Opel Blitz Truck - 1/6th Scale

Here is slide show of my scratch built 1/6th scale WW2 German Opel Blitz truck, a true work horse for the German Army during WW2 - Enjoy.

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Автор Inthe Lionsden ( назад)
Truly amazing.

Автор Airborne ( назад)
My cat could ride in the back

Автор nina krettek ( назад)
Ganz große Klasse, kompliments !!

Автор ilie Vlad ( назад)

Автор Simon Trowbridge ( назад)
Are you willing to sale your truck 

Автор Giant Schnauzer Gear ( назад)
so spectacular! thank you for sharing.. do ever sell your works?

Автор nina shiva ( назад)
Ganz große Klasse , like it !!

Автор Colin Craggs ( назад)
Do you think its wrong to change a figures uniform completely from, the way
I bought it I mean say you buy officer figure then change the uniform. To a
gunner or is it best just to mess about till your happy your I'm stuck what
to do. Your limey friend Snacks-53

Автор Jean Marc Belletete ( назад)
Super !!! Absolutely marvelous , you inspire me to built one now .

Автор nina shiva ( назад)
Absolut Tolles Auto, RESPEKT !!

Автор williams Caruso ( назад)
Stupendo!! :) 

Автор MrPookl ( назад)
Where did you get the wheels, have you amde those aswell? im planing on
doing one my self, and need to know ehere you got the wheels. and by the
way, GRATE work, this is the finest model iv ever seen!

Автор Stuart Sullivan ( назад)
fabulous video great truck

Автор Bill Smith ( назад)
You sir are one brilliant individual. My hat's off to you. 

Автор Dan S ( назад)
Outstanding. Back in 2003, my son and I were hauling an NSU parts car from
Detroit back to Chicago. Two guys in an Opel Blitz were on the Illinois
Tollway heading north. They got a chuckle when we saluted them, you can
guess which salute. Your work is excellent.

Автор luxyinthespace ( назад)
you are a master

Автор SoyBoySigh ( назад)
Incredible! What did you work from, blue-prints? The whole thing seems to
have been built by a computer using a rapid-prototype printer. Amazing.
Have you thought about molding a kit from these parts?

Автор Maurizio Gianguzzi ( назад)
Modello stupendo e ben dettagliato, complimenti!! Stupendous and well
detailed model, compliment!!

Автор ALEMEH1 ( назад)
its a piease of art!! sory for bad english 

Автор ALEMEH1 ( назад)
Its absolutley perfekt!!!!!!! thats one of the best i ever sen!!!

Автор MegaZsolti ( назад)
It's a 3.6-36SA, right? Cool truck :P

Автор MarcoDeBPG ( назад)
@Tiger332 Hello Tiger, I would like to ask you where did you find the
blueprints, i'm trying to detail an old Esci model but I cannot find any
type of blueprint... thank you, and of course, amazing job!

Автор rockinbillyboy ( назад)
@Tiger332 Ah thank you, i had a look at your other stuff, i see you're one
of Mr Shaw's crew. Your work on this truck is first class, i have come
across quite a few but this one takes it. I do a bit of scratch stuff
myself, but would love to learn a little more about rolling the plastic.
Could you please tell me a little about that?....sorry to be a pain, but i
have a few projects coming up and need curves like that. I'm still at the
amateur stage of scratch-building though. Many thanks.

Автор Vince Abbott ( назад)
@rockinbillyboy - Thanks, glad you all like it, all three materials are
used in it's construction, the chassis is steel as are some of the axle
parts, mainly for strength, all the wooden parts of the decking are of
course wood as you can age it better, the cab and and wheel arches are all
plastic which was rolled and shaped with a two part plastic filler. all the
minor brackets are steel again for strength.

Автор rockinbillyboy ( назад)
This is absolutely briliiant!!, a truly wonderful vehicle. Is it made from
metal or wood? or indeed plastic? I'm just wondering how you made the
mudguards etc..vacuform? She's a real beauty!

Автор Berry Rhodan ( назад)
Modellbau vom allerfeinsten. Ich bin absolut begeistert. Absolut umwerfend.

Автор manifestman132 ( назад)
Very nice. is the figure DiD or Dragon?

Автор Hamilkar Barkas ( назад)
godlike O.o love your 1/6 models, i watched all your videos and finally
bought a 1/6 kübelwagen (dragon), it won´t be as awesome as your models but
i will try it 

Автор lothar29 ( назад)
GOOS JOB!! como me gusta

Автор Lithonion1 ( назад)
I was blown away by the detail and work. Then at 3:21 you see the leaking
axle seal and diff and its like WOW!! Great work of art in recreating this
piece of history.

Автор Revvavver ( назад)

Автор crom mbie ( назад)
A1 respect , love to know how u made louvers in bonnet and how u sauced
your wheels, as a scratch builder myself gotta say if it is scratch built (
flawless) .

Автор Revvavver ( назад)
This music is the BEST!

Автор philipcanada78 ( назад)
Ah.. I know how you did it , it is a REAL truck!

Автор Airborneboy506 ( назад)
you guys do an insanely great job you guys should male one of those movies
were its like a series of pictures it would be cool were do u get all ur

Автор dodgedavis ( назад)
Yes, very good. I too noticed the oil stains on th differential. But, I bet
what was hardest was the grille.

Автор Sealover17 ( назад)
Nice work!

Автор Sanyey ( назад)
thats serious :OOOO even the oily marks on the rims and the differential
:OO true masterpiece!

Автор luuko656 ( назад)
i see,

Автор Vince Abbott ( назад)
This is a static only vehicle so there is no RC gear, one day I might
convert it.

Автор luuko656 ( назад)
very nice!! but might i ask; where are the RC parts located? i mean ie the

Автор Firebrand TF ( назад)
Amazing paint job! It really looks like the real truck! Oil, dust... it's
really brilliantly painted.

Автор Reggyrail ( назад)
Superb, well done and thanks for sharing

Автор commanderbacara198 ( назад)
Awesome work guys!

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