9 of the Creepiest Video Game Hacks, Bootlegs, & Mods

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After finishing a game, some players decide the only thing to do next is to relive the adventure. But these guys decided to take matters into their own hands and make completely new versions of these games; some for fun, some for profit. So today, we’re going over 9 of the creepiest video game hacks, bootlegs, and mods.

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Videos Used:
(Skyrim) Macho Dragon Mod https://goo.gl/qQdRRr
Doom 2 mods gameplay 117 (3/4) - https://goo.gl/Qdxei8
Escape from Lavender Town - Pokemon Creepypasta (+ Download) - https://goo.gl/37tzxk
Ghosted 2 ll Scariest Doom 2 mod EVER! - https://goo.gl/hq8Lik
Half Life: They Hunger Walkthrough Episode 1 (HD) - https://goo.gl/da7xY5
Half-Life Paranoia Episode 5 -The Lab HD - https://goo.gl/bSc6oV
The elder scrolls v skyrim mod Creepy Zombies Ver 1.5 upcoming - https://goo.gl/yxqU3G
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creepy zombies MOD - https://goo.gl/w9CsnP
[SEGA Mega Drive/GENESIS] Felix The Cat [Unlicensed] [Прохождение/Playthrough] - https://goo.gl/R5TdhX
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 1 - https://goo.gl/YggI4C
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 2 - https://goo.gl/Ox2ryR
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 4 - https://goo.gl/6jnqu7
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 5 - https://goo.gl/PVOGdY
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 6 - https://goo.gl/2kmryB
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 1 - https://goo.gl/i85AZ0
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 2 - https://goo.gl/Qep5u1
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 3 - https://goo.gl/N9X85U
Timon, Simba and Pumbaa commit Suicide (Lion King 5) - https://goo.gl/MLERIN
The Cage's Mask: Part 1 - Instant Replay - https://goo.gl/sT6oz1
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay Trailer - https://goo.gl/W6SNyS
[Vinesauce] Vinny - Super Mario World: Call of Cthulhu (part 2) - https://goo.gl/NZyS4x
Let's Play: Call of Cthulhu, a Super Mario World Hack - https://goo.gl/tMJUjZ
Super Mario Brothers - Frustration - https://goo.gl/Qk1eSc
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Trailer - https://goo.gl/K9f9h1
Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery Game - https://goo.gl/ySyjm1
Elsa Throat Doctor - https://goo.gl/k3Ad4V
Elsa Throat Surgery - Frozen Queen Game - Doctor Game For Kids - https://goo.gl/KBZC9A
Frozen Games - Elsa Toilet Decoration - https://goo.gl/yOzZ7y
One Little Slip - Chicken Little - https://goo.gl/txfYzz
The Lion King - Circle Of Life - https://goo.gl/afpemx
♛ Elsa And Anna Vampire Resurrection - Disney Frozen Games - Princess Elsa & Anna Become Vampires - https://goo.gl/jnxKJW

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Автор Laura Tang ( назад)
The Nicholas Cage mod looks more funny than creepy. X)

Автор Mocha Wishes ( назад)
toby fox once again is a amazing hack and game developer! <3

Автор Christian Larsen ( назад)
the goal of the game is to eg-scape how could you mess that up

Автор GaliSmurf ( назад)
I think the Nicolas cage one is in the wrong list, it should be in the top
HILARIOUS bootlegs/mods 😆

And I guess you can say...Link is CAGEd now. **wears MLG sunglasses while
cool music played**

Автор Josh Abundis ( назад)
Are they not sure it's called Ghos Ted 2

Автор M. SKWAWKS ( назад)
That EB hack was blown wayyyyy out of proportion, it's not that disturbing.
It tries far too hard to be edgy.

Автор SlenderMarc ( назад)
Frozen has the weirdest fandom D:

Автор Ethan Day ( назад)
this is why i HATE frozen, not only that, the songs are WAY over used by my
annoying cousin

Автор Tammy Monger ( назад)
the Skyrim one, just made Skyrim better

Автор Jonah Bolt ( назад)

Автор ahmed mehleb ( назад)
U ex

Автор Eric brown ( назад)
get your own channel

Автор Joshy Galletas ( назад)
I LOVE UNDERTALE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😜😜

Автор Cat Skatematch ( назад)
EarthBound: Halloween hack disturbing?

Автор Cherry Berry ( назад)

Автор BROKEN CelestialOnryo ( назад)

Автор Sir Justin ( назад)
The lavender town hack freaked me out XD

Автор Jabbles Dabbles ( назад)
Dang Feilx

Автор Kuma Gamer ( назад)
#1 should have no reason to exist.

Автор Jabwarrior 58 ( назад)
The number one is amazing

Автор Adison Smith ( назад)
Dang these are harsh

Автор Cool Kid ( назад)
n i c o l a s c a g e y e s

Автор Cool Kid ( назад)
n i c o l a s c a g e y e s

Автор friend spinofire ( назад)
The pix elated ones are the scariest

Автор Basketbomber Slackingson ( назад)
They didn't study how to reach the Cthulhu boss fight for SMWTCOC, you need
to collect well hidden cat statues throughout the bootleg so that Mario can
actually fight Cthulhu when he is forced to "look at the true face of
insanity(Cthulhu's face)", should you fail to collect all the statues, you
will get a message closer to the top of the screen saying "Mario could not
grasp Cthulhu's true form" and it will show that green ooze leaking eye
mario image you saw in this video, but if you collect all the cat statues,
Mario will be able to fight Cthulhu who is the true final boss... END

Автор Oancea Flavia Dumitru ( назад)
ToBy FoX

Автор John Perez III ( назад)
hi ow are you scared of the legend of Nicholas cage hack!? it's the new OST
beautiful thing I have ever seen

Автор Tigron101 ( назад)
For the Half Life mods you forgot Nightmare House 2. Possibly on of the
best mods available.

Автор Five Nights at freddys Suck and this livestream ( назад)
The Nicolas cage one OH MY GOD XD

Автор TheCursedBossKiller ( назад)
Champion of 73, Yearh, Hooh Yearh.

Автор Waffle Cat ( назад)
the Nicholas cage one was quite funny

Автор king snowman ( назад)
I no longer like pokemon O_O

Автор king snowman ( назад)
y me wacth this at night?!

Автор Wayne Michael ( назад)
😎 with it

Автор Kei ( назад)
He really did put crappy web games on number 1.

Автор Jordan S ( назад)
the dude who dose the voice for the lavender town one has the best voice

Автор Miyakolover ( назад)
7:50 I think it's spelled "Escape" not "Excape"

Автор roman plays roblox ( назад)
i think you copy taps topvideos

Автор Dick “FullMetalJackass” Huntz ( назад)
It's like JonTron but without JonTron so it's fucking awful you unoriginal

Автор Kawaiilightz AJ ( назад)

Автор Suicide “Schiz” Mouse ( назад)
i love the toby fox one XD

Автор The_ Puppet23 ( назад)
the Nicolas cage hack made me laugh XD

Автор Nicolas Duran Bitarães ( назад)
What the heck toby,just the description of your game make me freeze,DAYUM

Автор James Lustre ( назад)
2:04 HET

Автор Pukamaroo ( назад)
Haha, the way he says "Anna" xP

Автор Jacob Does Youtube ( назад)

Автор Lulu the Pup ( назад)
I see you scrolling down.Why don't you grab a snack before ya go!
You can continue now!!!

Автор TheEpicNinjaz ( назад)

Автор animegirl 815 ( назад)
yea I played the fallout one

Автор Kristhian Benitez ( назад)
spank elsa butt

Автор Jasper Zachary ( назад)

Автор BlackLivesDon`tMatter ( назад)
I masturbated to judy hopps from zootopia

Автор Zen Mercia lura ( назад)
The first 2 was scary and the rest are meh

Автор Leo Šefčík ( назад)
And you are Nicholas Cage.

Автор V 3.1 CI SAFETY SERVERS ( назад)
I played both "Paranoia" and "They Hunger"..
I really liked both of them, but Paranoia is a little bit better, because
the new concepts...
Also, Thank you for this amazing video!

Автор brian mccarthy ( назад)
Supply's are scarce
Hey guys it's scarce here

Автор Andrei Cristian ( назад)
3:20 why is this guy so bored?

Автор King George III ( назад)
The frozen bootlegs are just creepy.

Автор King George III ( назад)
The Nicolas Cage one was a little more tamer than the others. I would
actually play it, it's amusing.

Автор Perks Of Being Jayden ( назад)
Why am I watching this is at 12:22?

Автор Shannon Abigail ( назад)

Автор MANKEY The Memekey ( назад)
#3 wasnt scary, it was just hilarious xD

Автор Purplestar ( назад)
Tbh, at parts where he mentioned "May cause feelings of depression", it had
me like; "Dude, the music is already depressing enough"

Not even trying to sound edgy

Автор unicorn freinds ( назад)
the first one and the second one will mess up my life i swear

Автор Floor van Dijk ( назад)
*an ANNOYING DOG walked into the video.
That fills you with determination.

A joke only Undertalers would understand :D

Автор trailerguy12 ( назад)
I once saw in an ad ELSA BREAST FEEDING. This is not a joke or scam. Look
it up. I don't think there is anything WRONG with breast feeding, BUT WHY
MAKE IT A GAME!? (And no I didn't click it)

Автор That Female Drawer ( назад)
Now i know where poodiepie's "DYAY" wallpaper full of Felix's face came

Автор Tj V ( назад)
Lol the Zelda one is funny

Автор Max TV ( назад)

Автор Adrian Vera ( назад)
OH YEAH!!!!!!

Автор II UndeadDetroyerZ II ( назад)
i couldnt do the lavender town part

Автор Affan Jamsari ( назад)
The mod where the dragons faces turn to macho man randy savages was funny

Автор Scotty Whitis ( назад)
I have super severe depression so that one game would probably make my cry
a lot

Автор Lily Coons ( назад)
I don't know, Frozen Anna Give Birth a Baby sounds pretty interesting

Автор Glurchimus Prime ( назад)
I actually find the Legend of Zelda Nicholas Cage hack pretty funny.

Автор Connor Ridgway ( назад)
Damn Felix, back at it again with the nightmare fuel...

Автор Spance Panda ( назад)
Why did his voice change

Автор Asylumkitty 1228 ( назад)
I...I played lavender town...I had nightmares and everything they

Автор Who is this ( назад)
Thank god I'm watching this in the morning, because I just watched the 30
second Escape From Lavender Town clip, and I already have a headache

Автор Marcus Winer ( назад)
Felix the Cat?
Oh btw that Russian Group made Mario 4 the Space Oddysey

Автор BonziBuddy ( назад)

Автор that one guy you know is weird ( назад)

Автор Artistic Potato ( назад)
The Nicolas cage one made me crack up laughing lol

Автор When You Get Cerebral Hemorrhage From The Wubs ( назад)
The Frozen throat surgery reminds of a old flash game, where you had to do
some medical field operations or something.. can't remember it though..

Автор [GD] God comleX ( назад)
borderlands 2 is the best game ever

Автор Taylor Fenton ( назад)
skyrim in this list... what do you expect? its SKYRIM. MACHO MAN KILLS

Автор Spooky ( назад)
I've seen Joel play some of these bootlegs lmao

Автор Dr3adL0rdhg ( назад)
Blatant Plagiarism.

Автор Lucas Stritt ( назад)
escape from lavander town scared me to death
until i remembered my windows account name... :/

Автор Elemental Origin ( назад)
"Undertale"? more like "Please no, bail"

Автор King George III ( назад)
I am horrified. Why would you do this to me? I know I shouldn't watch weird
videos after daylight, but IT"S NOT DAYLIGHT! Why am I still scared?
There's others in the house with me.Edit: you know, I'll stop watching.
I'll go watch that mine craft video in my recommendations for some reason.

Автор Jay “Pika” the Pineapple ( назад)
Um, about Half Life...what's Mr. Friendly?

Автор RipleyandWeeds ( назад)
I fucking knew The Halloween Hack would be on here.

Автор Doge Army7988 ( назад)
I eat chicken

Автор Raven Roth4 ( назад)
Nicholas Cage Majora's Mask, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK

Автор Døn't Panic! At The Discø ( назад)
Someone really likes Nick Cage

Автор ii Cherioz ( назад)
God the lion king one was creepy o-0

Автор Ninja Noscopes ( назад)
Toby Fox made Undertale!

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