How to Carve Fruit Centerpieces : Sketching A Baby Stroller Fruit Centerpiece

How to sketch a baby stroller for carving a fruit centerpiece; learn more about decorating your kitchen in this free instructional video.

Expert: Karen Weisman
Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division.
Filmmaker: Karen Weisman

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Автор weirdogirlz100 ( назад)
It's so cool

Автор DJGrumpyMIX ( назад)
@linpei5189 no is not you can eat the fruit i do it preety much all the

Автор Clara Morson ( назад)
Was I the only one who scanned over the title and thought it said: How to
carve a baby??0.o

Автор Jack The Lad ( назад)
god u talk shit when ur doing tht

Автор Ineverwinthelottery ( назад)

Автор Ghidul Miresei ( назад)
come on... this is just the first part, look in the left of this page and
you will see the NEXT parts.

Автор VeeVeeVeeV ( назад)

Автор warax112 ( назад)
hahahahahahaha! fy fan vad kul!

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