Everything Wrong With The Secret Life of Pets

Here is a movie that wants so very hard to be a good movie. It's not, but it wishes it was. Instead it's just... ugh.

Next week: Recent horror sins and not-quite-as-recent horror sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Автор Omega L4 ( назад)
that was a keyrrot :)

Автор Frost Burn ( назад)
It was such a hideously boring film. It had no redeeming qualities

Автор The Pixel Rose ( назад)
Either the sausages are completely vegan, the dogs are completely unaware that they are eating another animal, or they just DONT FUCKING CARE. That's fucked up.

Автор Caden Armistead ( назад)
1. I feel sorry for the person in the middle apartment in that scene, anyone got clostrophobia?

Автор SisterSansWolf -ßæ- ( назад)
"Kinda like that movie Flushed Away nobody ever bothered to see"

Автор unspeakable channel 1000 ( назад)
in sin 26 katte left and locked her door because she had to unlock her door to grab her phone

Автор Abigail Thibodeaux ( назад)
due fucking stop due just j-just fucking stop

Автор 1000 subs without any vids ( назад)
15:42 look at the goddam bull dog...

Автор Elsewhere Prince ( назад)
I need to get "Some Like It Hot" on DvD

Автор Hellboy the killer plushie ( назад)
do everything wrong with chicken little

Автор *original name* ( назад)
hey man, flushed away was my childhood

Автор SolarGeek1108 ( назад)
you know how I feel about the max is our hero scene... it is rediculous

Автор Simone Maynard ( назад)
I hated this movie so much

Автор Ferid Bathory Fan ( назад)
They also have chipmunks/birds that speak the same language.

Автор Pie Pierrot ( назад)
Also, just sin all the times they fell into water from improbable heights and survived. Hitting water at a high enough velocity is like hitting concrete. If anything, you'd rather opt for actual concrete, at least then you don't have to worry about swimming and subsequently drowning if you survive all those broken bones.

Автор Phantom XD ( назад)
Warrior cats...

Автор Max Reichel ( назад)
the movie is funny...
because my name is also Max :3

Автор BearsLovePizza ( назад)
People watching: Why does "Cat would be great at Cinema Sins" count as a sin?

Me: Because.... F*$@ IT!!!!

Great vids guys! Ps, now I talk through all movies and think "Man, I would be GREAT at Cinema Sins!" When I am basically quoting you😂😂

Автор Cartoon High ( назад)
I already rue the day we made Minions popular.

Автор Timmjr Rock ( назад)
Why would u add a sin cause u want to call max buzz lightyear?

Автор cool grils howley ( назад)

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Bruh it's called I M A G I N A T I O N

Автор Donut_Thug ( назад)
What? No sin for "Everyone likes sausage but no one likes to know how it's made"?

Автор KanjiGodomo ( назад)
Missing sin: Gidget uses colors to describe Max. Did people just forget that she's a f*cking dog? Jesus.

Автор Molly Coelho ( назад)
I found one more ☝️ At the beginning the owner of the golden retriever leaves the dog at home but a little bit later in a different scene the owner is shown walking the dog out in the middle of the city. How did she get back from work pick up the dog and walk all the way out into the city in only like 5-10 minutes????? .-.

Автор Mikalah Simmons YT ( назад)
sausage=sausage party

Автор Toast Genius ( назад)
they love animals so why beat a dead horse?
-somehow gets 2k likes

Автор catyo plays ( назад)
sub=fuck your crush
like=date your crush
reply=kiss your crush

Автор rut06rekt compooper ( назад)
snowball is basically Napoleon and France during the revolution

Автор Jamal Kitten ( назад)

Автор Cam Mcniell ( назад)
This movie is still awesome

Автор FluffyHusky ( назад)

Автор Mason Davis ( назад)

poor poor roodie flushed down his own poddy will you plz find it in your heart *deep voice* to help him

Автор lagongamingyt ( назад)
YouTube the cause and solution of all of life's problems

Автор William Larson ( назад)
😀💥🔫 me of laughing when I saw this

Автор Shane Zombie ( назад)
i wanna see everything wrong with minions who else?

Автор NotABot55 ( назад)
You forgot one: that for a movie called The Secret Life of *Pets* there's a noticeable lack of pet snakes, fish, and rocks.

Автор Alex Night ( назад)
Good points

Автор fireborn ( назад)
Needa do one of these for Sausage Party

Автор Vlebro Vennad ( назад)
This is the craze of minions at 15:43 the dog in the left corner....... just just watch him

Автор Pepper Cat ( назад)
"cats don't do uncomfortable." They lay on everything? Even Lego!

Автор Alicja Pietruszewska ( назад)
i hate this movie

Автор Emily Watego Vlogs ( назад)
dude you have to remember this movie is for kids

Автор Webur ( назад)
Runtys wacking off

Автор Braxton Willcox ( назад)
I'm one of the people who watched flushed away

Автор Ryan Schluter ( назад)
The top of the one cats eyes look like balls

Автор ADVtony MLT ( назад)
'How to pick bones out of a movie for 2 year olds' simulator

Автор Angelina Nguyen ( назад)
Sausage are drugs to dogs

Автор Melody Atkins ( назад)
And yes, Flushed Away was dope

Автор Melody Atkins ( назад)
Bruh! This guy calls the bunny Snowflake, but toward the end of the video, calls him Snowball(JUST LOVE TO COUNT OTHER PEOPLE'S SCREW-UPS, BUT YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN!!!!!!) Go back in the video! I AIN'T CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Автор DrawingKat Trys ( назад)
It doesn't help that my names Katie

Автор Nana Love ( назад)
ok, so thi movie is toy story : secret lif when no one's home, a new dog/toy arrives and the main protagonist is afraid he takes his place in the home, they both manage to be far from home, have to work together to find their way back, while their friends are worried for them and try to help, they finally get back home and no human notices that they were left.
And in bonus we have a sausage party moment
I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it

Автор Nana Love ( назад)
"Irritation! Irritation!" Or how make people life at 15 seconds of a video

Автор Suomalainen solitas ( назад)
*T H A T ' S C A T S I S T*

Автор Morgan Harmon ( назад)
katey is just high do not worry

Автор Endwarf ( назад)
I fell asleep at the movie theater while watching this

Автор Victor Flores ( назад)
Everything wrong with shrek 2

Автор Tedjugaming ( назад)
you mean toy story?

Автор Nightmare Bonnie ( назад)
never looked like good movie in the first place

Автор Newt Scammander ( назад)
Flushed away used to be my favorite movie lol

Автор Aiyla مطوله ( назад)
"cats don't do uncomfortable"

100% true

Автор Aaron Ochoa ( назад)
Flushed away was ducking great

Автор Shreck Tastic ( назад)
FINALLY, THANK YOU. No movie has the logic of animals speaking their own language

Автор Coco's Gaming ( назад)
my firkin name is chloe this movie is so offensive

Автор Dragon Baller7 ( назад)
As soon as he said Birdemic, I had PTSD flashbacks.

Автор Wesley Clarke ( назад)

Автор l3utterl3oy ( назад)
I die every time the, "Guy did a Peter Pan right here off of this dam right here" clip is used in these omg

Автор Ja'Keylon Teal ( назад)
Do Everything Wrong With Despicable Me! I really want this one!

Автор I'ma PolarBear ( назад)
The language is called energy

Автор *JEEPERS* *CREEPERS* ( назад)
I love flushed away!

Автор TomasTheLegend ( назад)
number 3 is not irritation. THIS IS FOR FUCKING KIDS. They love this shit, not a fucking 30 year old man who has no fucking life. Stop ruining experiences of movies just because you most likely want to kill yourself. My little sister loved this movie and shes a kid. Youre a grown up. In your world everything has to be perfect about kids movies. I mean like, come on. Get something useful to do. Its fictional not human like. And why isnt talking animals a sin, because everything has to be perfect and realistic for you. I hate your voice and opinions, and the fact that you have so many fucking subscribers and views. Youre wrong in being alive, I highly suggest you to die, and just want to let you know that KIDS DONT KNOW BETTER you fucking ignorant sack of shit. Think about 6,7 and 8 year olds laughing and having fun, thats what these movies are like. Youre a grown up man who rants and says shite things about this. Grow up mate, youre just a fucking cunt

Автор XxCaptainDogexX !!! ( назад)
Get this... in real life I had a jack Russell and brought home a terrier named DOOGAN before this movie came out

Автор PixalPacmanMarval ( назад)
At 10:45, he says "SnowFLAKE" instead of "SnowBALL"

Автор PearlyCat Sketches ( назад)
I feel like Chloe in the bowl in Gidget's meeting was worth the entire movie

Автор Bogi Kasza ( назад)
15:37 I didn't see the movie, but why did you said this?

Автор xXPusheenDaCatxX ( назад)
*dogs be cray*

Автор PohtatoSack ( назад)
Too much Kevin Hart

Автор 『Blank』 ( назад)
The rabbit is a dick.

Автор Kyle F. ( назад)
Why do all of Illumination Entertainment's movies look like shit? They're competently animated, but their art style is so unappealing.

Автор Puck Cat ( назад)
Why are these videos so entertaining? :I

Автор PLUSHIA BROS ( назад)
Max should not be able to stand cause his legs are apparently sticks

Автор Stardust Duck ( назад)
Fat cats are cute

Автор Ran Levingston ( назад)
i couldn't help but notice, but... getting so wet so many times, that rabbit really should be dead.

Автор SuperPixel Megabolt ( назад)
Secret Life Of Pets =
like if you noticed

Автор SmashBro27 ( назад)
Sweetpea can't talk because it doesn't have the vocal cords

Автор Eyeial ( назад)
who else remembers flushed away?

Автор Aaron Amos ( назад)
Do Flushed Away!

Автор GasMaster ( назад)
This movie made less sense then i had previously thought. Glad i didn't see it.

Автор Ender Cat Plays ( назад)
Cats can actually open doors and fridges if they have apposing thumbs on their paws , this very common in most breeds it's a genetic enhancement which has developed in cats over years of being domesticated from the panthera ( felines Catus) that's why most likely Chloe can open the fridge with ethier her hind paws or front ones ,It's fact like most blue eyed white cats are deaf or blind only 1 in 16,000 are not.

Автор PeanutButterfly ( назад)
Pepe peeing when he gets excited is WAY too accurate for my liking. Dang you Fennick (my chihuahua) you adorable peeing machine!

Автор MeltTheCheeseNow ( назад)
SIN 20.5: How and what the fuck is a rich man doing living in an apartment? SIN 20.75: How does that guy NOT HEAR THE LOUD METAL? HE JUST SHUT THE DOOR FOR FUCK'S SAKE_

Автор ActualTechnicality ( назад)
Press 5 repeatedly for dicks

Автор Shmendan ( назад)
stop censoring your swearing, it's annoying AF

Автор 연의 ( назад)
I agree that this is just a copied version of the toy story series and I'm pretty sure its not even better.

Автор tsartomato ( назад)
winter wear? that's like summer with light breeze clothes

Автор Rob Cob ( назад)
I feel like the animal butt holes should be sinned... even though it's obviously realistic lol

Автор Tallie Watson ( назад)
is it weird i fall asleep to the sound of this guy critiquing different movies

Автор Furrie NekoBoy ( назад)
15:42 these guys actually believed they could dress a French bulldog in a minion suit and get away with it before the snobby owner got home? shame on you Illumination!

Автор WoodyNationGames ( назад)
plus all max does is wait for katie, so WTF?

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