FN SCAR 17 vs. MEGA AR-10: .308 Shootout @ 600 Yards (Review / Field Test)

We here at TBP are all about putting weapon systems head-to-head for an all out war of who will reign supreme... today we have our first ever "VS." review: the highly adaptable FN SCAR 17S vs. the Cadillac of AR-10's, the MEGA Arms MA-TEN. These two popular rifles chambered in .308 (7.62x51mm) are put to the test for accuracy, comfort, reliability, ruggedness, and adaptability. We put a 1/2" thick steel plate out at 600+ yards and take turns on both weapon systems and give you our overall thoughts and opinions in regards to both of these stellar firearms and which one would serve it's owner better (including our thoughts on the optics). We go prone for this shootout on top of one of our TBP - mobiles: an M1009 Blazer (used military model). However, please bear in mind... it is 100% dependent on the person firing the weapon as well as the situation, mission, desired goal, etc., in regards to overall preference of either of these platforms. Anyway, we love to throw some .308 around, and this review gave us a great excuse to do just that! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the review.

The Bullet Points on the FN SCAR 17S / SCAR-H:
• Model: SCAR 17S (SOCOM Combat Assault Rifle)
• AKA: SCAR-H (SCAR "Heavy")
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Short-Stroke Gas Piston, Semi-Auto (Rotating, Locking-Bolt)
• Barrel: Free-Floating, Cold Hammer-Forged MIL-SPEC Barrel with a Hardchromed Bore (1 in 12" Twist)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Fully Ambidextrous
• Manufacturer: FN Herstal (FNH USA)
• Country of Origin: USA / Belgium
• Year Released: 2009
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum (Upper Receiver) and Polymer (Lower Receiver)
• Magazine Capacity: 10 - 20 rds.
• Barrel Length: 16.25"
• Overall Length: 28.5" (Buttstock Folded) - 38.5" (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 8 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: $3,349
• Availability: Fair
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Stellar Ergonomics, Reliable and Rugged, Battle-Ready, Fully Ambidextrous Controls, Forward Charging Handle, Excellent Cartridge, Unique Design, Interchangeable Barrel Ability, Monolithic Rail, Folding & Telescoping Stock, Adjustable Cheek Weld, Great for Long Distance, etc.
• Cons: Not Recommended for CQB, Cheap Feeling Stock, Uncomfortable Cheek Weld, Iron Sights, Price, Does Not Take AR-10/SR25 Magazines (Magpul PMags), etc.
• Manufacturer: US Optics
• Model: SN-3 w/EREK Knob
• Zoom: 1.8x -- 10x
• Objective Lens: 44mm Low Profile
• Reticle: MDMOA
• Tube: 30 mm
• Rings: Nightforce 30 mm High
• MSRP: $2,652 (Not Including Rings)

The Bullet Points on the MEGA Arms MA-TEN AR-10:
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Direct Gas Impingement (Rotating, Locking Bolt)
• Barrel: JP Supermatch w JP EnhancedBolt, Button Rifled 1:10 Twist Rate
• Buffer/Spring: JP Silent Capture Spring System
• Bolt/BCG: JP EnhancedBolt and JP LMOS (Low Mass Operating System)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Right-Handed Ejection w Ambidextrous Bolt Release
• Manufacturer: Mega Arms/JP Rifles/Magpul/DPMS
• Year Released: 2010
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum MTS-4400 Upper Receiver with Hard-Anodized Lower
• Magazine Capacity: 5 - 20 rds. (SR25 Magazines For This Setup)
• Barrel Length: 18"
• Overall Length: 37.2" (Buttstock Collapsed) - 40.0" (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 9.1 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: Custom Built ($1,448.80 - JP) + ($927 - MA-TEN Upper/Lower Set) + ($69.99 - DPMS Lower Parts Kit) + ($324.90 - Magpul Furniture) - TOTAL = $2770.69
• Availability: MA-TEN Monolithic Is Currently Not Being Produced Due to Pending Copyright Lawsuits (They May Still Be Able to Make Them For One of Their Custom Clients) But Comparable Upper/Lower Combos From Mega Arms Have A Fair Availability, All Other Parts Are Easily Obtainable (With A Wait)
• Optic Used: Nightforce NXS F1
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Familiar Feel (It's an AR-15 on Steroids), Ergonomics, Takes Magpul PMags & Standard AR-10 Mags, Rugged, Smooth Trigger, Comfortable Cheek Weld, Nice Stock, JP Parts Functioned Well, Reliable, Accurate, Low Recoil, etc.
• Cons: Availability, Weight, Fixed Stock, Length, etc.
• Manufacturer: Nightforce
• Model: F1 NXS
• Zoom: 3.5x -- 15x
• Objective Lens: 50mm
• Reticle: NP-RF1
• Tube: 30mm
• Larue Tactical QD LT135
• MSRP: $2,467 (Not Including Rings)

Some of the equipment / accessory brands featured in this review:
- Magpul
- Nightforce
- US Optics
- 5.11
- Blackhawk
- Tru-Spec
- Oakley
- Mechanix
- Remington
- Winchester

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Автор Meme Youyou ( назад)
Killer video! The way you articulated to us is important too. We can take
this video seriously when you sound educated. All great angles to show the
comparisons. Holds, recoils and so on. You can take away a lot from this if
you were interested in these rifles! How about the radical price
difference. Instead of a shoot out you should go to a store and have a buy
out. See who sells 1st. Ha...
Fuckin' LOVE when you showed the casings hitting the camera! That is pretty
bad ass!

Автор Patrick Roberts ( назад)
Every time the camera panned away for the "clank" (almost every time) I was
imagining someone off the side hitting a cast iron pot with a wooden spoon

Автор Avi Oberoi ( назад)
What is the holo sight from battlefield 4 called in real life?

Автор rdsii64 ( назад)
I know this is an old video but is that place just past Santa Clarita off
highway 14

Автор desertclimbers ( назад)
What's up with the trigger slapping at the very opening of this video? Made
me almost not want to watch the rest if that's what is passed as proper
trigger control. :(

Автор Knomatter Chef ( назад)
Gary n ace lol

Автор June Davis ( назад)
I wanna see one where the camera is on the target. That angle. 👻

Автор tristan melendez ( назад)
Wait so the ar was modded and the scarh was still better 

Автор Calvin Wong ( назад)
dak dak for noobs

Автор azilla04 ( назад)
You guys definitely have to do this again with these and the ARAK 31 from

Автор guavasauce (1067 лет назад)
off topic: Ace and Gary? ring a bell for anyone else? SNL?

Автор Kaleb Nickerson ( назад)
You should've had the same person shoot the guns because each person has
different experience.

Автор c d ( назад)
"Ace and Gary"- LOL- like from SNL bit

Автор miguel angeles ( назад)
Fair comparison to me I'd rather get ar 10. Since its still way cheaper
even tho its custom. Why go factory stock when you have so many
modification the you can do on AR platform rifle and make It better 

Автор mach533x ( назад)
trigger control=fail lol 

Автор Jp ARbuilder ( назад)
Giving reviews. Display poor fundamentals.

Автор BlueonGoldZ ( назад)
I'd rather have an AR-10 and I already have two including a Mega Arms MATEN
key mod. The SCAR, while it is a good rifle, is WAY too overpriced plus you
have to use proprietary mags which are expensive. Not that my last comment
has anything to do with functionality but the SCAR is a friggin' ugly gun
especially compared to a great-looking AR platform.

Автор Davis Fehrman ( назад)
does anyone have thoughts on a scar against a faxon arak? they just came
out with the arak 31, a 308 variant.

Автор BigO4185 ( назад)
I purchased a SCAR 17S and I purchased the Handle Defense Aluminum Lower
and now I can use PMAGS or any SR 25 mags! I purchased the VLTOR Adaptor
and now I can use my favorite Magpul stocks. I put on the extended grip
given to me by FN as a Promo and this is the perfect battle rifle! I
purchased the Timney 3 lbs trigger and the X25 drum mag and I have
perfection squared!

Автор Eat My Dust ( назад)
The last shooter definitely lacks experience. Not once did I see him follow
through with any of his shots.

As far as comparing the two rifles alongside each other; they are both
excellent. But the biggest separation is the durability of the FN SCAR. Run
the frog test on both of these weapon systems and see what happens to the

Автор Lindsay Curran ( назад)
I have no room to judge... But comparing a MODDED AR 10 to any stock weapon
7.63 weapon system is not really an accurate comparison.. Compare stock to
stock to get a complete accurate weapons comparison..

Автор Unrealistic Daydream ( назад)
I don't really care as long as it doesn't fail. Either one is great but,
the ar10 does need a few mods before being as reliable as the scar. The
ar10 can be as reliable as the scar given the right mods.

Автор yd4330 ( назад)
+1 on Ross comment. Terrible trigger control and reset. I expected a
comptent shooter for a proper review for long range work. And everyone
knows the first thing you buy is a super scar trigger. Doesn't matter how
much money you spens on glass if you don't have match trigger and don't
know how to use it properly. 

Автор Alex G ( назад)
you made me lol. This rifle is only legit for squirrel hunting season.
Sorry man.

Автор Karl Marx ( назад)
im looking for a new rifle to hunt ducks with. is this a viable choice?

Автор Steven May ( назад)
One of you is seriously jerking the trigger. I mean I see daylight between
your trigger finger and the trigger, then in no time you are firing. I
noticed this in another video of yours too. Not trying to be a douche but
it might help some of your accuracy woes. As you said, the rifles
outperformed than the shooters. Follow through by holding the trigger after
the shot. Release the trigger slowly to hear the disconnector click, and
maintain contact with the trigger between shots.

Автор TurboMitsubishi ( назад)
The AR has the advantage of decades of refinement, and time tested
performance...plus it's more affordable and ergonomic. By the way, when you
show the shooter fire, multiple times and then an impact. eh takes away
from the video imo. I'd like to see every impact you show the shooter
firing. Makes it a lot more fluid as with every shot I was thinking "Now
show the impact!".

Автор Joe Mamma ( назад)
id take the ar10 any day of the week

Автор cavscout62 ( назад)
I've carried the AR10 pattern rifle in hostile situations and have nothing
but good to say about it. I do know that the SCAR-16 & 17 have had some
real serious problems in the field with our guys in the 'Stan. I'm sure FN
will address these problems as they are a top notch builder & supplier to
our troops. No matter, I've still got to go with the AR10 and believe that
the RUGER SR762 is the rifle of the future for Combat Troops.

Автор MrDCentertainment ( назад)
how do you like that bipod?

Автор Michael Leavitt ( назад)
Nice review guys. Thanks

Автор Noobius Tubius ( назад)
These aren't assault weapons.

Автор MykTheOccultist ( назад)
i thought there was an AWB in California?

Автор P.O.I. Tactical ( назад)
Guy in the middle looks like adam carrolla!

Автор Vick Alanis ( назад)
good video horrible shooting fundementals you guys should work on your
breathing and trigger squeeze theres alot of pulling

Автор Practical Marksman ( назад)
Looks like Camp Pendleton, am I right?

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Unfortunately, we are in the People's Republik of Kalifornia (also
pronounced "Commie-fornia"). Know to shooters as one of the most anti-gun
states in the Union.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
insguy01, I'm sorry that you don't seem to find any value in our videos.
But your comment about not accepting feedback is incorrect. Vague feedback
like yours isn't much help, so if you could elaborate on what you would
like to see more/less of in our videos, it would be great. Keep in mind
that our videos are meant for "the average guy", and most of our viewers
appreciate us not getting too techincal, and sticking with a high level
overview and differing opinions. Thanks for watching though.

Автор insguy01 ( назад)
Typical TBP video. No valuable content. Of course this comment will be
selectively removed shortly as these guys are not interested in feedback
unless it's positive. Videos are based on generic points with no
substantial "value added" content. It's simple guys, your subscribers
deserve content, not baseless and generic opinions.

Автор steven davis ( назад)
where are you guys at , which state

Автор MrBallistics ( назад)
ace and gary, tha ambiguously gay duo! lol jk, yall are cool, couldnt help
the name reference...

Автор bdubrebel ( назад)

Автор Joey Ganzo ( назад)
Scar 17 all day boys ..

Автор Bling Bling ( назад)
Ace and Gary?

Автор Darkside540 ( назад)
Are Ace and Gary the ambiguously gay duo? Sorry I couldn't resist...

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Both of our TBP trucks are M1009 CUCVs. They are really cool trucks and
have taken us every place we've wanted to go shooting. Stay tuned for our
Bug Out Vehicle review coming up where we'll be putting these against a H-1
and a few other awesome off-road rigs.

Автор Wet Shoelaze ( назад)
What kind of truck is that

Автор TheActiveAssault ( назад)
Great video. Now all you need is a logo that wasn't made in MS Paint and
you'll be rollin' with the big youtubers.

Автор thegr8pulido ( назад)
I can see an advantage when actually accounting for all variables to make
first round hits, and not wanting your firearm to be the part that falls
short, but I guess that's just not what the SCAR was designed for. I do
believe it can perform in its own role very well, probably better than the
SR-25 ECC.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Chad, first off, thank you for your service. Secondly, we're glad that our
military employs precision shooters that can show how effective the SCAR is
at that impressive range. We have some other cool tests in line for the
SCAR17s and will be posting them soon!

Автор Peter s ( назад)
Ok, technically speaking, no - since Armalite has patented the AR10. Larue
(MATEN) and all of those other guys had to make up another name for what is
actually the Armalite AR10A design. I think these guys put the name "AR10"
in the title so most people would know what family the rifle belongs to.

Автор Chad Baker ( назад)
The Stoner might provide that, but I don't believe that gives it an
advantage over the SCAR. While I was deployed to Afghanistan I saw SCAR 17s
and they're very good at changing hearts and minds from 1000 yards.

Автор thegr8pulido ( назад)
An SR-25 ECC out of the box from KAC against a stock fresh SCAR 17s would
undoubtedly end showing the superiority of the Stoner platform at range. Up
close, the SCAR is nicer simply for its gentler recoil. Again, at range,
less moving parts, no moving parts attached to the barrel, proven lock-up,
is what the Stoner system can provide, none of which the SCAR 17 can.

Автор thegr8pulido ( назад)
In certain applications, yes, but also the acquisition of SCAR16s to
replace M4A1s has been cancelled because the only thing it really offered
was an adjustable gas block, and added far too much weight, reliability
issues, and doubled(or more) the cost of purchase.

Автор thegr8pulido ( назад)
Have fun trying to find a match barrel for the SCAR. The SCAR can't be made
much more than fully stock, and it's pretty much impossible to free float
it since for it to function at all, there must be a moving piston attached
to the barrel.... I think the SCAR also had the better optic. In a fair
match, they would have compared something like a KAC SR-25 ECC, which is
their lightweight, 16" model. It would have been fair, and at range the
SCAR still would've fallen short.

Автор cobravenom39 ( назад)
NOT an AR10!

Автор Stu Dubya ( назад)
This is hardly a fair match, the ar10 is fully tricked out including a
match barrel and the scar is fully stock.

Автор Kevin Wheatcroft ( назад)
Have you ever had problems with that LaRue LT104 mount loosening up?

Автор Kevin Wheatcroft ( назад)
Ace and Gary huh....

Автор Kacz532 ( назад)
Isnt the SCAR being fielded by SOCOM now to replace the M16/M4?

Автор Chad Baker ( назад)
Good video. The two rifles seem very close. On the other hand, the standard
issue SCAR 17s out of the box performs on par with a very, very high end
AR-10 variant. I'd really like to see a comparison between a standard
milspec AR-10 and SCAR... OR use the same AR-10 and a SCAR 17s in a Sniper
Support Rifle configuration.

Автор jpenna1976 ( назад)
First time happened to wonder into this channel. Looks good, subbed.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
The SCAR17S was equipped with the PWS compensator that it came with from
FNH. The AR10 had a JP Rifles large profile compensator. The recoil seemed
slightly less on the AR10 but this is also due to the LMOS and recapture
spring equipped in that rifle. All 3 of us agree that the stock on the SCAR
is crap but the weight of the rifle along with it's incredible potential
and versatility is what wont it over for us. Both were great rifles in our

Автор Chris Fussell ( назад)
I didn't see anything about the muzzle brakes/comp/hider on both rifles...
any major difference in recoil impulse that might be attributed to the
stock brake on each?

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
1. The upper and lower receivers are a matched set. The rifle was equipped
with a standard DPMS lower parts kit for the AR-10. 2. The rounds were
150gr ball pulled off of a belt so these aren't match rounds either. The
Accuracy between the 2 was negligible at 600 yards.

Автор GunfightersINC ( назад)
1. So you put a match AR10 (match lower so I'm assuming a match trigger,
and a match barrel) vs a out of the box SCAR.. 2. What bullets are you
putting through each Rifle? details details details fellas, the production
value is great just need some more details.

Автор l350ceballos ( назад)
AR-10 the best

Автор Troy Leach ( назад)
I'd like to see that comparison again with a ar 10 out of the box like the
scar was. PLEASE

Автор mark petterson ( назад)
Are you guys shooting in Timacula California ?

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Thanks for watching, Mitchel. We were putting a lot more rounds down range
(like in all our reviews) and fast due to the fact that we are testing
accessories, equipment, and ammunition simultaneously while shooting. We're
focused on a lot of things out there, not just technique. Thanks again.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Agreed. It's truly an impressive weapon system.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
"Well done, friend of friends."

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Thank you, sir!

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
We would, too... do a test with yours and let us know how that goes.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Thanks for the constructive comment, triestelll, and most importantly,
thank you for your service to our country. We really dug both wepaon
systems, we just disagreed on our view points on each weapon. I was the one
that shot best with the SCAR and preferred it over the AR-10... however, as
I stated in the video, in my opinion the ergonomics are way more fluid on
the AR-10 for AR-15 shooters, that's just the way it is. As to recoil, the
SCAR had more than the AR hands down.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
What is everybody looking at?

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
We were getting about 3 - 4" groupings on 15" steel plates at about 610
yards with heavy wind. Both rifles performed better than the shooters,
let's put it that way.

Автор Mitchel Jones ( назад)
Nice video y'all. I've shot competitive rifle in the past..work on your
trigger control at long range....there's no rush. Trigger spanking is no

Автор Mitch Shark ( назад)
What's truly amazing about the SCAR is how clean the weapon stays even
after putting a few hundred rounds through it.

Автор FireMountainOutdoors Surplus ( назад)
Still laughing about the Ace and Gary reference.

Автор svt283 ( назад)
nice videos guys

Автор xcessivecc ( назад)
I'd love to know what the limitations of the scar are in and under water. I
own one but I'm not about to test it.

Автор John Miller ( назад)
Ace and Gary... like the ambiguously gay duo?

Автор SomeGuyDoingStuff ( назад)
What was the actual accuracy of the rifles?

Автор The Original Boom ( назад)
the scar still won... even with the advantages the ar 10 had...

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
We're not just testing the weapons during each review but are also always
testing clothing items, eye wear, ears, glass, packs, spotting scopes,
blades, lights, etc. Thanks for watching!

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Thanks, Puma. We always like to take plenty of shots as we are testing out
a multitude of weapons and accessories (clothing, optics, bipods, mounts,
eyes & ears, etc.) simultaneously. Also, it helps to take more shots than
actually necessary for the videos.

Автор TheMontgomery519 ( назад)
why are you guys wearing gloves

Автор Lone Puma ( назад)
You guys have all the fun! I'd recommend you watch some long range shooting
vids and the equipment necessary to keep the shots to a minimum; unless
you're simply pinking. As a shooter myself, 800 plus yards with a Leupold
Tactical Scope, wind meter, etc., it makes is really fun. Oh, and I'm using
a .270, which has higher ballistics then the .308. Keep the vids coming!
Best regards

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Hey, Nate! Sometimes, we just have to take the weapons that are on loan to
us for reviews "as is" and the owners do not want us swapping out parts.
Sorry about that.

Автор TheBulletPoints ( назад)
Hi, Bruce... thanks for watching. Unfortunately, none of us are single...
however, rest assured that if we weren't, we'd be taking you out for a nice
lobster dinner right now.

Автор nate ireland ( назад)
i really think they should do a stock scar 17 VS. a stock AR 10. the AR 10
has a match barrel, shouldn't it be a lot more accurate then?

Автор Cajinn Ly ( назад)
Looks like you guy have admirers now

Автор Sparticus Bruce ( назад)
I find you all sexually attractive. Especially the way you handle those big
guns. Are any of you single?

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