Christopher Anton Rea (pronounced /ˈriː.ə/, REE-ə) (born 4 March 1951) is a singer-songwriter from Middlesbrough, England, recognisable for his distinctive, husky voice and slide guitar playing. Rea has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

Biography - Early career

Rea first picked up the guitar relatively late, at the age of 22. He had not played the local music scene around Middlesbrough much, and had no real history of playing with any local bands. However, under the guidance of local club owner, and promoter John B. McCoy he managed to gain a record deal with Magnet Records. Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? was Rea's debut album, released in 1978 (see 1978 in music). The first single lifted from the album, "Fool (If You Think It's Over)", is his biggest hit in the United States, peaking at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching number one on the Adult Contemporary Singles chart. "Fool (if You Think It's Over)" was nominated for a Song of the Year Grammy, losing out to Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are". Unlike most of Rea's other singles, "Fool..." failed to appear on the UK Singles Chart on its first release and only reached #30 when re-released in late 1978 to capitalise on its US achievement. UK singer Elkie Brooks enjoyed greater success with "Fool.." in 1981 when she charted a single at #17. It was also the first record played by Radio Caroline, after a long period off the air.[3] A cover of "Fool..." by Kenny Craddock was used as the theme for BBC sitcom Joking Apart. The title of the album is a reference to a name Rea's UK record label (Magnet) had considered christening him with to make him sound more attractive commercially. Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? was produced by Gus Dudgeon. Rea was reportedly dissatisfied with the final mix of the album; he later went some way to supposedly rectify this to his satisfaction, starting with 1988's greatest hits compilation New Light Through Old Windows, which featured a re-recorded version of "Fool..." and several other of his back-catalogue tracks. Dudgeon went on to produce Rea's next effort, Deltics. It is rumoured within the music-industry however[citation needed], that this 'dissatisfaction' was merely a clever way of dispensing with royalty, or contractual, payments on the original recordings that would have been due under an agreement with his first Manager John McCoy, with whom Rea had subsequently dispensed.

European breakthrough

Rea began to focus his attention on continental Europe, releasing eight albums in the 1980s. It wasn't until 1985's Shamrock Diaries and the songs "Stainsby Girls" and "Josephine" that UK audiences began to take notice of him (on 5 July 1986 Rea played in front of 95,000 people at Slane Castle, Ireland, as a supporting act of band Queen on their Magic Tour). His Follow-up albums were On The Beach (1986) and Dancing with Strangers (1987). The Dancing with Strangers tour of 1987 saw Rea sell out stadium size venues for the first time across the world and Rea played Wembley Arena twice. His following album was the New Light Through Old Windows compilation album, which saw studio reworkings of original classics such as On The Beach, Let's Dance and Ace of Hearts, in 1988 brought Rea success and a further hit in Driving Home For Christmas. His next full album was to be his major breakthrough. The Road to Hell (1989) enjoyed massive success and became his first number one album in the UK. This accomplishment could not be mirrored in the US, where it only reached #107, in spite of the single track "Texas" achieving extensive radio airplay. The title track was released as a single and reached the UK Top 10. The follow-up album, Auberge, was also a European hit, reaching the top spot in the UK.



Eu vejo uma roda girando
Em uma pista empoeirada
Pego no vazio eo espaço vazio
Entre lá e de volta
E o paraíso de ir a algum lugar
Que ainda está tão longe
Menino, feliz você apostou que eu sou
Segurando o sorriso por todo esse tempo que eu puder


É tudo brilhante na frente
E é tudo escuro atrás
Viver para o agora que está entre as pontes
e os sinais
E ficando ainda há um longo caminho a percorrer
Enquanto os outros o sonho de um desejo
Isso é tudo que eu preciso saber oficialmente
Menino, feliz você apostou que eu sou
Segurando o sorriso por todo esse tempo que eu puder


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Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)

Автор Lilah Podoko ( назад)
He has great voice, I love this song as well,thank you

Автор ImaMonaKnight (1347 лет назад)
Just Do It.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos (1335 лет назад)

Автор Francisco Carlos Dias ( назад)
Olá Mago Ivan...parabéns mais e mais, suas produções de vídeo são
Fico a vontade em pedir Close To You The Carpenters, um casal de
amigos irão se casar e pelos comentários é esta canção a escolhida para
entrada no salão...
Agradeço muito por compartilhar seu saber...Deus te abençoe.

Автор GABRIELA SANDU ( назад)
Morning, Ivan !.. Yes, Heaven is here..............

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)

Автор Maria Sanchez ( назад)

Автор ♥ ALINA ♥ LOVE ♥ ( назад)
HEAVEN is a Friend with SKY

Автор Edwin Vandin ( назад)
my jesus and dear mona,we with god OR god with we OR both?edwin"christ"

Автор recep zolan ( назад)

Автор Andrea E Wells ( назад)
Beautiful video to a beautiful song thank you 

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)

Автор Ana Marie Daniel ( назад)
Beautiful < >

Автор ImaMonaKnight ( назад)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
It's good. thank you, cheers.

Автор Kasia Boron ( назад)
It really is a HEAVEN to listen... Nice video too, thanks. :)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Merci, cheers.

Автор Pascale Chloe ( назад)
superbe <3

Автор Dianne Manning ( назад)
That was the whole package. Compleyely beautiful.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Again I congratulate you for such beautiful words, cheers.

Автор Ken Riccio poems ( назад)
Lost forever lost ..never to be found , a love that drifts away far away to
the heavens where time no longer exists , for this is the place where the
broken hearted live without escape without reason ..ever so quite and still
unable to find love ... forever lost , forever lost in between the pages of
life... Ken Riccio original poems (c)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Beautiful poem, congratulations, cheers.

Автор Ken Riccio poems ( назад)
IN BETWEEN THE NOTES Poetry is the notes in between the music,it is The
core and the fabric of the message itself A marriage put forth by the gods
It tells tales from ten thousand pages in three minutes It gives you the
impossible dream It will stay with you always It will cry with you and it
Will smile with you, it Holds the secrets of the universe and Never ask for
anything in return.for It is the supreme truth,and It has been given To us
without Conditions Ken Riccio original poems ©

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles, étreintes.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Fine words of love>>>Cheers.

Автор Cotty Diaz ( назад)
Cause you're all that I want you when you lie here in my arms. LOVE IS ALL
I NEED and found it there in your HEART. Now nothing can change what you

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, cheers.

Автор Paulo Melo ( назад)
Beautiful in every sense!!!!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
спасибо за ваши красивые слова

Автор Марина Свистельникова (16 лет назад)
это так чудесно что хочется плакать и жить

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Muito obrigado, abraços.

Автор Xus323 ( назад)
...bello y dulce vídeo. Precioso... Gracias de nuevo. : )

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Cool, thanks for your comments, hugs.

Автор Jesse Garduno ( назад)
Nice. I like the song.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Dziękuję za uwagę.....Ivan from Brazil

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, hugs.

Автор johnyasmin13 ( назад)
Totally fantastic song & very very nice video too!!!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Welcome, thanks for your comments, cheers.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Je vous remercie pour les mots doux.....Ivan from Brazil.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you, cheers.......Ivan from Brazil

Автор silentwings777 ( назад)
Just perfect...

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, cheers.

Автор Electricchris1 ( назад)
loved this song and your slide show is very good

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@auntalice1 Welcome, thanks for your comments, cheers.

Автор Mark Evans ( назад)
When guitar strings of an artist can echo the Beauty of everything we want
to hold closest. Thanks for uploading. -M.

Автор deliteinmee ( назад)
@MrLarson40 You are most welcome! ^^T^^

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@TheWoodlandGlade Thank you, cheers.

Автор TheWoodlandGlade ( назад)
Someone has done a great job with this. Superb images... ;-)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@deliteinmee Thanks for your comments, cheers.,,,,Ivan from Brazil.

Автор deliteinmee ( назад)
Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting
for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on
this earth.”Ayn Rand ^^T^^~

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@2012Zofia Thank you, cheers.

Автор 2012Zofia ( назад)
Uwielbiam go .. .. ThankYov very mvch....Beavtiful clip....

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@karmelek45 Dzięki za komentarze, cheers.....Ivan from Brazil

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@MsJune54 Anything, I appreciate and consider Chris a great singer, thanks
for your sweet words to my video, cheers.....Ivan from Brazil

Автор June Lynn ( назад)
Love that voice & guitar.....Chris is always amazing.....thank you for this
lovely video & all of the info about Chris

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@MzFlowerchild Thank you for the kind comment on my video, health, peace,
love and success in your life.

Автор MzFlowerchild ( назад)
Beautiful song from an amazingly talented artist .........thank you so much
for posting ......Peace

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@TheElla66 dzięki......Good night.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@TheElla66 dzięki za komentarze, cheers.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@alicze1 Thank you, cheers.

Автор Alicze Lu ( назад)
Beautiful song and Video.....♥♪♥♪♪♥♪♥♪♥♪♪♥♪♥♪♥♪♪♥♪♥

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
@CristBechard Ok, thank you for your kind words, cheers.

Автор Crist Bechard ( назад)
@MrLarson40 , you need to put @CristBechard ( for example), to the person
know and receive your response to the comments. right? Have a wonderful day.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, cheers. Ivan from Brazil.

Автор Crist Bechard ( назад)
So wonderful video and the song is superb The imagens are splendid Thanks a
lot for this magnifique work *****

Автор Mirek Kuzniar ( назад)
I love Chris Rea!!!

Автор JackStarkey57 ( назад)
@Musicwalker01 E privilegiados aqueles que tem sensibilidade na pele pra se
emocionar e coração pra registrar essa beleza toda... grande abraço amigo e
parabéns por saber o que é bom!!!!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, cheers.

Автор kerstin Werner ( назад)
Thanks for sharin . Its a beautiful song!!!And your clip also!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you, cheers.

Автор Teresa Stringfield ( назад)
Your post are Heavenly!!! Just Love Them!!! Thank You 4 Sharing!!! :)))

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Wahr. Dank

Автор Hans Schoch ( назад)
Eines der tollsten Lieder das Chris Rea gesungen hat.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)

Автор Filippo Sortino ( назад)

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you very much, hugs.....(((**)))

Автор Ulatka1 ( назад)
This is one of the most beautiful song !! Very sentimental and fascinating
music; listening to it touches your heart & feelings especially with the
lovely artistic slides :))

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you, hugs.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Thank you, hugs.....

Автор Leonardo Nunes ( назад)
this song is simply amazing! I just love this song! Thx for the post!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Isso mesmo, está com toda razão, abraços.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Obrigado à vc pelos comentários, abraços.

Автор JackStarkey57 ( назад)
Chris Rea é meu grande ídolo, um gênio incontestável, bela edição de
imagens, grato pelo lindo post e um grande abraço, JackStarkey de Sampa!

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Obrigado, abraços.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Que bom que vc gostou, obrigado, abraços.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Muito obrigado, menina, abraços...)))

Автор prizocasp ( назад)
Como sempre um bonito trabalho , mas nao conheço essa musica... legal Ivan

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Muito obrigado pelas suas palavras, abraços.

Автор Markus Vinny ( назад)
Um sonho demonstrado em imagens maravilhosas, uma bela música, e um
excelente video, ótimo.

Автор Ivan Vasconcelos ( назад)
Obrigado Nat., vc é fenomenal, abraços.

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