Spider-Man TAS - Venom Returns 3/3 HD

"Venom Returns"

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Длительность: 5:51
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Автор Scoonie Yung ( назад)
i saw it

Автор Scoonie Yung ( назад)
i did

Автор Dylan Barbour ( назад)
Y didn't it finish the episode

Автор Dwayne3007 ( назад)
The names phil banks

Автор Palmen1990 ( назад)

Автор ERIK Candelaria ( назад)
does anyone notice at 3:36 venom sort of a appears as Carnage breaks out.

Автор rich763690 ( назад)
4:23 THAT LAUGH.....................

Автор LilBlacJac510 ( назад)
Warmachine is Uncle Phil???

Автор Michael Gee ( назад)
lol if u look carefully at 3:35 they use an old clip of venom smashing
through the wall before carnage breaks through

Автор I am Perfection ( назад)
Ok..... ?

Автор Joanna Dark ( назад)
im still thinkin about it.... if u know

Автор mssupergirl54 ( назад)

Автор sonny ruane ( назад)
lol 3:32 venom shows up instead of carnage

Автор TAFARockWarrior97 ( назад)
Don't we all. *Sigh* :(

Автор pseudo20 ( назад)
4:27 Apparently Carnage *didn't* destroy War Machine's concentrated sonic
disruptor. LOL.

Автор pseudo20 ( назад)
I noticed that when I was a kid. I wore the hell outta that Fujifilm VHS
cassette i recorded this episode on. I miss the 90's. :-(

Автор I am Perfection ( назад)
I dont play that game so I wouldnt know.

Автор devio123 ( назад)
it sounds like zombies from cod

Автор Ranma716 ( назад)
Now that you mention it he kind of does lol.

Автор SpiderSlim716 ( назад)
I love that episode lol. It's my fave.

Автор cimpcimp ( назад)
Is it just me or is Carnage a possible template for the Futurama character
of Roberto, the insane stabbing robot?

Автор devio123 ( назад)
venoms yells solds like zombies from cod

Автор ghostsurfer666 ( назад)
"Yes, yeeeees, we recall replicating...that was a crazy weekend."

Автор Filip Makaroni ( назад)
whats the next episode :D

Автор Weirdz Joey ( назад)
I remember watching this :)

Автор Jake Stone ( назад)
at 1:57 policeman got black hair and dark skin at 2:00 he is got read hair
and white skin

Автор doom7ish ( назад)
Best episode ever the guy who creates chaos is CRAAAAZY.

Автор maskedkane741 (1639 лет назад)
thanx so much.....i understand lack of time in today's world

Автор SpiderSlim716 (1109 лет назад)
It's coming soon. I was gonna start it tonight but I got caught up working
on something else. Maybe today though.

Автор maskedkane741 ( назад)
bro..........where is season 5 ??, u had promised that u will upload
complete season 5 too of this great spiderman animated series

Автор SpiderSlim716 ( назад)
No problem bro :)

Автор Robertas Dovainys ( назад)
9np0 d

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
Slim bro I owe you a big one for uploading these episodes I love Spiderman
tas thanx man

Автор Pavel Radev ( назад)
animator's mistake and in the 20 or so years has not been fixed, WOW

Автор Daniel Marquez Mendoza ( назад)
Thats why spiderman left the symbiot beacause it controls you and it makes
you evil

Автор openedeyes jess ( назад)
3:36 venom instead of carnage

Автор Guilherme Deretti ( назад)
yeah, you are right

Автор KCJ506 ( назад)
Batman TAS debuted in 1992. Gargoyles debuted the same year as 90s
Spider-man. And both those shows had better and animation for there time.
So there's really no excuse for Marvel's flagship character not to have
animation as good. Especially considering how good the animation was in the
first season. Night Of The Lizard in particular.

Автор Simply Flawless ( назад)

Автор seangue123 ( назад)

Автор seangue123 ( назад)
psy-gangnam-style-mp1-mv poop

Автор seangue123 ( назад)
venom retums man

Автор EmperorShaoKahn123 ( назад)
Frollo in Spider-Man?!

Автор masonite117 ( назад)
theyre too lazy to re-animate it :P

Автор Devil Slayer Gray ( назад)
1:39 I love how Venom jumps like a kid trying to get Spiderman, he's kinda
cute like that

Автор Anika Khan ( назад)
mm so tasty~

Автор kingor26 ( назад)
fucking good

Автор Matt Curley ( назад)
fucking carnage is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Aleksander White ( назад)

Автор Spider-Man (1209 лет назад)

Автор conkeronine ( назад)
Heres The Best Part! 1:45 A PAPER AIRPLANE!!!

Автор AMadTacoFilms (291 год назад)
Uh...no, Hank Azaria voices Venom, Harry Shearer voices Ned Flanders. Hank
Azaria voices OTHER characters on the Simpsons, but not Ned.

Автор ProjecL ( назад)
one thing i don't like about the series is that stuff is happening so fast
sometimes. other than that,i love it

Автор I am Perfection ( назад)
The noise Venom and Carnage make is so awesome!

Автор Sven Grebenar ( назад)
Uncle Phil as War Machine :)

Автор HomelessBoxBoy ( назад)
Venom's voice actor also voices Ned Flanders. Let that sink in.

Автор HomelessBoxBoy ( назад)

Автор rward617 ( назад)
haha awesome

Автор Вадим Лесин ( назад)
3:35 Venom frap

Автор Skivybiv ( назад)
3:36. It is Venom strapped around Carnage .... Venom looks like half of

Автор kingjangsta ( назад)
at 4:27, War Machine has the Sound Wave machine back on his shoulder.

Автор markscool33 ( назад)
aw dang it i clicked the dislike button stupid of me i was meant to click
it on like. sorry about that guys.

Автор markscool33 ( назад)
animation error ftw.

Автор metal87power ( назад)
Isn't it because Carnage destroyed it?

Автор butteryassryan ( назад)

Автор venom1207 ( назад)
carnage can stand sound waves with ease unlike his "father" the black
symbiote. his weakness is fire.

Автор Adam Ivanov ( назад)
Why didn't spiderman tell war machine to use sound waves against venom and

Автор kaleidokashikoi ( назад)
That was the best! haha

Автор Jasper Valentine ( назад)
Uncle Phil was War Machine. Epic voice casting.

Автор Slifer Soul ( назад)
Repeat use of animated sequences? Its damn noticeable.

Автор Guilherme Deretti ( назад)
it's called 1994

Автор Darth Icky ( назад)
hollifuck carnage makes the views count go CRAZYY NIGGA!!

Автор Liam Summers ( назад)
you can see venom for a split second at 3:35

Автор Liam Summers ( назад)

Автор BlazingPain360 ( назад)
LOL No job is worth what we're gonna do to YOU! WE WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE A

Автор Slifer Soul ( назад)
I do enjoy this show, but whats up with the animation?

Автор KuroCartoonist ( назад)
WTH how did animators they pull trick until this day and age!?

Автор KuroCartoonist ( назад)
where are the Capcom fighters? XD

Автор GILakaGP3 ( назад)
uncle phil?

Автор TAFARockWarrior97 ( назад)
Pause it at 3:36. It you catch it at the right moment, you see Venom
escaping prison, instead of Carnage.

Автор MegaCockatiel ( назад)
@fudlite lol

Автор David Schwartz ( назад)
Kasady is gone. There is only CARNAGE!!!!

Автор DaCowrs McDolan ( назад)
@TheMegazapcat Like the yelling on Nazi Zombies.

Автор Solid StrangeDew ( назад)
@SpiderSlim716 Acting like he's on fire and panicing XD

Автор bigajb4281989 ( назад)
3:36 its venom

Автор blah dsf ( назад)
i luv this show

Автор kar12894 (1768 лет назад)
2:09 "who are you? hehe" shit this guys crazy

Автор Taktician ( назад)
Yes, YES! I remember 'replicating' that night... Lots of alcohol...

Автор 1903melbourne ( назад)

Автор Gps1337 ( назад)
@Thebears632 me too

Автор catapei ( назад)
kletus about the symbiot... sounds like my kind of guy lol

Автор crimsonkhasar ( назад)
hmmmm... i why the symbiot offsprings are far stronger then their parent

Автор shootthekitty ( назад)
Great quality. Just saw this on another channel and it was blurry

Автор Raudimus ( назад)

Автор Marcel Huebert ( назад)
this dude looks like some spicy chilli con...carnage hhahahah

Автор MrGuitarking150 ( назад)
How did war machines canon come back it was ripped of by carnage?

Автор SpawnRevenge92 ( назад)
Man, if Carnage were like he is in the comicbook, the cartoon would be
rated R. I like him here though :D

Автор HardMod67 ( назад)

Автор Matticus333 ( назад)
Pause at the right moment around 3:36 you can see a split frame of Venom
breaking through the wall before it changes to Carnage.

Автор gorginhanson ( назад)
@bshit they reused the same plan to give him the suit, so hey, they
figured, might as well use the same animation too

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