Decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide by Potassium permanganate

All content here meant to be Educational,None of the above experiment should be repeated on your own.

It is a reaction between 50% Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) . It is a very vigorous reaction which steam (H2O) and Oxygen (O2) are the desired products, side products include Manganese(IV) oxide (MnO2) and trace amount of Potassium compound.

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Автор felixu95 ( назад)
This is actually the H2O2 being decomposed into steam and oxygen; the
potassium permanganate is not oxidizing it. H2O2 is a stronger oxidizing
agent than the Potassium permanganate is.

Автор Natasha Oberoi ( назад)
we r given aquous solution od kmno4,otherwise we could have the fun too

Автор Teracerus Seferinis ( назад)
CforChemistry, may I ask can I get the pure MnO2 product from the
reaction??? (For example by the filtration) Thank you very much :D :)

Автор TheAmmoniacal ( назад)
Just want to file a small complaint, whenever people want to call
themselves educators I get very picky with the facts. In your reaction you
have K2O2 written, this compound do not exist in solution, and is most
likely not formed at all in the reaction. A more accurate one would be:
2MnO4–(aq) + 3H2O2(aq) → 2MnO2(s) + 2H2O(l) + 3O2(g) + 2OH–(aq) ... Where
the K+ is just a spectator ion is canceled from the net ionic reaction. 

Автор Alex Woods ( назад)
does any one know were you can buy small amounts of 50 percent hydrogen

Автор 4lifebloods ( назад)
Cannabis smoke:)

Автор Leighton Scheer ( назад)
what about 3% H2O2

Автор Aaron Varghese ( назад)
Ok now I know I might be asking a stupid question but, when will we use
this information in our lives?

Автор Dearnna Clinkscales ( назад)
is there a way of measuring the amount of gas given off? if so how and is
it safe for a classroom experment?

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
i would say yes vinegar will do

Автор Joe S ( назад)
@Cforchemistry will any acid do?

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
The equation is not balanced.

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
you can dispose by adding acid, makeing Mn2+ solution.

Автор Joe S ( назад)
Can I dispose of the manganese IV by adding water to make a solution,
adding sodium carbonate, and filtering it off and throwing it out.

Автор EmeraldxFairy ( назад)
Great vid! 5*

Автор solojam ( назад)
it sounded like the pop happend before they came in contact!

Автор Hydroxybenzeen ( назад)
Thanks I did not know that, I tried the experiment myself using 8%
solution. Afther the reaction the remaining liquid had a brownisch collor,
indicating MnO2 had formed.

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
KMnO4 did react to form MnO2, and MnO2 is the catalyst.

Автор Hydroxybenzeen ( назад)
The H2O2 is not oxidised by the potassium permanganate, the KMnO4 only acts
as a cathalyst.

Автор Kripo21 ( назад)
What a mess. :D

Автор bla287 ( назад)
Thanks ;)

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
Nice to meet such an enthusiastic chemist like you, I hope we can still
have such constructive discussion in the future!

Автор bla287 ( назад)
No, there's nothing wrong with your vid ;) I just thought the initial
reaction (when there's no MnO2 yet) would be something like this:
Reduction: MnO4(-) + 2 H2O + 3 e(-) → MnO2 + 4 OH(-); E° = +1.7V Oxidation:
H2O2 → O2 + 2 H(+) + 2 e(-) E° = +0.7V So from the potentials, this should
be possible. Of course, later on as there is more MnO2 present, another
more complicated reaction occurs where the MnO2 just catalyzes the
dismutation of H2O2 to H2O and O2, correct me if I'm wrong.

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
I do real science, so I should deliver correct information to all curious
in it.Thanks for your comments and if you see anything wrong from my video,
please let me know.

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
Actually starts when in contact with KMnO4, but reaction with KMnO4 is
complex, so hard to investigate...

Автор bla287 ( назад)
What I meant to say first is that I read lots of comments on other vids
where people clkaim that the H2O2 "oxidizes" the KMnO4 which is impossible

Автор bla287 ( назад)
Well, isn't the disproportionation first happening then when there's MnO2?
Because the KMnO4 somehow has to go down from +7 to +4, and thus needing a
reducing agent?

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
H2O2 is actually dispoprtioned to H2O and O2 is this case, proved that
KMnO4 are really strong!

Автор bla287 ( назад)
Aahh, the first time I see a video of that reaction where the uploader
actually realizes that H2O2 works as a reducing agent in that case ;)

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)

Автор DF110018 ( назад)
Nice video! Nice chemistry experiment!

Автор C For Chemistry ( назад)
85% Hydrogen peroxide reacts in a much more vigorous manner, but I dare not
to try it.

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