Me Playing Super Smash Bros Brawl Plus!!!

yeah i got it. but why i can't play online though? when i did... it freezes. why?

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Автор BlueYoshiBrit YoshiPoPPinz ( назад)
brawl minus is waaaaaay better

Автор KesterStudios ( назад)
yeah u don't have to hack ur wii to play it which is cool.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
use gecko to play it right? and yeah i'll check it out. it might be next
Hot-Sauce playthrough. well.. if u watch my videos lately. lol

Автор KesterStudios ( назад)
balanced brawl is a mod that takes away infinites, takes away chaingrabs,
takesway tripping, takes away planking, and balances all the characters and
some stages. its pretty good and the physics aren't changed either. if u
want more info or wanna download it theres an official website.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
balance brawl mod? whats that? i may wanna try it. i knew some hacks they
was doing like Minus and i was like meh..

Автор KesterStudios ( назад)
project m makes changes then physics to like they were in melee. Im just
not a fan of it because if I want melee physics ill play melee. sure it
adds new maps and characters but overall I just think its pointless. I like
the balance brawl mod better

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
really how so? havent tried it yet though.

Автор KesterStudios ( назад)
project m is pointless

Автор Madara Uchiha ( назад)
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Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
this video is old dude. i know about the updated ones

Автор CadetChicken ( назад)
Yeah it is, and a great hack. I wonder why this guy doesnt have any
costumes or stage designs. If you look up Brawl+ 5.0 marth vs Samus by
ramb05 there are costumes and level designs on the game such as Samus
dressed in an iron man costume

Автор xXEMILIO97Xx ( назад)
is this a hack (Sorry im new on wii!!)

Автор TheA120100 ( назад)
I wish I could, but my sd card slot is broken. Is there any known way to
fix it?

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
i made a video about that today. whay is it?

Автор Erza Scarlet ( назад)
Lol :)

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@DublityOshawott905 that's might be the reason your PAL. i think should
check your settings and set it as region free. i cant remember

Автор DublityOshawott905 ( назад)
Hi, I load the game through this udapter app (it loads gecko to get to
brawl plus) it says go to the album so you can install it but when I go to
the album it freezes do you know why? btw I'm PAL

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@Battleon469 this was soo long ago. i forgot where i got this from. try

Автор Mistermaster1099 ( назад)
Falco is WAAAY cooler than Samus.

Автор cremyjr100 (2033 года назад)
comment. wen u lost ur first life, even though you still wouldnt hav made
it ( i dont think) u know the player's from star fox/wolf's up special has
better range than theyre side?

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@Jynxix yeah i know

Автор Jynxix ( назад)
I got to meet the guy who made this. Did you know that ice climbers were
going to be the mario twins, but he scrapped that project.

Автор Kensabeast .ılı. ( назад)
awesome vid :D

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@Kylesan90 as far as i can remember no

Автор Kylesan90 ( назад)
Do squirtle, ivy & charizard have down b moves in + if you select them as

Автор jaipathak108 ( назад)
how did u get squirtle,ivysaur,charizard,sheik,zelda,and zero suit samus to
have their own character select?

Автор 黄緑 ( назад)
Lu Bu XD Dynasty Warriors reference FTW

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@TerraRyzer yes

Автор TerraRyzer ( назад)
im sure its been asked a million times but can you play this online with
someone else who has it?

Автор Tman ( назад)
it freezes because you have homebrew and just like trying to go wifi with
the action replay for ds. but because you have homebrew, i dont even think
that is ssbb+ it is probly just a homebrew hack. how did you even get

Автор rizened ( назад)
my wii got bricked from homebrew nintendo said they sent it back unrepaired
but it works o.O

Автор Harper Martin ( назад)
is very convosed

Автор Forfunaccount ( назад)
@SuperPixlmario64 Ya, but you don't remember to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME

Автор SuperPixlmario64 ( назад)
@emily909098 you know you can start as zero suit samus at normal brawl..

Автор Dtctr010 ( назад)
do i leave the sd card in when i play brawl cuz it freezes when its left in
and when it isnt in runs fine

Автор Dtctr010 ( назад)
@istalkkP dude dont go there wit metaknight hes my guy

Автор istalkkP ( назад)
I think Brawl is pretty balanced as is. Well... Except for Snake and

Автор Shadowglades ( назад)
@RyanWeisel the 8 min stock battle is brawl plus' default

Автор MeSoHornyMeLuvULongTime ( назад)
No CG in Brawl+. How gay is that.

Автор Jesse Ficarra ( назад)
@khortonworld You mean when he started it up? That was BootMii

Автор HaloACWW ( назад)
Oh god, it's Super Smash Flash 1's Pikachu all over again. Ugh.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
@sean1997102 yes

Автор sean1997102 ( назад)
2:18 did the shield graphic chage?

Автор shrillz ( назад)
what a waste of time. Virtualy no difference and I like the lag between
moves. It makes it more epic!

Автор supergokuify ( назад)
you 're a novice almost not have anything of applications. you have a
bricked brawl sound watch my videos i have the best video of brawl in the
world plis

Автор RyanWeisel ( назад)
it set the match for 8min even though u put 3stock

Автор Terrorbyte ( назад)
holy fuck that looks much better

Автор AlbertWikowonkavitz ( назад)
The characters seem a bit jittery...I dunno...

Автор Marcus ( назад)
its pretty much a mix of brawl and melee its faster past and the attacks
send you flying a little earlier than before plus new colors for charecters

Автор Subliminal Messages ( назад)
i already got it. thx for the advice though =)

Автор RyoushiMasurao ( назад)
@VirtualJudgement get the homebrew channel and gecko os =D

Автор RyoushiMasurao ( назад)
@kookoo64 No that isn't, that is the Custom CSS (character select screen)
code The difference is it is designed to be more like melee, faster and
easier to combo

Автор RyoushiMasurao ( назад)
@SmashLiXs its designed to be like melee

Автор ⚜ TECHnoCRATE ⚜ ( назад)
this video containt Spongebob

Автор Anteo ( назад)
wow.. Handicap = Buffer =0 You can play with 0 Buffer O.o I just can't.. I
need at least 40

Автор Anteo ( назад)
Is Brawl Balanced?? O.o And Brawl is a great Party game.. Not as good as a
competitive fighting game...

Автор Subliminal Messages ( назад)
i want it. brawl's my shit =l

Автор SmashLiXs ( назад)
@alexmtzZB i don't see how

Автор SmashLiXs ( назад)
@kookoo64 i meant besides that

Автор Alexander Martinez ( назад)
idk, but it does look like you can combo better, that's how i see it..

Автор SmashLiXs ( назад)
what's the difference than before?

Автор CDTheHedgehog ( назад)
I have a similar problem. it freezes for me when I use capt falcons final
smash o_o

Автор cloudenvy112 ( назад)
I'm with you there man. I don't mind people saying Melee is better but I
hate it when people say Brawl sucks and isn't balanced.

Автор Spyro657 ( назад)
how is this different?

Автор deprece2301 ( назад)
So have you been able to play this online without any problems yet?

Автор brucenatelee ( назад)
I thought the hit lag adds to the epicness, like the Matrix or something.

Автор brucenatelee ( назад)
Two questions: 1) Seeing how this is mentioned on multiple Smash sites, is
this legit? 2) Can you change it back Bonus: Can you just remove random
tripping while running?

Автор brucenatelee ( назад)
It's a hack. It's on many major Smash site, meaning that it may be
legit/legal, but it's made to be more competative. Brawl wasn't really
competative as much as melee, but the main issue people had was lack of
combos and (personally) prat falling, or tripping.

Автор wowhobos ( назад)
@riku0228 The differance is manly like no lag between attacks (Better for
spammers) You have to be closer to the edge to grab it, some stages r a bit
diferent, Just mostly little game improvements. Theyre hard to spot you
have to play it to see the diff.

Автор WKmugen ( назад)
boot mii is not a replacement for homebrew channel. if you saw he is using
homebrew channel.

Автор inezbabygirl (352 года назад)
TehMatoking is 50% - 50% right. Really, it's because it wipes your hardrive
50% so you're incompatible with players and on the internet so it freezes.

Автор riku0228 ( назад)
...I fail to see the difference...

Автор vyseskies ( назад)
wooww!! this version is incrible!! this absolutely will make the characters
balanced (...) i need play this no fucking infinite grab release on ness//
lucas improved cp falcon and link and some others no hitlag such cp falcom
fair knee and marth tipped front smash a more competitive play game!!

Автор TehMatoking ( назад)
BootMii>As>boot2>Saves>You>From>Bricks It's actually very damn useful, as
it's the perfect brick protection, as it starts up before the NAND
filesystem has even been initialized.

Автор silentasasin93 ( назад)
look up how to get brawl texture hacks or brawl+ on youtube it wasn't
burned it was puton an sd card

Автор MTKL17 ( назад)
debes de tener Homebrew Channel y el geckos, despues te consigues los
codigos y los aplicas desde la SD, en google hay varios tutoriales

Автор TehMatoking ( назад)
You can't go online obviously because it would be completely incompatible
with other players, which is why it crashes.

Автор yoshimy66 ( назад)
wowowowwololololololololololol es muy chidooo este brawl donde lo consigo

Автор Malcolmh33 ( назад)
Is this a burned game?What type of dvd did you use?

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
that plus had no tripping it. it has faster gameplay. and easy to pefrect
sheld. nothing ot it.

Автор mariomaruf ( назад)
Seems like something to look into.

Автор gehaga ( назад)
The Squirtle, Ivysaur, and charizard are PKMN Trainer independant right?
cause thats what i have

Автор hotshto1856 ( назад)
More characters... other then splitting up the Pokemon trainer?

Автор supermariothegreat ( назад)
reminds me of one more brawl taunts when that kid said that.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
i see.

Автор BrawlHD ( назад)
It freezes because The brawl plus code is a homebrew code which only u
have. The other players u play on wifi might not have homebrew. If they did
have homebrew than they would have to turn the brawl plus code on. That's y
it doesnt work. The physics of brawl and the physics of brawl plus r
different, and ur playing people on wifi with the physics of brawl, not
brawl plus.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
go to smash boards. u find a lot there

Автор Mark Allen ( назад)
cool ty, if you dont mind me asking, how do u get this?

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
u can't wavedash on plus. but there is a code for that.

Автор Blinky587 ( назад)
*Better Costumes *U can Wave Dash *U can Dash Dance *It auto L cancels
*More Charecters *Basicaly its like SSBM except diffrent charecters and

Автор Mark Allen ( назад)
What is Brawl Plus and how is it differnt?

Автор GHNeko ( назад)
You're firewall cant do something like that. It has to be your textures or
Brawl+ When does it freeze online?

Автор Rebaz ( назад)
the site that i normaly use is down, so sorry for that, i dont know any
other ones.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
maybe it's my firewall. im doing it again..

Автор GHNeko ( назад)
When does it freeze?

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
it freezes.

Автор MasterBoris Gaming ( назад)
yeah i thought u been did this?

Автор BAL22 . ( назад)
Hmm..need to try this one out :)

Автор Raijin ( назад)

Автор GHNeko ( назад)
What happens when you go online?

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