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Автор Marzenna Golebiewska ( назад)
Cavalier King should not be sheared! Buy yourself a Beagle!

Автор Inviizzible Arts ( назад)
Our cav loves being groomed but he doesn't have the typical smooth shiny
coat, his is more curly and I just can't get him to... you know not look
scruffy XD

Автор allThatIsGoodMG ( назад)
I.ve just groomed my cavalier for the first time, he looks great and feels
better. Thank you for this video :)

Автор nick shaw ( назад)
Stupid Stupid stupid woman you do not use shears on cavaliers you hand
strip them what a load of crap!!!!!!

Автор Aaron Alexander ( назад)
I am thinking of getting some clippers and starting to groom my Cavalier's.
What number blade do you use? :)

Автор Tina Mawer ( назад)
hey, what number blade did you use on the body?

Автор Reni ren ( назад)
It's so hard with my cav as he doesn't keep still and he really doesn't
like being groomed. His hair also seems to grow up and curl around his
bottom end of his back. How can I make this nice and smooth? My poor little
guy looks so scruffy :( 

Автор Jules G ( назад)
will this help the shedding, my baby sheds like crazy

Автор akira susuke ( назад)
Great video. I groom my ckc and his hair grows exactly the same than
before,both length and quality. He looks cute when I groom him : o )

Автор Sonja Stewart ( назад)
Question: about how long is Leo's hair after the hair cut? Our Black and
Tan can't take the heat, we walk him at the cooler time of day. We are
thinking of giving him a hair cut like your Leo to see if it would help.
Any advice would be welcomed. We live in the Houston area so it's hot for
most of the year. Thanks, loved the videos 

Автор NienkeJoe ( назад)
Thank you so much for all your videos! I have a Cavalier who's really itchy
on one side. He scratches so much that is skin is getting really thick and
now it gets flakes too. His back foot gets tangled in the hairs of his ear.
That hurts!
He's 5 years old and never has been combed or trimmed or cared for in the
right way. He belonged to an old man and has been petted on his itchy side
for 5 years.
His coat is really thick.
Now I'm going to trim him short, especially behind the ears and shoulders.
And the rest of his body is going to be trimmed too.
When he's not that itchy and his skin is healed, I let his hair grow back.
Now I know how to trim him, so he doesn't look like he's been chewed up by
goats :D
Thank you so so much!

Автор Teressa Pepper ( назад)
What brand clippers do you recommend? 

Автор Annie Nowa ( назад)
<3 Leo <3

Автор Sarah Sivas ( назад)
What brand/model of clipper are you using? I have been looking at several
different ones but am not sure which one to buy. I also have a tri
Cavalier. Thanks :)

Автор Terry McCloud ( назад)
I LOVE how he looks away, trying to find an escape. lol. So much like my
Dar Baby

Автор laniya jacobs ( назад)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Shears are made my "Heritage" and are really reasonable, blades are by
Andis and I have a video called "clippers and blades" that tells about the
brand and sizes. I would suggest investing in a decent pair if you are
serious about doing it at home. The ones you buy at walmart are not good
enough for full body grooming. Good luck and hope this helps, if you have
any other questions let me know! 

Автор holdmeback47 ( назад)
would like to try grooming my cav myself and your video is helpful. what
shears do you use? Have had her shaved down for the summer and it is so
much easier for both of us. I presume she is more comfortable and fewer
snarls under the arms, etc. Costs $75 for the groomer and I do it a couple
times a year but it seems like something I could do myself. Your dog is so
COOPERATIVE. name of shears and blades please? thank you. 

Автор Marie Many ( назад)
Wow! Thanks for posting the video...Now I know how... 

Автор ViolentVegan ( назад)
We send our cavie for a complete shavedown a couple of times a year and it
always grows back fine.

Автор LowderNews ( назад)
Leo is such a great dog! Great video too : )

Автор Nessa Madden ( назад)
im wondering cause my cavalier never i mean never stops shedding esspically
on her head can u help me? 

Автор YugiDash ( назад)
you could try carding his coat which would remove his dead undercoat :)

Автор Sleepyunicorn ( назад)
do Cavalier's matt as much as cockers do?

Автор Zoe Cavalier ( назад)
Adorable Cavalier! If only my Zoe was this calm during bath time

Автор ArwenUndomiel90 ( назад)
How often do you usually need to do the full haircut? And how much does it
usually cost? I mean is it a monthly routine or does it need to be done
more often?

Автор Susan Bailey ( назад)
Thank you very much for the two videos. I have two Mixed Cavs and the
chest, legs and feet are difficult for me, but I'm going to get a pair of
thinning shears and that will make the difference. 

Автор Monika Norcross ( назад)
A neutered or spayed Cavalier will have a thicker coat. If you're trying to
obtain a great coat, check with your pet store or breeder for the right
feed. If you've got them on grocery store feed, you're not getting them the
nutrition their body needs and your coat will show it. I did take down (and
I vowed I never would) my 4yo neutered males coat last summer. He was so
overheated he wasn't getting exercise. By mid winter it had all grown back,
so no worries there! 

Автор DaBassLady Covers ( назад)
I love at 4:48 after Leo barked and she said "thats ok Leo" he barked again

Автор constella morris ( назад)
It's a beautiful dog.

Автор Meghan Wanser ( назад)
@jfmom But the long amazing coat is of course not the only thing I love
about cavaliers :)

Автор Meghan Wanser ( назад)
@spanielmom93 Thank you! He is a beautiful dog no matter what, He is the
best dog ever actually ;) but I am biased, One of the things I was
attracted to with the breed was the long gorgeous coat, since he seems a
bit behind his peers in coat growing I was a little unsure if he had an
usually short coat. The groomer told me he will get a nice long coat, but
it won't be the longest cavalier coat ever, he suspects thicker and wavier
than long and drapping :) 

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@jfmom It can take several years for a Cavalier King Charles coat to mature
to the luxurious state you see the show dogs in. However, some never get
quite that full. It all depends on the parents and the lineage. I would
suspect your lil one will be just fine and furry in a year or two. ;) No
worries either way though as they are adorable no matter what. ;)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@catamount93 I think it would be kinda cute. ;) Go for it! 

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@madisonbwillis1 If you are doing the cutting then the sooner you get her
used to it the better... if you are planning on taking her to a
professional groomer then be sure to have her shots all done before you
take her into a place with other dogs. ;) Other than that the sooner you
start the better! ;) Have fun and practice with patience and your dog will
learn to love being groomed. Good luck! 

Автор Meghan Wanser ( назад)
I have a tri color male who is almost 9 months old his coat is still very
short but getting thicker, when can I expect that long draping gorgeous
coat? I love that coat. I am starting to worry a bit that it will never
grow in. I have taken him once to the groomers, they trimmed him up, his
ears and feet because the fur was coming in all around his toes. I think
when I take him back I will just have them bath him and brush and fluff and
leave his coat the way it is.

Автор MuyBriana ( назад)
Thanks so much for these Cavalier grooming videos!

Автор Jonathan Sanders ( назад)
I am wanting to take my Blenheim in for his spring shave. I usually get him
a "puppy cut" where they leave some length on the ears and tail. If I had
his tail shaved down (because it tends to get pretty hard to clean) would
it look totally stupid? I know it would grow back but I think Baron would
love the temporarily short tail hair.

Автор renae w (1931 год назад)
You should stop rambling and just show us

Автор Bodhi ( назад)
@MissSixtiesPennyLane ****Moron alert****

Автор Nicole ( назад)
I have a question, my cavalier is just like yours exept it is much smaller
and she's 1 years old, is it normal for a 1 year old king charels cavalier
to be short, when do u think it will be like urs? what age ?

Автор lessgraviity ( назад)
Thanks for this! We have a 7-year-old Blenheim who usually gets a shave and
trim for the summer, but I like to just do maintenance in the winter.
Anywho, this was definitely helpful. Since he's definitely NOT a show dog,
I have no problems shaving him. Besides, he would get so overheated.

Автор Patricia Casimiro ( назад)
I have a question. Suppose that you don't own a blade. How can you cut the
dog's hair with a sissor? I mean, it's not like the curly hair of a poodle,
it's a straight hair. I know it is a silly question. And sorry my english!

Автор AdrianaCM ( назад)
@yourOVAHness they shed a TON! that is the ONLY bad that about cavaliers.
oh and they get separation anxiety. but the shedding is pretty bad so you
have to brush them daily especially after they are dry from a bath. after
baths they shed clumps. I have a cavalier that i love to death, i just wish
they didn't shed so much. 

Автор itsageoffrushthing ( назад)
I think a little trim where it's needed is much better for Cavvies!

Автор ZoilaSolis ( назад)
Leo is gorgeous and so well behaved. i like that he just sits and allows
you to shave him. I hope the clippers do not hurt him, he seems fine
though. when you groom him, do you find that it reduces shedding? I want to
get one but i dont want to be vacumming everyday!! :( They are beautiful
dogs! How old is Leo?

Автор Maria Zapata ( назад)
what clipper brand would you recommended??? 

Автор Nicole ( назад)
i have the same kind and color but the porblem is potty training can u give
me advice for that ?

Автор Joan Stephens ( назад)
Great video. Do you find that Tri Color Cavs are more hairy than Blenheims?

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@zzanghada1 As soon as your puppy has all his/her shots then he/she should
be making a visit to the groomer or you wich every you prefer. The younger
you start, no matter what breed, the better you dog will learn to enjoy the
grooming process. Dogs that don't go to the groomer till they are close to
or older than a year are usually very difficult to do, due to being
fearful. The sooner you start the easier it will be for your dog Between
4-8 weeks is about how often you should take him. ;) 

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@Pigalit Thank you! I appreciate your comment and I am glad I could help
you and your Cavie. ;) You are right, all four of my dogs are gorgeous no
matter what their hair looks like, all dogs should be loved and cared for
even if that means shaving them down occasionally when needed. ;) They are
after all the same dog with or without luxurious coat! :) 

Автор Phoenix the Cavalier ( назад)
@MissSixtiesPennyLane I groom my Cav everyday and I have shaved him before
because he sheds so much+his coat grew back exactly the same. I also shave
his front legs as he pees on them+stains his white legs yellow. The word
disgusting is a bit too strong in my opinion as no matter what my Cavalier
looked like I would love him as he is beautiful. I am very grateful to
spanielmom for taking the time to upload these videos and find them super

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@MissSixtiesPennyLane I have had Leo for several years now... he does not
grow back curly, fly away, nor does it grow in the wrong direction... no
dogs hair does that when you shave them. The only dogs that you SHOULD
NEVER shave are "actual" double coated breeds. Which FYI a Cavie is NOT
double coated. ;) I have tried all kinds of shampoo and additives for the
food, nothing helps him EXCEPT clipping him down. You should worry about
your own dog, and stop worrying about other peoples pets. ;) 

Автор MissSixtiesPennyLane ( назад)
I own a Cav, and I think its DISGUSTING to shave them in ANY WAY! My Cav
has terrible dry skin and dandruff that was completely fixed with dog coal
tar shampoo! The fur WILL grow back curly, fly away and in wrong directon

Автор Alicia Maui ( назад)
Thank you for a starting point as to what shears to buy first. Elvis is not
a show dog, so I mistakes will only add to his ridiculous charm. He acts
like your Leo....chilly. Well, if you are ever on Maui....let us know.
Again thank you for sharing your knowledge. Aloha & Mahalo, Alicia & Elvis
(Stella still with mom)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@aliciasj1 Glad you like my videos! I think shears and things like that are
pretty much something you need to try out and see what feels best to you, I
use Heritage shears and I have the 8" curves... as far as thinners you need
to find a pair with the most teeth, mine are like a 42 tooth pair I
believe. Hope this helps! :) 

Автор Alicia Maui ( назад)
I really enjoyed your videos. Great job explaining how to trim and keep our
fur babies hair manageable. If you have time, can you tell me the size
shears (thinning, curved, etc.) that I should buy. We just adopted Elvis @
3 years and are getting another puppy so I need to stock up to keep the
hair under control. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Aloha from

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@Caireboo You will get a bit better each time you try. I promise if I ever
make it your way I'll look you up. :) Thanks a ton for you kind comment. ;)

Автор Claire Austin ( назад)
Ok so my hatchet job on my two 3 year old brother cavs didn't turn out
anything like yours but it was my first go and I'm rather proud of it lol.
Without you I would have used by far the wrong blade and.... Well to be
honest I couldn't have done it without you at all. I have since watched all
your other videos and am your biggest fan. If you are ever in the
Cotswolds,UK then pop in for tea and I won't make you groom my boys -
honest ;0)

Автор StrumT strummer ( назад)
Thanks a million for your feedback. :0))

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@strumtstrummer You might be surprised, Leo was and still is a very
skittish dog but he doesn't mind the clippers a bit.. or the blow dryer
either. It just takes time though, practice practice practice, and lots of
treats and praise.

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@strumtstrummer Yes, he is a big Cavie. ;) 

Автор StrumT strummer ( назад)
Mine would run a mile if I turned that clippers on anyway near her. How do
you get them used to it? I clip mine with a scissors and comb, Takes

Автор StrumT strummer ( назад)
He's HUGE???

Автор ReallyRealityTC ( назад)
These videos are so helpful! I'm still learning how to groom my two
Cavaliers. I used to show Samoyeds so I'm used to a much different grooming
scenario! I'm still not ready to take the clippers to my Cavs, but I feel
like I can get a little more aggressive with my trimming now that we're not
showing. I love that you give different options. The first time I took a
dryer to my Blenheim, I nearly blew her off the table... had to downgrade
my dryer to the smaller metro. Ha!

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@tez1204 I'm sure there is shampoo that is supposed to help with tangles
BUT I don't have any faith in products that claim to do such things. ;)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
@ambercoles8701 Thank you! Glad you liked it. ;)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Thanks! :)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Thanks! I would say School is a great thing BUT you do need hands on as
well. Try to find an actual groom shop who teaches as well. That way you
get both. ;) That is how I did it, I took an 8 week course on basic
grooming then learned everything else either on the job or at Grooming
Expos. Good luck! ;)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Bless his heart, I would hate to lock a dog up like that. Glad he is coming
to visit with you now instead. ;) I bet he appreciated you cutting them
out. :)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Unfortunatly no, I am not a fan of dematting, if she won't even let you use
thinning shears to help break them up then I don't know what to tell you.
You need to inform her that it can be very painful to demat event the
smallest matt. Sorry I couldn't be more help...

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
Thank you! He is as cute inside as he is outside too! ;)

Автор spanielmom93 ( назад)
We made another video afterwards, I haven't edited it yet though. It's a
video for Abbers LOL :)

Автор Marcia Stephens ( назад)
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, we appreciate you so
much! And Leo, oh my goodness how handsome he is!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

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