NASA Gives Graphic Details of Columbia Deaths

A new NASA report says that the seat restraints, suits and helmets of the doomed crew of the space shuttle Columbia didn't work well, leading to 'lethal trauma' as the out-of-control ship broke apart, killing all seven astronauts. (Dec. 30)

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Автор David Blackford (1 месяц)
The pressure suits were only designed to protect against cabin
depressurization. They were not designed to protect against the extreme
conditions encountered during vehicle breakup, such as blunt force trauma
as the cabin came apart, the extreme wind blast of 12,000 mph. they were
exposed to, or the 2,000 degree heat associated with reentry. This means
that even if the suits did work as intended there was still no possibility
that the crew could have survived. 

Автор joey8062 (1 месяц)
seems space exploration has failed us these days, since no more space
shuttle, and we cant do much. I feel like are country is falling

Автор CreatorOwned (4 месяца)
They should have used our Secret Space Program instead -- they would still
be alive. It's much more advanced and safer...oh wait, that's
right...that's only preserved for The Globalist Elite.

Автор Arnold Babar (10 дней)
George Hampton loves the balloon knot.

Автор bill carmody (4 месяца)
Ya, george hampton,youre such a good and loving christian,wishing
and deriving happiness from hearing about other non christians pain. What a
hypocrit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May atheism and creationism finally overcome
stupidity..........................The sooner the better.

Автор giggleherz (2 месяца)
I heard at the time that if they knew they might have tried a rescue
mission. Is that just wishfull thinking or did they stand a chance of
sucess? I also read a curious statement from nasa top brass was that ( if
you knew they had only seven days would you want them to know?)

Автор martin clark (4 месяца)
did they recover anything of them or was it just vaporization? not trying
to be anything but curious.

Автор John Doe (1 месяц)
It really doesn't matter if their helmets and other equipment failed. It is
physically impossible to survive an accident like that. They were dead
before they even realized what was going on.

Автор PresidentGas1 (1 месяц)
Are there any pictures of the remains? I'd love to see that.

Автор A Chaps (2 месяца)
so i guess NASA needs to build space suits that can allow the wearer to
survive a 15,000 mph crash? 

Автор Marc Denham (6 месяцев)

Автор George Hampton (8 месяцев)
This gave ole George a stiffy. There is something about hearing how non
Christians have painfully traumatic deaths that just brings a smile to my
face. Praise Jesus and all of His Glory.

Автор James Wohlever (3 месяца)
"The Columbia depressurization event occurred so rapidly that the crew
members were incapacitated within seconds, before they could configure the
suit for full protection from loss of cabin pressure."
From the actual report. That is why they couldn't get the suits to work
properly and that is why they are specifying why the suits might have done
some good.

Автор Bretton Ferguson (3 месяца)
They make it sound like if they had better seat-belts, suits, and helmets
the astronauts would have lived. Maybe they would have lived through the
jolts as the ship ripped apart, but they would have burned to death or
suffocated. Even with fire proof super suits with oxygen tanks, they would
have went splat on impact.

Автор Rana pipiens (4 месяца)
The way this is reported is rather misleading. "Failure" was being used by
NASA to indicate the equipment reached its limitations (i.e.
structural/functional failure) and death followed immediately afterward. It
was simply a technical report of what happened. The safety equipment had to
fail at some point - helmets, harnesses and suits are not designed to
withstand re-entry once the cabin breaks up and of course they wouldn't
have do any good even if they did - death is inevitable at this point. The
deaths were likely quick and hopefully the astronauts lapsed into
unconsciousness before that occurred. 

Автор L Mortis (4 месяца)
I hope they were unconscious

Автор Bucc Fan (4 месяца)
NASA gives graphic made up bullshit story to dumbass media who actually
believe it!!!

Автор imiritu (4 месяца)
They died because they waved and smiled to the camera before they achieved
their goal. If they didn't do the camera stunt they would have lived, but
they jinxed themselves. Or the cameraman jinxed them.

Автор Andreas Hasenfratz (4 месяца)
Graphic fake.

Автор Tony Aviles (4 месяца)
Restraints would not have done SHIT....Helmets would not have done
SHIT....Suits would not have done SHIT....They would have burned to death
regardless with hot gasses pouring into the cabin

Автор Jonny Nelson (9 месяцев)
Are they really blaming the astronauts' death on failure of the spacesuits,
helmets and restraints? Because having their spacecraft break up at 80,000
ft doing 10,000 mph while burning up, if they had only worked well, they
could have just bounced off the ground?

Автор Paul Dirac (6 месяцев)
@GeorgeHampton. How Christian of you. Jesus would be proud.

Автор Debbie Lyons (8 месяцев)
Wow. In the last moments they were talking. I guess they had no idea. RIP

Автор Awang Young (8 месяцев)
I don't see any graphic

Автор rrhone (8 месяцев)
Where are the graphic details? another idiot posts false crap again. 

Автор zer0dahero (8 месяцев)
What an odd thing to admit. The shuttle disintegrated, the restraints and
helmets were not design to work well in a disintegrating space craft during
re-entry. Should we ever have another vehicle like that, they need to
incorporate the old F-111 ejection system in it. Cold war tech that
actually worked as advertised. 

Автор BadTurbulence (8 месяцев)
I'm going to start wearing an astronaut suit before I get in my car. This
way I won't die even if hit from both sides by two large semi
tractor-trailer carrying cows.

Автор sheba1sheba1 (8 месяцев)
ok now America is so busted for flying a misstle into the pentagon.
they found pieces of the space shuttle after it exploded.
but didn't find a piece of the plane that supposedly flew into the
pentagon nice try

Автор Rob NY (9 месяцев)
I thought NASA was cut?

Автор Leo Moriko (9 месяцев)
@saifMSK The phrase "out of sight, out of mind" works for what you're
talking about. Now, if the media covered every single person that died
overseas, yeah, you bet we'd all feel the pain, but when the whole nation's
news force is directed on this, even if it's only 7 people, the whole
country feels it. So what it comes down to is media attention, not the lack
of compassion from other people.

Автор Voltarine DeCleyre (9 месяцев)
Now, THAT'S what I call comedy!

Автор ashish shukla (9 месяцев)
where is the graphic presentation ? whose fault was in the shuttle /

Автор asdpyro (1 год)
You are referring to the wrong shuttle disaster. You are talking about
Challenger, which exploded ~70 seconds into flight and broke apart over the
ocean. This video and most of the comments are in relation to Columbia, an
event which took place over the continent and spread parts all over Texas.

Автор Aertraveller (1 год)
Then tell me how one could make money by blowing up their own space

Автор miguelor4469 (1 год)
Children children don't fight, we have flying saucers now that can do all
that the shuttle did with less effort! LOL!

Автор jrockett73 (11 месяцев)
A piece of foam came off the tank and hit the orbiter. There is nothing
that tells the crew or ground control this during the flight. It was
noticed during normal review of the launch videos. Video was sent to the
crew also after launch. The only senarios they were working was how much
effort they should spend looking for damage. Should they get satellite
photos or do an EVA etc. They didnt go far enough to look for damage. Just
a bad call.

Автор Barrack Bananas (9 месяцев)
Compassion whore!

Автор Brendan Olson (1 год)
yes... they... were.... space shuttles cost about 500 millions dollars per
launch. it used to cost 50 million dollars. the shuttle program was
supposed to have cost just 50 billion dollars. it ended up costing 200
billion. they had to cancel flights after columbia, and reduced payloads
and everything. while it was scheduled for dismissal at the time it did, it
still received budget cuts relative to how much nasa was cut.

Автор 1craigmt (1 год)
A seatbelt would be about as useful for this scenario as it would for being
shot in the face.

Автор sandsifter149 (9 месяцев)
That told me nothing...More details please.

Автор Robert Gift (10 месяцев)
"Lets give you 30 seconds to slow down to terminal vel, v= 53.33.. m/s" Who
says they must attain terminal velocity in just 30 seconds? Terminal
velocity of what?

Автор skymedic48 (11 месяцев)
Really? If I recall....they learned of an "issue" during launch. What
should they have done...is there a reverse gear on the shuttle? Do you even
understand how these things work? They don't panic or jump to conclusions.
If they had aborted, the disaster very well may have occurred during abort
procedures. As I understand it, the moment they knew there was an issue.
They were working scenarios. Missions occur in stages. Launch to dest.
Dest. to land.

Автор johndoe3k5 . (10 месяцев)
Nice calculation. Yes, the survival chances were near zero, mildly
formulated. That's why I recommended the NASA report to him. I am not so
sure about the 30 second slow down though, up there in 0.01 atmospheres.
The report stated the heat that was reached by the falling parts of the
shuttle in °C.

Автор Hunter Mott (9 месяцев)
When funding was slashed by the government, time and time again.

Автор ElleEAla00 (1 год)
thats not what happened. when it was seen by persons being that the shuttle
may have been damaged at take off from the foam .THe persons that seen this
went to the big wigs at nasa told what they might have seen and asked if
they could at least get some pics of the shuttle in space to verify if it
was damaged or not,but the big guys whomever they are said "NO" and well
there you have it once again total fuk cluster ...

Автор Michael Ambech (10 месяцев)
When the hole in the wing started to prevent the shuttle from flying
normally the onboard computer started firing its jet engines (not the three
big ones). This was supposed to happen, but not as frequently as it did.
During the final period before main veicle body break-up the jets were
firing continously meaning that the computer was desperately trying to
maintain the shuttles attitude. When it failed the shutlle spun out of
control and broke up. This was when the astronauts died.

Автор swordofisis (1 год)
Yes...I can imagine that the seat restraints, space suits, and helmets
failed to protect the astronauts from the ship disintegrating during
re-entry...Thanks Ed... short and pointless.

Автор dakotagau (1 год)
How does a tiny hole in a wing make the craft combust and explode? That's
why you dont put EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS in a craft that IS ON FIRE!

Автор jrockett73 (1 год)
I agree on what they should get. But the shuttle budget thru the years
didnt change that much. When your talking billions of dollars, going up or
down a few million from year to year made no difference to the program. Bad
mgt. killed it more than anything else.

Автор danix454 (10 месяцев)
Oh, yes. NASA was a bit negligent in dealing with the situation - they knew
two days or so after launch that the foam had hit the left wing #8 panel.
This often happened, however. Foam debris would hit many of their shuttles,
but it was fine, because it never caused damage. This time it did. They
would have repaired the tiles if NASA knew, but they didn't know it had
done lethal damage. Most likely, they were just panicking as their shuttle
rolled/shifted side to side, and then were knocked out.

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