Drum Machine | Future Shorts

Dir. Tokyoplastic, The Sancho Plan / UK / 2004

Japanese kodo drummers beat out a hefty tune, using their heads in place of sticks.


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Длительность: 1:54
Комментарии: 263

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Автор Carter Rogers (Lieutenant Rogers) (173 года назад)
omg i watched this all the time when i was little

Автор Yonkage ( назад)
It reminds me somehow of Turok music.

Автор Denis Kosov ( назад)
Langoliers attacking!!!

Автор VigorousVicious ( назад)

Автор rachet909 ( назад)
Been trying to find this again for the longest

Автор lsloan0000 (883 года назад)
The quality of the original Flash animation was much better than this
version, though. This is a low-resolution screen-capture at best.

Автор Chandre Robinson (371 год назад)
Yeah I watched it 8 years ago and I still love it to this day!

Автор Kyle Pohler ( назад)
If I remember correctly... there was a badass intro that is not in this
video.. :(

Автор Dickified ( назад)
two seconds Youtube, Albino Black Sheep Head Drum :P

Автор RipplesVanWinkly ( назад)
Saw it back on Gprime when that was the website floating around the school.

Автор Collin Jones ( назад)
I FOUND YOU! AFTER HOURS OF GOOGLING "japan flag mouth headbangers music

Автор jl1i ( назад)
How cute they are!!!!!

Автор jl1i ( назад)

Автор mikktoohard112 ( назад)
very nice

Автор Noah Truman ( назад)
@hosenOne1 i'm looking for it too, if you find it let me know

Автор bravodigital15 ( назад)
genial, tratare de modelar esta escena en Cinema 4D cuando la termine, la

Автор Mathew Brown ( назад)
Can't believe this is still around, thumbs up if you saw this back in the
early 00's

Автор hosenOne1 ( назад)
anyone know the song or part of song they used for the flute part?.........
and if there is any insturmental video on youtube that has jus that type of

Автор Hayley C ( назад)
@stratmaniac You are so right!

Автор 124578aza ( назад)
is the most amazing video with drums an i see in all time

Автор lewisnwkc ( назад)
O :-( you missed the mast BOOM at the end... that's on the origional from
AlbinoBlackSheep anyway

Автор stratmaniac ( назад)
sounds like something from NIN's Ghosts album:D

Автор MarleyXVI ( назад)
what drum software made this?

Автор Koushi (Thelucialive) ( назад)

Автор Purulence Effervescente ( назад)

Автор faithbrandnew ( назад)
SICK =D lovefutureshorts

Автор akAsha6E6D ( назад)
GUYS go into the site,its gr8 with more sounds,music etc!!!!

Автор Kid Kuma ( назад)

Автор duraiel ( назад)
HAAAA, love it.

Автор foolecoole ( назад)
@Dj3xilM4n more like crazy awsome lol

Автор 2angi ( назад)
Am I in drugs?

Автор Dj3xilM4n ( назад)
moral : Japanese are crazy

Автор Nippon Jussi ( назад)
@amrobj I'm a metal fan and i find this awesome

Автор jkjijiojklkjoi ( назад)
how did you get the vid in such good quality

Автор But4Y ( назад)
I love yhis clip

Автор Polar Back Air ( назад)
owww....my head......

Автор Jerome ( назад)
Hard core Head Banging! literally.

Автор Im just wild ( назад)
102 metal fans

Автор qwerasd42 ( назад)
@abcgefp ZELDA

Автор William W ( назад)
mum, Im going out ! Where do you go and what do you want to do ? Im gonna
travel the world to hunt. how many people ? 102, guess why ;)...

Автор Batgirl31390 ( назад)

Автор Victoria Gonzales ( назад)
love the song! XD

Автор Moshi ( назад)
@Drapion3 And you failed if you touched the pad once with your drumsticks :D

Автор NedsAmazingShed ( назад)
i listened to this for an hour on repeat. i'm not sure what's happened to
my brain.

Автор W84MyFriend ( назад)
I Expect A faint in the End.

Автор dameowmixman ( назад)
good... one question though. why r they slaming their faces on the drums?

Автор TheTruckballs ( назад)
i got a headache from watching this (i still loved it but the way they were
hitting their faces like that X_X )

Автор ABLE Project ( назад)
this would be perfect for a vegas show

Автор ozzyj1 ( назад)
dose anyone have any information on tokyo plastic? i really need info on
the company and the designers please help me :)

Автор Drapion3 ( назад)
Imagine playing this on Rock Band 2 O_o

Автор MrAbkio ( назад)
@AeronPrometheus yea the good old times in lik 2005 remember

Автор Inuyashasluver83 ( назад)
lmfao i saved this on my browser so i can keep watching it its my favorite,
they did an awesome job on making this i wonder if they made more just like
this with the drums but used different songs :">

Автор foxnose64 ( назад)
@AeronPrometheus ya was it newgrounds or albinoblacksheep

Автор sonicxlc123 ( назад)
i found this 4 yrs ago an still good to listen ^.^

Автор Vigne Slade ( назад)
sound is so low ....

Автор ToastKitten ( назад)
Stepmania Keyboard Mega Pack :D

Автор Dan Dubinsky ( назад)
This is way better on Tokyoplastic, but I like the convenience of seeing it
on Youtube.

Автор Shuggles ( назад)

Автор NELM ( назад)
aww the sound isn't as nice here. i say go to tokyoplastic and watch it on
their site. it's super amazing

Автор Becky Freeman ( назад)
i forgot about the drum machine this is awsome

Автор blcollardude ( назад)
I heard this playin as car it drove by my house last night... I rattled my

Автор Geovane Sousa ( назад)

Автор Allen Harrison ( назад)
talk about head bangers haha

Автор monkey1526 ( назад)
awesome video

Автор Punkizification ( назад)
Punk's not dead xD

Автор Matteo Luigi Nicastro ( назад)
Bello!...Molto sintetico,ma Bello!... Ciao!...Bravo!...

Автор Rock History Channel ( назад)

Автор egyptsmina ( назад)
i love this video very much , i keep watching it all the time

Автор baba buè ( назад)
this is a trip

Автор Hijanu ( назад)

Автор toribasher123 ( назад)
bang bang awesome BEAT!

Автор MrH4loFighter ( назад)
it reminds me of the fanta commercial

Автор rednekus ( назад)
I saw something very similar to this somewhere on youtube before!

Автор Xpertus ( назад)

Автор Ariel Matias ( назад)
so so

Автор NK0TBakaIHSAN ( назад)
great its funny

Автор LionsTheKingOfCojons ( назад)
WTF was that? I loooove this shit! It's simply awesome!

Автор Never Ending Story ( назад)
@abcgefp I DID! lol

Автор guitaristshobi ( назад)
lookslike i`ll jam wid these beats:D

Автор Michael Morton ( назад)
Ahaha i fuckin love it

Автор thenewmrwizard ( назад)
What just happened

Автор abcgefp ( назад)
Who else thinks of a technologically advanced Goron Village when they hear

Автор egyptsmina ( назад)
it's very good i liked

Автор mitomen2000 ( назад)
retarded thing

Автор troulimoes ( назад)

Автор Shadyguy111 ( назад)

Автор DLXII ( назад)
@AeronPrometheus same! I remember first watching this about 4 years ago I

Автор ksjoris01 ( назад)
the snare and drumbase dudes go hard

Автор guitargeekette ( назад)
I know right!

Автор AeronPrometheus ( назад)
Wow, I nostalgia'd. Totally forgot about this thing.

Автор Paola Romandini ( назад)
Fantastic *ç*

Автор Tobias Vu ( назад)
Wtf is this ._.

Автор egozerosei ( назад)
that's a nice one :-D

Автор Murda ( назад)
thats normal

Автор Carrie fan♡ ( назад)
lol it's so unique!!!

Автор cherubino95 ( назад)
Uau! O_O

Автор sidfebkj ( назад)
wow,davvero simpatico...

Автор 8LuKe4 ( назад)
sarà la nuova pubblicità di boing??' XD

Автор Adenacia ( назад)
Macheccarino **

Автор Zaivx ( назад)
@zacizzle66 everyone knows dat

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