" Call Her James " Jasmine's Story

The trials & tribulations of James ...
born male chemically body modified to be a female...

Now considers herself a Lesbian
Hear her story...

We made this documentary to tell Jasmine's story
in hopes that it would help others caught in the same Dilemma.

( Born female trapped in a male body )

If you are facing this in your own life, please know, you are not alone..

Steven Speliotis

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Длительность: 7:27
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Автор GG GG ( назад)
what a freak, if hes gonna do it, do it proper and get the homone tratment
rather than just dressin up. looks well creepy. looks more like a peado on
a hunt for lil boys!!

Автор speliotis ( назад)
If you have a Story to tell, Contact me… We'll make a video for you too...

Автор ozarkmtnlake ( назад)
Creepy fat old man.

Автор Taryn McCoy ( назад)
Shes my good friend in RL love her! 

Автор speliotis ( назад)
haha Could be...

Автор Zodi77 ( назад)
Is that Bea Arthur?

Автор yzarc0x ( назад)
Damn that tranny sexy! O_O lol

Автор Pamela Thomas ( назад)
a wonderful video ! i totally relate to this. i want breasts like hers.

Автор ERROR: #290384AC ( назад)
Power to you honey, dear jasmine!!!! :) dont let ANYONE bring you

Автор Dianna Rahman-Fechner ( назад)
Well done Steven... and Jasmine... you deserve a hug :)

Автор Baby Beefcake ( назад)
Jas, I love it! XOXOXO

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