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Автор Carter Rogers (4 месяца)
omg i watched this all the time when i was little

Автор Inoue Go (1 год)

Автор dj Cause (1 год)
still one of my all time favz. . :-)

Автор Morgan Laco (1 год)
An oldie but still cool as hell...

Автор guitaristshobi (5 лет)
lookslike i`ll jam wid these beats:D

Автор lsloan0000 (2 года)
The quality of the original Flash animation was much better than this
version, though. This is a low-resolution screen-capture at best.

Автор Phil Lee (5 лет)
this is cool

Автор Never Ending Story (5 лет)
@abcgefp I DID! lol

Автор Chandre Robinson (2 года)
Yeah I watched it 8 years ago and I still love it to this day!

Автор hosenOne1 (3 года)
anyone know the song or part of song they used for the flute part?.........
and if there is any insturmental video on youtube that has jus that type of

Автор Collin Jones (3 года)
I FOUND YOU! AFTER HOURS OF GOOGLING "japan flag mouth headbangers music

Автор Victoria Gonzales (4 года)
love the song! XD

Автор tomasrega (5 лет)

Автор egyptsmina (5 лет)
it's very good i liked

Автор oscard1113 (5 лет)
they looklike alaskans

Автор RipplesVanWinkly (2 года)
Saw it back on Gprime when that was the website floating around the school.

Автор Inuyashasluver83 (4 года)
lmfao i saved this on my browser so i can keep watching it its my favorite,
they did an awesome job on making this i wonder if they made more just like
this with the drums but used different songs :">

Автор troulimoes (5 лет)

Автор Carlo Chia (5 лет)
mi piace... complimenti ... cosa vuol dire wtf?

Автор Harrison Ward (5 лет)
sometimes u just gotta love japan!

Автор MarleyXVI (3 года)
what drum software made this?

Автор Kyle Pohler (2 года)
If I remember correctly... there was a badass intro that is not in this
video.. :(

Автор sonicxlc123 (4 года)
i found this 4 yrs ago an still good to listen ^.^

Автор Cristian Muñoz (5 лет)

Автор sidfebkj (5 лет)
wow,davvero simpatico...

Автор nelmsters (5 лет)
aww the sound isn't as nice here. i say go to tokyoplastic and watch it on
their site. it's super amazing

Автор AeronPrometheus (5 лет)
Wow, I nostalgia'd. Totally forgot about this thing.

Автор Pam Estares (5 лет)
amazinggg.. :P

Автор 8LuKe4 (5 лет)
sarà la nuova pubblicità di boing??' XD

Автор AM Vendég (5 лет)
Áj szend disz gréjt sounds for the díreszt Nonkonformist: Gud Luck for jor
ikzám! :-)

Автор JuryAce (5 лет)
hahaha bel video!

Автор mepi123 (5 лет)
omg! luv!

Автор Zaivx (5 лет)
@zacizzle66 everyone knows dat

Автор Michael Morton (5 лет)
Ahaha i fuckin love it

Автор Becky Freeman (5 лет)
i forgot about the drum machine this is awsome

Автор monkey1526 (5 лет)
awesome video

Автор Thelucialive (4 года)

Автор Yonkage (1 год)
It reminds me somehow of Turok music.

Автор Carlo Chia (5 лет)
troppo bello....

Автор akAsha6E6D (4 года)
GUYS go into the site,its gr8 with more sounds,music etc!!!!

Автор 124578aza (3 года)
is the most amazing video with drums an i see in all time

Автор Dan Dubinsky (4 года)
This is way better on Tokyoplastic, but I like the convenience of seeing it
on Youtube.

Автор NedsAmazingShed (4 года)
i listened to this for an hour on repeat. i'm not sure what's happened to
my brain.

Автор ksjoris01 (5 лет)
the snare and drumbase dudes go hard

Автор NK0TBakaIHSAN (5 лет)
great its funny

Автор Mathew Brown (3 года)
Can't believe this is still around, thumbs up if you saw this back in the
early 00's

Автор bravodigital15 (3 года)
genial, tratare de modelar esta escena en Cinema 4D cuando la termine, la

Автор ozzyj1 (4 года)
dose anyone have any information on tokyo plastic? i really need info on
the company and the designers please help me :)

Автор rednekus (5 лет)
I saw something very similar to this somewhere on youtube before!

Автор Allen Harrison (5 лет)
talk about head bangers haha

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