FN SCAR 17 vs. MEGA AR-10: .308 Shootout @ 600 Yards (Review / Field Test)

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FN SCAR 17S vs. the MEGA Arms MA-TEN AR-10. These two popular rifles chambered in .308 (7.62x51mm) are put to the test for accuracy, comfort, reliability, ruggedness, and adaptability. We put a 1/2" thick steel plate out at 600+ yards and take turns on both weapon systems and give you our overall thoughts and opinions in regards to both of these stellar firearms and which one would serve it's owner better (including our thoughts on the optics). We go prone for this shootout on top of one of our TBP - mobiles: an M1009 Blazer (used military model). However, please bear in mind... it is 100% dependent on the person firing the weapon as well as the situation, mission, desired goal, etc., in regards to overall preference of either of these platforms. Anyway, we love to throw some .308 around, and this review gave us a great excuse to do just that! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the review.

The Bullet Points on the FN SCAR 17S / SCAR-H:
• Model: SCAR 17S (SOCOM Combat Assault Rifle)
• AKA: SCAR-H (SCAR "Heavy")
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Short-Stroke Gas Piston, Semi-Auto (Rotating, Locking-Bolt)
• Barrel: Free-Floating, Cold Hammer-Forged MIL-SPEC Barrel with a Hardchromed Bore (1 in 12" Twist)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Fully Ambidextrous
• Manufacturer: FN Herstal (FNH USA)
• Country of Origin: USA / Belgium
• Year Released: 2009
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum (Upper Receiver) and Polymer (Lower Receiver)
• Magazine Capacity: 10 - 20 rds.
• Barrel Length: 16.25"
• Overall Length: 28.5" (Buttstock Folded) - 38.5" (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 8 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: $3,349
• Availability: Fair
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Stellar Ergonomics, Reliable and Rugged, Battle-Ready, Fully Ambidextrous Controls, Forward Charging Handle, Excellent Cartridge, Unique Design, Interchangeable Barrel Ability, Monolithic Rail, Folding & Telescoping Stock, Adjustable Cheek Weld, Great for Long Distance, etc.
• Cons: Not Recommended for CQB, Cheap Feeling Stock, Uncomfortable Cheek Weld, Iron Sights, Price, Does Not Take AR-10/SR25 Magazines (Magpul PMags), etc.
• Manufacturer: US Optics
• Model: SN-3 w/EREK Knob
• Zoom: 1.8x -- 10x
• Objective Lens: 44mm Low Profile
• Reticle: MDMOA
• Tube: 30 mm
• Rings: Nightforce 30 mm High
• MSRP: $2,652 (Not Including Rings)

The Bullet Points on the MEGA Arms MA-TEN AR-10:
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Direct Gas Impingement (Rotating, Locking Bolt)
• Barrel: JP Supermatch w JP EnhancedBolt, Button Rifled 1:10 Twist Rate
• Buffer/Spring: JP Silent Capture Spring System
• Bolt/BCG: JP EnhancedBolt and JP LMOS (Low Mass Operating System)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Right-Handed Ejection w Ambidextrous Bolt Release
• Manufacturer: Mega Arms/JP Rifles/Magpul/DPMS
• Year Released: 2010
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum MTS-4400 Upper Receiver with Hard-Anodized Lower
• Magazine Capacity: 5 - 20 rds. (SR25 Magazines For This Setup)
• Barrel Length: 18"
• Overall Length: 37.2" (Buttstock Collapsed) - 40.0" (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 9.1 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: Custom Built ($1,448.80 - JP) + ($927 - MA-TEN Upper/Lower Set) + ($69.99 - DPMS Lower Parts Kit) + ($324.90 - Magpul Furniture) - TOTAL = $2770.69
• Availability: MA-TEN Monolithic Is Currently Not Being Produced Due to Pending Copyright Lawsuits (They May Still Be Able to Make Them For One of Their Custom Clients) But Comparable Upper/Lower Combos From Mega Arms Have A Fair Availability, All Other Parts Are Easily Obtainable (With A Wait)
• Optic Used: Nightforce NXS F1
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Familiar Feel (It's an AR-15 on Steroids), Ergonomics, Takes Magpul PMags & Standard AR-10 Mags, Rugged, Smooth Trigger, Comfortable Cheek Weld, Nice Stock, JP Parts Functioned Well, Reliable, Accurate, Low Recoil, etc.
• Cons: Availability, Weight, Fixed Stock, Length, etc.
• Manufacturer: Nightforce
• Model: F1 NXS
• Zoom: 3.5x -- 15x
• Objective Lens: 50mm
• Reticle: NP-RF1
• Tube: 30mm
• Larue Tactical QD LT135
• MSRP: $2,467 (Not Including Rings)

Some of the equipment / accessory brands featured in this review:
- Magpul
- Nightforce
- US Optics
- 5.11
- Blackhawk
- Tru-Spec
- Oakley
- Mechanix
- Remington
- Winchester

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Автор jdmac44 ( назад)
Let's see your groups!

Автор Chris T. ( назад)
Just a suggestion on your video editing - you're cutting to different
angles with no value added to them. Cut to target with zero bullet impact
visible. Strange editing, I'd say you had too many camera angles and felt
you had to use them all. Like the review however.

Автор ASEKen ( назад)
are you guys tryng to sell more scars? please.....

it would be great to bring out a WLRC RIPR, the Pof P308 and a DSA SA58
(FAL) and see how they go.

Автор Patrol Patriot ( назад)
no wonder you missed so much, yanking on that trigger like you did...just
an observation...

Автор J Stevens ( назад)

Автор dasblank ( назад)
"I like this gun because that's what I shoot" great criteria. Basically one
of you kind of knows how to shoot. Nice trigger jerking and two hands on
the rifle when shooting from prone. At least you all have your Mechanix
gloves on.

Автор Damn Son ( назад)
scars are the bread and butter of special operations forces

Автор David Buckner ( назад)
don't get me wrong like the channel and both guns the stock and mag well
can be replaced to accept ar10 mags

Автор David Buckner ( назад)
it's bullshit you need same variables for a fair and equal eval

Автор v8felon ( назад)
good video but you guys didn't mention price or weight difference that AR10
could have been lighter with different stock and skinnier berrel. accuracy
would not have suffered. those jp barrels ARE the asume though.
oh it the ramped check rest that beats your face up not a problem on scar
16s due lower recoil.

Автор Ryan Simpson ( назад)
What's the price comparison between the 2 rifles?

Автор chad3006 ( назад)
what kind of ammo were you using?

Автор chad3006 ( назад)
what kind of ammo were you using?

Автор MonteMiami ( назад)
What height was the mount for the US OPTICS LR 17?

Автор Mr. S ( назад)
Low mass bcg are retard to begin with but on a dmr is more retard because
you want a slower action in the rife for accuracy. The only time a low mass
bcg is ideal, is if you are doing a pistol build and you want a light
weapon or you are trying to increase rate of fire on a full auto.

Автор Gregory Lascelles ( назад)
I'm sure the SCAR is a fine battle rifle, but even when shot without
optical sights, it just seems too bulky and that buttstock looks damn
uncomfortable to shoot.

Автор BolognaTheTiger ( назад)
Ace and Gary? As in the ambiguously gay duo? Lmao!

Автор SgtEaglefort ( назад)
I got my SCAR 17s for just under $3,000. After a long period of shooting,
the cheek rest really does a number on you.

Автор DDM4Prepper ( назад)
I enjoyed the review thanks! Bout to pick up a Scar 17s before Obama starts
banning everything

Автор Jeremy Hurt ( назад)
Gary and Ace! What a duo! Haha

Автор Low Light (Trunk Monkey) ( назад)
That say's alot about the SCAR 17s its a battle rifle not a refined DMR and
its got a light barrel were the AR-10 has a match barrel. and it was
smacking steel out to 600+ yards righ by the AR-10. the big question is the
longevity of the AR-10 to the SCAR

Автор S Biggs ( назад)
Killer video! The way you articulated to us is important too. We can take
this video seriously when you sound educated. All great angles to show the
comparisons. Holds, recoils and so on. You can take away a lot from this if
you were interested in these rifles! How about the radical price
difference. Instead of a shoot out you should go to a store and have a buy
out. See who sells 1st. Ha...
Fuckin' LOVE when you showed the casings hitting the camera! That is pretty
bad ass!

Автор Patrick R ( назад)
Every time the camera panned away for the "clank" (almost every time) I was
imagining someone off the side hitting a cast iron pot with a wooden spoon

Автор Avi Oberoi ( назад)
What is the holo sight from battlefield 4 called in real life?

Автор rdsii64 ( назад)
I know this is an old video but is that place just past Santa Clarita off
highway 14

Автор desertclimbers ( назад)
What's up with the trigger slapping at the very opening of this video? Made
me almost not want to watch the rest if that's what is passed as proper
trigger control. :(

Автор Knomatter Chef ( назад)
Gary n ace lol

Автор June Davis ( назад)
I wanna see one where the camera is on the target. That angle. 👻

Автор tristan melendez ( назад)
Wait so the ar was modded and the scarh was still better 

Автор Calvin Wong ( назад)
dak dak for noobs

Автор azilla04 ( назад)
You guys definitely have to do this again with these and the ARAK 31 from

Автор guavasauce (1068 лет назад)
off topic: Ace and Gary? ring a bell for anyone else? SNL?

Автор Kaleb Nickerson ( назад)
You should've had the same person shoot the guns because each person has
different experience.

Автор c d ( назад)
"Ace and Gary"- LOL- like from SNL bit

Автор miguel angeles ( назад)
Fair comparison to me I'd rather get ar 10. Since its still way cheaper
even tho its custom. Why go factory stock when you have so many
modification the you can do on AR platform rifle and make It better 

Автор mach533x ( назад)
trigger control=fail lol 

Автор Jp ARbuilder ( назад)
Giving reviews. Display poor fundamentals.

Автор BlueonGoldZ ( назад)
I'd rather have an AR-10 and I already have two including a Mega Arms MATEN
key mod. The SCAR, while it is a good rifle, is WAY too overpriced plus you
have to use proprietary mags which are expensive. Not that my last comment
has anything to do with functionality but the SCAR is a friggin' ugly gun
especially compared to a great-looking AR platform.

Автор Davis Fehrman ( назад)
does anyone have thoughts on a scar against a faxon arak? they just came
out with the arak 31, a 308 variant.

Автор BigO4185 ( назад)
I purchased a SCAR 17S and I purchased the Handle Defense Aluminum Lower
and now I can use PMAGS or any SR 25 mags! I purchased the VLTOR Adaptor
and now I can use my favorite Magpul stocks. I put on the extended grip
given to me by FN as a Promo and this is the perfect battle rifle! I
purchased the Timney 3 lbs trigger and the X25 drum mag and I have
perfection squared!

Автор Eat My Dust ( назад)
The last shooter definitely lacks experience. Not once did I see him follow
through with any of his shots.

As far as comparing the two rifles alongside each other; they are both
excellent. But the biggest separation is the durability of the FN SCAR. Run
the frog test on both of these weapon systems and see what happens to the

Автор Lindsay Curran ( назад)
I have no room to judge... But comparing a MODDED AR 10 to any stock weapon
7.63 weapon system is not really an accurate comparison.. Compare stock to
stock to get a complete accurate weapons comparison..

Автор Unrealistic Daydream ( назад)
I don't really care as long as it doesn't fail. Either one is great but,
the ar10 does need a few mods before being as reliable as the scar. The
ar10 can be as reliable as the scar given the right mods.

Автор yd4330 ( назад)
+1 on Ross comment. Terrible trigger control and reset. I expected a
comptent shooter for a proper review for long range work. And everyone
knows the first thing you buy is a super scar trigger. Doesn't matter how
much money you spens on glass if you don't have match trigger and don't
know how to use it properly. 

Автор 1lostinspace ( назад)
You guys should check out the ACSS HUD DMR reticle,

Автор akg 102 ( назад)
While the SCAR may be light compared to most commercially produced
AR10/LR308 type rifles, it is still over 9lbs scoped. Why not build
something more sleek and handy, while also shooting for lighter recoil with
an LMOS BCG, adjustable gas block, and good brake? I'm not taking it into
battle, so the perceived reduction in reliability will be a non-issue.

Автор akg 102 ( назад)
I currently have a SCAR17 and am starting a Mega MATEN MKM build. I've
calculated the weight of all of the parts and it should come in at ~112.45
ounces. That's almost 15oz lighter than the 17. Granted, the cost is going
to be about 10% higher than the 17, but the weight savings should be worth
it. It's tough to predict accuracy, but it will have a Proof Research heavy
16" carbon fiber barrel; it should be more accurate than the SCAR over the
duration of firing.

Автор Birddog sixfourtwofour ( назад)
too many crappy mechanics fellas.
And what's with the stupid gloves? Seriously?

Автор E “SHARK” SIALOI ( назад)
Scar17's are nice but at 3k a pop is pretty steep for most and that's about
the only negative I can say. The positives far outweighs the negatives.
When it comes down to accuracy and reliability out of the box it is
unbelievable but compared to an AR10 it isn't really fair because the AR
platform has been around for 57 years. It has evolved and has been
perfected by precision manufacturer's worldwide. FNH has developed a
shorter barrel and manufacturer's will start developing after market parts
as the rifle gains popularity and higher demands for the SCAR's 16 and 17's
platforms. Overall it is a very light, durable and dependable weapons
system that packs a mean punch with the .308 round..Can you ask for more in
a compact design that allows the operator to disassemble and maintain with
a few simple functions. Hope you enjoy and..
Thanks for reading..

Автор rkwjunior ( назад)
I don't think this is an accurate accuracy test, The AR-10 has a match
barrel and JP internals, the SCAR is stock, they should have used a Factory
AR-10, not custom. This says a lot for the SCAR.

In a SHTF scenario i'd take the SCAR, runs like a sewing machine.

Автор mx0069 ( назад)
Great video guys thanks for sharing... I'd like see more of these "vs."
videos comparing accuracy, just not from a vehicle mounted shooting
position. My personal experiences have proven this to be very counter
productive when trying to determine precision... thanks again for the vids
and keep'm coming!

Автор scotty w ( назад)
is that a cucv? 

Автор Molon Labe ( назад)
Need to add a kestrel 4500 AB to your arsenal

Автор roughcutone2 ( назад)
Both shooters have crappy triger pulls for distance shooting

Автор Clvmind ( назад)
Finally some people tests assault rifles for the real purpose that they
made for! Most try assault rifles for the distances less than 150
meters/yards but for that range just a MP-5 works perfect, you do not need
any thing more than that! I wish you should also have an AK-47/74 and good
old G-3 to compare with those! As you see, new assault rifles coming out
with less rpm, more accuracy, longer distance, more power etc. compare to
M-4 (as it seen in Afghanistan 7.62 with low rpm works better in battle
field). SCAR 17 is a good example for that! In my own experience G-3 is the
best battle weapon so far, cannot handle dust, mud water ect. as good as
AK, also very heavy but still very accurate and shoot/damages like a
cannon! If you have G-3, MP-5 and M9 Beretta and few hand grenade on you,
battle field is yours! You do not need anything else more than that.

Автор raider6511 ( назад)
Sounds nice. Try the SCAR vs FN FAL. ok

Автор Whitehorze ( назад)
A rifle with a mediocre barrel can be shot well if it's fed ammo that it
likes and has a decent trigger.

Neither of those topics were covered. Good gunporn anyway...

Автор Andre Williams ( назад)
Yeah you cant give one a match grade barrel and not the other lol.

Автор AGeekNamedRoss J ( назад)
Someone's trigger reset was pretty bad. It was almost like he wanted to
get back off of the trigger as soon as it broke. It's hard to take a
review seriously if the shooter demonstrates lack of follow-through.
Example @ 6:12 = bad technique. He did improve it on a couple of shots.

Автор BadBrian303 ( назад)
That dude in the middle should stop talking.

scar wins hands down!

Автор MrSottobanco ( назад)
How would a KAC Sr-25 stack up against a SCAR 17?

Автор TheBarrett107 ( назад)
I'm telling you the Scar is Beast!!!!

Автор Johnny Pea ( назад)
where was this video shot? Pretty country.

Автор whocaresanyway ( назад)
3k for a scar that even special forces hate or you can build a mint custom
308 for 1500$...that's made by us companies, out of metal....Not plastic.
If I want a toy gun I'll go to Wal-Mart

Автор PigIron BigIron ( назад)
The ambiguously gay duo? C'mon now...

Автор ThaiTan Corner ( назад)
What are you comparing number of hits by each shooters. Is it accuracy
between the two or designs the video just shoe bang bang no definitive data
collected ammo shots info, moa results not much accept displaying the guns
and optics. Good luck on next video just shows 100-200-300 yards shots best
shooter best groups would be more interesting 

Автор john doe ( назад)
Trigger control to much to ask for?

Автор bob g ( назад)
did you have a geissele superscar trigger on the 17? It's commonly known
that the purchase of a scar means that you immediately install a superscar,
especially if your going to be doing long range work. It's 200% better, at
least. Transforms the gun.

Автор adolfhitmaker ( назад)
you fags wear those gloves when you jack each other off?

Автор 808Stevie ( назад)
That dude needs bigger shirt...

Автор Chau Nguyen ( назад)
California sucks!!! and I live in CA

Автор Chau Nguyen ( назад)
that is a cal legal scar 17s?

Автор dadougro ( назад)
I wish they were hitting paper to truly see the level of accuracy and
consistency. Maybe next time. To hit a 15" circle and say one was more
accurate doesnt make sense as real world targets may be smaller, much

Автор Michael Hampton ( назад)
Nice review, but I think for an "all out war" review of a battle
rifle should of been done while 1) shooting in the prone and off hand 2)
single shots and rapid fire 3) shooting on the move. That is what a battle
rifle is about (besides throwing some sand and water in the chamber
area). It would have been a ball watching this review of you guys try to
hit the target and trying to control that AR10 while rapid firing. I know
my SCAR-17s gets pretty boring rapid firing while holding on target. Its
that good.
The AR10 was customized for long range shooting in the prone with the match
barrel, chamber, trigger and stock.This should have been compared to the
SSR. But to even things a little put a Timney or Geissele trigger in the
SCAR and you have a sub MOA battle rifle. Add a VLTOR SCAR stock adapter
with and a Magpul PSR stock you got yourself a sub 1/2 MOA semi auto sniper
rifle. Load up some 150 grain SMK, 42.5gr varget, lapua brass with federal
match primers and you're at 1/4' MOA easy. Anyways it still was a pretty
good review keep them coming.

Автор Zach Petersen ( назад)
It's an rifle NOT a gun. Guess Gary was never in the military.

Автор ShooterB ( назад)
Trigger slappers. Only one guy on here has trigger control. 

Автор Matthew Witryk ( назад)
Ace and Gary the ambiguously gay duo, lol.... 

Автор ruststar ( назад)
Thanx for the review guys, you should work on a better prone position,
supporting the mag with the weak hand adds nothing to the stability of the
position since that is what the bipod is doing, you need to support the
buttstock by squeezing a bag underneath it.
Why do you need to wear gloves???

Автор DFOOSKING ( назад)
Ace? Gary?



Автор Blake Apple ( назад)
This is a better comparison, but with the stock obviously you can change
that with a few minutes, another thing i noticed is that that is the mid
range scar 17 they make a longer one that is much more accuarate plus it
seemed like the ar-10 had a lot of aftermarket parts which even with that
still two out of three chose the scar

Автор Blake Apple ( назад)
This is a better comparison, but with the stock obviously you can change
that with a few minutes, another thing i noticed is that that is the mid
range scar 17 they make a longer one that is much more accuarate plus it
seemed like the ar-10 had a lot of aftermarket parts which even with that
still two out of three chose the scar

Автор spencer cupit ( назад)
what would make a 10/10 rating for you? I just got a mega arms with rainer
barrel, Im deployed and cant play with it until I get home so I will not
know what I think for anouther 5 months. I had a chance to get a SCAR H
and thought it would be a better buy. I have a M1A I am sending to
springfield to have some work done to it but I thought about seeling both
of those to pay for the SCAR and get extra parts. Just curiuos? thanks.

Автор Nunya Bidniss ( назад)
Thanks for the video and honest feedback. I'm interested to know more
about the optics from this shoot. Thanks.

Автор Mark Billhymer ( назад)
great review a theriot, you probably won't read this again but I totally
agree with your comments

Автор Holesinsocks ( назад)
The person below is correct, I for example own an AR-10. Armalite. If you
are referring to a DPMS,Knight-Reed, Etc, it is not an Armalite. The
"general speaking terms" people use can cause purchasing errors, etc. 

Автор ibepressin ( назад)
I am not a expert but the comment about the ar 10 using pmags couldn't be
more wrong. A true ar10 will NOT accept pmags. A lr-308 will. 2 different
platforms of ar10 type rifles. This is a big misconception that a ar10 is a

Автор Dave LaChioma ( назад)
You didn't mention how the stock FN trigger feel was. I shot a 17S last
week and I did not like the trigger at all. Also, in your own video it sure
seemed like the AR was getting more hits on target. Where you using the
same ammo? What did you use?

Автор Drew 1911 ( назад)
everyone's a fucking expert these days. nice video fellas. ignore the know
it all douchbaggery being posted. I'm not sure if i would shoot that scar
or just rub it all over my balls but either way its a good day. 

Автор Wesley Walker ( назад)
If you're wearing those ridiculous Oakley gloves while shooting slick in a
range environment, I'm going to automatically assume you are a tool and
have no idea what you are talking about.

Автор Alex G ( назад)
you made me lol. This rifle is only legit for squirrel hunting season.
Sorry man.

Автор Karl Marx ( назад)
im looking for a new rifle to hunt ducks with. is this a viable choice?

Автор Steven May ( назад)
One of you is seriously jerking the trigger. I mean I see daylight between
your trigger finger and the trigger, then in no time you are firing. I
noticed this in another video of yours too. Not trying to be a douche but
it might help some of your accuracy woes. As you said, the rifles
outperformed than the shooters. Follow through by holding the trigger after
the shot. Release the trigger slowly to hear the disconnector click, and
maintain contact with the trigger between shots.

Автор TurboMitsubishi ( назад)
The AR has the advantage of decades of refinement, and time tested
performance...plus it's more affordable and ergonomic. By the way, when you
show the shooter fire, multiple times and then an impact. eh takes away
from the video imo. I'd like to see every impact you show the shooter
firing. Makes it a lot more fluid as with every shot I was thinking "Now
show the impact!". 

Автор Joe Mamma ( назад)
id take the ar10 any day of the week

Автор cavscout62 ( назад)
I've carried the AR10 pattern rifle in hostile situations and have nothing
but good to say about it. I do know that the SCAR-16 & 17 have had some
real serious problems in the field with our guys in the 'Stan. I'm sure FN
will address these problems as they are a top notch builder & supplier to
our troops. No matter, I've still got to go with the AR10 and believe that
the RUGER SR762 is the rifle of the future for Combat Troops. 

Автор MrDCentertainment ( назад)
how do you like that bipod? 

Автор Michael Leavitt (OutdoorAdventures) ( назад)
Nice review guys. Thanks 

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