When the footage of the second plane to hit the WTC is closely analyzed, there are several anomalies that are apparent. The first is an asymmetrical missile-like object on the belly of the plane that should not be on a commercial airliner. The second is the flash the emits from this "pod" a second before the impact with the building. Was this plane indeed a Commercial airliner? Was the anomaly on the underside of the plane actually a high-tech weapon? See "In plane site" for free of google video for more information.

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Автор Lilbailnick ( назад)
It's circus themed rhetoric plucked for another previous circus act. The
entire layout of such videos (plucking) from people that have NO IDEA what
it is they're talking about. Not to mention, just about every single person
is mere hours removed for 9/11 earlier that day... We need a lineup of
videos from that day with people explaining what it is they saw with
regards to the second plane or both for that matter. Those who saw what
really happened, was United-175 and not some gray windowless military
aircraft. How does a STUPID video (like so) come to debate?

Автор Noslin Carvalho ( назад)
Drone militar escuro ... não era um avião comercial!!! 

Автор Stuart Cleary ( назад)
12yrs on Evidence shows 9/11=US False Flag! See: 9/11 Core of Corruption;
9/11 Conspiracy Solved; 9/11Theories: Expert vsExpert; 9/11:False-Flag
Terrorism; Hard 9/11 Truth-$; 9/11 Painful Deceptions; 9/11 Key CIA
Connections; 9/11 The Myth& Reality; WAR PROMISES; Loose Change; 9/11
Experts Speak Out; 9/11 The Birth of Treason; When False Flags Don't Fly;
The Oil Factor; 9/11 Exposed-facts; Wake Up Call; All Wars are Bankers
Wars; Truth about Halliburton; Fall Of TheRepublic; Human the film AE911

Автор Stuart Cleary ( назад)
ReThink9/11. org 50+ US/Global
groups-Pilots-Engineers-Architects-Experts-Witnesses 2 Re-Investigate 9/11
Also See: 9/11 Core of Corruption; 9/11 Conspiracy Solved; 9/11 Theories:
Expert vs Expert; 9/11:False-Flag Terrorism; Hard 9/11 Truth-Conspiracy-$;
9/11 Painful Deceptions; 9/11 Key CIA Connections; 9/11 The Myth& Reality;
Loose Change; 9/11 Experts Speak Out; When False Flags Don't Fly; The Oil
Factor; 9/11 Exposed-facts; All Wars are Bankers Wars; Truth about
Halliburton; Martial Law 9/11

Автор Psy0psAgent ( назад)
Physics > paid shill bitch trolls that can't provide grade 5 science

Автор Psy0psAgent ( назад)
5. Anybody found any interviews yet with the over 800 missing family
members of the supposed passengers? Anybody? I've been waiting for more
than 6 years now. Ya'd think there would be a LOT of interviews with all
the family members of those passengers.

Автор Psy0psAgent ( назад)
4. You stink like a ctcole77 clone.

Автор Psy0psAgent ( назад)
Cont'd - On with the show. Conditions - Answer on your full commercial
liability. 1. Explain Newton's Third Law in relation to the planes hitting
the buildings. Show the grade school level equations - or you lose. 2.
Explain the Law of the Conservation of Momentum in relation to the
buildings collapse, again showing the grade school level equations for all
to see. 3. I now expect you to dance like my bitch because I already know
you cannot show the equations because they give away the crime.

Автор Psy0psAgent ( назад)
So tell me something smart guy, but first - The opposite of truth is a lie.
To call someone a truther in a derogatory manner is absurd. It means you
take the opposite stance which is a Liar. Dipshit. Mocking someone for
seeking truth is treasonous & idiotic. To use the term 'twoofer' if you are
over 8 yrs old makes me think you are insane. Seriously. Are you past
puberty & you just said "Twoofer"? From that alone, I can tell you didn't
do much past high school. Now for the show smarty pants ->

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
I find these government shills rather comical.

Автор WOO BREAKER ( назад)
Twoofers hop on Google and search for any CONSPIRA-KOOK GARBAGE that simply
goes along with their initial hypotheses, while dismissing ALL legitimate
science and FACTS (eg: 130+ witnesses who saw Flight 77, hundreds of
peer-reviewed papers by structural engineers) that contradict their moronic
claims. The EXACT opposite of scientific research! Sounds like a bunch of

Автор WOO BREAKER ( назад)
Experts? Like who, those kooks at ae911twoof? You know, the ones who have
to CIRCUMVENT peer-review and phony publish their pseudoscientific nonsense
in bogus "journals" like jo911studies? ALL of your claims have been
debunked by actual scientists and reasonable people (NOT you!) Wake up,
dumbass! 9/11 WAS AN OUTSIDE JOB

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
One more hired anti american. GFY.

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
There was an excellent 2 hour video on the internet, a interview with James
Files , one of the triggermen who shot JFK. He has been termed a honest man
by his prison warden, FBI agents and others. His story has no holes. There
are dozens of bloggers trying to discredit him. At any rate, if you can
ever find a copy of that interview, it is a wonderful watch. Files was a
hitman for the mob and CIA in 1963 and a former special forces soldier. CIA
and MOB work together. That is just sick.

Автор Robert H ( назад)
Why the hostility? Don't quite get that. Anyway, every bullet point you
listed has renowned experts to the contrary. There is just too many
unanswered questions that need to be addressed, and thus far have not

Автор Robert H ( назад)
Roger, I agree with you about the people rejecting the idea of government
involvement in the killing of U.S. innocents. Only to a certain point do I
write them off due to their naivety. On the other hand people of my age
should remember the slaughter of our American President and to these I give
no such pass. C'mon people can you really believe a government that killed
our President, RFK, along with MLK? I put NOTHING past the FBI, CIA, and
all the other organized criminals in government.

Автор WOO BREAKER ( назад)
TOP FIVE TWOOFER LIES: 1)Thermite (debunked by Dr. James Millette) 2)No
Flight 77 (despite 130+ witneses who saw the plane) 3)Larry Silverstein
(ie: real estate investor turned master demolition coordinator who carries
it out on camera) 4)Free fall (more LIES) 5)ae911twoof (even though they're
too scared to legitimately peer-review or publish their pseudoscience)

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
My fellow Americans and others of good will. Most of the people who reject
9-11 being an inside job, do so because they refuse to think the US
government would kill its own citizens. Think of it another way. Do you
think 40-60 employees of the US government would carry out a crime if they
thought doing so, was a good idea. Of course, there is ample proof of this
fact. These 40-140 people had the means, motive and money to carry out
9-11. 140 is too many to keep a secret? CIA employs 23,000!

Автор richarerich richards ( назад)
911 is over and ain't no way justice will happen. i could'nt tell anyone
what the real story is. remember the oj trial?, "if the glove does'nt
fit..."? oj had that stupid look on his face. bush had that same look. if
you watch bldg 7 collapse and really think fires did it your one of the
tools, end of story.

Автор userdenied58 ( назад)
Of course you didn't see windows on the second aircraft; she was banking
knucklehead. Witnesses are so damn stupid at times. The plane doesn't fit
in that hole. Really? Hole was approximately 15'ft and the diameter of a
767 is 15'ft 6"in; well I be damn it doesn't fit. Morons!!! For God's sake,
check it out before you buy into this bullshit.

Автор justicepartyuk ( назад)
9/11 was a cover to take middle east oil

Автор wellifthemediasaysit ( назад)
9/11 was an inside job for about 70 reasons, 1 reason alone can be
considered coincidence, 2 is suspicious, 3 is? inside job, 4 is a blatant
inside job, but 70??? conspiracies happen, this was one of them, mass
murder for personal gain! Oil, opium and bases in the middle east, better
to take from the weak before other superpowers (russia, china) do! We may
benefit in the long run when we fill up our cars, but it doesn't make 9.11
ok! Mass murder! the shills will attack me but i don't care!

Автор macryan19 ( назад)
Without a doubt a military plane, anyone who thinks otherwise is just
forcing themselves not to believe that their government would be involved
in something like this.

Автор yuhere1 ( назад)

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
to many video games.

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
she didnt see any markings dumbass.

Автор zenoist2 ( назад)
yeah i noticed that too. also a lot of truthers videos are removed and the
uploader is banned and terminated merely for uploading NIST FOIA material.
DUH! FOIA means freedom of information act. Anything that supports the
official bullshit story stays there forever of course.

Автор animefreaks2012 (1545 лет назад)
Like, comment, agree!

Автор roosgarden ( назад)
Close your doors, because tonight aliens are coming to get you....Greetzz
Harry Potter from Mars

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
mossad is off limits but you can still see the pod what its for dont know
but the govt theory is wrong

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
well said

Автор Tiago Costa ( назад)
A "theory" is something you read or hear, NOT something you can really see
like we actually do in these videos and like we (conscient people) did on
that day. Just dont see who is blind or those who dont want to see

Автор justicepartyuk ( назад)
Muslims did not do 9/11

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
how come so many debunking videos dont allow comments and why dont the
shills hang out on debunking vids that do allow comments

Автор georgie241963 ( назад)
911 still in question, goverment lies

Автор Hadie Islam ( назад)
look at some of the higher quality videos.... they are clearly United
Airlines planes. blue mixed with white. its clear that they are U/A
airplanes... there is no possible way its fake, and also there is no
possible way to get the same position of the planes from hundreds of angles
without many months of video editing. as much as i hate to say it ( because
i am a muslim) Osama bin Laden was definatley behind the attack, and there
is no changing that.

Автор Ardem Kobani ( назад)
United Airlines Flight 175 was a 767-200ER, a model of plane noted for it's
central mounted fuel tank for increased range, at the cost of additional
weight and lower aerodynamics.

Автор mikejohns777 ( назад)
If someone doesn't believe in nutty conspriacy theories, they are "paid
shills", "government agents", "part of the conspiracy", or insulted as
stupid. Conspiracy theorists constantly claim they are "seeking the truth"
while they routinely reject it. They're fools.

Автор mikejohns777 ( назад)
Conspiracy theorists and reality don't mix. Those morons are the delusional
and paranoid fuckers that have ruined relationships with family and friends
to engage in their completely fucked beliefs. If one embraces conspiracy
theories they embrace silliness and stupidity.

Автор ThePS3Gamer22 ( назад)
There is all kinds of evidence pointing to a cover up give me one proof of
evidence that this was a terrorist attack

Автор Mike Wayne ( назад)
System Planning Corporation Flight Termination System Module. The two
planes that hit the towers were refitted Boeing 767 tankers, launched from
Stewart Air Force Base.

Автор bobby morrison ( назад)
whats that pod

Автор TheFrio937 ( назад)
No one answers me on how a plane can create a controlled demolition. People
buildings aren't that weak they could crash all four planes into one of
those buildings and they would have still stood.(barely) When a building
crashes metal slides, bends, and tilts off the center of gravity. It is
impossible for a building to collapse the way it did without controlled

Автор JoseCleveland ( назад)
There was no declaration of war in 1990 when (today gossips solely & my
memory confirm that a couple called themselves Kadafi) a couple had given
drugs to cause death in food/drink beginning on June 1, 1990. I survived;
but had no memory of event 7 others died in federal govt job Then I left
job in 1993 & worked lower paying jobs (due 2being like dumber & no memory)
until 1999...when I went on welfare and then 2000 I went ondisability. Thus
some of the numbers on 911 fit my life. FloorsNos.

Автор madcapper6 ( назад)
ok Einstein, tell me what happened to the real Flight 175 if you think you
got it all figured out. And if you think it didn't exist you know nothing
about procedure and protocol concerning air flight. You gotta be stoned and
dumber than a box of rocks if you believe all this 9/11 conspiracy crap.

Автор EvilsOfFeminism (1473 года назад)
It must have been guys in caves on the other side of the Earth! It's not
like some of us joined the military since then and have seen how dumb the
desert dwellers are. I am not merely trolling--those people are poor,
war-torn, and borderline retarded. There is just no way that they did
anything bordering on sophisticated. Even their attempts to match rifle
fire and small arms are practically nonexistent in their own backyards.

Автор BER2ERKER ( назад)
If I see another idiot call somebody a "paid shill" I'm going to lose my
shit. I just saw some moron call EdwardCurrent, an atheist who does satire
Christian videos, a "paid shill"; yet the same idiots call people stupid
and expect people to read their comments seriously.

Автор MrFuvk ( назад)
wow what the sad thing is you people believe this shit...

Автор Countsilverwear1600 ( назад)
Bush and obama are as cavalier as preteen drugrunners on rebuilt ten speeds
Not a care in the world. Or valid paperwork our whitehouse Elvis with fake
id. bad priest the church would not promote If pigs couldnt fly pink
wouldve told flloyd they cant go on the album cover Nothing to see. Keep
the fraud as commander in chief. All is well. Whooosh...another 5 billion
up in crackkk smoke.

Автор Gerardo Ruiz ( назад)
I shit on the idiot that made this stuuupid as video. Disrespectful POS. U

Автор SuperDuperDumbHigh ( назад)
ah murder at its finest.

Автор jonathan rioux ( назад)

Автор Constantine jcNing ( назад)
U and ur stupid conspiracy.u need to be next too osama.moron.

Автор Eastsidewigga ( назад)
Don't the people that make these have jobs or something? Lol why would you
put something like this together?

Автор TheMattd546 ( назад)
um just mabey the plane lost a wing or 2 hitting trees post and whatnot so
the whole was just round like the plane without the wings? lmao man all
these conspiracies have been debunked already

Автор kangtimelord ( назад)
was flight 175 a military plane? no

Автор James Barnett (79 лет назад)
:33 the worst photo shop I ever saw.

Автор Tyler Palmer ( назад)
@TheJimmy144 then explain the lack of airplane parts? A metal plane
disenagrated? But some passports manage to make it?

Автор TheJimmy144 ( назад)
The plane doesnt fit in the hole of the pentagon because the wings were
ripped arpart when they hit multiple lightpoles when aprroaching, do your
research genius. RIP 343 and all who perished by this act of evil, God
Bless America

Автор charles hood ( назад)
i`ve been a bigger fool than anyone out there,eccept mabe paul{SAUL} and i
tell you now please believe the truth,Jesus loves you so much! accept Him
now and ill meet you up there.

Автор charles hood ( назад)
check this out,everybody has a knowledge of what really happened,but guess
what,they dont care! talk your ass off but what can you do about it?they
know all we`re gonna do is talk.that`s it.! we are at the end.I know, just
another doomday fool,right?no my brothers and sisters,not because of myans
or nostrodamas,in case toy did`nt know nostro,was pretty good, but he also
was into the dark side!nobody wants yo talk about our true king.Lord Jesus.
what did he say?

Автор starwarsfandude ( назад)
0:12 she said it wasnt an American Airlines because it was a UNITED

Автор kevbev76 ( назад)
Please checkout my ghost video

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@cmccabe1991 (2)The puffs of smoke in the windows is just compressed
air,think of the tower as an accordian being squeezed,the floors inside are
collapsing ahead of the outer walls.And notice the word"explosions"no one
uses the word"bomb"lots of things were exploding,watch video of burning
electrical transformers,there were also burning cars,burning oxygen
tanks,burning generators.People say it"looked like"when a building is
controlled demo'd"LOOKED LIKE"when else do you see buildings collapse?

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@cmccabe1991 The plane that hit the empire state building, was a tiny
little plane that got lost in fog,and the fire was put out right away. The
planes on 9/11 were jumbo jets going 500mph flown intentionally and
directly into the towers,and the jet fuel fires burned for an hour. And
what do you mean,you doubt 6 buildings were demo'd,it's a fact.

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
/watch?v=T2GYHvstFpQ... also on Saturday, July 28, 1945 a B-25 bomber
accidentally crashed into the empire states building and its still standing

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
i highly doubt that they took down 6 buildings the day after

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@gtrwizrd567 If WTC7 had'nt collapsed on 9/11 they still would of had to
demo it the next day anyway,so the idea that they secretly destroyed it is

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
Yeah, like @Redrover8431 said, the other buildings were damaged as well,
and they demolished them

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@cmccabe1991 Also,there were no explosions in the basement before the
planes hit.The guy who tells that story has changed it more than once.First
of all there's no way you could hear the plane hit from the basement,the
first sign of anything in the basement were the freefalling elevators
hitting the ground.The first injuries at ground level were from the
fireballs blasted down the elevator shafts,then falling debris from the
building.Any explosions in the basement would be gas powered generators

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@cmccabe1991 6 other buildings were damaged to the point that they were
demo'd the next day

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
then why did no other near by buildings fall

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@gtrwizrd567 Well, they say there had to be explosives used in the rest of
the buildings for them to be "leveled"(completly destroyed) so quickly with
no resistance as they collapse. But there would have to be thermite at the
points of impact,because thats where the collapses start. But the fires
there burned for an hour(impossible it would ignite instantly)how would it
take an hour for the Thermite to work at the impact points but work at the
flick of a switch on every other floor?

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
What do you mean by "level the rest of the buildings?"

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
WTC 7 fell because the impact of the collisions, along with the tremendous
force of the tower's collapse, eventually wore down the structure of the
building, causing it to collapse. The collapse of WTC 7 sounds and looks
suspicious, but any building exposed to those conditions would fall as well.

Автор Callum McCartan (841 год назад)
also another question i want to know the answer to is why the hell did wtc
7 fall

Автор Callum McCartan (1055 лет назад)
/watch?v=9c3gyprsa9Y /watch?v=sRLdWsdQe6Q basement explosions

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@cmccabe1991 It's not Thermite,it's molten aluminum from the plane or
facade of the building.It's orange in it's heat source then it turns silver
when it cools,there are pictures of it pooling on the ground

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@gtrwizrd567 No one can seem to explain how buildings,suposedly filled to
the brim with explosives,can be hit by jumbo jets and burn for an hour
before collapsing.If there were explosives at the points of impact,they
would have either exploded on impact or(if they were plastic requiring a
charge)they would have melted and been rendered useless.Or they'll say
Thermite, but how does Thermite at the points of impact take an hour to
start the collapse,but level the rest of the buildings in seconds?

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
That is a good observation, but I, myself personally have never seen smoke
coming out of the bottom of the towers. How could a bomb go off after the
towers fell? No one would survive under the debris? I have yet to see proof
of bombs; people claim that you can see faint lights in the windows, but
that could also be light bursts from the power shortage

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
there are vids which show thermite pouring from the building

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
well from the most of the news reports right after the towers fell people
say they heard an explosion then it fell most described it like a
demolition and there was also an explosion in the basement before the plane
hit there are pictures and vids of smoke pouring out from the bottom and
normal people had to be took from being hit by pieces of wall and brick
that explosion in the basement was before the plane hit. also have you ever
heard of thermite and how it looks when burning

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
the government doesn't do anything if they dont get profit from it they
went for there for the oil

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
The planes brought down the towers because of the massive amount of jet
fuel that was buring, and because the steel gradually became weak from the
excessive amount of smoke and fire. Not because of "bombs". If there were
bombs, you would see the explosion, not just little lights in the windows.
There was in fact video released of the Pentagon, clearly, (well, not
clearly, but i am implying that the explosion can be seen) of the plane
crashing into the building.

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
I agree with you about the Bin Laden incident; I think they did not kill
him, being that no evidence was released, not even a picture, but with
9-11, our troops were sent to Iraq to make sure nothing would happen, and
look where that got us: nowhere. Why would they waste our time and the
military's time if 9-11 was a fake?

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
which then they went over and started a war and supposedly killed bin laden
but there is no evidence, why do they not release photos then probably
because they are to disturbing but everyday on american and British tv all
you her about is war and murder. also why did they take all of the bin
ladens who were in america and transport them out without questioning them.
where are the answers to all these questions if they didnt do it then they
should atleast give proof that they didnt

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
so what you are saying that three planes two of which manage to destroy 2
massive buildings but the third hardly damaged the pentagon oh yes and why
did the FBI lie about the high jackers and supposedly 7 or 8 are alive and
well. why do they not release any footage of the pentagon and why was there
hardly any evidence of united 93 which crashed into the field comparing
photos of that to many others its much different there are so many
unanswered questions about this

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
Finally, someone who agrees! I may not know every detail about the events,
but I do know that our government was not involved.

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
How do you know the agents covered up the government's tracks? There is one
video that is clear evidence of the plane striking the pentagon, and you
can clearly see an explosion. I do not care how many people say, "well, you
cannot see the details of the plane," or "why did only one camera see it?"
The fact of the matter is, there are numerous videos that show the two
planes hitting both towers, and proof of terrorist hijacking on both
planes, by the victim's phone calls.

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
also if the government didn't do it then why did they not release any of
the security tapes from the pentagon attack and why did the agents pick up
most of the rubble then literally covered it all up with new soil. the
evidence is there

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
i feel like smashing my head of a wall after reading this

Автор John H ( назад)
Improper lighting, poor camera quality, and enough terrified and stupid
people, anything is possible!

Автор Redrover8431 ( назад)
@gtrwizrd567 Brother,I was older then, than you are now and I'm still
surprised at how stupid some of these assholes can be.This is the most
ludicris conspiracy plot I've ever heard,and it just gets more and more
ridiculous every day.How can anyone watch those planes hit the towers and
still be puzzled by the outcome?The most telling video is the one filmed
from the bottom of the towers when the plane comes in from directly
overhead,it shows just how huge the impact was. See ya'later twin towers

Автор gtrwizrd567 ( назад)
The truth is, all of you conspiracists are morons for 2 reasons: 1. You
can't accept the fact that this was a terrorist attack; in your mind, the
government had something to do with it, and you don't "like" that 2. When
one conspiracist rambles, YOU ramble, then they ramble. It's like a never
ending cycle that amazingly has carried on for 10 years, and probably more
years to come. I'm 15 and find it hilarious reading and watching conspiracy
videos, because you guys sound like idiots

Автор Woozle ( назад)
You do realize that that is a Shotgun, not a machine gun?

Автор sgwbyyy ( назад)
That morning I watched a millitary jet fly over me. In hiram ohio at 645
heading south east and an hour and ahalf befor that I watched a passanger
jet flyn VERRY low...heading towards cleavland.oh ...thought it was
strange...than at a quarter to 9 my boss told me to go home...we where at
war...the things people do for money.... O well....they have there reward.

Автор McJetStream ( назад)
@TheWookieWoo7 My thoughts exactly. 9/11 was 100% inside job. But the only
people who know who did it would never tell the world. It was most likely
the government, because of the plane type, and an investigation cut short.
Why would the government not want to investigate something as big as 9/11?
Perhaps they wanted to cover their tracks and start a war over oil.

Автор Manny CH (260 лет назад)
@Bunique1713 the plane was low and people took videos and pics so you can
zoom in

Автор AVFCHolls ( назад)
@0ffir1357. I think it was an excuse to invade Afgan. Oil is probably a
major reason aswell

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