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Автор Andreas Fischer (3 месяца)
the link in the description dont work :-(
but the video is great - thanks and thumb up!

Автор Tempe Snyder (1 месяц)
Mike -- I'm trying to learn the Bob's Burgers theme, but EVERYONE who
offers a tutorial on it is a totally lame teacher, not showing tabs or
giving any strum information, not showing their ukulele while they play the
song. Mike, you have the way to teach and present the information DOWN!
Will you give us a lesson on Bob's Burgers?

Автор Timothy Ng (1 месяц)

Автор Fizz Pham (1 месяц)
yu da best michael!! :D

Автор Glenn Kemp (4 месяца)
Great lessons Mike, very clear, you make it fun and encouraging!

Автор Bryce Chadwick (2 месяца)
:::::;;Are you stoked to learn the ukulele in a way that's fun? Would you
like to play your favorite songs with that cool ukulele sound? Then this
incredibly popular ukulele home-study course is perfect for you.

Автор charles chuck (4 месяца)
what make is your uke ? i can't make it out on video ,i like it i got a
cheap one, yours seems nicer ?

Автор Judy Warmack (6 месяцев)
Hello, I am a very beginner ukulele player and I am trying to learn a few
easy songs. I noticed in your tutorial you use G7, but in another man's
tutorial he used G. Which is correct? G7 is harder for me to play. I
first learned to play Amazing Grace using the G chord, but when I played
it, my husband didn't think it sounded quite right. I found your tutorial
using the G7 and now I am wondering if it is totally wrong to keep playing
it using the G chord instead of G7 the way you play it... Also, I am
playing on a soprano ukulele. I don't know if that matters. I can't read
music and have only watched a few tutorial videos to try and learn some
easy songs, so I know very little about it, but am having fun trying! 

Автор Thomas Green (3 месяца)

Автор Richard Graf (8 месяцев)
What fingers did he use for the picking? 

Автор Bart and Lori Bartow (9 дней)
Well it worked for me ya just gotta go slow at first and then pick it up

Автор Tasha Bird (3 месяца)
The chords are no longer available at the above link. Can you recommend

Автор jaroslav velsik (7 месяцев)

Автор ncmissouri (5 месяцев)
Mike, I can't tell you enough how nice it was to finally play with someone
and learn a strum pattern! I just started in August and I really
appreciate you. From the many instructors on YouTube, you are the best.
You explain it and talk to us. You are very encouraging and helpful.
Wish I hadn't spent so much on other sites. I'd buy your stuff in an
instant. Maybe the next pay day, next month, I'll have some spare dollars
to invest.

Автор Catherine Higham (7 месяцев)
Brilliant, many thanks

Автор that guy (4 месяца)
Do you think you could do the old civil war dixie tune some time? 

Автор Mary O'Brien (1 год)
Excited to learn this song on ukulele! It has always been a favorite of


Автор Lavender Rain (8 месяцев)
I came up with a term for ukulele players last night (if this hasn't been
thought of and used already) "Ukulelist"

Автор Ginger C (1 год)
Wow! I learned so much from this lesson. I'm going to have to buy your cd.

Автор Srade Farras (8 месяцев)
You are fabulous! Is this a soprano or a concert ukelele? Which is best?
I'm a false beginner. I played as a little girl but stopped for more than

Автор jennifer er shu hui (11 месяцев)
thank you my first song:)

Автор Yany Caluori (9 месяцев)
My first song :D, best teaching methods and instructions. Thank you :)

Автор Matilde Recchia (11 месяцев)
thank you! 

Автор Eris Laws (10 месяцев)
you are amazing and I just played amazing grace
thanks to you : )
all blessings in all ways, hugs

Автор Jane Talkington (1 год)
WOW!! i"M PLAYING!!!!!

Автор tara greene (11 месяцев)
Thank you soo much Mike .I have just played my first full song .

Автор Mary O'Brien (1 год)
Great lesson! Thank you!

Автор Mario Elia (1 год)
Terrific! My first lesson! Thank you!

Автор LA Dubia (1 год)
I love this piece & how you present it; however, when I go
LYRICS & CHORDS FOUND AT: http://www.mediafire.com/?jkn5emtxqzk there
appears to be a problem to download. Can you redirect to the correct site?

Автор Christopher Vanasse (1 год)
Wow, what an amazing teacher! Thank you so much, I've learned so much from
your videos!

Автор Cat Lady (1 год)
That is the most beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" that I have ever
heard. I knew it was supposed to be upbeat and cheerful, not a funeral
dirge. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to learn how to play it
and show my family how wonderful Amazing Grace really is.

Автор Andrea A. Teran (1 год)
Do you know "Hw great is our God"?

Автор Lap Hong (1 год)
please teach me the song "Stand by me "

Автор Leon Russell (1 год)
@Chris *Play the Ukulele today by putting your learning curve in fast

Автор Deirdre McIntosh (1 год)
Thanks a lot.I have just started to play and you have really helped me.

Автор Christopher Chausse (1 год)
Your lessons are wonderful. Thanks Mike.

Автор Ash Almond (1 год)
Amazing tutorial Michael. God bless you!

Автор Amy Ong (1 год)
Thank you so much. You have intricately teaches over this video and i
manage to do a different strumming after so long. You rocks!

Автор supertuneless (1 год)
Hi Mike,
I'm a guitarist who would like to explore the ukulele sound. Problem is, I
bought a cheap soprano uke, sound is ok but I'm having difficulty
containing my fingers on the appropriate frets. I'm worried that if I
progress to the "Concert range" or bigger I'll start to lose that unique
uke sound. What are you playing on this video.
Many thanks for your great lessons.,

Автор Me4fun (1 год)
hey mike! i have problems downloading the lyrics & chords! help me out :)?

Автор BunnyLuvsU (1 год)
Wow first comment.in 3 years!!

Автор Steven Shook (1 год)
Were you at Keeney Bros. Music in Moscow, Idaho, on Friday, November 29? I
saw a guy playing ukulele at the store and he sure looked a lot like you
and played beautifully.

Автор skyblue2121 (1 год)
I love you!!!

Автор susan yeo (1 год)
This teacher Ukulele Mike is the best he takes you through a lesson you can
follow really well and inspires you more to practice....Thank you heaps.

Автор BunnyLuvsU (1 год)

Автор Robert Johnson (1 год)
Thank you Mike. Your a great teacher. 

Автор Ivy Wen (1 год)
Very good teaching and it helps. Thank you very much!

Автор JohnChenGoogling . (1 год)
I enjoyed this lesson. Great easy teaching style. And like being taught by
Father Christmas. Eventhough I may be older. :-)

Автор 1FatSpaz (2 года)
Thank you so much for this video, you make it so simple for beginners like
me. Much love your way Mike <3 <3 <3

Автор splitheaven (4 года)
Thanks i learnt this song in 10 min :D

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