Cohen On The Telephone - Joe Hayman

A hilarious comedy sketch from Joe Hayman,popular in its time and rumored to be the first comedy record to sell a million copies. This bit primarily made fun of the crude telephone system in use during 1913, when Joe Hayman recorded it in London in July of that year for Regal/Zonophone (it was issued on Columbia here in the States the following year). Several other labels hastily released versions by other artists, and a series of sequels followed right up into the mid-20's. This recording is not intended to insult or offend anyone living or dead. It just reflects the great humor of the time period and how primitive phone lines were back then. I hope you all enjoy this. There are many Cohen records, and I will post some more if anyone is interested. Thanks

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Автор Jay Chase ( назад)
Now how do I get this recording for my Father for Father's Day this year.
He had this record when he was a young boy. Thanks for your help

Автор Ma Ba ( назад)
Thank you. WNYC radio had an interview about 78's today that inspired me
to look up the 78 my parents had in our house.I am referring to npr.org
Fresh Air August 11,2015 interview of Amanda Petrusich author of Do Not
Sell At Any Price.
Also, there's a later,1916, George Thompson cover of this made available as
a digital file on Wikipedia found by searching "Cohen on the Telephone."
The entry lists maybe 7 renditions of the routine. (One difference on the
George Thompson version is that he pronounces "car-PIN-ter," I think.)
And somewhere else on youtube is the Barney Bernard version that says
"Cohen AT the Telephone."

Автор Barry I. Grauman ( назад)
On one of Jack Benny's radio shows in the early '50s, he's heard walking
down the street, and says, "When I get to the appliance store, I think I'll
buy a new record. The gang says they're getting tired of dancing to 'Cohen
on the Telephone'.....". It got a laugh---and after the broadcast, he got a
call from New York. It was Cole Porter, who told him, "You owe me the price
of setting both my legs in casts. I heard your show, and I laughed so hard
at that 'Cohen on the Telephone' joke, I fell out of bed!"

Автор Dana Friedman ( назад)
I asked the same question. The Rhino recording sounds a lot like this, and
I think it is Barney Bernard. There are other recordings of this.

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
this is on CD without the surface noise

Автор EmmetEarwax ( назад)
I have a 33rp 12' record with this as one of the bands. There is a good
deal of surface noise, esp. where skin acid has eaten the playing surface
of the orig. shellac disk. Other bands include about 15 min. of sound track
from NIGHT AT THE OPERA, No News or What killed the Dog?, an acid jab at
funeral parlors, Night & Day, and so on. 

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
@althazarr on the label but this comedy comp credited barney

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@MichaelHansenFUN Joe Hayman.

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
one question is this Barney Bernard or Joe Hayman ? 

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
@althazarr i happen to have some of the stuff, from different comps, with
different ranges of sound quality, including a cd of this, with the sound
quality dramatically improved!

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
@althazarr please do! i have Cohen On The Telephone on a cd and a obscure
comp record, and the sound qualit is better, ect...

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
@althazarr please do! 

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@MichaelHansenFUN That's funny that you mentioned the Okeh laughing record,
because I'm just about to post it along with some more Uncle Josh 78's.

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
and what about okeh laughing record?

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
i have a better sounding recording...somewhere. what is on the other side? 

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
i have a better sounding recording...somewhere. 

Автор MichaelHansenFUN ( назад)
@9lasttry9 its on various compilations, all one needed was to look it up by
name. I have some strange record comp of this stuff...with this track on

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@9lasttry9 Thank you! I love these comic dialogues. I've got many more, and
will be glad to post some in the next few weeks. I have several wind up
phonographs too, and I'll record them on those. :-)

Автор Don Feller ( назад)
Wow, I haven't heard this since 1948... it was a record we had for years on
a wind up record player and our family repeated the lines for years and
thanks to this detailed rendition, I will now be regaling my salon with the
story of Cohen on the Telephone.... I had even forgotten a few of the
lines.... Thanks so much age 73

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@doveletsd I'm glad y'all got to enjoy it. I have the flipside posted too,
and I've got a lot more of these kind of records if you'd like to hear
them. Thanks for tuning in.

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@Rudipolt Glad you like it! Greetings from the deep South!

Автор Rudi Polt ( назад)
Thanks For Posting! Aloha from Hawaii!

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@mrmints84 As with just about anything, things are only worth what people
are willing to pay for them. Ebay would be a good place for you to look and
get an idea of the wide range of what people consider "valuable". There's
definitely a good market for them, but everyone's also searching for a
great bargain.

Автор Jamie Pringle ( назад)
@althazarr I have a bunch of these records as well, I am just curious of
their worth to collectors. and if you knew of any websites that deals with
this sort of thing. thank you

Автор althazarr ( назад)
@irishMarchHare Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you'll find some
more on my channels that you like.

Автор Francis McGovern ( назад)
I really enjoyed that bit. Thank you for taking the time and effort to
share that with us. It was released on the day my grandad was born. Keep it
up,Thanks again.

Автор ansiblenetwork ( назад)
Thanks - If you have it, I know my mom would love to hear it again.

Автор althazarr ( назад)
I'm not sure if I have that one, but I'll check . I have over a dozen Cohen
records, so it's possible.

Автор ansiblenetwork ( назад)
nice! Do you happen to have Cohen Buys a Wireless Set b/w Cohen Listens in
on the Radio? My Mother and her sisters wore that one out when they were
kids - our copy is so hissy it's nearly inaudible. This is fun stuff!

Автор sideshowtink ( назад)
"pretty much everything"~ me too! That's why I get so obssessive with
records!! I cannot resist an interesting record.

Автор althazarr ( назад)
I will certainly check that out. You have an amazing page with all kinds of
neat stuff very similar to what I like, which is pretty much everything. ha
ha ha Thanks for listening!

Автор sideshowtink ( назад)
Another great novelty!!! I have a clip showing all my novelty records. you
might enjoy that.

Автор roybo1930 (1029 лет назад)
I LOVE THIS!!! These Records Are Just Awsome!!! Thank You For Shairing.

Автор DeLorean4 (1224 года назад)
There's a radio program on CBC radio one called "Rewind" where they play
old radio programs from the CBC archives, it's very interesting, but lacks
very much in music.

Автор DeLorean4 (1289 лет назад)
That would be splendid! What really bothers me is how oldies stations no
longer play 50s music anymore, now it's mainly "The greatest hits of the
60s and 70s" and some stations that dare call themselves oldies stations
only play 70s and 80s. A radio program that dedicates itself to wax
cylinder and 78 recordings is wonderful.

Автор althazarr ( назад)
Thanks for listening! I've got more comedy records coming up!

Автор althazarr ( назад)
That's very funny! I'm not sure if I have that one, but will see. Good,
clean, humor. I found several more various comedian titles tonight looking
through some of my records that I'll start posting tomorrow. Thanks again
for listening!

Автор Barry I. Grauman ( назад)
I've not only heard this one, I heard the follow-up he recorded a few years
later, "Cohen 'Phones the Plumber" {"Vy am I excited? VY? 'Cause I got
three foot of water in the flat! I'm not 'talking through my hat'...THREE
FOOT OF WATER IN THE FLAT! And the tide's rising every minute...it ain't a
flat no more...by golly, it looks just like Coney Island..."}.

Автор oldedrum ( назад)
I would suggest contacting a local (if applicable) college radio station.Or
perhaps one of those 'alternative' radio stations. ---They may have a
'show' opportunity for you(?)...Worth a shot! P.S.--- I heard the other day
on the radio the same song they use for the theme to the 'This Old House'
program on PBS....Ever hear that one?

Автор althazarr ( назад)
For sure. I love the old vaudeville routines.

Автор althazarr (314 года назад)
I would love to have a "real oldies" station. It would definitely be
different format than the "oldies" radio stations out now, with everything
I play. lol Now that would be a dream job.

Автор oldedrum ( назад)
I know what you're saying 'althazarr' ...We've got to cover all the bases
'cause ya never know.---Especially on 'You-Tube!' Hey, I was thinkin' you
could have your own 'old-fashioned' radio music station! ...Well, just a
thought :o)

Автор althazarr ( назад)
I'm sorry, I can't hear you, you're cutting out, I'm losing signal. I can
only hear every other word. You must be in a dead zone. ha ha ha Cell
phones are terrible sometimes, and landlines in homes now are almost
obsolete. That is funny!

Автор althazarr ( назад)
Yes, it is just the label design for Columbia records during that time
period. I have more like that I'll be adding that are spoken word and
others with songs, like a great Ada Jones I'll post tomorrow. Thanks for

Автор althazarr ( назад)
You're right, and I certainly don't see why it would bother anyone. But you
never know. Some folks are very sensitive and I'm not here to bash on
anyone, just to share entertainment from long ago.

Автор pgh45rpms ( назад)
Back in the days of vaudeville, when this was recorded, many comedians
performed this type of dialect humor.

Автор oldedrum ( назад)
What's funny is you have to put a disclaimer in the description as to not
offend someone!

Автор ThisGuyFrritz ( назад)
Music notes on a talking record?

Автор DavidN23Skidoo ( назад)
You beat me to it! I have this routine on a Victor record in very good
condition, and it is much more funny today than a few years ago, with iffy
cell phone connections. Thanks for all the great records you are sharing;
it's greatly appreciated!

Автор aaronpaul777 ( назад)
and the funny thing is we're still dealing with this today...but with cell

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