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Take a tour of the facility where our Ovation guitars are made, and get a feel for the level of expertise and craftsmanship it takes to make an Ovation. Since Ovation manufacturers are also Ovation players, you know they're dedicated to making each one to the highest quality and strictest standards. Ovation - It's the Shape.

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Автор that's Igor (511 год назад)
american guitars like martin gibson and taylor are better

Автор abdullah alamer ( назад)
to bad i got one from saudi arabia and its made in china it cost me 350$ :(
but it sounds nice 

Автор John Cruz ( назад)
I see American craftsmen in the video. Aren't Ovation guitars manufactured
in China?

Автор Joan Borger ( назад)
I have loved them for years! I love mine.....thank you Ovation!!

Автор RUSICH 42 ( назад)
Хотелось бы иметь 12 струнную , но нет возможности...подарите люди добрые

Автор RANGERVETBRET ( назад)
I bought a 12 string applause AA-15 in 1994 (mfg 1976 ct,USA ) I LOVE MY
GUITAR. met a fellow that had the same guitar but 6 string, It had the same
special sound only ovation can make. so if your in the market for a guitar
ovation would be a good choice

Автор Freddyhlb X (1892 года назад)
Love this :) and the guitars are awesome, prob going to buy one -3

Автор Ovation Guitars ( назад)
That's great advice friend. Thank you.

Автор Ovation Guitars ( назад)
We love you. 

Автор Robert Bender ( назад)
i love ovation guitars

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