Inappropriate Sports People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Play

top 10 sports that should be banned
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Автор thefluffypuppy Vlogs and Gaming ( назад)
lfl that is dirty

Автор MetaLondux GD ( назад)
O shit I live in South carolina

Автор GLOCK 17 ( назад)
I enjoy bear baiting, nothing beats getting to see how mother nature

Автор barredok ( назад)
Calcio Fiorentino is a great game.

Автор Piisami Potta ( назад)
Where is eukon kanto?? (Wife carry) Finnish people do that all the time!

Автор Adamstopmotionproductions 656 ( назад)
hurling is how hockey started

Автор Luke Bennett ( назад)
hurling isn't violent

Автор No Commentary Gameplay ( назад)
What's with the title, some of these sports seem fun.

Автор Brandon Lee ( назад)
I live in South Carolina and it is not a thing

Автор Edimboy ( назад)
its not hurling its shinty

Автор Raul Rodriguez ( назад)
God humans are disgusting

Автор Callum Moore ( назад)
hurling isnt bad

Автор [diamond] ( назад)
Sounds fun...

Автор Akua Addo Yobo ( назад)
"Hurley" is basically tourney.(From Descendants)

Автор Irfando M Harrison ( назад)
Somewhere in Indonesia, some ethnic people play soccer, with burning the
ball with fire and play with bare foot.

Автор Errir 404 ( назад)
These sports are for Macho Men and strong women and strong willed people

Автор Pitbull facts 101 ( назад)
poor bears

Автор jody moseley ( назад)
I live in South Carolina and not many people mention it. So when I heard
about I was thinking," Oh for F*** sake".....

Автор Olivers Gaming101 ( назад)
Hurling is a great and fun sport

Автор Olivers Gaming101 ( назад)
It's a great and fun sport

Автор Olivers Gaming101 ( назад)
I play hurling

Автор Hank McStash ( назад)
Not gonna lie, that fire ball game seems pretty awesome.

Автор video games 666 ( назад)

Автор Folabi ( назад)
Hurling isn't that violent....trust me I know....Buzkashi is definitely
much more violent compared to hurling!

Автор Wyatt Walters ( назад)
I've tried chess boxing with my brother I got my shit pushed in because I'm
bad at chess and decent at boxing and he's a great boxing

Автор Hayden Burgess ( назад)
the town football looks fun

Автор Ciaran Kavanagh ( назад)

Автор Anoymous Hacker ( назад)
the only thing that is that bad is the bear fighting and the burning type
shit but everything else seems fine with this african american male

Автор Anoymous Hacker ( назад)
man you are really shitting on fun sports so what if a few eggs are cracked
as long as it's fun

Автор c_cliff ( назад)
Inappropriate for what?

Автор Logan Kast ( назад)

Автор watermelon_ FUNTIME ( назад)

Автор Austin Stephenson ( назад)
fire ball lol

Автор kevin demeritt ( назад)
that was cool and all but i want to hear about the football with ladies in
their underwear

Автор RandomDan ( назад)
Hurling isn't fucking dangerous u idiots

Автор XDrang93 ( назад)

Автор Young rockefeller ( назад)
what does lingerie football have to do with any of this?

Автор Leo Cida ( назад)

Автор Mr. Bossume19 ( назад)
I play hurling in Milwaukee

Автор LRJ 33 ( назад)
Most of these aren't even innapropriate

Автор 49ers_red_and_gold ( назад)
Hey what happened to lingerie football?

Автор TENNSUMITSUMA ( назад)
i'm betting on anyone that's a muay thai champ for that shin kickin bit.

Автор Adventure Guy ( назад)
10 of the craziest channels. Number one: TheRich.......Buzzfeed

Автор Samer Hanaity ( назад)
The Richest U are my favorite and most watched youtuber ever keep doing the
great work!🙏

Автор mlg stuff ( назад)
u have a nice voice lol

Автор Southern Hick ( назад)
Football needs to be more voilent

Автор Wolf Ripper ( назад)
I play hurling

Автор Danny Dziedzic ( назад)
Royal shrovetide football is the sport that the football we know today
originated from.

Автор Kamzey ( назад)
hurling isn't that dangerous

Автор Pablo Chapo ( назад)
This bitch should kill herself

Автор Jay Boi ( назад)
The richest violent sports make more money 😡😡😡😡 so stfu

Автор Brennan Margaret ( назад)
Hurling isn't bad!

Автор Clem ( назад)
I laughed when I seen woman's american football, cuz their half naked
basically xD that's not a sport! that's eye candy for men!

Автор Devin Taylor ( назад)
Dindnt know my home state still tryes bare baiting wtf no it dosent

Автор Tyus Hall ( назад)
This was hilarious XD

Автор Why take precious time reading my name ( назад)

Read more

Автор Cafex ( назад)
if you actually knew the rules of hurling you arent allowed to just wack
someone in the face...

Автор Jack Campbell ( назад)
It's not football in the traditional sense? Yeah it is, It's the sport
Edward II banned back in the day to get folks pissing about with longbows.

Автор Oliver Roberts ( назад)
At school my friends and I shin kick...

Автор seán Mccearain (seanmc093) ( назад)
In hurling you're not supposed to hit the opposition with your Hurley do
people even do research or do you look at some pictures and write down what
you see

Автор Aaron Guing ( назад)
hurling is not based on any sports it's been around for thousandsof years

Автор adam98371 ( назад)
Wtf 4 million subscribers and Only that amount of views

Автор The Scared Cat Videos ( назад)
Ultimate taser ball sounds fun

Автор The Scared Cat Videos ( назад)
Lol Ben Hur was good.

Автор TA_ZOMBIE ( назад)
shut up who cares let girls show itv

Автор Goat Bot ( назад)

Автор XGamerx ( назад)
Oooo...The Richest going savage mode at the end of the vide😎😂

Автор Brendan Harlan ( назад)
bear baiting in South Carolina? BS! go ahead and euthanize yourself

Автор nic jones ( назад)
I'm calling b.s. on the bear/dog fights in no way would that fly its called
animal abuse Michael vick knows all about it

Автор Deividas Repsys ( назад)
5:09 "How would you make "soccer" a little more interesting to wach?" In
fact FOOTBALL is most popular game in the WORLD but just u yankees have no
interest in it because u too bad at it and don't understand shit about the
game. You rather wach more of commercials on baseball or eggball whatever
than the actual game

Автор Mason Jones ( назад)
you didn't put car soccer

Автор Mark 01 ( назад)
2:24 Rambo III

Автор Anthony Gorman ( назад)
i play hurling

Автор Jimmy Walker ( назад)

Автор T.J McBarron ( назад)
u got hurlly rong

Автор Queen P ( назад)
Anyone who likes bear baiting is a murderer to bears

Автор Brunzy ( назад)
Hurling is fine

Автор Anthony Freeman ( назад)
I would just shoot the Afghans.

Автор Irish101gaming ( назад)
Hurling sounds harder than it actually is

Автор CSI Goodly ( назад)
This is one of the worst channels on YouTube.. just my opinion

Автор Wecho_559 Calderon ( назад)
A7FL look it up

Автор Paul Hensley ( назад)
>Chess boxing

Автор John Dough ( назад)
It's illegal to use a legal name!

Автор Insert Name Here ( назад)
why is Hurley on this list, I play Hurley and I'm fine!

Автор Adileen Fox ( назад)
f u riches i play hurling and its not that vilint b*tches i love the sport
and say sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Nick debenedetto ( назад)
I've played handball with it on fire.

Автор Adog ( назад)

Автор Matthew Harrington ( назад)
Are you trying to tell people what they can and cannot do with their
bodies??????????????? #Triggered

Автор So kawaii ( назад)

Автор So kawaii ( назад)
Oh God why

Автор Dark Angel Dreadnought ( назад)
the tazers used in tazer ball just hurt. that's all they do, maybe a small
burn, but that's it.

Автор Queen Cookie ( назад)
That bear bating is something I want to stand against anyone agree I love
dogs 😭❤️

Автор Shayan Ananda ( назад)
Buskashi is from Kyrgyzstan not Afghanistan.

Автор red lightning ( назад)
lol not inapropriate funny though

Автор Dylan Keane ( назад)
hurling is not that had. also you can pass and score and not just run

Автор War2244 ( назад)
Oi, I need to know the background music!

Автор Dart Vade ( назад)
glad LFL isnt on here, bc its the best!!!

Автор NeroTLG ( назад)
You are right

Автор aj b ( назад)
3:42 couldn't find a picture of rugby so used American football instead??
oh.. ok that works too?

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