190E merc with 1jzgte

my car walk around.

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Автор Chill step studz ( назад)
is it still alive? how much kilometer did it survive

Автор WildSpartan300 ( назад)
I want to do this swap and can get the engine for 1k but that's not
including the intercooler or any problems I may run into with the drive

Автор prageef singh ( назад)
I was planning to convert my twin turbo 1jz gte to single turbo which turbo
would you recommend ?

Автор Nolan Perrin ( назад)
what sideskirts are those?? looks awesome man 

Автор rott dllan (publicaccount) ( назад)
is it automatic or manual? 

Автор lmwandrew (900 лет назад)
COuld you retain the air conditioning?

Автор NilsOdin ( назад)
what was the biggest rebuild you had to do to get this done?

Автор 190emerc ( назад)
@MangoSmoothie16 toyota supras, soarers and chasers

Автор MangoSmoothie16 ( назад)
what cant I find this engine in? 

Автор Marko Sandelin ( назад)
Only merc motors that can last as long as Toyota JZ-series motors are benz
diesels. :) I would say this is a huge upgrade if converting from gas merc

Автор SiGNSiS ( назад)
best 190e engine ! :)

Автор ThePewb ( назад)

Автор sashimimann ( назад)
Don't forget to buy the '2.5 TURBO' emblem from your local Mercedes dealer.

Автор andygerard09 ( назад)
OMG mate, really, how did u installed speakers in the front door?

Автор Feskslam ( назад)
evo3 does not exist. Mercedes made Evo and Evo II. Evo 3 is just an
aftermarket name for a styling kit.

Автор HippieHunta ( назад)
nice, where did you get the mounts?

Автор RDawg007 ( назад)
dude that motor sounds sick dude I have plans of putting one into my 88
Toyota pickup really just change the turbo and you gain a ton of power.

Автор Yamajee200 ( назад)
Mine weighs 2368KG.

Автор esdafoo ( назад)
What about the driveshaft? Is it complicated to do the machine work? Thank

Автор initialg86 ( назад)
wow that is wild i wanna put a 1jz in mine now haha mean props man

Автор demossav ( назад)
How much did the conversion cost?

Автор Pro60modman ( назад)
Good news then! Now my 190e EVO project can get a good motor.

Автор aspiredrotary (459 лет назад)
hahahaha, good luck with that. it would be sick if you pull it off.

Автор aspiredrotary (572 года назад)
serious, the 190e is balls deep classy.

Автор Pro60modman ( назад)
Did you have to modify the steering rack or subframe?

Автор lummox1212 (718 лет назад)
mad car man. what is that track playing? i want it. I just bought one of
these. Sweet car. Mine has the standard 2 litre, with a oldschool turbo
setup on it. It is also manual. She takes a while to spool. awesome fun
though. When it gives up, i was thinking of throwing a 1jz under there. how
much stuffing around is it? cheers

Автор rjmn1 ( назад)
i need your advice on how to set up my soarer mate can i run a big turbo
(got rid of twins) with the stock exhaust?

Автор rjmn1 ( назад)
dont know much about"mb`s" but a stock 1jz will handle 500-600 hp and last
half a million kilometres on top of that except for a high spec amg motor
there aint nothing in the merc range that will do that.....so good stuff
buddy for thinking out side the square

Автор Alec Mayes ( назад)
to each his own. you have a point

Автор Alec Mayes ( назад)
i guess they are cheaper and more plentiful.. but then you gotta spend all
that time figuring out how to wire it and stuff and time is money

Автор Alec Mayes ( назад)
what a shame... maybe when that ones blows at 5k miles he'll but an MB
motor back in

Автор David PhoTWENTY ( назад)
omg... pure potental!(however u spell it) imagine a single turbo + custom
intakemani ahhh so jealus! what do u have on it?

Автор firedancingphoenix ( назад)
So how hard was it wiring it up to the Benz did you piggy back it on to the
original wiring harness Or did get a new one made up? And what sort of
money have you spent getting it in and geting blue plated?

Автор Atunaisa Atunaisa ( назад)
ENVY!!! fark man thats helluh nice. im trying to fit a RB30 in my 190E and
then DET it. nice work

Автор bassist21685 ( назад)
i love that these assholes will tell you to get another muffler, but they
dont even know what type of engine it is..fucking dumbshits... good 1jzgte
swap, good muffler good work.. your 190 is hell of alot faster than

Автор viktord1 ( назад)
1jzgte? isn't that a toyota engine? if it is you made one hell of a car. I
would swap the fartcan with another muffler though and put diesel badges on
it :D hahahaha

Автор Toriano Smith ( назад)
sickass sleeper man.. lol

Автор lanhaihai ( назад)
may i noe how the car after transplanting this engine?? Is there any
problem?? Eg, wiring problem Is the speedometer n rpm meter working
accurately?? R u using the benz crossmember??

Автор kingbenzai ( назад)
Nice!!! Badass sound. 190e rules 'm all... ;)

Автор fasttoyo ( назад)
badass dude, badass

Автор Ed Salem ( назад)
nice to see people dumping soarer engines into things other than
lightweight drag cars!! exhaust + pod sounds nice, you got pretty much the
same setup as me. does your piping run all the way past the cat? Factory
turbos? What BOV are you using?

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