Left 4 Dead: Leeroy Jenkins Dead Air Expert Speedrun

My friends and I run through dead air on expert while I show the least possible concern for my teamates safety :D

Song is from:

Titled: "Leeroy Jenkins (fun times remix)"

Next up...Blood Harvest...

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Длительность: 5:19
Комментарии: 1528

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Автор D4rkn3ss ( назад)
still waiting for blood harvest speed run

Автор Terrell Big Sorrel Horse ( назад)
Crash course?

Автор Josh Nixon ( назад)

Автор David Adcox ( назад)
Go criken go Leeeeeeerrrrrrrry

Автор No its Obama ( назад)
i remember this video this was the shit

Автор Jamesdabomb 562 ( назад)
at least i have chicken

Автор YDDC O ( назад)
Wait what in the description it says next up blood harvest you never
uploaded it

Автор sergeant red ( назад)
rembering whatching this when i was 3 years old ya i just whatched random

Автор Ender Creepers ( назад)
Ah this song

Автор Norma Ortiz ( назад)
como se llama esa cancion

Автор Me Old Bones ( назад)
ya sneaky gob shite

Автор Nicholas Naguit (1461 год назад)
Criken2 = Left For Dead Master

Автор DedCorpse ( назад)
this is why Dying Light exists

Автор Garrett Schafer ( назад)
needs more speed

Автор Cj Brown ( назад)

Автор Mr. Deathclaw ( назад)
The speedrun was expert, alright! xD

Автор Justine Gueco ( назад)
And other survivors alert the horde car P:

Автор Justine Gueco ( назад)
Lol the Criken is superhuman D:

Автор Justine Gueco ( назад)

Автор Rozza ( назад)
Why does this look like its sped up?

Автор The Gaming Ninja ( назад)
I ninja sneaked by a tank on VS buy turning off my flashlight and walked
behind the tank on the panic event on dead center 3 map the mall XD XD XD

Автор Fallen Angel Flonne ( назад)
How can he run away from a tank and a witch and shooting her at the same
time and yet not die!?

Автор pokefan548 ( назад)
Any true speedrunner would have done it without looping :P

Автор dingerusaf ( назад)
That music just screams out YOLO

Автор Spence7R ( назад)
This is what happens when Louis ingests too much pills.

Автор Kyeden Smith ( назад)
What kind of a noob would kill his teamate right at the safe room you
selfish retard

Автор Kam Dodson ( назад)

Автор Kam Dodson ( назад)
I used to be chrickens friend on Xbox 

Автор Ron Stroehmann ( назад)
Let's do dis Leroy!!!!!

Автор Akira Salazar ( назад)
..............i love this song now Criken your a dadass

Автор Henk Kraan ( назад)

Автор Batman (10 лет назад)
2009 video

I'm impressed.

Автор Doge Ninja ( назад)
instead of repeating the song you should put the 1 or 10 hour version

Автор DangerDude991 ( назад)
he never did blood harvest....

Автор Richard Baláž ( назад)
So....much.... LEEEEeEROY

Автор Jesus Gomez ( назад)
este video esta de la puta madre xdxdxdxdxdxddddd

Автор GeneralBunnyManson ( назад)
healing yourself while standing in fire....because Criken thats why

Автор Dragonborn983 ( назад)
1:28 can you still do that?

Автор Chris Harper ( назад)
Ready guys? Let's do this, LEEERROOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!

Автор Wilson Ang ( назад)

Автор ll l Hey ( назад)
He fast forward it so he could make it to a faster time he would took 8 to
10 minutes if he didn't fast forward

Автор Arktomys “One Man Holocaust” Gardevoir ( назад)
I miss the time when Criken's videos were like this...

Автор eziogowee ( назад)
Classic Criken! :3

Автор username48481 ( назад)

Автор shadowdrayd ( назад)
we know he level selected so stop stating the obvious lol. it ment to just
be for fun

Автор OptimisticSeal ( назад)
Where are all the special infected

Автор Chrisanne Baladad ( назад)
lol forgot 1 place 

Автор Zeelols ( назад)
it is cheating goddammit leeroy >:c

Автор Some Guy On Youtube ( назад)
i use these as walkthroughs lol

Автор Some Guy On Youtube ( назад)

Автор LegoTales ( назад)
by being a pro

Автор sithlordadler ( назад)
2:07 He level selected? How else did he have 100 hp?

Автор alex valdes ( назад)
Criken is awsome

Автор Juwan Bantug ( назад)
"NOBODY SURVIVES BUT CRIKEN!!!!!!" is the message

Автор iFLaired ( назад)
is this a fucking joke youtube? 2:30 minute ads with no skipping? that's
fucking low... even for youtube.

Автор bethany o ( назад)
bvndfxfg dr 

Автор Goku22w ( назад)
seeing as its most of the final acts of L4D are "Survive untill _____", its
not really speedrun-able... (thats a word)

Автор RuckDemUp ( назад)
the last pt of dead air???

Автор André Costa ( назад)
let let let do this lerroy jenkins (criken)

Автор WhatCouldHappenlol ( назад)
Send a friend request to Deal 7th luv ur vids

Автор MrMarioRPG ( назад)

Автор shannon bush ( назад)

Автор Jojjeno ( назад)
Came ofr leeroy, stayed for Criken :D

Автор Längtan ( назад)
Leeroy Jenkins 

Автор Nathan Jasenosky ( назад)
whats the song name

Автор Temeraire ( назад)

Автор ♥Kala♥Zioom♥ ( назад)
YOLO jenkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinssssssss!!!!!!

Автор Underman Brian ( назад)
criken that was the definition of LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOY

Автор FrostyRaptor ( назад)
when do you bolo harvest

Автор FrostyRaptor ( назад)
when do you do blood harvest

Автор MrShadowtopaz ( назад)
I'm surprised karma charger ( even though the charger isn't in l4d1) come
out. Lol

Автор Alphadef ( назад)
Someone doesn't understand the concept of a speedrun...

Автор Shane O'Farrell ( назад)
Because i'm watching the video and i don't want to leave. :)

Автор Magnic ( назад)
Good advice. Why don't you listen to your own advice and GTFO?

Автор Shane O'Farrell ( назад)
cool story bro now shut your face and enjoy the video.

Автор Hai Duong Le ( назад)
Hey DemonRav can you do it on expert? 20 minutes?

Автор Magnic ( назад)
Its not speed run. Its called being a dick. I can complete Dead Air in 20
minutes with all of my teammates.

Автор Franchish Stroke ( назад)
that wazzz a good gamezzzz

Автор Tofu ( назад)
I still play l4d1 on PC

Автор THEGHAC ( назад)
anyone still play l4d1 on pc or xbox message me

Автор Tofu ( назад)
Ahh the good times Criken still did these

Автор Jason Fehil ( назад)
he going fast! 

Автор zachary mackinnon ( назад)
nobody survives but criken because hes like a boss and also he is beast

Автор BJMcB92 ( назад)
exactly how i used to play L4D on expert back in the day with my friend:
run for your fucking life and use as many shortcuts as possible

Автор RagnarokProdigy ( назад)
He did though...

Автор IamTMan007 ( назад)
Still a bit disapointed he never did Death Toll.

Автор Mr ( назад)
I Must sing This at next Assembly :D

Автор 111KLD ( назад)
No,chicken had Criken.

Автор deathtrick ( назад)
Dead air ^^ my favorite map

Автор Az' Dod ( назад)
inferno imp? I thought he was not playing with Criken anymore cause i found
him in left 4 dead funny moments of getting owned montage 8.

Автор Az' Dod ( назад)
Least i have chicken.

Автор Gm Refuerzo ( назад)
Huh, i thought Cricken is Cricken Jenkins Mean

Автор Myrrhlyn orm ( назад)
one thing to show for this....black men can run like shit through a zombie

Автор SmexyRula ( назад)
dam you America with your un- censored L4d2 stupid Australia dont get no
corpses and ragdolls, they fade away in seconds and instead of catching
fire the zombies FUCKING DANCE 

Автор Gm Refuerzo ( назад)
Cricken Jenkins!!!! So Awesome Movie i wish i could be A PRO at L4d2 but i
dont know how to Tank Dodge Like !!!!

Автор colored-entity ( назад)
Leeroy Crikeeen!

Автор xTheRizen ( назад)
fuck gettin really sick of this fucking song!

Автор zachary mackinnon ( назад)

Автор Gianeric Makoto ( назад)
Oh noes! Criken has the Leeroy Jenkins Craze!

Автор Scoulid Scake (Icarus Nova) ( назад)

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