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Автор governmentcheese411 (6 месяцев)
"seat restraints, suits and helmets "are you serious...?!?! they could have
been wearing 2 in. thick plated steel suits that were welded to the damn
seats and it wouldn't have ended any differently. how about... your launch
oversight and situational awareness didn't work well nasa.

Автор Phil Failla (6 месяцев)
Wow...so many posters here are just stupid. Suit should have saved them,
parachute out, better seat belts blah blah blah. Can any of you morons tell
me how in the heck any of that would have helped traveling at 15,000 mph
with hull temps in the thousands of degrees while the cabin is coming apart?

Man are you people F'n idiots!

Автор Comet Jockey Dave (1 месяц)
The space shuttle's cabin itself came apart in this accident, and
disintegration was severe enough that the pressure suits would have had to
not only be designed to withstands the rigors, and heat of reentry without
the protection of the shuttle, but the suits would have also needs to be
designed to protect the crew from the crush, and impact injuries that they
no doubt incurred in that accident. At the end of the day the suits were
only designed to protect the crew from decompression. Even if the
restraints held, and the suits were designed to protect the crew from
direct exposure to reentry conditions the cabin itself still came apart,
and no !matter how you look at it that would have been no surviving that

Автор Commander Shepherd (3 месяца)
There were reports of a head of one of the astronauts being found in a
residential year only 15 miles from my house in Tyler, Texas a few days
after this event occurred. 

Автор Yln Murthy (3 месяца)
Why this space ship was Destoyed ?

Автор D Riordan (6 месяцев)
It would be smartest to have a MOON base before any attempts at MARS or
COMETS or ASTEROIDS. Putting our equipment on the MOON FIRST for several
YEARS of testing and use and will expose errors, weaknesses, and stimulate
new ideas plus allow Lunar exploration far beyond any so far.

Автор PhrynosomaTexas (1 месяц)
...Ya think? Fuqin MORONS. They weren't designed to help the astronauts
survive a catastrophic hull failure and break up hundreds of thousands of
feet up traveling at double digit mach numbers. [face palm] It's not a
damned extra vehicular environmental suit they're wearing on landing.

Автор hartley81848184 (5 месяцев)
Most likely, the crew felt and experienced no pain. The instant any part of
the crew compartment was opened to the wind stream, it was instant death
for them. A nano-second. You're talking about a 27000 mph superheated
wind that's like a blast furnace. A little less than being at Hiroshima
ground zero when the A-Bomb detonated. There is nothing that could
withstand that force and heat. Helmets, suits, seat belts... wouldn't
matter. It all vaporizes in an instant.

Автор Hitch Slap (1 месяц)
The astronauts were dead when they left the launch pad. NASA knew it.
Restraints, suits, and helmets are irrelevant, and a distraction from the
fact that it was a doomed flight before it ever reached space.

Автор Fred Murray (5 месяцев)
I don't know how NASA never noticed the bit falling off on take off,I saw
the bit fall off as the rocket took off and thought then hey,that has to be
sorted. I never contacted NASA because these are scientists that take every
bit of info,video into account always,obviously they missed this....?

Автор whiterthan hitler (3 месяца)
Yeah, I'm in a space shuttle that's about to explode and disintegrate into
little fiery pieces... Thankfully I'm wearing a seat belt. 

Автор Patchuchan (4 месяца)
The ship broke up at mach 10 the only way they could have survived is if
they were wearing iron man suits.

Автор yourjudgeandjury (2 месяца)
Don't be surprised if Communication (Original Mix) - Michele Camicia is
claimed as audio by [Merlin]. They think they own what the astronauts said
over 12 years ago.

Автор Sarah H. (2 месяца)
Or maybe they all died in the FUCKING EXPLOSION. I doubt any amount of
safety equipment would protect them from that.

Автор Dave in Sacramento (1 месяц)
Only in NASA. You see, here is all the evidence you need to understand that
the United States will never get Americans back on the Moon or to Mars:

The shuttle disintegrates around the astronauts in a fiery explosion, but
the geniuses at NASA surmises that it's the inadequate seat restraints,
suits and helmets that ultimately sealed their doom.

Автор Bradley Williams (18 дней)
Alright AP, "failed" in engineering terms does not mean that they didn't
work well. It means that they broke after being subjected to forces well
beyond what they were designed for. If your skull failed after being run
over by a steam roller you would not say that your bones didn't work well.

Автор Yln Murthy (3 месяца)
At that time of Disaster What is the Speed of Columbia ?

Автор k re (1 месяц)
Lethal trauma!? Really!!!! This shows how moronic the associated press is.
Cause of death was incineration, if they were killed any other way before
they were cremated it would have been a blessing to them.

Автор hebber1961 (5 месяцев)
I'm sure the windshield didn't work well either and is as revelant as the
seat restraints in that kind of accident. Even if the helmets mattered,
the retrieved video shows them with open face shields just prior.
The only thing that MIGHT have saved them at that point is a sealed cabin
capsule with it's own system and parachute.

Автор mike brown (24 дня)
should have went to the moon base repair shop before trying to get home.

Автор Dickie Boner (1 месяц)
+Edward Angulo the sad part is these dumbasses can vote, UGH !

Автор CreatorOwned (1 год)
They should have used our Secret Space Program instead -- they would still
be alive. It's much more advanced and safer...oh wait, that's
right...that's only preserved for The Globalist Elite.

Автор Adam Brady (1 месяц)
Even seat belt laws in space are worthless...

Автор Godismylife1 (8 месяцев)
China help Nasa out. PLEASE

Автор Ardent Fan (5 месяцев)
The space shuttle may be the latest state of the art reusable spacecraft
but it looks like the old fashion Russian sphere capsule is more reliable
after all.

Автор ramairgto72 (3 месяца)
As much as I loved the Shuttle program, it was in my opinion, like putting
space on pause. Sure they delivered all kinds of stuff into space, but as
we know now, it was nothing more then an expensive taxi..
I rem when I was a kid, we had a NASA guy come to our school, I was all
about "Space" and the shuttle, and asked him if the shuttle could be used
to deliver a craft to the moon... he said "The shuttle cant land on the

Not my question and not the answer I wanted... In any case, sending
Satellites into space is old hat, I guess my issue was why we were staying
in low orbit.
And now since the Shuttle is gone, we seem to be working past low orbit and
thinking larger. I only wish we did this in the 80s, we as in humans, would
be so far ahead.

Автор Jack Frost (2 месяца)
400 page report? Here's my report: The Shuttle disintegrated causing the
crew to be torn to shreds.

Автор carsearch2001 (1 месяц)
Lack of cabin pressure? They were so high that they exploded as if in
space (vacuum)? Plus flying at over Mach 5 (my guess); man you would have
to be very prepared for that to even survive for a few seconds.

Автор richy69ify (3 месяца)
They told us not to handle any debris laying in the street due to it being
contaminated, yet when the truck came to pick up, they didn't
de-contaminate the street where the debris was laying. Would have been
pretty gruesome and upsetting for those who found body parts.

Автор Dickie Boner (1 месяц)
+Phil Failla I hope you are a troll, if not, sir you could possibly be the
dumbest ass that has ever walked the face of the Earth !

Автор Lucky Swirl (2 месяца)
misleading titled video.

Автор Sevendandra (7 месяцев)
I knew Rick Husband and his family.

Автор Robin Hogg (3 месяца)
Just reading the Columbia report. 19th Feb 2004 was US Core Complete day
which NASA was racing headlong towards which meant launch of Node 2 payload
for completion of the USA part of ISS initial assembly.

Launch timeframes were compressed massively, faults in previous flights not
closed off, workforce numbers had bern culled and pressure was immense on
all launches leading up to.19th February. Only 2 orbiters were available
and Columbia was going to be modified after STS-107 to be able to fly to
the ISS. This all made safety decisions very contentious points as they
would have affected meeting 19th February date. Worries about unresolved
investigations into causes of ongoing foam debris were effectively passed
over in a blind race to deliver Node 2 on time.

Автор Furball2k (4 месяца)
Traveling at speeds of nearly 17,500 mph there are NO seat belts, helmets,
or safety apparatus that would have helped the astronauts.

Автор Timon Erdner (4 месяца)
they dead ?

Автор Chris Snyder (6 месяцев)
Why isn't the cabin of a space shuttle designed like a F-1 Indy Car where
the cockpit is self contained and breaks apart from the body during a crash?

In other words, a reentry vehicle inside of a reentry vehicle. If the
outer vehicle breaks apart and shreds, the cabin will still be enclosed
inside of a smaller vehicle with it's own heat shield much like the Apollo
reentry vehicles that parachuted to the ground/water.

I guess human lives aren't valuable enough to add more life saving

Автор silverss onyoutube (1 месяц)
back when this happened i had a dream premonition that this would happen ,
next day it was all over the news . i am a little psyhchic

Автор joey8062 (10 месяцев)
seems space exploration has failed us these days, since no more space
shuttle, and we cant do much. I feel like are country is falling

Автор LiFeI zFuBaR (5 месяцев)
And do you think the helmets and restraints really would have saved them if
they had been working properly? Uh, no!

Автор bradmedicus (3 месяца)
Suits and helmets are an ancillary protection in risky feats such as this.
Embarrassing that a piece of foam off the fuel tank at launch doomed this
mission. So sad. I miss the space shuttle 

Автор AJ redlips (2 месяца)

Автор Jacob Gullick (2 месяца)
ya... we never went to the moon.. everything was staged right..? fucking
idiots.. we lost some great great men.. and women.. not everything goes

Автор Valerie Gogins (7 месяцев)
,NASA Gives Graphic Details of Columbia Deaths: http://youtu.be/ZjDoM5V6u0o

Автор PhuckHue2 (3 месяца)
wonder if they pooped their pants before it disintegrated

Автор Pete Craig (7 месяцев)
George, you are a sick man. I am a Christian, and I don't subscribe to that
kind of mindset. Have pity on them and keep it to yourself.

Автор PresidentGas1 (11 месяцев)
Are there any pictures of the remains? I'd love to see that.

Автор aden fishsticks (1 месяц)
Thanks Obama.

Автор J (5 месяцев)
Why in the world would they attempt re-entry if they knew there was a hole
in the wing? One tile off the thing and all the engineers get nervous.

Автор Yln Murthy (4 месяца)
why this space ship was uncontrolled ?

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