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Автор addick8875 (3 года)
Blonde jokes are ridiculous. In reality, blondes have higher IQ’s than
brunettes due to most IQ tests and Pisa studies.

Автор lansonito (8 лет)
I dont undestand at all, my inglish is not so good. What the conductor
asked her??? She replied that she didnt know what mean "urban" or "rural"
and then she tried to look like if she know suddenly those meaninigs,
answering the questions of the condutor who have seen that she didnt have
any idea of what she was talking about. Isnt it?? Im not BLONDE!

Автор jmferrer1 (6 лет)
Around,late 1960's or early 1970's!!!!you can tell by their hair style and
the clothes their wearing(big hair do,long sideburns,wide lapels,etc...)God

Автор ragghy (8 лет)
she is so cute...

Автор soccer4life911 (8 лет)
Whats with the creepy clown

Автор Silligk (1 год)
PERFECT woman, blonde, dumb , nice and doesnt ask questions

Автор ElementalGuard (8 лет)
when was this?

Автор miketodd67 (5 лет)
I wonder what the doctor gave her.

Автор Jerry Haskins (4 года)
For Beatle Fans........Bob Eubanks was the first television personality to
have the Beatles on television. It was a local show but

Автор antiplictiseala (9 лет)
LOLLLLLL ... www.antiplictiseala.com/femei.htm

Автор Thomas Feilding (4 года)
Let THIS be an example of the mental inferiority of white women!

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