixes have this same issues. Indidentally the monitor I fixed a
month ago is still working fine. Oddly enough, I have CRT televisions that
are almost 20 years old and have never needed the caps or anything else
replaced -- tells me the quality and location of the caps in these new
monitors and TV's with this problem are suspect

Автор punfs ( назад)
@yambo59 i know mate, good job and enjoy your new monitor (again) :) its a
satisfying feeling having a "new" monitor with just 50 cents (or less)

Автор AnalogX64 ( назад)
I repaired my VX922 (mfg 2006) thanks to this video and some of the other
peoples comments. Old Caps 1x 470uF 10v 105c 2 x 1000 uF 10v 105c 3 x 470uF
25v 105c New Caps Old Caps 1x 470uF 16v 105c 2 x 1000 uF 16v 105c 3 x 470uF
35v 105c Since I'm not sure what caused the original caps to fail I bumped
up the voltage on them. Some notes: - I was careful removing the back cover
but still broke parts of the plastic holding clips. 1 on each side. - Used
solder wick/braid to remove old solder.

Автор getonthetubedude ( назад)
@ASUSproz One thing to double check,,, Did you make sure the polarity marks
went into the correct hole for each capacitor? They usually mark the minus
(-) side of each little can. Other than that, I would check for solder
bridges (drops of solder that accidentally are shorting the connections) or
loose solder joints.

Автор ASUSproz ( назад)
thank you for your videos. The problem is i have replaced the capacitors in
the power supply of a Samsung monitor (Power Board IP-35135B). I even
replaced the ones that looked fine in case they couldn't hold up charge
anymore. Still no success. Back light still doesn't lightup. I know for a
fact its the power supply problem because i have tried it with a different
known working one and the monitor lights up. Do you have any solution?
Could it be other problems such as transistors or coils?

Автор AnalogX64 ( назад)
My VX922 is doing the same thing, but intermittent. I'll make a trip to the
local electornics store and pick up some caps. Thanks for sharing this

Автор Taner Capmdiged ( назад)
Great Video, had to replace 2 * 1000uf 10v capacitors and monitor works
like new. Took only 30 minutes. Absolute champ. Cheers

Автор Brent Blevins ( назад)
Yet another satisfied customer. I have had my "broken" VX924 sitting in my
office for about 2-3 years now. I just could not bring myself to trash it.
I just soldered on 2 new caps and it works. Unfortunately, I don't need the
monitor any more. I suppose selling it is much better than trashing it

Автор Brent Blevins ( назад)
Yet another satisfied customer. I have had my "broken" VX924 sitting in my
office for about 2-3 years now. I just could not bring myself to trash it.
I just soldered on 2 new caps and it works. Unfortunately, I don't need the
monitor any more. I suppose selling it is much better than trashing it

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
@punfs I didnt see him put the little hex bolts back in that hold the
external video and power connectors solid in the cover-- these not only
provide a place to thread the video connector thumbscrews into, they also
keep the connector leads on the board from being dislocated when plugging
the cables in and out. Maybe I just couldnt see it in the video-- either
way, I just did this on my VA912b viewsonic and now its up and running like
new again - helpful video! thanks, Mike

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
@garagecrap you are partially right, theres two reason these fail, first is
low grade caps, second is too close to a heat source as you mentioned. the
heat sink bakes the electrolyte and shortens the life. I used hi temp caps
for this reason - I just did this repair, and noticed there was plenty of
room on the board to put these caps elsewhere, but they want us to buy more
monitors and you can guess the rest-lol crooks --

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
@getonthetubedude Hey thanks - Just replaced all the smaller power supply
caps on my Viewsonic VA912b and it works like brand new-!! Five of seven
caps were showing bulges, so just replaced all but the huge one that im
told never fails. Used hi temp caps from parts express and couldnt be more
pleased I didint have to buy another monitor - thanks, Mike

Автор JonskyGBR ( назад)
You sir, are an absolute legend! My VX912 started doing the blinking thing.
Whipped it open, took the two bulging capacitors out, popped round to
Maplins(UK) but they only had one 470μf25v in store. So I bought two
1000μf25v ones at the hugely satisfying cost of £0.84 ($1.29), popped them
in and switched it on, no more blinking! And all in less than an hour,

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