BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY

BMW E46 DIY Retrofit steering wheel with cruise control (MFL)

M47N (M47TU) 2004 320d
56 pin connector (new upgrade version) facelift

I wanted to share this video with all you who wants to retrofit a stearing wheel with cruise control. Follow the steps and you should be able to DIY.
This Video does not not cover M47 and engines before 2001/9. The plug in the DDE is a 40 pin on those models.
You need a lot of tools for this job, but most are common to a DIY man/woman :)

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Автор Lamo Zarales (10 дней)
Hi, can you help me please? I have a 04 320cd e46, without the Cruise
control, I did it the retrofit, but doesn't work, either the music control
and the cruise control, I cheeked the connections and its ok. When I
reconnect the batteries its put at the radio "disable" for one second.
there are no back lights at the button of the wheel and the green indicator
of the cruise control doesn't never come up. thanx for all

Автор Ak Mikki (1 месяц)
Hejsa, jeg har en Bmw 320i 2004 model, har du mulighed for at retrofitte
min rat mod betaling? :)

Автор Usman Mughal (3 месяца)
Can you help me here... I have 02 320d e46 diesel. On pressing I/O green
symbol does appear in Cluster but on pressing or tapping +, it does not
hold speed. Have tried on every speed, hot, cold etc. Confused now.

Автор Andreatakla (29 дней)
hello, you were great, but I have two questions, which wires are cut
beings, how did the connection? 

Автор angelo luis (5 месяцев)
Lovely job but, heat shrink and proper looming tape would have given you
10/10 :)

Автор Kha Zahi (1 месяц)
Great DIY, thank you! I have done everything on my E46 318d sedan from
02/2002. The cruise control light turns on, on my dashboard when i press
the O/I button, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Can you please give me
some advice? Thank you

Автор zorane1000 (6 месяцев)
Hej , har du varernummeret på ledningsnettet du brugte ? Kan slet ikke
finde frem til det.

Автор Hitesh Gohil (6 месяцев)
Thanks for sharing the video it great demonstrating the instillation
process. I want to install this to my BMW E46 320CD engine code M47N 2005.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone can list me all the things i need
to complete this installation. Thanks in advance.

Автор Roni Danial (6 месяцев)
I have 2005 e46 320i what do I have to use for it

Автор Rasmus Mølgaard (7 месяцев)
Hej. Jeg har en E46 318i M43 fra 2001. Kan jeg sætte sådan et rat i min?
Fed video!

Автор bionicfingerz (6 месяцев)
Great DIY Video ! .... I love my E46 ! ... You can download the App E46
GUIDE on the Apple App Store - Link :

Автор Johan Kruger (9 месяцев)
Hi i have an 2000 e46 318i and want to do the same. Where or how can i get
the parts. Also would it work on my car? I you can email me on

Автор murcielablog (8 месяцев)
thanks man , it was so helpfull . It works perfectly in my 330ci. 

Автор Jonny Bjørkhaug (10 месяцев)
Did this on my 2001 E46 M52B22. Worked perfectly!

Автор Chikko Stivo (6 месяцев)
das ganze noch mall mit erklärung auf DEUTSCH BITTE !!

Автор Severed1337 (9 месяцев)
Very nice, iam trying this myself the next days :) Everytime i dont know
what to do i will watch your video! Thank you Sir

Автор Kristof Van den Broeck (10 месяцев)
Hey, I drive a 318d E46 touring bj2003. I was told that for installing
cruise control, you need to pass by the car dealer, because their computer
has to give a pulse to make the cruise control work. (as if the computer
teaches the car it can use it) But I see no such thing in this movie. Is
that correct? Because I have the cable installed, but the dealer wants to
charge me 150 euro up to 250 euro just to make it work...

Автор Kyriakos Tyrimos (11 месяцев)
what size of pipe do you use to take out the screw of the steering wheel ?

Автор Terry McBride (1 год)
This worked on my 1999 E46 323ci Coupe :) Only took an hour happy days :)

Автор Bilal El-malti (7 месяцев)
Hey kunne høre du var dansk. Jeg har en Bmw E46 fra 1998 som har samme rat
som du havde før du monteret det nye på videoen. Kræver det, det samme for
mig som du gjorde på din video? Og super video! 

Автор Xavier DC Kev (1 год)
What Cluster you have ???

Автор Martin Cooper (1 год)
5:22 give to the kid so he can run around making car sounds lol

Автор Dragan Radenkovic (1 год)
Thanks a lot, I do it and all working now. The hardest was to pull up
fucking modul (connection) for cruise control. 

Автор Alexandru Csergo (1 год)

Автор arlind ballazhi (1 год)
Great job very prof. 

Автор D2608J (1 год)
Hej. Super video!
Jeg har et lille spørgsmål. Er det nødvendigt med alt det kabelkrammeri,
hvis man har facelift sportsrattet? Har selv en e46 320i Coupé Facelift fra
2004. Den har standart sportsrattet uden multifunktion og fartpilot:

Har lige købt et rat magen til bare med multifunktion, hvor jeg kun vil
bruge multitasterne og ikke skifte rattet.
Jeg havde tænkt mig at bare bytte det over. Altså fjerne airbagen
(selvfølgelig først koble batteriet fra), dernæst bytte plastiklisten ud
med den nye med multifunktion.
På den måde undgår jeg alt det kabelkrammeri. Det store spørgsmål er så:
vil fartpiloten samt radioknapperne virke?
Hvis du kan svare på det ville det være mig en stor hjælp :)

Автор BMW 3 Series (1 год)
I ordered it directly from my BMW stealer

Автор Malik Shakur (1 год)
ich danke dir für dieses top video! schau auch mal meine an ;)

Автор Faraz (2 года)
What an orginal piece of work. You motivated me for doing it on my 2005
model 318i. I am back in UAE so I can't say if I can buy this facelift
steering. (we don't have ebay yet!).. I didn't skipped a single part of
video but I think you never showed the main cruise control module getting
connected. Lastly mine is Gasoline, while your model seems Diesel, would
that make difference? I mean where can I find DDE equivalent. (sorry for a
stupid question)

Автор Mark Seth (1 год)
Hi, I can do this for BMW E46 (facelift) 318i from 1999? Thank you.

Автор BMW 3 Series (1 год)
Hi, The plastic insulation for the connectors is contained in the BMW
wiring harness kit you will need from BMW. No. 61 12 0 016 012 Kit contains
3 wires with sleeves, male and female connectors and sleves for old and new
versions to the DDE connector. Just all what you need.

Автор BMW 3 Series (2 года)
You need to cut the VI/GE and the WS/RT/GE wires Sorry that Youtube is
blocking the link to the MFL stearing wheel manual, but its easy to find
using Google

Автор SashKo (1 год)
i have BMW 318d 2003 !!can i put a Cruise control and other??

Автор DenHond (2 года)
Would love to get the cruise control on my E46, but seems to be to much
work for me :(

Автор Iyad Nasser (1 год)
yes i use OEM BMW radio i will take a picture for it and send you to be
sure if it's the kind witch work and thank you so much

Автор Bojackal (2 года)
Hi, Is it the same installation on a 2002 318Ci ? The part I need for
cruise control has the number 61120016012 : you can buy it from anywhere ?
I'm thinking about doing it thanks to your great video :p

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos (2 года)
nu am niciun fisier remaped. Eu chiar as fi curios daca o sa mearga
schimband ecu, si eu m-am gandit la varianta asta. Problema esta ca trebe
schimbat si EWS si cheile, sau ma rog cipurile din chei.

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos (2 года)
in ce program ai vazut asta?

Автор BMW 3 Series (1 год)
if your car isn't installed with the buttons for controlling radio and
cruise control, the car hasn't the wirering harness that it needs. I guess
BMW saved a few cents by leaving out the 3 wires for the cruise control.

Автор BMW 3 Series (2 года)
Yes I'm danish :-) Ty

Автор Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski (2 года)
Add to favorites ...!

Автор teebeaubobo (2 года)
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you're Danish. Congratulations on
this very detailled tutorial!

Автор Kal Lutato (1 год)
Hi Mondeo984, In your video from about 14:36 until 16:10 you are plugging
the cable connectors into some black plastic housings. What are the black
plastic housings called and where can I get them from? They did not come
with the steering wheel that I ordered from ebay (it was second hand).
Thanks in advance

Автор Mihai F (2 года)
Marius, trebuie schimbata si spira de la volan. De asta nu merge, scrie-mi
daca merge dupa ce schimbi spira. Acceleratia ta e electronica?

Автор M5 Driver (1 год)
sir please my car is e46, 325i, 2001 and it doesn't have the cruise
control, do you think I can buy a wheel with cruse control botton and
install this in my car? Please let me know sir. Thank you

Автор Spellbound07 (2 года)
nice video!!!! but this green tape)))))) I'll buy black one, ore maybe a
cambric. Thanks for DIY!

Автор Mamamam (2 года)
its a late 1999 but it has steering wheel controls radio & cruise control

Автор Gabriel Gobolyos (2 года)
Inca ceva, eu am incercat 3 module de MFL diferite, de volan cu 4 spite, de
volan sport in 3 spite, si acuma am un volan de M5. Nici unu nu mergea sa
activeze tempomatul.

Автор aram442 (2 года)
I dont have an BMW..I dont even have a car. I just watched this video
randomly and your like a pro man..

Автор icechelsea1 (2 года)
The engine temperature suggests you already tried it on the road before
filming the final part :D Fantastic DYI! work of art! Just a question, what
would be different on my 99' e46 pre-facelift? Is it even possible to do
this on mine? I have the same steering wheel that you had? Thanks...

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