Dogpatch USA Amusement Theme Park

News story from circa May 2004 of the defunct theme park Dogpatch USA. Located between Jasper and Harrison Arkansas on highway 7. The park has recently been cleaned up and improved and is for sale.

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Автор Michael Brotherton ( назад)
Dogpatch... also know as a study of what happens when stupid people and shysters get together.

Автор WisdomVendor1 ( назад)
Was there as a kid around 72. Sad to see it like this.

Автор spider ( назад)
I remember visiting the park in 1957 when it was just a briar patch. Hmmm...wait a second. Was that this place or Ten Buck 3 in the Ozarks?
Hmmm...I think I have my parallel world's mixed up. Sorry about that.
Carry on.

Автор free spirit ( назад)
I remember going there when I was a kid when my family and I were passing through the area. It was pretty fun. The trout pond was so full of trout you could stand on the bank and look in the water and it looked like the trout were piled on top of each other. The staff would clean them and cook them for you too. I hope they turn in into another amusement park and not just some retreat for wealthy business men to lay around and scratch their balls. It would be a shame. This place was a big part of a lot of peoples childhood and time spent with their kids in that area and for people like us who were passing through. 

Автор Yodamite ( назад)
According to the Wiki article, the teenager Pruett Nance was injured by a "length of wire strung between two trees", as he rode his ATV through it. It seemed as though it had been done intentionally, and that is why the court ruled in his favor. Kind of a nasty thing to do, when the result could have easily been the death of a kid. There are better ways of warding off a trespasser.

Автор cha5 ( назад)
Sad, I remember going to see it as a kid back in the 1970's when we were on a road trip through Arkansas. I had read on Wiki that Dogpatch had been up for sale on e-bay some years back without even one bid on it. Really sad. :-(

Автор SwiFTAIRBORNE ( назад)
I remember my dad always talk about that park and how he went there every summer when he was a kid. Sucks that they went bankrupt. They also had 3 law suits for injuries.

Автор sgtmyers88 ( назад)
It would be nice if the Hershends (Silver Dollar City Owners) could resurrect this park to replace their (now defunct) Celebration City.

Автор Rob Gunter ( назад)
I saw Arlene Murphy preform there, back in the 1970's. I would love to find info about her career. Anyone know about her?

Автор pinkies vlogs (74 года назад)
can i go! i will stay way far away far away and help you as much as you want me to!

Автор Platform Junkie ( назад)
I am absolutely fascinated with Dogpatch. I want to buy it and completely restore it, keep it to myself.

Автор Ch Anudeep ( назад)
my doggy said hello to you

Автор 80085u ( назад)
It just sitting there still. Been there twice in the last 2 years. Last time there where brand new no trespassing sighns. But we trespassed anyway because fuck them and there was a tractor. I Think they should make it into a park or a botanical garden not a place where you have to pay to see it

Автор nwarguy (510 лет назад)
Some kid was riding his 4-wheeler on the property, hurt himself and then the family sued the owners b/c they didn't have any "Private Property" signs up. I think the family won the land. :(

Автор beeweejr ( назад)
Junior High band trip. Unforgettable! Skee-ball, paddle boats, met Daisy Mae, good fun. Still have old Kodak photos.

Автор kjalcaraz84 ( назад)
Wow, I remember going to Dogpatch USA the summer of '93. I was 7 yrs old. My grandpa took me, my brothers, and my mom there. My mom recently told me that the park shut down shortly after we were there. It was so disappointing, I actually had a lot of fun there. That same grandpa that took us, also died later that year. :( Good memories though, for sure.

Автор Steven McGinty ( назад)
My parents said they took us to Dogpatch when I was little, but I have no memory of this place. Many people may have fond memories of this park, but, according to Wikipedia, after Al Capp discontinued the comic strip in 1976 and died in 1979, the park simply couldn't compete with other successful parks like Silver Dollar City due to the fact that those parks weren't based on something that had been out of print for so long.

Автор DemonWizzard ( назад)
I went to Dogpatch as a kid. It wasn't flashy, but it was different. Flashy is not always what I'm in the mood for.

Автор Almostflyin2 ( назад)
I was there a few times in the mid to late 80's. It was never "fantastic" and paled compared to the bigger parks or Silver Dollar City near Branson, But I liked it.

Shame to see its is pretty much dead.

Автор SpeakMyMind500 ( назад)
who or what they're going to sell the park to?

Автор alohawg ( назад)
I went there in 1971, I was 8 yrs. old. ...great memory.

Автор pammy lunn (904 года назад)
I attended Dogpatch when I was a child and also took my own 2 children there the last year it was open, 1993. It makes me sad to see it abandoned like this. Hopefully they can to something with it...I have fun memories of going there!

Автор HattieLovesCattie ( назад)
@HattieLovesCattie Names around my part of NC are Hare,Hair and Barefoot.:)

Автор HattieLovesCattie ( назад)
That Indian Patel gal is cute.I feel sorry for anyone with the name of Breedlove.

Автор HattieLovesCattie ( назад)
At the 39: mark,I bet thats a water moccasin.

Автор Phil Adams ( назад)
Al Capp refused to put any rides into the park when he was in charge. That's what killed it. Kids don't want to fish all day.

Автор Guru Larry Gaming ( назад)
Lol, we used to do that with our local park too! :D

Автор Guru Larry Gaming ( назад)
Do you think it went down partially because of Capp retiring and the no-show of a L'ill Abner cartoon show?

Автор Guru Larry Gaming ( назад)
I suppose they could re-open it as it is as a Silent Hill theme Park :D

Автор jpritch 2 ( назад)
boy , this brings back memories..
I actually played drums for a show at DP, in Kornveniton hall. I played in 80 and 82.
I plan on starting a facebook site, with pics, etc.
search for jack pritchett on facegbook if interested

Автор Shropshire SloHybrid (1446 лет назад)
What is her name or I should just say I am Nathan and ran the barrel and have a funny English accent ha ha!

Автор JonHawaii2003 ( назад)
I drove my motorcycle past there earlier today. I bet it was awesome in it's day.

Автор V Lafferty (1158 лет назад)
My Grand ma
grew up in the Area in the early 1900's

Автор V Lafferty (1263 года назад)
Took my family in the 80's there when my kids was very young just before it closed was not much there except a store
but got a pic. of that very cute Ms. Daisy
and Litter Abner

Автор Shropshire SloHybrid ( назад)
worked there the summer of 83 and have fond memories of the place... bought that dirt bike everybody had to look @ when punching the time clock out of the park.

Even with a capital injection it will never be the same... what kid today is even going to be familiar with the Dogpatch characters?
What about the resort above the park is that operating

Автор Zach Wheeler ( назад)
wow i live by it, not real close but i do live by it and i had NO IDEA it was this big, Disneyland's rival??? 0_0 woah

Автор melyant ( назад)
I am in the Branson area and absolutly remember going as a kid.

Автор Jody519 ( назад)
i went there the year before it went bankrupt. it sucked the coolest thing was the garbage sucking vacuums. it went under cuz they let it.

Автор Phil Hawn ( назад)
Dogpatch opened on May 18, 1968 when I was eleven years old. The news, and my folks, had talked up the park so much that I pushed for us to get there as soon as we could, so we drove down from Warrensburg, Mo on May 25 - one week after it opened. I still have some photos and souvenirs from that trip. I don't remember us ever going again, but it was still sad to see something that everyone had so much hope for back then, end up like this.

Автор HCShannon ( назад)
LOL at Doctor Hibbert popping up out of nowhere!

Автор mcmiraclevalley ( назад)
I always did enjoy visiting DogPatch, AR and doing all my mailing and postage buying @ the DogPatch, AR post office.
Rev. Michael Capps, Ph.D
WeedPatch, Ca. USA

Автор trunsako ( назад)
and pleflar wat r u talkin about ur not even from the united states?

Автор trunsako ( назад)
well i just drove by dogpatch and it doesnt look like there r any improvements to me it actuly looks downright creepy

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