NASA Gives Graphic Details of Columbia Deaths

A new NASA report says that the seat restraints, suits and helmets of the doomed crew of the space shuttle Columbia didn't work well, leading to 'lethal trauma' as the out-of-control ship broke apart, killing all seven astronauts. (Dec. 30)

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Автор mitropoulosilias ( назад)
NASA LIES ONCE AGAIN!!! Leave communications free for everyone..

Автор CoonShoot ( назад)
Did it fuckin matter if the goddamned equipment didn't work well????
Would they have helped them live at 12,000 miles an hour?

Автор Darth Glenamus ( назад)
the bodies was torn apart in all areas, inside the suits more or less a
mess of bio

Автор Henry J Anderson II ( назад)
What bullshit. The restraints and helmets obviously worked, else they
wouldn't have made the launch. The fact is, the space frame tore apart due
to structural failure from the plasma and high heat during re-entry. The 5
on board computers tried to adjust the course of the shuttle, unfortunately
they had too much yaw, and the left wing was ripped off, causing them to
come in on a flat spin at over mach 20. Sad as it was, this is what really
happened, and the news has the gall to claim that NASA said it was due to
restraints, seats, and helmets? WTF?!!!!

Автор Anthony 2 b. ( назад)
Nobody died nobody got hurt...this was hoax....i say no more...

Автор marksrealm ( назад)
Last words were "Things are heating up" That was the final words NASA
received from the ship. Unfortunately, they knew the tires were destroyed
which meant that craft would crash on landing & they would all die so they
did know in fact they were all going to die yet they were not sure if the
temps being reported on the left wing which was actually what caused the
tire failure were real or just computer mistake. It seems to have been only
seconds from the time the Pilot knew about the tires from the time he said
things were heating up as in it was hot in there. Just a second after he
said that, the ship disintegrated so they felt no physical pain but how
many seconds of emotional pain did they have? 10, 30 or 60? We will never

Автор Angus Dorbie ( назад)
Seat restraints can only do so much. Describing what happened and how
things failed does not mean there was a design failure in layman's terms.

Автор c172215s ( назад)
Reading all the comments on here it's easy to see why there are idiots in

Автор Wonkstro (124 года назад)
So how the hell did they get a hole on they're wing at take off? did
someone give it a no scope sniper shot or what.

Автор risingone ( назад)
"Graphic detail"? Hah! Try "vague outline". And no-one is going to survive
an out of control aircraft at 250,000ft and speeds over 10,000 mp/h. I dont
care how good your seat belt is.. Or your nylon space-suit..

Автор melissa bjerken ( назад)
Oh for crying out loud! People died, show some respect...all of the
bickering and total b.s. that goes on here is never going to change that.
So many of you can't look beyond your self absorbed little minded world's
to think of what your comments are doing to the loved ones of those 7 brave
souls. So who cares that your life sux for you right now, dont you think
that those families have suffered enough without the nonsense that has been
shown here. The worst thing YouTube could have done is allow comments. Ya
ya freedom of speech, I already know that one, but that doesn't cover the
pure evil some ppl type down in their little comment box. It's sad to see
how much hatred and evil are in soo many ppl. 

Автор Deipatrous ( назад)
That's not what the NASA report says. It notes that the helmet design and
strap design did not prevent lethal trauma following the breakup, but that
the crew were at that point either already dead or irretrievably
unconscious due to the rapid depressurisation event preceding it. The
equipment as such worked well within its design specifications. The
problem was the hole in the wing...

Автор Gary T ( назад)
The sad thing is..and the real truth is..them poor ppl didn't need to be up
there in that shuttle at all anyway coz the TR-3Bs been flying for our
governments for years now, and its the TR-3Bs what's eventually spelt the
end of the shuttle program, much better stats and safety, its just that
until DISCLOSURE none of them governments will admit it?..so none of the
them poor doomed ppl even should have been put in that position at all.
Lying governments think they save lives through there lies..but they COST
lives to... RIP to all.

Автор Bradley Williams ( назад)
Alright AP, "failed" in engineering terms does not mean that they didn't
work well. It means that they broke after being subjected to forces well
beyond what they were designed for. If your skull failed after being run
over by a steam roller you would not say that your bones didn't work well.

Автор mike brown ( назад)
should have went to the moon base repair shop before trying to get home.

Автор Dave in Sacramento ( назад)
Only in NASA. You see, here is all the evidence you need to understand that
the United States will never get Americans back on the Moon or to Mars:

The shuttle disintegrates around the astronauts in a fiery explosion, but
the geniuses at NASA surmises that it's the inadequate seat restraints,
suits and helmets that ultimately sealed their doom.

Автор carsearch2001 ( назад)
Lack of cabin pressure? They were so high that they exploded as if in
space (vacuum)? Plus flying at over Mach 5 (my guess); man you would have
to be very prepared for that to even survive for a few seconds.

Автор aden fishsticks ( назад)
Thanks Obama.

Автор Adam Brady ( назад)
Even seat belt laws in space are worthless...

Автор Dickie Boner ( назад)
+Phil Failla I hope you are a troll, if not, sir you could possibly be the
dumbest ass that has ever walked the face of the Earth !

Автор Dickie Boner ( назад)
+Edward Angulo the sad part is these dumbasses can vote, UGH !

Автор Comet Jockey Dave ( назад)
The space shuttle's cabin itself came apart in this accident, and
disintegration was severe enough that the pressure suits would have had to
not only be designed to withstands the rigors, and heat of reentry without
the protection of the shuttle, but the suits would have also needs to be
designed to protect the crew from the crush, and impact injuries that they
no doubt incurred in that accident. At the end of the day the suits were
only designed to protect the crew from decompression. Even if the
restraints held, and the suits were designed to protect the crew from
direct exposure to reentry conditions the cabin itself still came apart,
and no !matter how you look at it that would have been no surviving that

Автор silverss onyoutube ( назад)
back when this happened i had a dream premonition that this would happen ,
next day it was all over the news . i am a little psyhchic

Автор PhrynosomaTexas ( назад)
...Ya think? Fuqin MORONS. They weren't designed to help the astronauts
survive a catastrophic hull failure and break up hundreds of thousands of
feet up traveling at double digit mach numbers. [face palm] It's not a
damned extra vehicular environmental suit they're wearing on landing.

Автор k re ( назад)
Lethal trauma!? Really!!!! This shows how moronic the associated press is.
Cause of death was incineration, if they were killed any other way before
they were cremated it would have been a blessing to them.

Автор Hitch Slap ( назад)
The astronauts were dead when they left the launch pad. NASA knew it.
Restraints, suits, and helmets are irrelevant, and a distraction from the
fact that it was a doomed flight before it ever reached space.

Автор Sarah H. ( назад)
Or maybe they all died in the FUCKING EXPLOSION. I doubt any amount of
safety equipment would protect them from that.

Автор madisonelectronic ( назад)
what they do not tell you is the heat resistant tiles are and were
installed by illegal spic monkeys hired off the street. good going nasa.

Автор yourjudgeandjury ( назад)
Don't be surprised if Communication (Original Mix) - Michele Camicia is
claimed as audio by [Merlin]. They think they own what the astronauts said
over 12 years ago.

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)
400 page report? Here's my report: The Shuttle disintegrated causing the
crew to be torn to shreds.

Автор AJ redlips ( назад)

Автор Lucky Swirl ( назад)
misleading titled video.

Автор Chris W ( назад)
No one died you fraud LIARS

Автор Jacob Gullick ( назад)
ya... we never went to the moon.. everything was staged right..? fucking
idiots.. we lost some great great men.. and women.. not everything goes

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
Why this space ship was Destoyed ?

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
At that time of Disaster What is the Speed of Columbia ?

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
How far this Graphic Details are usefull for US.?

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
What can I do with this Graphic Details ???

Автор richy69ify ( назад)
They told us not to handle any debris laying in the street due to it being
contaminated, yet when the truck came to pick up, they didn't
de-contaminate the street where the debris was laying. Would have been
pretty gruesome and upsetting for those who found body parts.

Автор ramairgto72 ( назад)
As much as I loved the Shuttle program, it was in my opinion, like putting
space on pause. Sure they delivered all kinds of stuff into space, but as
we know now, it was nothing more then an expensive taxi..
I rem when I was a kid, we had a NASA guy come to our school, I was all
about "Space" and the shuttle, and asked him if the shuttle could be used
to deliver a craft to the moon... he said "The shuttle cant land on the

Not my question and not the answer I wanted... In any case, sending
Satellites into space is old hat, I guess my issue was why we were staying
in low orbit.
And now since the Shuttle is gone, we seem to be working past low orbit and
thinking larger. I only wish we did this in the 80s, we as in humans, would
be so far ahead.

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
What can we do with Graphic Details ? of NASA Can do any more ?

Автор PhuckHue2 ( назад)
wonder if they pooped their pants before it disintegrated

Автор Commander Shepherd ( назад)
There were reports of a head of one of the astronauts being found in a
residential year only 15 miles from my house in Tyler, Texas a few days
after this event occurred. 

Автор Robin Hogg ( назад)
Just reading the Columbia report. 19th Feb 2004 was US Core Complete day
which NASA was racing headlong towards which meant launch of Node 2 payload
for completion of the USA part of ISS initial assembly.

Launch timeframes were compressed massively, faults in previous flights not
closed off, workforce numbers had bern culled and pressure was immense on
all launches leading up to.19th February. Only 2 orbiters were available
and Columbia was going to be modified after STS-107 to be able to fly to
the ISS. This all made safety decisions very contentious points as they
would have affected meeting 19th February date. Worries about unresolved
investigations into causes of ongoing foam debris were effectively passed
over in a blind race to deliver Node 2 on time.

Автор whiterthan hitler ( назад)
Yeah, I'm in a space shuttle that's about to explode and disintegrate into
little fiery pieces... Thankfully I'm wearing a seat belt. 

Автор Mike Money (1378 лет назад)
everytime women go on those flights it ends in disaster.
the one in 1986 also blew up.
Need Another Seven Astronauts.
WHere do school teachers go for their vacation? All over Florida.
The president always assigns an all-Black crew for the next mission.

Автор bradmedicus ( назад)
Suits and helmets are an ancillary protection in risky feats such as this.
Embarrassing that a piece of foam off the fuel tank at launch doomed this
mission. So sad. I miss the space shuttle 

Автор Roman Flachs ( назад)
NASA= Need Another Seven Astronauts

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
why this space ship was uncontrolled ?

Автор Furball2k ( назад)
Traveling at speeds of nearly 17,500 mph there are NO seat belts, helmets,
or safety apparatus that would have helped the astronauts.

Автор Timon Erdner ( назад)
they dead ?

Автор Patchuchan ( назад)
The ship broke up at mach 10 the only way they could have survived is if
they were wearing iron man suits.

Автор hartley81848184 ( назад)
Most likely, the crew felt and experienced no pain. The instant any part of
the crew compartment was opened to the wind stream, it was instant death
for them. A nano-second. You're talking about a 27000 mph superheated
wind that's like a blast furnace. A little less than being at Hiroshima
ground zero when the A-Bomb detonated. There is nothing that could
withstand that force and heat. Helmets, suits, seat belts... wouldn't
matter. It all vaporizes in an instant.

Автор Ardent Fan ( назад)
The space shuttle may be the latest state of the art reusable spacecraft
but it looks like the old fashion Russian sphere capsule is more reliable
after all.

Автор synapse131 ( назад)
You would think they would design the shuttle so the main crew compartment
could be a separate reentry vehicle that could continue on it's own after
the rest of the shuttle deteriorated away.

Автор david esktorp ( назад)
Our jew masters have declared that all future space exploration will be
done by robots, because we're all scheduled for depopulation. SORRY

Автор J ( назад)
Why in the world would they attempt re-entry if they knew there was a hole
in the wing? One tile off the thing and all the engineers get nervous.

Автор Fred Murray ( назад)
I don't know how NASA never noticed the bit falling off on take off,I saw
the bit fall off as the rocket took off and thought then hey,that has to be
sorted. I never contacted NASA because these are scientists that take every
bit of info,video into account always,obviously they missed this....?

Автор hebber1961 ( назад)
I'm sure the windshield didn't work well either and is as revelant as the
seat restraints in that kind of accident. Even if the helmets mattered,
the retrieved video shows them with open face shields just prior.
The only thing that MIGHT have saved them at that point is a sealed cabin
capsule with it's own system and parachute.

Автор D Riordan ( назад)
It would be smartest to have a MOON base before any attempts at MARS or
COMETS or ASTEROIDS. Putting our equipment on the MOON FIRST for several
YEARS of testing and use and will expose errors, weaknesses, and stimulate
new ideas plus allow Lunar exploration far beyond any so far.

Автор themoj0 ( назад)
N.A.S.A --- Need Another Seven Astronauts

Автор Wizard Muldoon ( назад)
They were dead before the craft entered the atmosphere. It broke up then
descended as pieces

Автор Stephanie Manuel ( назад)
I think that their seat restraints, suits and helmets would not have saved
them no matter what.

Автор Yln Murthy ( назад)
why the Space Ship was Un-Controlled ?

Автор oracle2world ( назад)
Uh, better seat belts would have made things all better?

Автор Kavallaris69andahalf ( назад)
This is not graphic...We would like to be told what happened exactly to
them in their final minutes. Did they roll over, banged against the walls,
their seats & seat belts crushed them whilst seated etc, or where they just
unconscious when it happened.. Only then we can realize their full tragic
loss and feel true compassion for their unnecessary demise.. The greatest
tragedy is that they died in vain.

Автор Barrack Bananas ( назад)
Compassion whore!

Автор Hunter Mott ( назад)
When funding was slashed by the government, time and time again.

Автор saifMSK ( назад)
everyone starts crying when 7 americans die but when hundreds of thousands
die in the middle east, no one cares. Compassion limitations

Автор GinSkimPivot ( назад)
And we're all very happy about that. You were very ill, after all.

Автор sandsifter149 ( назад)
Is that report from the same people who "analyzed" the world trade center

Автор sandsifter149 ( назад)
Where do you find a transcript of that time line...???

Автор sandsifter149 ( назад)
That told me nothing...More details please.

Автор AutoPsychotic ( назад)
All this could have been avoided if the administration wasn't so concerned
about cutting monetary costs. At what point did monetary costs become a
higher priority than the cost of human lives?

Автор Kitten Mitten Theatre adventures ( назад)
I remember Challenger and I remember Columbia. Yes they knew the risks
involved and that just makes it more painful. Space exploration should be
front and center when it comes to government spending. Finding advances in
medicine and looking out for the those less fortunate should be a given
(sad it's not), but space exploration is what gives life a zest it can't
get elsewhere. We are a curios species and we're made to explore. It's our
best trait. It brings us together and gives us a purpose.

Автор Bradley Bakarich ( назад)
It is the big orange fuel tank that has foam covering, it is so that the
liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen fuel mixture does not evaporate in the heat
as quickly. Also, Titanium is not very strong unless it is alloyed, people
like it due to its good strength-to-weight ratio but it is not Adamantium.
Also, at those speeds titanium would rip apart just as easily as anything
else. The Shuttle itself IS made of something other than foam. I can go
into more detail on the shuttles design if you want.

Автор LTSweden ( назад)
poor guys

Автор kacy jenkins ( назад)
a new timeline provides a wealth of data showing the pilots attempted to
troubleshoot a cascade of problems in the final moments before the
spacecraft's computers lost control

Автор kacy jenkins ( назад)
They did know something was not right, they just couldn't figure out what
it was. The report shows that.

Автор Michael Ambech ( назад)
i´m not talking jet engines as such. that wouldn't make much sense in
Space. thrusters, small engines... something like that. Used for small
adjustments in Space and during reentry

Автор Jimmy Aspel ( назад)
And you'd be 9 years old and presumably grateful that after your father
paid 3 bucks extra for sloppy seconds, there was a 10 month waiting list
for abortions at the Cardboard City Medical Center, right?

Автор Jacobmorganian ( назад)
Nasa gets less than 1% of the U.S budget. And building the space shuttle
out of titanium will not protect a spacecraft hurdling through air over
1000 degrees at Mach 25.

Автор Alexander Alcyone ( назад)
There were no jet engines on the shuttle.

Автор ELLEON1959 ( назад)
AP, you're hot girl!

Автор ELLEON1959 ( назад)
400 page report, and we get 2600 pages of Obama don't care act. So go

Автор Michael Ambech ( назад)
When the hole in the wing started to prevent the shuttle from flying
normally the onboard computer started firing its jet engines (not the three
big ones). This was supposed to happen, but not as frequently as it did.
During the final period before main veicle body break-up the jets were
firing continously meaning that the computer was desperately trying to
maintain the shuttles attitude. When it failed the shutlle spun out of
control and broke up. This was when the astronauts died.

Автор Michael Ambech ( назад)
Wouldn't work... the shuttle or any other vehicle on reentry would be going
way too fast. They were too high going way too fast... Failure during
reentry equals death sadly...

Автор Michael Ambech ( назад)
No there is not... The minute the shuttle starts its engines to slow down
it begins to fall... Once they've done that, there is no way back - unless
of course they very quickly fire the engines again.

Автор RunPJs ( назад)
They would need a Dr Who spacesuit to survive that!

Автор danix454 ( назад)
The air pressure was unequal and caused the movement as air (friction) and
gases got into the hole that was made on the left side, which caused it to
roc. NASA was negligent. Engineers were worried about the foam debris - ice
is what did the Challenger in - and the flight director said there was no
issue, so there was no investigation. They already slowed the craft down
sufficiently enough for re-entry which is standard, but if no one
acknowledged or saw a problem, what could have been done?

Автор Robert Gift ( назад)
"Foam"? From what? Not ice? I would not have expected initial burning
re-entry to cause the shuttle to violently move. (Upper atmosphere gasses
not dense enough.) I am also dismayed that they did not perform an EVA? to
examine critical fragile areas for damage. I would expect such every time a
shuttle attained orbit. Is there no way to re-enter at slower speeds at
which one will not burn up?

Автор danix454 ( назад)
Also (adding to what I said), they stated that unconscious bodies would've
been flying everywhere while the craft tumbled, tore apart, and then they
all would have just burnt up rather quickly and painlessly. Keep in mind a
torso/chest was found, torn in half. Another person's thigh was found with
the thin skin cleanly torn off. This lets you know that they were
ejaculated from the craft; some of them were found burnt up. So they were
basically shredded, and disposed of by either wind or fire.

Автор danix454 ( назад)
Oh, yes. NASA was a bit negligent in dealing with the situation - they knew
two days or so after launch that the foam had hit the left wing #8 panel.
This often happened, however. Foam debris would hit many of their shuttles,
but it was fine, because it never caused damage. This time it did. They
would have repaired the tiles if NASA knew, but they didn't know it had
done lethal damage. Most likely, they were just panicking as their shuttle
rolled/shifted side to side, and then were knocked out.

Автор Robert Gift ( назад)
"Robert, there was no way they would have survived this incident. They died
in a few seconds, and in those last few seconds of their lives, they didn't
know anything was wrong." Thank you. But sadly, they had time to know and
some likely felt horrible burning while still conscious. After pressure
loss, how soon to complete unconsciousness? Could another less efficient
and more risky attitude have allowed them to survive? Cannot believe there
was no way to sufficiently repair fragile tiles.

Автор danix454 ( назад)
Robert, there was no way they would have survived this incident. They died
in a few seconds, and in those last few seconds of their lives, they didn't
know anything was wrong. What they were doing was normal protocol for
re-entry. When NASA figured it out, very little time to act and alert the
astronauts, and that was entirely too short of a time to make any
difference. Also, NASA had other shuttles hit with foam debris, but never
thought it was a serious thing until the Columbia incident.

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