BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY

BMW E46 DIY Retrofit steering wheel with cruise control (MFL)

M47N (M47TU) 2004 320d
56 pin connector (new upgrade version) facelift

I wanted to share this video with all you who wants to retrofit a stearing wheel with cruise control. Follow the steps and you should be able to DIY.
This Video does not not cover M47 and engines before 2001/9. The plug in the DDE is a 40 pin on those models.
You need a lot of tools for this job, but most are common to a DIY man/woman :)

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Автор AnconeR ( назад)
just installed this on my e46 1999 320d
and it's working :D

Автор İbrahim TEKİN ( назад)
elinize sağlık on numara işçilik.....very good thanks.....

Автор QuocAnh huynh (929 лет назад)
hvad med en e46 2001 323ci ?

Автор theeltea ( назад)
Nice work, clean and thorough! Very nice indeed. Going to install the
multiwheel to my E46 soon as well. Been driving without buttons for like 2
years, lol. :)

Автор Valdemaras Drozd ( назад)
+BMW 3 Series Have you got any information about E39? I tried to install
cruise control on 98' 11 530d (M57) with automatic transmission using your
tutorial with no success. I managed to get radio and recirculation buttons
working but no answer from cruise control buttons. I ran a wire from my
steering wheel to DDE pin 27. Any opinions?

Автор Chris Bartsch ( назад)
I have a 2004 BMW 320i and I'm wondering wat parts id need and if this
tutorial would work to instal cruise control in my car

Автор Anssi Ekman ( назад)
For an N46 engine, see this picture:

The cruise control wire goes on the front side black connector on the DME
module, pin number 4.

Автор Hustler LT (841 год назад)
hi,does this all work on a e46 1999 320D sedan?

Автор Daniel Genov ( назад)
Just fixed everything. The cruise works perfectly. And I changed the
throttle body too :) Lastly I had problem with wrong position of clutch
pedal switch - stay open when the pedal is at rest. But I found the right
position finally :) 

Автор Daniel Genov ( назад)
Hello everybody,
I've just tried to install cruise control on my BMW e46 316i 1999 with
M43B19TU engine. I use the guide from a polish guy "BMW E46 318i M43, from
It did not work.
The Problem: The light of the cruise control turn on in green (pressing the
button I/O on the wheel), but the cruise control do not work at all.
Can you give me info about the clutch pedal switch: which position
deactivate cruise: OPEN circuit of switch or CLOSE circuit of switch.
How to test the stepper motor if it works at all.
What the cruise green light on the dashboard mean: that cruise module is
working and somewhere else is the problem?
Thank you!

Автор Lars Martin Smoge ( назад)
Har ein E46 2004 modell. har N46 motor, e det mulig med cruise control på
denne ?

Автор EsTFx ( назад)
Hi I have an e46 316i N43, after I wired the LCM module with the steering
wheel, the module got nuts, the turn signals and high beam led would not
work during driving, after I cut the wires from steering wheel to LCM all
started to work again, whats the issue?

Автор Aleksandar Guskov ( назад)
Hi i have bmw e46 320d 2000.7 136 can i upgrade cruise control? Thanks

Автор Lamo Zarales ( назад)
Hi, can you help me please? I have a 04 320cd e46, without the Cruise
control, I did it the retrofit, but doesn't work, either the music control
and the cruise control, I cheeked the connections and its ok. When I
reconnect the batteries its put at the radio "disable" for one second.
there are no back lights at the button of the wheel and the green indicator
of the cruise control doesn't never come up. thanx for all

Автор Andreatakla ( назад)
hello, you were great, but I have two questions, which wires are cut
beings, how did the connection? 

Автор Kha Zahi ( назад)
Great DIY, thank you! I have done everything on my E46 318d sedan from
02/2002. The cruise control light turns on, on my dashboard when i press
the O/I button, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Can you please give me
some advice? Thank you

Автор Ak Mikki ( назад)
Hejsa, jeg har en Bmw 320i 2004 model, har du mulighed for at retrofitte
min rat mod betaling? :)

Автор Usman Mughal ( назад)
Can you help me here... I have 02 320d e46 diesel. On pressing I/O green
symbol does appear in Cluster but on pressing or tapping +, it does not
hold speed. Have tried on every speed, hot, cold etc. Confused now.

Автор Iyad Nasser ( назад)
is there any contact between the two wires i conect for light and bottons
control? thank you again?

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
if your car isn't installed with the buttons for controlling radio and
cruise control, the car hasn't the wirering harness that it needs. I guess
BMW saved a few cents by leaving out the 3 wires for the cruise control.

Автор mhansford74 ( назад)
Why did you have to tap into the wire harness? I did this on my 03 e46 and
I only had to remove my old wheel and plug the new sport wheel in. Just

Автор Iyad Nasser ( назад)
yes i use OEM BMW radio i will take a picture for it and send you to be
sure if it's the kind witch work and thank you so much

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
To be able to control the radio, all you need to do is push in the two
connectors behind the airbag. Well actually one is for the LED light in the
buttons on the steering wheel and the other connector is for all the
buttons on the steering wheel. You don't have to connect anything else to
control the radio (I asume you use the OEM BMW radio)

Автор Iyad Nasser ( назад)
hi i try that on my bmw 318i 2002 but i didint conect the motor wire and
control the radio didint work i must conect the motor wire? thank you

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I think you will also have to upgrade the throttle body

Автор Mark Seth ( назад)
Hi, I can do this for BMW E46 (facelift) 318i from 1999? Thank you.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
ok, sorry but not easy to diagnose without beeing there. Hard to localize
from where the sounds are comming

Автор PavilloN ( назад)
when its givin this sound RPM goin down :(

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
it sounds like the heat shield on you exhaust has gotten lose. Worse is if
the catalytic converter has broken inside and you will have to replace it .
Of cause I can't be 100% sure, but so it sounds to me

Автор PavilloN ( назад)
thank you soo much for ur answer and i have problem for my bmw.(help
please) /watch?v=INNomTh4oPs have u any idea?

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I was told you need also to change the throttle body before you can have
cruise control.

Автор PavilloN ( назад)
Have u cruise control before or not. bcouse i have 2000 model 3.20i. if i
make this can i use cruise control?

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
Please look into the mfl.pdf file. You can search it with google. And be
aware, some of the colors are VERY identical blue ~ magenta looks similar

Автор erit lila ( назад)
12:10 which wires did u cut ?

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I ordered it directly from my BMW stealer

Автор Kal Lutato ( назад)
Hi, I have been trying to find the the Kit on BMW's ebay page but they dont
seem to have it. Could you email me a link to where you ordered it from? Or
some other way to request it? Thanks.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
if you search for the "e46 mfl pdf" on google you can see in the manual
what engines are supported and what pins on the DDE to use

Автор Ionut Joitoiu ( назад)
i own a 2000 bmw e46 328i and i have the old three wheel spoke with
functions : volume up/down telephone,cruise control. can i do the change
directly to this facelift wheel or i need the wire kit to make it? what i
want to know is if it is plug and play or do i need to make the
modifications like you did. thanks .

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
da, functioneaza. Dupa update cum am apasat butonul de I\O s-a aprims in
bord becul de tempomat

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
si functioneaza ?

Автор Aladinnu Marius ( назад)
U re right. There are 5 wires with same color. Found the correct one . Thx
!!! Great video !

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
Hi, The plastic insulation for the connectors is contained in the BMW
wiring harness kit you will need from BMW. No. 61 12 0 016 012 Kit contains
3 wires with sleeves, male and female connectors and sleves for old and new
versions to the DDE connector. Just all what you need.

Автор Kal Lutato ( назад)
Hi Mondeo984, In your video from about 14:36 until 16:10 you are plugging
the cable connectors into some black plastic housings. What are the black
plastic housings called and where can I get them from? They did not come
with the steering wheel that I ordered from ebay (it was second hand).
Thanks in advance

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
You have probably connected it to the wrong wires on Plug X12. The colors
are VERY close to each other. I almost picked the wrong color wires my self
because they match so close. I think Violet and Blue and Grey looks the

Автор Aladinnu Marius ( назад)
I need Some help please ! I did all the steps in the video , the radio
buttons work's just fine , the cruise control light appears in the cluster
by turning on/off. The problem is that cruise control light appears in
cluster but it is not working , and if i turn the lights off , all controls
stop working. I thing maybe i messed up a wire at LSZ. Anny ideea ?

Автор Aladinnu Marius ( назад)
I need Some help please ! I did all the steps in the video , the radio
buttons work's just fine , the cruise control light appears in the cluster
by turning on/off. The problem is that cruise control light appears in
cluster but it is not working , and if i turn the lights off , all controls
stop working. I thing maybe i messed up a wire at LSZ. Anny ideea ?

Автор FurnicK ( назад)
Hej! Jeg har en BMW 320i e46 fra 11-02-1999 med M52 motor, ved du om det
er muligt for mig og få fartpilot? Jeg har monteret rattet, men der er
hverken lys eller aktivitet af nogen art, kun hornet virker. Jeg er i tvivl
om jeg skal give mig i kast med det samme som du har gang i, kan du komme
min tvivl til gode?

Автор SashKo ( назад)
i have BMW 318d 2003 !!can i put a Cruise control and other??

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
De azi am si eu tempomatul functional. Am facut un update la ECU cu DIS-ul
si acuma la tempomat fitted imi scrie YES.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I think you can. If your car has an M54 engine it should be fine. Here is
what BMW says: Cars with M47 engines before 9/01 and all N42, M54 and M57
engines. So should be ok Just expect the connector to look a bit different
and it must be connected to Pin 27 in the DME/DDE

Автор M5 Driver ( назад)
sir my vin shows that my 325i e46 is from April 2001 :(, do you think I
can't make Cruise Control

Автор M5 Driver ( назад)
Thank you sir in advanced

Автор M5 Driver ( назад)
my car is made on April 2001 :(, it's e46 325i with no multi steering or
any cruse control, plz tell me is there anyway I can have cruse control
because I drive long highway and I have operation in my right leg

Автор M5 Driver ( назад)
sir please my car is e46, 325i, 2001 and it doesn't have the cruise
control, do you think I can buy a wheel with cruse control botton and
install this in my car? Please let me know sir. Thank you

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
You will have to upgrade the intake to a drive by wire system, which is
very complicated

Автор Ali Muhammad ( назад)
Hi Mondeo ... i wonder if i can do this on 318i 1999

Автор Ali Muhammad ( назад)
Multifunction steering wheel and cruise retrofit

Автор Iyad Nasser ( назад)
i need the PDF file please if u can send me?

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I know, but I didn't want to stress the locking mechanism. OK maybe the
locking would easily take the stress anyway.

Автор NuMene ( назад)
Hello mondeo, can you please tell me did you "lose" radio in those half
hour with no battery connected...? I'm afraid I can't find my radio
code... -.-

Автор Malik Shakur ( назад)
ich danke dir für dieses top video! schau auch mal meine an ;)

Автор ServerEj ( назад)
u should have locked the steering wheel

Автор Ronalds Amedson ( назад)
Perfect job, I've done the same two years... Tnx for video!!!

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
It will work on cars from 2002 September month. Please verify with VIN to
get the exact date

Автор Kal Lutato ( назад)
Hi Mondeo984, will this work on a 2002 318i?

Автор RayBapt93 ( назад)
i give conseil for paint your e46 , come to my chanel my friend :)

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
nuuuu :) trebue ECU si EWS, cheile le poti prgrama ;) le stergi codurile
vechi si le programezi pe ale tale ;)

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
nu am niciun fisier remaped. Eu chiar as fi curios daca o sa mearga
schimband ecu, si eu m-am gandit la varianta asta. Problema esta ca trebe
schimbat si EWS si cheile, sau ma rog cipurile din chei.

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
trebue sa cumparam un ecu mai nou, sau sa faci un ecu upgrade ;) eu cumpar
un ecu si fac si un remap :P ;) daca o sa ,mearga iti trimit o copie ;) dar
daca ai un remaped bin. ti-as multumi :P

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
exact asa si am. Am tras cablurile pentru tempomat acuma cateva zile la un
coleg care are masina exact ca a mea dar din anul 2001 si a mers. La mine
cred ca e prea vechi ecu-ul, e din primele loturi si nu are tempomatul in

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
daca e46 tau are 136 hp si e cu dde vechi trebue sa pui cablul de la dde in
Pin nr 27 in mufa cu 40 de pin ;) si in mufa neagra ;)

Автор Valdas Narbutas ( назад)
Hi, pins on X10170 plug(under steering wheel) and pin on plug X60002(DDE)
are they all same type??? Maybe you know how they are called? Where i can
find to buy those pins in free?? Thank you very much!

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
MFL = Multifunktionslenkrad (german) or Multi function steering wheel

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
in care modul? mfl?

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
mergi la info, sau la status, si acolo undeva am vazut totul e OK :( dar nu
functioneaza :(

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
in inpa unde vezi?

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
INPA si si in DIS :(

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
in ce program ai vazut asta?

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
am facut eu un ecu update si am Cruise Controll INSTALLED and turned ON ,
dar nu pot sa il pornesc :( inca nu am gasit problema :( dar caut problema

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
Inca ceva, eu am incercat 3 module de MFL diferite, de volan cu 4 spite, de
volan sport in 3 spite, si acuma am un volan de M5. Nici unu nu mergea sa
activeze tempomatul.

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
Ai reusit ceva pana la urma? Eu am fost si la reprezentanta si am facut un
update de ECU si tot nu merge. Incearca sa pui DIS-ul si acolo cauti in DDE
"tempomat fitted". La mine scrie NO si dupa update. Eu totusi cred ca
DDE-ul e din primele modele de e46 si nu este "bagata" optiunea in ea.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
You should double check that you cut and connected to the right cables at
the light switch module. Two of the cables are VERY close in their colors.
I almost cut the wrong cable because the grey and magenta colors are so
close to each other. (I have color vision, but still very hard to locate
right colors)

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
ce spira de la volan amigo ? de subt volan ? 2 fire care merg la Light
control modul ?

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
salut fratioare ;) acceleratia e electronica e 320D si butoanele de pe
volan functioneaza ! deci sunetu de la CD- si Radio merg ! si butoanele de
la Cruise controll sunt active daca apas butonul in Inpa se vede ca
functioneaza :) si seara se aprinde si lumina pe butoanele de la volan :)
Dar nu pot sa activez Cruise control :( nu se aprinde pe bord becu verde :(

Автор Mihai F ( назад)
Marius, trebuie schimbata si spira de la volan. De asta nu merge, scrie-mi
daca merge dupa ce schimbi spira. Acceleratia ta e electronica?

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
in inpa Cruise Control says active to me :( but i cant turn it on :( i
thinkat DDE unit ve must search for another PIN :(

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos ( назад)
I have the same problem, all the buttons work but i can't turn on the
cruise control. I have exactly your car.

Автор Marius Fauru ( назад)
Hy there, i made exactly what you didd, i instaled the steereng wheel, the
loom, i got my multifunctional working (tedsted with INPA ewerything works
:) but Cruise Control wont turn on :( BMW e46 320d 1998 M47 engine:( please
healp :)

Автор Sandor Horvath ( назад)
ha ki vennéd a kulcsot. a kormányzár segítene és nem kellene ennyire

Автор BMWPOWER4U ( назад)
My daily driver is E46 328i and E30 325 weekends. 328i is more responsive
with Signature Motoring performance (CAI) intake kit. Installed it myself
in under half hour. HP increase on the E46 is about 13.5HP for a cost of
$170 or around $17 per HP gain. Best 1st performance mod to do. Other
application data: E30 series: 6.0-13.4hp gain E36 series: 5.5-12hp gain E46
series: 6.0-13.9hp gain E92 series: 8.5+ hp gain Z3/Z4 (all): 5.5-13.9hp
gain See my channel for driving action videos!

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
Search on google for the BMW installation manual and combine it with my DIY
video and you should be fine. You should only double check for the right
cable colors in the manual, the rest you can see in my video.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
You will have to check with the installation manual from BMW. I'm affraid
your car is build without the right throttle body ect.

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
Yes I'm danish :-) Ty

Автор teebeaubobo ( назад)
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you're Danish. Congratulations on
this very detailled tutorial!

Автор sumol1986 ( назад)
hello bought a cruise control for my bmw 320d e46 compact 2002 but like
most of perceiving the color of the wires and where I will connect both the
ECU and in command of the lights could help me? reply to my mail and
brunosumol_69@hotmail.com thank you bruno silva

Автор vickk1123 ( назад)
Nope. 316 and 318 cannot have it so simple. As mondeo984 says, you need a
throttle body etc... Only models from 320 up are Cruise control ready.

Автор Nasser Alzaidi ( назад)
I have a question?When closed car remote control signal lights do not
operate - I hope to help - and my car is a BMW 328 - 1998

Автор BMW 3 Series ( назад)
I use the following words in my search on google to get the installation
manual. "bmw e46 mfl retrofit pdf" Im not sure, but it seems like you can
only install it models from 2001 to 2005 E46. If you have an older model
you would probably need a new throttle body also. At least for the gas
engines. For diesel engines from 1998 to 2000 it might work, im not sure.

Автор Mangaiah Garikapati ( назад)
just now found that i have a M44 engine and now confused again (but i see
the cruise control placeholder in my dash) :( please help

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