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Fully automatic hydraulically operated Motorcycle Trailer. This trailer will lower flat to the ground by the push of a wireless remote control; you can then ride your bike onto the trailer and into the wheel lock where the bike is held in place. Once your bike is on the trailer, simply raise the trailer with the remote, throw on a strap, and drive away.

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Автор Dom956 ( назад)
I get that it's cool and maybe helpful if your an older weaker person but
for a fraction of the cost i got a box trailer that I can ride the bike up
the ramp into a wheel holder

Автор eltiogera ( назад)
great trailer, love to find me one.

Автор Dale Fralick ( назад)
where can you buy this..I do not see a link to any website..

Автор John Terby ( назад)
That would be great for my Harley Ultra. Very cool for large/heavy cruiser
bikes. Way safer than most options I've seen.

Автор Jennifer Harrell ( назад)
Are these still for sale anywhere?

Автор Oklahoma Towing & Recovery ( назад)
Well, crap. Website down. Guess they aren't building these anymore.

Автор Benefield Harcourt ( назад)
wheer could one be bought?

Автор Dave M ( назад)
Looks very well thought out and constructed. But probably way too expensive
to be practical.

Автор jeddy tranquill ( назад)
No phone or website! Maybe out of business? What a great system!

Автор byoung sun Moon ( назад)
Can I order now?

Автор BadSincero ( назад)
I want this in the near future

Автор Todd Chism ( назад)
I dig mine!!! What pisses me off is that I get more comments about my
trailer now then my Harley! (Not kidding!) But over all very pleased with
my purchase. I have a Street Glide that is lowered and has really fat
Monster Oval pipes. Very difficult to drive up a standard ramp because of
the low frame and ramp angle. This was the perfect solution. Gary at TRP
was great to work with... Not one problem yet and I think its been about
two years!

Автор Bear Claw ( назад)
WOW enclosed version? lol that would have a ramp no? would defeat the
purpose now would it not?

Автор Bear Claw ( назад)
LOL It went up and down 3 r 4 times, even the little girl showed you

Автор Pee Oat ( назад)
Guess this trailer never got off the ground as a business, web does not
work nore have I seen any other info on it in years.

Автор Erica Eason ( назад)

Автор colin martin ( назад)
ODD VIDEO , didn't see the trailor ACTUALLY go up or down as you keep
jumping the video to the next bit.. Doesn't it really work then?? , My home
built trailor weights just 200kgs, can carry 1, 2, or 3 bikes, or sidecar
outfit or quad, and it loads in 30 seconds, bike is held in on it's own,
And a full width loading ramp so you can ride on, walk on. Mine has over
run brakes and superb lighting too and cost me 500€ to build an it's all
galvanised. Colin

Автор Brad Phillips ( назад)
Really cool idea and great engineering, but wouldn't a tilt bed do about
the same?

Автор 57cpaul ( назад)
How about and enclosed version?

Автор STAGEIIGN ( назад)
wow awesome but a steep price will keep most away

Автор Ed lewis ramos ( назад)
ool vio to th max

Автор Little Wing ( назад)
I like the idea of not having to ride up a ramp and and down a ramp since I
more than likely will be loading and unloading by myself, love the
hydralics to lower to my car height as well. I'm petite (5'1", 125 lbs) and
have a 1200 Low Sportster that weighs 581 lbs. My 2012 Caddy CTS can only
haul 1,000 pounds. Trailer would need to equal no more than 419 lbs. Can
you modify a trailer to meet these specs?

Автор carga1000 ( назад)
Great trailer!!!

Автор fordlover3293 ( назад)
Nice ford

Автор Thakiid101 ( назад)

Автор druid455 ( назад)
1:37 " You can raise it lower for a car ... " ... how do you raise
something lower?

Автор BPaustell ( назад)

Автор aaron washington ( назад)
this is the greatest invention since sliced bread im buying two u guys rule

Автор Mick Scarborough ( назад)
umm I will save 4 grand and ride up an 18 inch ramp to a regular trailer.

Автор 32361ARTHUR ( назад)
I just purchased one of these trailers. The builder takes pride in his work
and it shows on each and every detail. The design lets me load a 1000 lb
motorcycle bike as easily as if it were a bicycle. I can load and tie mine
down in under one minute. It tows easier than any enclosed trailer and
rides like a Cadillac due to its independent suspension that works with
twin oil and nitrogen cylinders. The construction is heavy duty everywhere
you look and is designed to last. I am more than happy.

Автор Dbest1a Vlogs ( назад)
Looks cool, but must b seriously expensive. Very good concept.

Автор lifeisgood070 ( назад)
lol.... cause a 2ft ramp was so hard to make out of 3/4" plywood..... Screw
that... get a $500 trailer and $30 of plywood..... We're in a recession by
a sprinkler system for your house or something. $4k is a lot of dough

Автор N8Ryder ( назад)
Its a very nice trailer but its too much money and too much for what it is.
Pushing a bike up a ramp isnt that hard to do. For the amount Id actually
trailer my bike its not worth it. Very nice setup though. Well done

Автор CCWSig ( назад)
It's cool engineering. But for $3800 you can get a very nicely loaded
enclosed trailer that will keep your bike and gear clean and secure. You do
have 2 advantages I can see. Easier to push load (tho I don't think it's
hard to go into a trailer), and the weight is about half of what an
enclosed would be. Still I'm not sure. Like I said nice build tho, it's a
hell of an idea, just not sure about the practicality of it.

Автор Bobby Hobby ( назад)
what a great way to waste more money.

Автор TRPCorp ( назад)
@mac51097 The single is $3,800.00 and about 600lbs, the double is $4,800.00
and about 1000lbs.

Автор TRPCorp ( назад)
@greywolf1755 Hello Greywolf, The standard trailer will handle a fully
loaded dresser. I can build the trailer to handle increased payloads i.e.
customers' moving vending machines etc. The trailer can also be configured
to meet the customer's needs, longer, wider, etc. The standard trailer
price is $3,800 for the single and $4,800 for the double, additions are
extra. Build time is approx. 4-6 weeks. Direct contact number is
909-226-2423 - Gary

Автор greywolf1755 ( назад)
What is the weight rating for this trailer? Will it handle a fully loaded
dresser? Is it available in a longer model for a chopper?

Автор grego10r ( назад)
wow thats pretty sweet

Автор JayzBeerz ( назад)
Wow wish I had the money to get one right now. I have to transport a bike
from Florida to Virginia and I'm thinking about putting it in the back of a
u-haul truck. I have to figure out how to secure it in there without it
falling over or something falling on it.

Автор TRPCorp ( назад)
@provids The trailer on the video is my demo trailer, production trailers
have safety pins that can be engaged during travel. These pins prevent the
trailer from dropping past the half way point in case of a hydraulic
failure. Give us a call at 951-784-7756 if you want more info. or to place
an order. Thanks for the comments...

Автор provids ( назад)
I didn't notice any safety latches in-case of hydraulic failure? (more so
while in transit) Or even a mechanical way to get it "off the ground" in
case of an accident or something. This is a really awesome trailer you have
here, add a fail safe for the hydraulics and this would be an excellent buy!

Автор Andre Guiristante ( назад)
Looks top notch.

Автор TRPCorp ( назад)
The trailer as pictured in the video MSRP is $4500 I can sell it to you for
$3500 direct buy, not including shipping, your choice of color within the
limites of Powder Coating. I can match color to your bike or vehicle if you
provide a sample. Thanks for your comments, Gary TRP Cycle Service My Cell

Автор Erick Husaberg ( назад)
wow! how much? nice trailer.

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