The Significance of Ethics and Ethics Education in Daily Life | Michael D. Burroughs | TEDxPSU

Although we might not realize it, we all face ethical issues on a regular basis. But how do we know how to respond well to these issues, to make better (as opposed to worse) ethical decisions? In this TEDx talk Dr. Michael D. Burroughs discusses the numerous kinds of ethical issues we face, possibilities for increasing our ethical awareness as "everyday ethicists," and the importance of introducing ethics and philosophical education in our schools. Dr. Burroughs also discusses the role of ethics in the lives of children and ways in which adults can attempt to understand and learn from children in ethical discussions.

Michael D. Burroughs is a philosopher, ethicist, educator (and beekeeper). Michael earned his PhD. in Philosophy from the University of Memphis and currently serves as Associate Director of the Rock Ethics Institute and Senior Lecturer of Philosophy at Penn State. Michael has published widely on topics in ethics, the philosophy of education, and childhood. In addition, he has devoted much of his professional career to practicing philosophy and ethics with populations beyond the university, including children in K-12 schools, prison inmates, and senior citizens. Michael's forthcoming book (co-authored with Jana Mohr Lone) is entitled Philosophy in Education: Questioning and Dialogue in Schools (Rowman and Littlefield, 2016) and addresses the purpose, theory, and practice of teaching philosophy and ethics in K-12 schools. In addition to his professional pursuits, Michael enjoys spending time in the out-of-doors, playing music, and traveling, among other things.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Автор Adam Blanchard ( назад)
All of you.....

Автор Adam Blanchard ( назад)
I love you all and these "TED ".....😀...Maybe you all can recommend that I put together an philosophy of education. The millennials vs. dshiznitduzntmatta thesis, an defensive thesis of the millennium.....if you will...

Автор Janine Kazmi ( назад)
Thank you very much for the video Tedx I always find the videos compelling, insightful and useful. I can use this particular talk for my assignment and you have provided my assignment to be easier than expected.

Автор Jyotirmoy Ghosh ( назад)
- - - my real life research findings show - - - continuous unethical practices - - - stubborn resistance to confess such practices - - - and continuing with unethical habits - - - and worst of all justifying unethical practices with complex arguments - - - leads to disasters and destruction of the strongest and the most influential in the society and in this world - - -

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blah blah blah

Автор Tofrez - Agario ( назад)
Speaking way too fast. Thanks anyways..

Автор Junry Esparar ( назад)
Thank you so much TED! It gave me a lot of new insights about ethics~

Автор Glorevie Flores ( назад)
thanks for the information about the significance of ethics in education...

Автор balawen1 ( назад)
Hello, I'm trying use this video on a page of videos about doing philosophy with children and I was wondering if you could enable embedding on this video? Thanks!

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