Sony Ericsson W580


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Автор alvaro chk ( назад)

Автор Chabelo54 ( назад)
That's good, SEE YA!!

Автор dariana911 ( назад)
I still love mine! But I'm ok! Because I'm getting a G1! :D

Автор Chabelo54 ( назад)
Too bad girl, i'm sory!!!, that's why i love my Sony Ericsson W580i, i love
this phone, i just bought it 7 months ago, is flashed and hacked at all!!

Автор dariana911 ( назад)
mine got stolen last tuesday!!! ='( such a beautiful sony ericsson!♥ the
worst part is that fucking tmobile doesn't have it anymore!! >:@

Автор 1994Andersen ( назад)
Can you help me? The flash themes dont work on my w580i. The menu continues
to be normal and wont change to this

Автор Kristele Auer ( назад)
hey, i just bought this cell used, and the main menu is different, it
doesn't show the menu as it shows in the video, its horrible, when i change
theme the only thing that changes is the backround not the main menu...help

Автор Bartjuh131313 ( назад)
hi i've a question when i put on the theme 'strobe' or spinnin the menu
doesn't look like the theme so you don't see the flashmenu, how can i
change that? is it an software problem? please help me.

Автор p2pjoe ( назад)
such a sexy phone

Автор sunilamaru ( назад)
hey if i bought this phone, could i change it to the s500i cover??? i
really like the s500i design with the leafs and all on it but most ppl told
me to get w580i.. i like 580i but i would LOVE it if i could change the
cover to that black and green wit leafs on it design.. based on the colour
lighting up on the side, are both the phone d same??? pls do help me guys

Автор Amma W. ( назад)
o ok thanks

Автор Drake Durango ( назад)
depends on what memory card you have

Автор Drake Durango ( назад)
yeah but only in the main menu if you have a theme that supports the
vibrate feature which most flash themes do

Автор hsm123789 ( назад)
does it on w760i???

Автор Amma W. ( назад)
does it vibrate when u touch a button like a lg chocolate?

Автор Amma W. (599 лет назад)
how many songs can u pout on it maximum??

Автор bob smitty ( назад)
the new ones from at&t were fixed

Автор Numero_Uno ( назад)
what i wanna know if the buttons fall out

Автор mandusbergskate97 (398 лет назад)
Does The mobile breake easy?

Автор Stefano Lombardo ( назад)
Nice Mighty Mouse to the Right of the Screen :)

Автор bobhouse1997 ( назад)
were did u get the theme

Автор luke john ( назад)
on my w580i my flash menus arent working the menu ist not vibrating and is
not animated can some body help me ???? german : bei meinem w580i
funkzuniren die flash menüs nicht das menü bleibt un verändert nur der
hinder grund und das hinter grund bild sind verändert kann mir jemand
helfen bitte ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(((

Автор melanie marino ( назад)
is this atnt?? i already have the line, so can i buy just the phone without
exchanging my line? how much is this?

Автор Juan, theko0lezt ( назад)
is this good for texting?? i text about 200 messages a day

Автор joOJJOo007 ( назад)
hey :] One Question: How much songs can I hear?

Автор luis94211 ( назад)
y encima no funciona tu mugre esa

Автор lickmyrightnut22 ( назад)
Dude You Have A MEssage HAHA

Автор brady2628 ( назад)
i have it in silver and orange and i have no problems

Автор Taylor Stroyek ( назад)
Don't buy breaks very easily. Speaker is blown cant hear people very well
when talking its quite and all my keypad buttons are cracking.

Автор InterestingBattery ( назад)
No difference.

Автор 3viL1293 ( назад)
what is the difference of the w580i and w580?

Автор erosxbl ( назад)
u can do everything on the phone that doesnt require the keypad while its
closed by simply unlocking it

Автор ZACISDABOMB ( назад)
I ordered that phone its coming tomorrow!

Автор Razor91492 ( назад)
Thats what I heard. They said that only the old models keypad prone to break

Автор ericthebikeman446 ( назад)
so razor is the key pad better now, cause i ordered one online today and
just now im hearing about a faulty key pad...dont really want to get a
phone with a keypad thats prone to break??

Автор JuggaBear ( назад)
they also have pink ones now

Автор JuggaBear ( назад)
yes they do ive had 3 difernt phones but all were the w580 and on all 3
within a month or 2 the keys started crackin

Автор TsirMAN7 ( назад)

Автор JuggaBear ( назад)

Автор Razor91492 ( назад)
they substituted the keypad with a harder one....

Автор JuggaBear (614 года назад)
yeah they do

Автор Andres Ramirez ( назад)
i have heard that the botons tend to break after a while is that true???

Автор Noe Hernandez ( назад)
is yours a go phone.

Автор sweetcherryy ( назад)
the phone is good but everyone has it!!

Автор LadyPiink12 ( назад)
I have 1 in white..its so cool

Автор Ben Runneboom ( назад)

Автор JasminsHorse ( назад)
Jaja i alredy have one....love it. I have it in pink.

Автор IlikeBball234 ( назад)
getting 1 on my birthday can't wait

Автор Mally A ( назад)
i have this phone it rocks

Автор skillzdatkillz22 (1819 лет назад)
im getting mine in 2 days the black one!!!

Автор Latinlove17 ( назад)
Im am getting really confused because people say that the white one is a
better choice, mainly because it has better material??? they also said it
comes with a 256 MB memory card, on the other hand people say the grey and
black does not have better material and does not come with a memory card. I
am also having difficulty choosing between grey or black. Which is a better
choice?? I need someones opinion on my questions plz comment back!!!

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
i er dunno i mean you pic what colour you like but i would prefer the white
one to the black one..i have the grey one tho ^_^

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Oh, which colour do you think is nicer? The black or the white one? :S

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Oh, which colour do you think is nicer? The black or the white one? :S

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
lool..i duno :P i got one as soon as it comes out and mine are broken xD
yea if ya get one now they shouldnt :P

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Oh, so the newer versions of the w580 won't get their keys cracked after
text messaging? :D

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Oh, so the newer versions of the w580 won't get their keys cracked after
text messaging? :D

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
well they are all like kind of next to each other but they are deffinately
not small keys :)

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
limewire..or get your mates to download music..or burn music off a cd onto
pc..then just transfer the files to your phone :)

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Oh, they look packed together (:

Автор ultimatemangafan (1450 лет назад)
you can.... i use dragon force and children of bodom songs that i have got
on my phone for ringtones and message tones :S

Автор ultimatemangafan (1634 года назад)
yeaa thats what i think =[ that 1 is gray to..but i think ours is locked to
AT&T or something :S that wat sum1 else sed..so you have to unlock it or

Автор ultimatemangafan (1788 лет назад)
there is no difference... it is called the w580i..like all the others..
k800i..s500i etc..but people also call it just k800 or s500..so it doesnt
really make a difference which one you say they mean the same thing :)

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
where did you get these themes from ?! they didnt come on my phone tho i
have got exactly the same one O_O

Автор ultimatemangafan ( назад)
nah the keys really arnt that small...its quite easy ya : D

Автор bobalinapee ( назад)
is there any way to put music on the phone without paying?

Автор Devinsq ( назад)
verry nice, i see you had some trouble shaking songs, you'll get better at
it, trust me i did, now i can do it like a pro.

Автор imdanoob5 ( назад)
Is typing a message easy on this phone, because i can see that the keys are
small -.-"

Автор SoUrbOI256 ( назад)
could u send me the splat theme please i deleted it for mistake and im
worried:S send me a message please

Автор hanzundfranz15987 ( назад)
can u set ur own picture as the background?

Автор SMEGALswim ( назад)
He or she lives in canada and Roger is like our american AT&T. it is the
main cell phone provider their.

Автор spaton94 ( назад)
its a cell phone service. default, cant remove or change it

Автор pinkpurple10 ( назад)
how did u get it to say roger on top?

Автор Neil Aldrich Espinosa ( назад)
i really like the 'splat' theme.. hehe it's cool!! :D

Автор Phillip Le ( назад)
no it doesnt crack easy

Автор angela grey ( назад)
do the buttons crack easily. just heard!!

Автор mathus12 ( назад)
Wich theme is that?

Автор Mrblank28 ( назад)
is same thing people just are lazy to type in the i

Автор PowerofLove ( назад)
theyre the same thing as far as i know.

Автор slobodan48 ( назад)
what the difference between W580 and W580i ?? can u plese reply to me

Автор edward052191 ( назад)
can you please help me to flash my theme like yours please...

Автор kingfero96 ( назад)
question: how do you put the menu like that? thanks

Автор xXruby123Xx ( назад)
how do u change the side light?? pls commment bak to my page anyone!

Автор masterbonet ( назад)
its not you fool

Автор Anthony Reo ( назад)
dude its a comment. and i love this phone no matter wat color it is dude.
come on chill out man and yes i have one

Автор michael williams ( назад)
it is

Автор koalabear2 ( назад)
go fuck ur self! u don't have do u? so stfu

Автор Gemma818 ( назад)
one of em dont have an i on the end :P

Автор denyfate ( назад)
hey, question. how'd u get the flash menus on? dod u have to edit a file
called "customize_upgrade.xml"? thanks =)

Автор Anthony Reo ( назад)
gray = gay BLACK OWNS

Автор mikytx182 ( назад)
please tell me how i do it

Автор rUpY06 ( назад)
i got the gray one and it only comes with two themes?? is that how its
suppose to be???? there like the ugliest themes!! :( someone tell meee

Автор warriorskull12 ( назад)
okey, thxkz bud

Автор warriorskull12 ( назад)
what's the difference between the sony ericsson w580i & w580, can someone
tell me???

Автор 6F5jedi ( назад)
lucky me im going to get this 2morrow a grey

Автор tibettintin ( назад)
ok that convinced me i want that phone

Автор Dannel Bujanda ( назад)
Yes you can use your songs as ringtones....

Автор HazeMachtBlau ( назад)
standard themes, nothing else. i flashed my whole w580i with new
musicplayer skins, new flash themes new colors for the leds.

Автор andrewtran13 ( назад)
sweet theme. thats the one i got btw

Автор JoeyIsTheBest12345 ( назад)
how do i change my theme?

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