Boy, 2, saves twin from falling furniture - BBC News

*You may find this video distressing* Two-year-old Bowdy Shoff helped his brother Brock from underneath a chest of drawers that fell when the twins were playing on it. Parents Kayli and Ricky, from Utah in the United States, were hesitant to share the video, but did so in order to spread awareness about the importance of bolting down furniture. Courtesy: Kayli Shoff via YouTube

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Автор ShakesVlog ( назад)
this kid loves to climb stuff...I see

Автор Safrat Anuhi ( назад)
Who recorded dis video?do u have dis saving?

Автор Nellie K. Adaba ( назад)

Автор Iten Dar Juan (itendarjuan) ( назад)
What`s the use of having a baby phone and a surveilance camera if you can`t
even check your kids when they`re in trouble!

Автор bjfdog ( назад)
If he was a real hereo on youtube, he would have filmed it.

Автор Uche Deborah ( назад)
what a might God we service

Автор Samuel Musa ( назад)
Took him the whole of two minutes to solve this problem. IJS

Автор iiPlastic Turtles ( назад)
What kind of parents close the door completely with two baby twins inside?
At least leave the door crack so you can tell what's going on...

Автор GOLDDUBBY ONE ( назад)
how does NO ONE hear this... where are the parents??? OMFG !!! Why get kids
if you cant take responsibility over them

Автор Pugking Thugging ( назад)
Natural selection fails sometime.

Автор TheIndianYoutuber ( назад)

Автор Ayoola Akorede ( назад)
pyschological motive

Автор Micah Salvador ( назад)
Wow the baby almost died I think? but he sure did tooe his time

Автор Zaid Ebrahim Haffejee ( назад)
and the parents actually thought sharing there negligence to the world was
a great idea!!!

Автор Toni Adeyinka ( назад)
thinking wizard of oz rn

Автор Tom Greco ( назад)
Never mind about the parents. I can't judge that, no one can, we weren't
there. Just give thanks to God that these boys were protected from serious

Автор ridewave444 ( назад)
lol First time I've seen the WHOLE video. The media edited it to make it
seem like the twin immediately tried to move the dresser off his brother,
instead of actually doing some other stuff first and even climbing on top
of the dresser. It took time for him to comprehend the problem.
Luckily, his brother was fine but many times the media likes to twist their
feel good story.

Автор NHaezer ( назад)
The "helping" kid's weight contributed significantly to the fall, too.

Автор Blessing Bessman ( назад)
He's such a sweet boy... I wouldn't let my twin die though. 👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Pere Gboun ( назад)
Just starring right at ur bro huh?

Автор LiQian Ku ( назад)
Thank god the brother lived like just imagine the 'saving' one living with
this story: I once have a twin brother but he passed away after me climbing
on top of a furniture with him stuck underneath it. Parents, please don't
try to be horror movie directors.

Автор Shania Ritah ( назад)
The only thing people of these days would do is to take a selfie

Автор tolu scottia ( назад)
parent might be somewhere watching how he's gonna save the toddler. wanna
make a viral video

Автор A Esparza ( назад)
Guess the truth comes out? poor kids

Автор Brooks Yeager ( назад)
just listen to the mother speak, she is a typical moronic stepford wife...

Автор josh a ( назад)

Автор S.N N ( назад)
when my babies where that small . I would sleep in the same room with them
. Just to be safe .

Автор Gerson Munoz ( назад)
god saved this little boy I cant believe it wow god is a hero and uses that
boy to be strong nd help that boy who was stuck amen my lord

Автор Kawaii Chan ( назад)
I litterally cried through this whole thing! We need more of these people
these days.

Автор Silice Ferguson ( назад)
it's a scam. the dad sells nanny cams.

Автор Benidict Nelbert ( назад)
Parent of the year award right here

Автор Свой В Доску ( назад)
Русский комментарий, проходим дальше...

Автор richard esquivel ( назад)
we were all idiots believing and using that dilapidated technology. Lets
change it.

Автор zzz ( назад)
Never leave your kids alone and especially, when they start discovering new

Автор tuestone448 ( назад)
awhile back i was running and saw 3 boys playing around the water 2 fell
and couldnt swim i walked away laughing i think they died lol

Автор Shibaji Mahapatra ( назад)
Looks like the babies were trying to grab the pair of box shaped toy kept
on the furniture. After the incident the baby who was free found one of the
toys and through out the video he was in search of the other one. For that
he again climbed the furniture, thoroughly searched around, finally pushed
the furniture. As a result the other baby was saved.
Wish them happy and safe life ahead.

Автор Jasper Budiono ( назад)

Автор Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast ( назад)
this boy is so strong

Автор AWESOME TV ( назад)

Автор Evan Kacprowicz ( назад)
Can someone explain to me what the kid did other than pushing the thing
lol? I don't really get it

Автор Adilson Vidal ( назад)
the kid under saved his brothers legs and then the kid that got out saved
his brother that was trapped they both heros

Автор Lrdvltr ( назад)
I'm calling this a HOAX. Too many things are out of place here.

The parents are culpable yet there's no mention of this in the news story.

Автор Jay Kay ( назад)

Автор TLMYC ( назад)
The parents should be parents and tell teach their kids about safety, and
make sure that 2 years olds are not left alone in a room with potential
dangers without trying to minimize the dangers.

Автор A Flo ( назад)
Obvious question is where the heck are the parents?

Автор PlusTenJesus ( назад)
Stupid yanks. Great CCTV but the parents are out at Walmart. These children
should be taken into care and the mother sterilised and jailed.

Автор Kad Saidi ( назад)
where is mummy?

Автор Susan B ( назад)
i would hestitate to share it , too. why the heck did no one immediately
come to see what the crash was! unacceptable parenting, in my opinion

Автор Kennedy Ibeh ( назад)
This was 2 minutes of extreme torture. I just wanted to rush in there, pull
him out and hug him. I was kinda worried that the title was a prank and the
baby died.

Автор Max Sterling ( назад)
Evil mom, evil parents!
This is obviously a setup, a fake story. there is no way that the parents
wouldn't hear the boy's screaming, and more strangely, only video monitor,
no audio monitor?
Evil parents just want to set up something to get chance to sue IKEA,
though I personally think IKEA is liable for their faulty products (e.g.,
light-weight furniture without anchoring).

Автор T Rich ( назад)
People trashed and slurrred the mother of the black toddler who feel in the
gorilla cage at the zoo last year, but they are praising this lazy ass
white woman who was sleeping while her bad ass kid was nearly killed. The
parents have no control over those little bad brats, they running amok like
little wild Indians on CNN, one of them was taking off his clothes, pulling
on camera wires...while the parents was glorifying in their 15 minutes of

Автор Nobilis ( назад)
Your telling me the parents didn't hear anything with a monitor. Dresser
crashing plus the kid crying? Maybe that's why there is no sound, so it
doesn't make them look as bad as parents. Come on, most cameras today can
record color, night vision, thermal, have built in mics, wireless/Bluetooth

Автор Adam Hart ( назад)
heroic save after he exhausts any other possible form of distraction in the

Автор Shaneka Hayes ( назад)
Wow, no clothing in the drawers? It seemed staged. I can't believe the
extreme that people will go to make a video go viral. Including putting
their child/children in harms way. I hope you're happy with your 15 minutes
of fame. May she's promoting the safety things on the drawers and bolting
the furniture. Other videos of this show him pushing the dresser off his
brother sooner than this. I guess it was edited. Shame on these parents for
staging this. Child Protection should get involved. 😱

Автор SPhantom94 ( назад)
How tf do you not hear your kid screeching?

Автор TheBub26 ( назад)
this was obviously staged. the dresser weighs next to nothing and nothing
inside so no harm would come to the twins. the parents get a viral video +
possible $ for nothing. i would award them el zippo

Автор Ifrah Asim ( назад)
Where is the carer and parents? ridiculously no one came to check on them.

Автор JOY HEART ( назад)
ooh my....

Автор Inderpal Brar ( назад)
that is amazing dat instinct

Автор Atif Khan ( назад)
parents ?

Автор Nigel Paterson ( назад)
I don't know about you, but to me, this video does not look like an

Автор 3TileMason33 ( назад)
The dresser drawers ARE ABSOLUTELY EMPTY. NO CLOTHES FOR the toddlers in it
at all. WEIRD. The dresser weighs about 30 pounds so NO BODY WAS IN DANGER
of being crushed. BUT WHERE WERE THE PARENTS when THE NOISE of the DRESSER

Автор likahmac ( назад)
I would of heard the furniture fall, bad parents

Автор ナコルル王女(The Teaboo) ( назад)
This is considered news but the fatal shooting of somebody isn't?

The BBC is dying a slow painful death... its lost all its most popular
shows and now it's getting worse at news reporting.

Автор Super Writer ( назад)
Future deadlift champion at 1:48! Odd that the boy didn't fetch his
parents! Odd that the parents didn't hear the trapped boy yelling--or was
he silent?

Автор interekweb ( назад)
1. Where are the parents?
2. What about these kids' privacy? Do they want to see this video on
YouTube in 15 years time?

Автор Nalyna Nadz ( назад)
Hated watching this. Made me piss

Автор Umara 1978 ( назад)
He squashed him

Автор NZ Trekkie ( назад)
Install an anti-topple bracket next time.

Автор NZ Trekkie ( назад)
God Bless them.

Автор Hello Kitt3n ( назад)
I'm not gonna lie it made me sick seeing the kid hop on the dresser with
his crushed brother underneath it.. you can see the poor kid crying out in
pain when he does it too.

Автор omoidashu ( назад)
Yea they said in an article both parents were upstairs and normally hear
everything but did not hear the crash or crying. Which just sounds like a
big mistake on their part, but it seems so weird to me that the monitor
doesn't show both beds, you can't even see one child's bed, like wouldn't
you arrange the beds or the camera so you can check on both at night? Also,
I don't see anything in the drawers the toddlers pull open and nothing
falls out afterwards. There was only a lamp and a toy on top. Why would you
have an empty dresser? It's not like the boys took out all the clothes and
just threw it on the floor and then tried to climb in. It's just odd to me.

Автор Bryan Stewart ( назад)
I would get a stud finder and screw it with a large washer where a stud is
located in the wall behind the dresser. I think it would be better then
just screw anchors in dry wall.

Автор Princess Charming ( назад)
At first watching this video was torture because I kept wincing until the
todler got free. But watching it a second and third time is very funny just
try it...

Автор LovePeace ( назад)
Where were the parents? :O

Автор Bryan Stewart ( назад)
GOD BLESS HIM. Me and my wife do not take our eyes, ears or minds off our
two year old.

Автор The Super Psycho Killer ( назад)
Parents need to be arrested for neglect

Автор SLEVEN ( назад)

Автор debbiedelight7 ( назад)
No clothes in the dresser, no parents to come running to help the children?
This has meth head written all over it🤔🙄

Автор Phally Un ( назад)
មើលវីដេអូនេះ ស្លុតផងរំភើបផង ស្ទើរស្រក់ទឹកភ្នែក។

Автор Zoe Guerra ( назад)
Parents now try to blame IKEA for this, regardless that the manual comes
with instructions to bolt the dresser to the wall - only in America I say.
Accidents happen, this could have been avoided, but what riles me most is
that the kid is in agony under the dresser for 2 minutes and no parent
around, this is just bad parenting at this point.

Автор barney boy ( назад)
I have never, never been in a kids room, in this case twin boys, opened any
draw and found it empty, The draws are always stuffed with clothes, toys,
books, sheets, blankets etc. In this case every draw is empty. Maybe a
brand new set of drawers.

Автор Lynn ( назад)
Oh my god poor babies!

Автор nitza berrios ( назад)
the red ball saved him..making the drawer float instead of falling
compleatly onto him..and then it slided on top of the ball making it easier
to slide.

Автор rottentwapple ( назад)
it gives me a jolt when he climbs on top of it

Автор Vishal Aadinath Arunkumar ( назад)
why would they record this?.....it just proves that this is a
skit....anyways its great

Автор Thanh Hung ( назад)
More than a minute and a half later. Can't believe he just put more weight
on his brother at 1:07.

Автор A3Kr0n ( назад)
This is why you never let children learn from cats. They are not ideal role

Автор bernd32 ( назад)
It looks like he's trying to kill him, not save :D

Автор LittleFilms ( назад)
shit my brother is dying, better make sure this Lavender humidifier is
plugged in though

Автор Dustin Tacohands ( назад)
kids are pretty tough i bet he could have had twice the weight fall on him
and still just got up afterwards i mean really look at him he dont really
care its back to messing around right after he gets out

Автор Dan Mac ( назад)
Stupid parents. Dumb dumb dumb.

Автор luvperu1 ( назад)
Scary..the little boy's head could have been crushed!!
Thankfully he survived the accident...

Автор lian haddad ( назад)
La pregunta es y donde estaban los padres? Deberían en vez de tener una
camara estar prendientes de los niños, que padres tan nefastos y
desinteresados por sus hijos

Автор Gerald N. ( назад)
Is the miracle that he finally got around to it? Where's the mother?

Автор Saadia Kiyani ( назад)
no way would I have left my children alone at that age to do what these two
were doing, more a video to show us how not to parent

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