Chipmunk My Humps

This is My Humps - Black Eyed Peas, Alvin And The Chipmunks style. Plz comment and rate. If you would like me to transform some songs into this cool style, subscribe and tell me and (if possible) i will make them into this awesome style.

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Автор katy riede ( назад)
nice song i really like it but it makes me go crazy when i listen to it,
but my humps my humps my lovely lady lumps

Автор Carolina Ferreira ( назад)

Автор Olivia Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Alexandria Perry ( назад)
I love this song its so cute 

Автор mincraft girl ( назад)
I like it

Автор Amanda Crutchfield ( назад)
fegie sexy

Автор menslady125 ( назад)
Awww, isn't that cute, ladies? Even the chipmunks love our humps.

Автор Matheus Dias Gonçalves ( назад)
kkkkkkkkkkkkk muito legal

Автор Say A ( назад)

Автор halo deardorff ( назад)

Автор theweregurl ( назад)
Dani: Derek? What are you watching? *listens to music* O.O Derek: :D *Sways
back in forth* Jake: Wha-*joins* Dani: YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!?!?!?! IT'S A

Автор alan balabanick ( назад)

Автор genelyn espanola ( назад)
i ♥ DIZ..:))

Автор Lissa Bulm ( назад)
They just make it sooo much more cute

Автор TopangaC ( назад)
Lol I've never heard the original, I just thought it would be funny to hear
a chipmunk say 'my humps' lol. Lemme just click te search bar hah...

Автор Laurentucker144 ( назад)
Make a song in chipmunk voice like,I'm sexy and I no it. By LMFAO

Автор InvaderMel13382 ( назад)
Ahahahahah read a scary comment

Автор Levon Ghanimian ( назад)
This makes Theodore sound gay...... No wonder he never went out with

Автор rosie adams ( назад)
yeah i like the rap

Автор Isabelle Catania ( назад)
Lol Simon theo is me fav!!! Thums up if u agree

Автор myzlovelygirl Sammi ( назад)
its so awesome man

Автор Tommy Dolan ( назад)
@lanaraed1123 fuck you

Автор _Bia_ ( назад)
Lol chipmunks wat am I gonna do it y'all

Автор Angela Brown ( назад)
Awkward when he creator of the video titles it "Chipmunk MY Humps" then
says (and right on the video) "Pump it: Chimpmunk style!" unless of course
they mean pump the party (song) chipmunk style, then hats off to you sir
er....ma'am...sir? well whatevs.

Автор Iam A Dinosaur ( назад)
Simon: Will I am Alvin: BEP and/or Taboo Fergie: Theodore for some
reason........ it sounded weird at the part when theo said "they say i'm
reakky sexy, the boys they wanna sex me" becaue theo is a boy *stops* IS
THEO GAY?!?!?!?!?!

Автор ahmed al-hajri ( назад)

Автор ErikaCramer ( назад)
omg LOL!!! hehehehe...i can sing like a chipette XD

Автор Hanny ( назад)

Автор julia bieber ( назад)
Yhuu Lahvee Myhhh Lahhdeyy Humpss(:!

Автор ac40131 ( назад)
@GenoFax lolz

Автор TheSketi3 ( назад)

Автор TheSketi3 ( назад)

Автор TheGlasses15 ( назад)
@davidpizzamann ich finde es passt nicht dazu

Автор davidpizzamann ( назад)
Warum nicht

Автор Thao Xyooj ( назад)
thumps up if you like Theodor more than Alvin and Simon

Автор motorhead351c ( назад)
therdor is fergie

Автор 95Soap ( назад)
Ich Finds cool :D

Автор TheGlasses15 ( назад)
ich mag das ende nicht

Автор Stefilanuvoletta ( назад)
Troppo bellooo <3

Автор po yan ( назад)
i love their voices;

Автор TheGlasses15 ( назад)
@hugglesMcBuggles lol

Автор DaBigBossPR ( назад)

Автор Adam Shalli ( назад)

Автор thehouseofsmosh ( назад)

Автор Ellen Davies ( назад)

Автор Littlepikachu15 ( назад)
What did i watch...

Автор rihards sulmanis ( назад)
Deem Freaking awesome.. :D

Автор Dolphingurls921 ( назад)
omg lol F-U-N-N-Y

Автор Narnian Cake ( назад)
@akrida420 her name is brittany

Автор jean marc mazat ( назад)
La belle gosse du 01 je craque je suis fan de ses petites souris <333

Автор Narnian Cake ( назад)
sounds like simon and jeanette.

Автор Mick D ( назад)
Cute!but the the Chipettes should sing this

Автор starsoverthere ( назад)
Freakin awesome! love it

Автор Prince OwnsYou ( назад)
Haha Nice Song :D

Автор emily4977 ( назад)
shouldn't the chipettes be singing this?lol

Автор Fam Bug ( назад)
ZomG h...he...ehe..ehheh...hahahaha....muhwahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol

Автор 343TheSentient ( назад)
LOL nice

Автор patosweet ( назад)

Автор Flavorble ( назад)
lol mad crazy but love it

Автор Vane Kiki ( назад)
hahahaha wooooooooow cute!! :D

Автор Adil Shah ( назад)
oh i thought theodore was singing sorry made a mistake.

Автор justin pros ( назад)

Автор banouna said ( назад)

Автор carolientje1212 ( назад)
The movie was amazing i've seen him twice :)

Автор Michaela MacLean ( назад)
how cute Alvan is MINE i love him

Автор Hittman1422 ( назад)
@TheJizzinmypants100 LOL!!!

Автор Mariana Bez ( назад)
LOL!!!!! Cute!!

Автор Sarah darling ( назад)
simen is mine i love him

Автор jva0612 ( назад)
it's fergie and b-e-p but you changed the voice

Автор MaplexJackie ( назад)

Автор Soulcrack DN ( назад)
cool end not bad

Автор Eoin Murphy ( назад)
sooo cute

Автор Nicloe132009 ( назад)
omg this is so cute

Автор digipoke888 ( назад)
aww it's sound like the chipmunks and the chipets sing together so cute!<3

Автор slamshotstudios ( назад)
Dirty chipmunks!

Автор springie111 ( назад)
@jayNbella So Real i guess XD

Автор TheJoshuaTuber ( назад)
Well , just cool off , I know he called you a dipshit , well , he's
mentally retard , so fuck it , don't bother a retard talking to you ^^ AHAHA

Автор jayNbella ( назад)
okay well i juss wanna know the song at the end of this video

Автор TheJoshuaTuber ( назад)
@Skullkidfanboy13 Cool OFF!!

Автор TheJoshuaTuber ( назад)
@jayNbella Cool off !

Автор jayNbella ( назад)
no its not dumb fuck

Автор jayNbella ( назад)
okay well if u watch the whole video u will know that theres another song
at the end,smart ass!!!

Автор jayNbella ( назад)
whats the last song called?

Автор gattino96kyky ( назад)
I love this song...xD 5*****

Автор iiiMeganxo ( назад)
it actually sounds like them (:

Автор Feddilover123 ( назад)

Автор Kaddy19809 ( назад)
I love this version!! :)

Автор Karen Daly ( назад)
my humos my ladiie humps check i out

Автор Corridor Sparrow ( назад)

Автор Adil Shah ( назад)
not to be mean but y does theodore always get the female voice part?

Автор Chels Wane ( назад)
Love itt xxxxx !!!!

Автор losokilla123 ( назад)

Автор meezgirl123456 ( назад)
theodore is so cute

Автор yojoeyhere ( назад)
No it did't? XD

Автор iluvsam133 (179 лет назад)
weird but cute........

Автор Emily Bock ( назад)
Theodore is fergie! lollllllll

Автор ballpark456 ( назад)
lol!!!!freaking laughing my behind off!

Автор cissinea ( назад)
really cute! but the normal version id better. i think that it should be a
litter higher and faster! good!

Автор blackgardenia24 ( назад)
i love that song when the chipmunks sing it

Автор armidons ( назад)
hate it like crazy dog frog

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