Phil Collins live - No way out (First Farewell Tour)

Clip from Phil Collin's First Finally Farewell Tour.
The best version of his greatest hits.

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Длительность: 4:38
Комментарии: 38

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Автор Joelma Lemes ( назад)
very... very... best song

Автор Jade Grant ( назад)
best song ever

Автор Maggie Scott ( назад)
Love this song

Автор TheBeheim ( назад)
Amazing!^^ Love this song

Автор Artificial Harmonics ( назад)
Best song of phil collins. btw best song in the human history.

Автор Ryan Flood ( назад)
all the past makes clues

Автор Dan Survivor ( назад)
There's no way out of this dark place??? 

Автор Hector Herrera ( назад)
This song is Definitely about My Life !!! 

Автор sct353 ( назад)
This live version is sooooo much better than the studio version on the
'Brother Bear' Soundtrack. What a fabulous song - has to be amongst Phil's
greatest songs and a highlight of the First Farewell Tour DVD (how I wish
they'd be a second farewell tour!).

Автор Hector Herrera ( назад)
What an Amazing Version Hector Herrera Jr. Hawthorne California 90250

Автор Hector Herrera ( назад)
This is the best Version here Thank You for posting this song Hector
Herrera Hawthorne California 90250

Автор Shane Drayton (1277 лет назад)
words cant describe how much i love this song

Автор kurt schulwitz ( назад)
I wonder if the lead singer from KEANE Tom Collins is related to Phil ???

Автор Sofie B. ( назад)
My favorite song... There are no words to say how beautifull this is...
Thanks for uploading!!

Автор tazz73000 (943 года назад)
One of phil favorites, you can feel that he enjoy singing it.. this song is
quite rare.. he didn't sing it many times in his concerts..

Автор Thanosandandy2 ( назад)
@TommyOakland A wise man with Great words to express!!!!

Автор Thanosandandy2 ( назад)
A wise man with the WORDS to express !!!! Great!

Автор l- -l phpART ( назад)
my favorite song...

Автор Luke Ross ( назад)
finally a phil collins vid with no dislikes

Автор GermanHardstyler1 ( назад)
nice beard! :D

Автор Sylvester Efomah ( назад)
I'm the best and worst person to ask bout Phil's best some 'cos I love 'em
all. Phil is just awesome!

Автор AwesomeYard ( назад)
Phill Collins is the best. He's different then others. He is gonna stand
there in front of thousands of people and sing in his sweater. Such great!!

Автор peterandben ( назад)
Phil is inspiring, and this song is awsome

Автор MrCostaM1 . ( назад)
The first farewell was a great show, Phil is the best and always will be...

Автор GottaXLoveXBou ( назад)
yeah defintaly, he's worked with an assload of stuff :D he's got some
awsome talent, and me being a bassist, i kinda look upto him ^^;;

Автор PhilCollins93 ( назад)
@GottaXLoveXBou he doesn't only look cool he's playing badass

Автор PhilCollins93 ( назад)
@ultimabass That guy is sooo cooo!

Автор GottaXLoveXBou ( назад)
guy with the beard, leland sklar, look that beast up ^^

Автор marvi legada ( назад)
great number..makes me saing

Автор djsjags ( назад)
great tune, phil at his best

Автор Bob Hartman ( назад)
I See The Future!!!

Автор marvi legada ( назад)
all of the singers i"ve been listen in this world phil collins is the

Автор marvi legada (1919 лет назад)
makes me cry when i hear this song...thankz for this song makes my whole
world perfect thank you.....god bless you phil collins..............

Автор twinjet ( назад)

i love it!!!

Автор TommyOakland ( назад)
According to me, this is Phil Collin's best song ever. such a beautifull

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