SOORBAHAR 2013 - Vivek Pandya Tabla Solo

Vivek Pandya ( disciple of Pt Anindo Chatterjee) 1st place winner of the Swaradhara competition held on 23rd Feb 2013, performs in Soorbahar 2013 organised by Marathi Vishwa New Jersey

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Длительность: 5:48
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Автор Narender Gaur ( назад)
Such a great talent..God bless. Apne desh aur Apni Sanskriti ka naam
raoshan karo...

Автор Dhananjay Vaidya ( назад)
unbelievable :O :O

Автор Santanu Naskar ( назад)
that's spellbinding

Автор raj mishra ( назад)

Автор Samant Shastri ( назад)
wah bhai wah. I salute u.

super it is marvellous music is my heart

Автор Sheikh Faheem ( назад)
Super talent. Almighty's gift and hard work. Jindaravan puttar.

Автор Suresh Karmarkar ( назад)
Ooooo my god excellent....super

Автор Sarada Sakunthala ( назад)
good 👍

Автор rukhmani Kumar ( назад)
Goddess Saraswati Ki kripa hai is bache par. And hard work

Автор ashvin raiyani ( назад)
really good way

Автор nagaraj jalihal ( назад)
super parents and good guru.,(teacher),

Автор Siddhartha ranjan ( назад)

Автор Phoolmatie Indra ( назад)
wow wow wow.............. beautifull

Автор Gagan Sandhu ( назад)

Автор Rajesh Palla ( назад)
Super 7396613030

Автор Sanjay d ( назад)
wonderful !

Автор Ajit Chaudhuri (1491 год назад)
Amazing! You are blessed. Already God is with you. Just do not get carried
away. Remain humble. I love you.

Автор Vinay Patel ( назад)
Very talent... boy...

Автор arunabindu ayyadevara ( назад)
excellent ..god bless you boy

Автор callravik ( назад)
You have a great talent know doubt, never lose the passion, you will go
places! God bless you.

Автор sandipkumar Raut ( назад)
Realy a great performance .

Автор yogesh kakade ( назад)
God bless young kid..simply awesome

Автор Ekolabya Hial ( назад)
waooooo. fantastic playing.best up luck for ur future

Автор RamVinay Bhushan ( назад)
really awesome....soul touching performance...God bless you dear....!!

Автор Bardinotommy ( назад)
I don't know why, but everytime I hear 0:26 , it keeps me smiling. Is that

Автор Satish Mujumdar ( назад)
dhir-dhir ke rele mai pt samtaprasad ki yad dee. jeete ra ho.

Автор Madhukar Apte ( назад)
The Child tabala nawaj

Автор Ahmad Saeed ( назад)
very nice bro

Автор gopal krishnan ( назад)
wah wah all the best Vivek

Автор chaphoofd ( назад)
Now words kid... Just perfect ... 

Автор Rajeev Mehta ( назад)
It's only a miracle of God 

Автор Siddharth Deshpande ( назад)
Absolutely wonderful!! (y) All the best!! I always watch this video when I
think I play well.. Thanx a lot!

Автор Jaywant Utpat ( назад)
I arrived at this video link accidently, but couldn't resist watching it
more than once. Many best wishes to Vivek for his future endeavours. God
bless him...

Автор Iman Das ( назад)
my goodness!!!

Автор Phornthep Textile ( назад)

Автор Subhajit Brahmachari ( назад)
WHAT IS THIS!!!!........MINI BOMB???

Автор Madhav Deshpande ( назад)
Great miracle of God. jiyo

Автор Balraj Jittla ( назад)
The lehra is Raag Kirwani

Автор Anuska Sardha Devi ( назад)
Jiyo jiyo jiyo!! Bahut bahut aashirvaad!

Автор Nasier Ahmad Sultani (579 лет назад)
kia baht hi Mashalla

Автор OMKAR UDAWANT ( назад)
Verry...good !!!! Need practice on padhant.

Автор bilal khatri ( назад)
superb nice

Автор Vidyadhar Deodhar ( назад)

Автор Vidyadhar Deodhar ( назад)

Автор Prahlad V. Deshpande ( назад)
Wonderful............................................No words to

Автор Hemasekhar Reddy ( назад)

Автор Aneesh Sabnis ( назад)
This kid, he is just amazing, and how old is he?

Автор oldJPdrums ( назад)
What a boss! Whatch the super controlled muting on his left hand...

Автор Evelyn Paredes Marengo ( назад)
How is old is he?? He is sooooooooooooo talent!

Автор Natasha Navotnaya ( назад)
Real pleasure seeing him - what a lovely smile!!! Wish this kid a bright
future, - be seen, recognized, and loved by great audience of music lovers
around the world :) 

Автор Shubhashish Ganguly ( назад)
amazing..future of tabla is bright..god bless..

Автор Alaap Sikander ( назад)

Автор Rajeev K Mahavir ( назад)
God bless u ur born to play tabla

Автор Mohamed noor ( назад)
I am mesmerized by this boy's talent and mastery on Tabla. Such maturity,
confidence and his knowledge of improvisation. A divine performance.

Автор Saikat Bandyopadhyay ( назад)
Kya baat hai, Super Bol Paranth and Presentation ... Awesome..Super Dhere
dhere.. Keep it up...

Автор Nicholas Klacsanzky ( назад)
Mozart of tabla

Автор TablaMasti ( назад)
How old is this kid? Truly amazing, who the Ustad?

Автор devin goorsamy ( назад)
Absolutely amazing! I can listen to this recording over and over. May the
blessings of the grand masters be with you young man. 

Автор dHOLI-H Canberra ( назад)
Well done young man! Masterclass... and truly inspirational. 

Автор kolabhimus ( назад)
Jioooo sher.....

Автор Rajinderpal Singh ( назад)
jiyo puter ji ,,,, may WAHEGURU JI BLESS YOU

Автор Pritha Nath ( назад)

Автор Eswar Chalam ( назад)
Very talented! Keep it up.

Автор rohit menon ( назад)

Автор Rajinderpal Singh ( назад)
waheguru ji,,,really nice ,,,,,god bless you ,,this is tabla master jindi
singh from usa ,,,,,,,, jiyo puter ji 100 sall good luck,,,,,, BABA NANAK

Автор babamughal babasaheb ( назад)
elevated me to a thoughtless state !!! 

Автор Sachin Ketkar ( назад)
Pranam Panditji

Автор jyprkh ( назад)
God bless you ... if anyone, someone like you can inspire people of all
ages to listen, learn, & play music for the soul and for the society

Автор ranjan saliya Perera ( назад)
a legend in the future,no doubt.

Автор Hares Husseini ( назад)
The clairty that he can play at is unbelievable... His dhire dhire is more
powerful than some tabla players who have been playing for 20+ years. This
little guy is a prodigy in the making without a doubt. Khaya bat hai

Автор subash p.k ( назад)
u r a divine birth congrats 

Автор kalpit pandya ( назад)
9 in June

Автор Neeraj Prem ( назад)
How old is he? Amazing tone and speed and understanding.

Автор Ojas Bhatt ( назад)
Serious talent maaannnn...

Автор ZAINAL A. SAHU-KHAN ( назад)
Very nice. Well done young man. May you be blessed always in your music

Автор Prithwin Rajeev ( назад)
:O miraculo!!

Автор E.R. Das ( назад)
keep it up.you remind my son when he was your age playing tabla.listen to
you i am hopeful our music have bright future.God bless you, 

Автор Gaurav Pandya ( назад)

Автор Gaurav Banyal ( назад)
Cannot believe what I just saw!

Автор ashwin ped ( назад)

Автор Rajan Mistry ( назад)
2013 is gonna be a good year if it starts off with a performance like this

Автор Bharathraj V ( назад)
Just amazing, you will be one of the greatest tabla players of our country,
a great student of a great master, may God bless you with a very long life
full of success and happiness. Looking forward to many more great videos
from you, Bharathraj, Calicut

Автор Bimla Sharma ( назад)
Nice one Vivek Pandya

Автор singhs singh ( назад)
@sanjay gupta hes 8

Автор FUQF F ( назад)
You are superb. May Allah give you more and more success

Автор Sanjay Gupta ( назад)
hope he continues 

Автор Sanjay Gupta ( назад)
how old is he ? 

Автор Vasumitra Bhardwaj ( назад)
Vivek.. Bahut bahut sneh..shubhecccha.. abhyaasheel rahein.. Saadar.. :) :)

Автор wisen wisenify ( назад)
god gift carry on dear..............

Автор shubhanshu tiwari ( назад)
kitana vagan hai haath mein iss umar mein! surprising you are gifted 

Автор babamughal babasaheb ( назад)
wah wah !!!!

Автор babamughal babasaheb ( назад)
better than z.k. ,,someone always tends to supersede. 

Автор Gurdain Rayatt ( назад)
The little hero returns with attitude!

Автор manpaal singh ( назад)
amazing. Does anyone know what raag the lehra is in?

Автор Pavan Anandani ( назад)
pretty epic !!

Автор Raja Sega ( назад)
Magical, beautiful, proud of u, gd luck......

Автор Omeed Samadi ( назад)

Автор Navin Tyagi ( назад)
He is awesome..... not just playing, he is so much into what he is
playing.... He is going to be next zakir hussain, if he keeps his focus as
he gets into teen-age. 

Автор Sandhya Pandurangi ( назад)
We should clone this boy. My greatest hero, model and godly creation. I
would love to invite him to St Louis.

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