ZUMA 2: HELL SERPENT (aka Anak Ni Zuma) - ultra rare English dubbed clip

This is a an uber rare English dubbed scene from the Filipino horror movie ZUMA 2: HELL SERPENT (original title: Anak Ni Zuma) which is a sequel to ZUMA. A version in Tagalog language exists on Filipino VCD but this English dubbed print is very obscure. And until someone recently sent me a link to this clip on a RUSSIAN page I wouldn't even have guessed it had been dubbed as I have never come across or heard of an English friendly version. The subtitles are in Chinese and (I believe) Indonesian but I have absolutely no info on where this was released. Maybe on VHS in Malaysia.
PS: The clip is a bit gory so if you're squeamish you might wanna watch something else.

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Автор SkeletonHug (1 год)
So OBVIOUSLY the Zuma films have been dubbed into English. There is this
clip for the 2nd film, and there is an English language trailer on a few
Japanese VHS of the first film. It makes me sad that neither English dubbed
film has yet to be found. Cine Suerte didnt even kow that both films were
dubbed into English!

Автор agaengland (2 года)
@sprawlmessiah nandito siya sa website na ito... thepinoymovie ..napanood
ko na rin dyan last week lang...

Автор MrJohnnyPotatoe (2 года)
Barney can fight!

Автор GyntherMeyer (1 год)
Yeah, the English trailer is on the Japanese ZIMATAR vhs but I've never
come across an English dubbed version of the film. There's an uncut version
of the first ZUMA circulating with English fan subs. I hear it's available
from CG. The trailer for ZIMATAR is also on YouTube.

Автор SkeletonHug (1 год)
Japanese VHS is cut by 2 minutes, gory footage and a chase scene. Uncut
version is a Filipino TV print currently on youtube.

Автор sprawlmessiah (2 года)
paki upload naman po yung full movie if pwede. salamat.

Автор Denver8183 (2 года)
I've got a VCD of this. I just wish that the VCD or DVD copy of the first
"ZUMA" movie would soon be available as well.

Автор GyntherMeyer (2 года)
The first ZUMA was released on VHS in Japan. It's in Tagalog with Japanese

Автор Tere Denz (1 год)

Автор southernsales7777777 (11 месяцев)
they need to remake this and have the effects of Tiktik. it would be great.

Автор jhun dionz (2 года)
dinosaur vs human with snake?

Автор Azoras89 (3 года)
Awesome !

Автор nobuta10 (3 года)

Автор michael anthony hilario (1 год)
I watch the 1st movie. He is the 1st pinoy villeins since Terminator was
showing on the big screen here in the Philippines

Автор sprawlmessiah (2 года)
@agaengland ok salamat ng marami

Автор ttasd1 (2 года)

Автор SkeletonHug (1 год)
Yes, and the music in the opening credits is from Friday the 13th part 3!!!!

Автор Seki Hoshi (2 года)
anyone know where I can watch this movie??

Автор Dennis Gorecho (1 год)
di ba Dino is a son of zuma, and the brother of Galema

Автор GyntherMeyer (3 года)
@Joenke77 Wouldn't surprise me. LOL.

Автор Rocko Myler (2 года)
I'd love to see this version, but who knows what in the hell you'd have to
do to get it...

Автор Chongki Bata (2 года)
san mapapanuod ng kumpleto yan?

Автор agaengland (2 года)
banned ata dito yung word na tatlong w at period com kaya ilagay mo nalang
dun sa thepinoymovie

Автор GyntherMeyer (1 год)
That's right. And in fact there's a fan edit circulating: the Japanese vhs
version with the extra tv print scenes added, and with subs in English and
somewhat restored picture. I believe it's on CG.

Автор Joenke77 (3 года)
Nice score.... A Nightmare on Elm Street, I think! *LOL*

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