Everything Wrong With The Secret Life of Pets

Here is a movie that wants so very hard to be a good movie. It's not, but it wishes it was. Instead it's just... ugh.

Next week: Recent horror sins and not-quite-as-recent horror sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Автор Kaizer9713 ( назад)
with the sheer number of cats in the alley and how cats are known to go where ever the hell they want, I'd say the news about max being in the sewers could have passed my word of mouth no problem with the sheer number of animals in close proximity to each other in this movie

Автор Kaizer9713 ( назад)
I don't care how big he is there's no way that dog could push that dumpster out of the way to escape the alley cats

Автор Tega Agege ( назад)
i saw flushed away

Автор Amed Colon ( назад)
he forgot a dog at the end that had a minion costume on

Автор Jurnee Spelliman ( назад)
Everything wrong with Moana

Автор Soundwave Empire ( назад)
Bunny has a gift card at the plot conveinience store.

Автор Tara ( назад)
I had a lot of problems with this movie. You sinned them all, thank you!

Автор Della Bucker ( назад)
did anyone else see the Deadpool reference?

Автор Deaths gaming cousin 1324 ( назад)
*irritation irritation*

Автор Homestuck Obsessor ( назад)
not gonna sin the dog wearing a minion suit? Kay.

Автор Anty2003 epic ( назад)
1:56 LOL

Автор Tamara Moon ( назад)

Автор The Crimson fucker ( назад)
I couldn't even get through the sins video.

Автор Lizzza's Number One Fan ( назад)
I watched this with my sister, literally we were lost the whole second half of the movie. The plot it just...nonexistent.

Автор Bahala naa wala akong maisepp ( назад)
Hotel transylvania please?

Автор Gimbu Gaming ( назад)
this is disney not reality

Автор Microbot 909 ( назад)
Dude your not the author
and u keep saying bad words i think

Автор TheAirplaneDude ( назад)
So you went from "great, like 20 mins left" then "for five minutes and there's 30 minutes left" then 1 min later says... "He did this, and it's only 15 minutes before the movie fucking ends."

Автор MythicalStorm16 #Life ( назад)
123... arent wrong

Автор Brussel Duglary ( назад)
you missed one at the end buddy can suddenly swim.

Автор Khazakiller ( назад)
so sosages make you high

Автор Duke Ellington ( назад)
i saw flushed away rip rody and his cousin oh wait he wasnt his cousin rody is a fucking liar

Автор Lapeez 22 ( назад)
the first four weren't even sins

Автор frutygummygirl ( назад)
unsub :( bc of this

Автор bloody Scarlet-Uchiha ( назад)

Автор Daniel_jw3579 ( назад)
11:44 I before E except before C is bullsh*t. Explain:

Автор Derp - Roblox & More! ( назад)
Time to watch the one for my favorite movie

Автор Caligo Castra ( назад)
Why the fuck are they 3 Windows showing the front door of an aparment this close togehter? How SMALL are these Rooms??
And... This is the FRONT door - so where are the rest of the flat?
Does New Yorkers have... dunno kinda Futurama Bender Flats? One Room to stand and "shut down" like a robot??

The FUCK happend there?!

Автор Artist_Writer ( назад)
I only just realized this but why the hell does the dog at 1:35 look so much like Markiplier's dog Chica?

Edit: And no sin detection for an Australian cat saying:
'I'll cut you this way and that you'll look life a waffle'?

Автор LexSaysHi ( назад)
9:30 videoing it
My teacher uses "video" as a verb and I hate it. RECORD!

Автор Victorian Harbinger ( назад)
I'm getting a dachshund puppy soon and that dachshund scene made me cringe so violently
And I was the most excited to see that character but it really. Just no

Автор danny bechard ( назад)
I can completly agree "cat's don't do uncomfortable." Being a cat owner, my cat *will not sleep anywhere that isn't my bed.*

Автор Rayan Bourmaki ( назад)

Автор bobzthebozz 2004 ( назад)
I liked this movie.

Автор Anaïs Chytra ( назад)
U r such an idiot! Dissing a children's movie? Please.😠

Автор Mike Warnke ( назад)
Your not gonna sin the Piranha in the sewer?

Автор Lush Heart ( назад)
say illumination without the o and the n
illuminati confirmed???

Автор Kimi FW ( назад)
I'm seeing a lot of Tom & Jerry influence in this movie, and not in a good way.

Автор My fish is lonely ( назад)
My cat can open locked doors. -1 sin counter

Also my cat might be a mutant.

Автор Nicholas Cabacungan ( назад)
Do everything wrong with Up

Автор Blinkwave Reviews ( назад)
Very good as always

Автор OzzyTheCat 2419 ( назад)
Hey didn't you notice that Mel the bulldog is the voice of Hal in Nature Cat on PBS? People who have kids might get this reference. Or you are a kid and you watch it. Or you've heard of it. Is it me who knows its his voice?

Автор Chloe Price ( назад)
That catsict

Автор harry patey ( назад)
this movie was shit

Автор Annie Roese ( назад)
Sin 124.5: That's not how you hold a rabbit. If this child can't hold a rabbit properly, then she'll end up killing it later on if he tries to struggle out of her grasp like most rabbits instinctively would if carried improperly.

Автор Orthros ( назад)
What's this guys favorite movie??

Автор Craig Kogan ( назад)

Автор Its Gotta Be Sky ( назад)
I saw flushed away like 20 times I'm primary school

Автор Alina LG ( назад)
the part when you said don't. do another dream sequence it was funny.

Автор Alina LG ( назад)

Автор KURT C ( назад)
Dat intro is soooo iMovie

Автор Big Fat Cat ( назад)
Oh my god! You guys are AWESOME! I don't just watch this for my most hated movies, I watch it for my faves too!

Автор Redlocks ( назад)
Glad I didn't watch this movie. Lol

Автор Richard Fukuda ( назад)
Wait, Hannibal Buress is in this film!? I hope they payed him a shit ton of money.

Автор billybob joe ( назад)
bro you need to let the dick jokes go

Автор Isaac Santana ( назад)
everthing is wrong with this channel

Автор Pakron Gaming ( назад)
What about how when the camera went to the sinking van, then came back up, it immediately went from day to night

Автор A. B ( назад)
"catist" omg I died

Автор hitch20000 ( назад)
131 sins, awful movie

Автор Cole Evans ( назад)
This is one of your best ever xD

Автор Krusty Krab is unfair ( назад)
Shrek like poo jokes

Автор CrEcsEnDO GMD ( назад)

Автор Rainy Jane ( назад)
This was highly entertaining. But in truth, I think the problem with this movie was something else-- the same thing I thought was wrong with the "Cats vs. Dogs" movie that was released over a decade ago (or whatever it was called). The things that make these movies charming are the relatable elements that pet owners recognize from their own lives, but with the twist of presumably being seen from the pet's perspective. But both this film and "Cats vs. Dogs" ended up spending the majority of the film on having the pets act out cartoonish, zany plots (For example: the rabbit being a gang leader with henchmen... Duke not looking like an actual dog so much as a muppet... the beagle using the mixer for a massage... the dogs breaking into a sausage factory... ) instead of showing relatable everyday pet things from the pet's perspective. Animals doing zany things that animals don't do in real life isn't BAD, but it's not the relatable stuff that audiences came to see. And I think that in this film the ads were particularly misleading, because they only showed the part where pets were doing the relatable things we wanted to see, so it made you think the whole film would be like that... shame they didn't end up going that direction.

Автор Deathclawthulhu ( назад)
2:26, why the hell is there a song about group sex in a kids movie?

Автор Reke girl ( назад)
Lego batman

Автор Reke girl ( назад)
Do lego batsman

Автор blazematt10 ( назад)
I'm not the biggest cinemasins fan but I despise this movie and when I saw this video and "16:57".....yeah, alright. I have some time ☺️ fucking destroy this movie for me please

Автор JakeTheDog Bacon ( назад)
gfys minions make me want to rejugitate my diner

Автор Zachary VanLare ( назад)
wreck it Ralph

Автор LpsDragonTuber Girls ( назад)
Whoever made this just shut up! This is a good movie and i know it's your opinion but yeah SHUT UP! One more thing you don't need to be a potty mouth

Автор Vhan Chua ( назад)
Does kevin hart knows how not to act kevin hart in every movie he's in? It's like I'm watching the same character over and over in different movies. xD

Автор Carolyn D'Souza ( назад)
I love this movie

Автор Michael Nitz ( назад)
I knew you were going to do the time sin when I saw the movie

Автор Alondrah Hernandez ( назад)
"16 minutes or less" but the videos 16:58

Автор Onyx Stars ( назад)
You should collab with Cinema Wins. It would be so fucking funny to see you guys argue.

Автор Sarah Oestreich ( назад)
The biggest sin of all is that this movie is literally a k-Mart version of Toy Story

Автор Dex The Rabbit ( назад)
dude your so f*ckin' cleaver!!!!

Автор theRtardHouse ( назад)
Yeah everyone excluding moms on facebook and toddlers hates the minions now.

Автор Qing Yi Chen ( назад)
Thats Catsist. XD HAHAHHA 😂😂😂

Автор anti EmojieWorl D ( назад)
Now thx sins because I didn't see half of these things in the movie

Автор R Coffee ( назад)
somebody remembers flushed away?

Автор Danny Shaw ( назад)

Автор Mr. Thwok ( назад)
why are all the cats in the movie are fat or ugly. I happen to like cats

Автор Jenny Tzou ( назад)
Plz do one on Moana :)!

Автор TopTenVideos999 ( назад)
The bunny is Lotso.... Think about it

Автор TopTenVideos999 ( назад)
This movie is an obvious ripoff of toy story

Автор AvG Gamer ( назад)
14:04 Scratch-less Front Bus

Автор Otopian ( назад)
"Irritation! Irritation!"

Автор Gussy T ( назад)
Toy story would get 0 sins from this guy

Автор Angel Grace ( назад)
"is he going to sing When She Loved me" is what I literally said at this part

Автор TA Bedard ( назад)
Dud it's a MOVIE,a animation,a Disney,of Corce there leaving at the some time!!!

Автор The Chosen One ( назад)
Everything Wrong With Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

Автор G : ( назад)
i'm about to blow all of your minds.


if this is suppose to be the "secret" life of pets, then how are WE able to see it?

are we animals too?


is your mind blown yet?

yeah me neither.

Автор That Guy at the Bar ( назад)
Please do "A Dog's Purpose." It was horrible and I had a bad time. I would like you to give it one million sins please! Thanks!

This is my 1st petition

Автор Madison Egge ( назад)
A copy of Moliminous

Автор EmilianoM04 ( назад)
Can you do ratatouille if you can do it then awesome

Автор Ab Wiseman ( назад)
Please comment on "A Cure for Wellness", thank you.

Автор Pierre Powers ( назад)
Do "Arrivel" next

Автор Daniel Yermak ( назад)
You missed when the truck went fully underwater but a minute later it showed that the truck was still not full of water

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