Maitai "The Charger" Charley!

Maitai Charley takes on guams fighter leo the lion heart cing. Check this fight! Maitai, much lighter than Leo takes the fight stand up....reppin marianas elte here in the six seven zero!

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Автор franklin camacho (4 года)
Sick Fight!

Автор denistoto (4 года)
2 boi

Автор RODS DUENAS (5 лет)

Автор Len2005B (5 лет)
wish i'm still in saipan please look for my ex name carlos torres tell

Автор Jefferson da Silva (1 год)

Автор jtorius (5 лет)
kagman all the way

Автор Liyoorescheng (5 лет)
yep. I am so proud of my brother Maitai and everyone else. Win or lose.

Автор chamorrostyling670 (5 лет)
thanks bro. please put up more vids of annihilation.

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