2016 KBS Entertainment Awards | 2016 KBS 연예대상 - Part 1 [ENG/2016.12.27]

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- MC: Lee Hwijae, Yu Huiyeol, Hyeri
- Synopsis: The variety shows on KBS in 2016 that made us laugh and cry! A festive year-end ceremony to celebrate the entertainers that made KBS variety shows shine! 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards!
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Длительность: 1:31:42
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Автор haru Sj ( назад)
daebak 😍💕💕💕

Автор Syuhada Aziz ( назад)

Автор Hazimah Syahindah ( назад)
Omg thats the best intro performance ever. I miss the unnies ❤😭

Автор Henning Gu ( назад)
Tiffany!!!! 😍😍

Автор 101 ( назад)

Автор Sonsarae ronnow ( назад)

Автор 101 ( назад)
KBS is so kind. holy molly. unlike SBS I CAN'T WATCH THE SBS AWARDS BUT KBS

Автор Тадеуш Костюшко ( назад)
Очень модно и стильно !!!

Автор jakkapong worarham ( назад)

Автор cesar luis ( назад)
And the subtitles????

Автор BoGum 2410 ( назад)
Daebaki in the thumbnail , awww😍😍

Автор Randamania Channel ( назад)
KBS knows how to get them views...*adds Daebakie on the thumbnail*

Автор spark heart ( назад)
Running Man is not Announcement?RM is not KBS line?

Автор Joy Lejano ( назад)
I don't know why but I'm enjoying watching every KBS videos... 😀😀😀

Автор ghemsky1609 Hain ( назад)
kwangsoo and cha taehyun my fave korean comedy actor😻

Автор Highestcloud ( назад)
"shut up" to me is like KBS anthem XD

Автор Angeles Tapia ( назад)
por favor subtitulos en español

Автор Tyas Muthia Anjani ( назад)

Автор DUONG NGUYEN ( назад)
why is there The sound of your heart here? I think it should be in Drama

Автор theproplayer 2016ender ( назад)

Автор Indira Nafisa ( назад)
This is why i love kbs. Always provides us w HD vids engsubbed :)

Автор hariss jr ( назад)
only kbs know how to appreciate international fan not like the other
broadcasting network.thank you kbs for subbing this ep.

Автор Miseop lee ( назад)
Yoon my love made me cry 😢😢😢

Автор Jess Sa ( назад)
Yoon Donggu winning an award! So proud of you! The members of 2 days 1
night are the best! #insertJJY

Автор 나냐냐 ( назад)
우리 엄만 매일내게 말했어
언제 성적 나오냐고
성적은 마치 불장난?같아서
내 생명이 위험하니까
엄마말이 꼭 맞을지도 몰라
성적을 보면 내 맘이 뜨겁게 달아올라
두려움보단 등수를 향한
끌림이 더 크니까 Eh
멈출 수 없는 이 떨림은
On and on and on
내 전부를 너란 등수에
다 던지고 싶어

Автор Meli Oki ( назад)
what is the Name of the Drama 1.00.00??

Автор Flash West ( назад)
hahaha Yeongja made me laugh 😂😂😂😂 then when you look on Seojuns face as
Yeongja is carrying them you can see the cheeky smile of seojun 😂😂😂

Автор sonam kale ( назад)
Here only for daebak... 💕💕

Автор sierra allen ( назад)
does anyone know where i can see the mbc drama awards eng subbed??

Автор KPOPfangirl100 ( назад)
where was seola when the return of superman won?

Автор kpop-jpop french fan ( назад)
i wanted to cry when i saw tiffany with the unnies finally !!!! and the
children of superman is back <3

Автор crysmesh101 ( назад)
why is it only the comedies, variety shows...where's the dramas (ie
descendants of the sun, moonlight etc)?

Автор Raine Kim ( назад)
I've always loved KBS shows!! So happy to see them receiving award for
their hardwork! CONGRATULATIONS!

I love you Siyoon/Donggu, 2d1n fam and The Return of Superman fam! You guys
deserve it! 🎇🎆😘

Автор Tiffany HBH ( назад)

Автор centongsakti ( назад)
The truth is.i just wanna see the superman kids 😋

Автор paradiseana1 ana ( назад)
Must add so glad Namkoong won, because he truly is a great actor he can do
it all play a good guy/bad guy even cute funny guy. If you saw he's last
drama with Girl's Day member you understand exactly what I mean. He's so
handsome. Never watch him host the show he won for, but he's truly awesome.

Автор Wobbly Penguin ( назад)
Is the girl with a pink hair at the first part, the one who is a fried of
Sim Cheong at 'The legend of the blue sea'?

Автор Sasa Chin ( назад)
I personally really like park myung soo ! So happy for him !

Автор M Tai ( назад)
I'm only here for tros!!

Автор paolitha guevara ( назад)
podrian ponerlo en subtitulo español

Автор Lupita B. ( назад)
as expected KBS always takes care of us international fans!!!

Автор coco jam ( назад)
shut up by unnies! 😘

Автор Elly Whyie ( назад)
Kwang soo looks handsome, san e too 😊

Автор Jeanne lapida ( назад)
thank you so much for the sub!!

Автор kathyg821 ( назад)
Thank you for releasing this with eng subs! Thank you for caring for us
international fans too. Well done KBS World!

Автор Joy Lacquian ( назад)
🙏Please Sub All 😂

Автор Flora H ( назад)

Автор Flora H ( назад)
I'm just waiting for the drama awards 😂😂 I hope it gets uploaded :)

Автор what the hell bighit ( назад)
the moment I saw Kian84 I SCREAMED OUT LOUD "OOHHHHHH KIAN84"

Автор paradiseana1 ana ( назад)
So very happy Siyoon Prince charming won he's so wonderful on the show.
Love his bright smile and positive attitude. He looks so handsome in a tux.

Автор jhyunowns ( назад)
tf lee kwangsoo freaking handsome!!!

Автор Pauline Janielle Ablaza ( назад)
Unnies fighting!!! <3 :)

Автор Julia Bergmark ( назад)
Thank you so much for uploading this so fast! 😄❤

Автор Carmen OBIANG ( назад)
shut Up ! i like this song !!! i listen to it very often !! 😍😍

Автор Mubashira Mahboob ( назад)

Автор Mal M ( назад)
Why does Kian84 never dress up?

Автор Cynthia Padilla ( назад)
LOL Yeonja just won aunt of the century

Автор Karen Natashia ( назад)
jung somin unnieeee my faveeeee congratsssa love youuuuu

Автор musiclover cho ( назад)
is thus diff from kbs drama awards?

Автор alone _ ( назад)
everyone in kbs just like a family together with the staff even in this
not-very formal ceremonies lol

Автор Bogummie_ 99 ( назад)
I still love siyoon as kim takgu 😍

Автор Love Bae Su-ji ( назад)

Автор wilmar sahirani ( назад)
pick me IOI

Автор Genie Murewa ( назад)
i love how the kids were bored and some of us are dying to be there

Автор hungry panda ( назад)
KBs back at it again with the eng subs the rl mvp

Автор hungry panda ( назад)
I LOL'ed at Jessi's face in the beginning

Автор kawaiinoodles ( назад)
awww im so proud of donggu for winning! he gets so much hate for being on 2
days 1 night and it breaks my heart that he knows that a lot of people say
he's not funny. but now he has an award that says otherwise. keep fighting
donggu we love u just the way u are

Автор Sana Pentagon x Toppdogg x Uniq x Block b ( назад)
i really love the return of superman but i miss sarang triplets jion ...

Автор Reis World ( назад)
do you think that was planned with the boys running up on stage, Hwijae did
look serious

Автор Jonathan Megan ( назад)
Really didn't like how Hwi Jae skipped Lee Dong Wook's four daughters when
getting all children to say hi. They were standing right in front. And the
two eldest can absolutely give a good award speech on behalf, no matter how

Автор Ellaine Paguntalan ( назад)
Daebak's hairstyle. <3

Автор LiLie enauoram ( назад)
39:55 / 40:18 dong gu reaction looooooool hahahahaha

Автор LiLie enauoram ( назад)
loooool yoon si yoon seapch is soo funny hahahaha congrats!!!! fighting
dong goooooooooooo oppa!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kelvin Zheng ( назад)
I clicked this because I saw daebak but I'm glad that I watched this
because The Unnies perform at the opening. So glad that Tiffany join again

Автор alex lao ( назад)
Bakkie-bakkie so handsome!

Автор Camila J ( назад)
wow tiffany is back to unnies😍

Автор Kimbap Kidding ( назад)
:') Awh congrats to Yoonsiyoon

Автор fttslover ( назад)
So proud of the kids from Return of Superman. Usually they're too shy to
say anything, but this year they did great! Must be the power of Lee Hwijae

Автор kanokpan sumpradit ( назад)
daebak ahhh my love💓

Автор NH :D ( назад)
Daebak and Daeul >-< tooooo cuteeeeee

Автор iqah aisha ( назад)
awe my seyoung and hyunwoo 😍😍

Автор mushroomseven9 ( назад)
Sister Slam Dunk writer did mention Tiffany as "Hwang Miyoung" in her
speech but KBS didnt put it in the subtitle. is it just me?
well if it's right then KBS is just too much.. i dunno what to say..

but i love how Tiffany keeps being strong supporting the Unnies. Tiffany i
am with you

Автор Caroline Jebisha ( назад)
Yoon Si Yoon!!❤❤ I'm glad to see him back in the screen! Saranghae Oppa😘

Автор Demi Ng ( назад)
ahchoo couple❤

Автор Asma Alrashidi ( назад)

Автор Noah Francisco ( назад)
That moment when Hwi Jae lost his focus when the twins climbed up. I think
the other brother followed suit when his brother came running first. ♡ I
commend for Hwi Jae tryiglng to be calm and talking to the kids but they
are just freaking variety babies like their Dad. ♡

Автор Chino Feliciano ( назад)
did Jaea blushed? when she saw jinyoung and his co-star (sorry i forgot his

Автор rifa chiba ( назад)
shi yoo the best...congratulation.....

Автор Annisa Berliana ( назад)
am i the only who ship hyunkyung & kian84? ㅋㅋ

Автор Nishat Tasnim ( назад)
i almost cried at siyoon's speech....❤👍👍❤❤

Автор livelovelaughXD100 ( назад)
When Jinyoung and Kwak Dongyeon comes in and the camera catches Jaesi and
Jaeah fangirling XD

Автор shysingergirl14 ( назад)
Uhh when jinyoung donyeon were singing and sooah was singing along was so

Автор yeogi buteora ( назад)
lol happy together's nomination vid is a parody of gong yoo's cf LMAO

Автор Aufa Live ( назад)
oh My God
Jessi Show Her Boobs

Автор Just Peaceful ( назад)
I think it was too cute when the twins ran to hug their daddy

Автор aimun ( назад)
also not seeing much love for Yoon shi yoon in the comments here. he looks
so genuinely happy to be here and happy to be a 1n2d member, it's
beautiful. such a prince!

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