9 of the Creepiest Video Game Hacks, Bootlegs, & Mods

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After finishing a game, some players decide the only thing to do next is to relive the adventure. But these guys decided to take matters into their own hands and make completely new versions of these games; some for fun, some for profit. So today, we’re going over 9 of the creepiest video game hacks, bootlegs, and mods.

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Videos Used:
(Skyrim) Macho Dragon Mod https://goo.gl/qQdRRr
Doom 2 mods gameplay 117 (3/4) - https://goo.gl/Qdxei8
Escape from Lavender Town - Pokemon Creepypasta (+ Download) - https://goo.gl/37tzxk
Ghosted 2 ll Scariest Doom 2 mod EVER! - https://goo.gl/hq8Lik
Half Life: They Hunger Walkthrough Episode 1 (HD) - https://goo.gl/da7xY5
Half-Life Paranoia Episode 5 -The Lab HD - https://goo.gl/bSc6oV
The elder scrolls v skyrim mod Creepy Zombies Ver 1.5 upcoming - https://goo.gl/yxqU3G
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creepy zombies MOD - https://goo.gl/w9CsnP
[SEGA Mega Drive/GENESIS] Felix The Cat [Unlicensed] [Прохождение/Playthrough] - https://goo.gl/R5TdhX
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 1 - https://goo.gl/YggI4C
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 2 - https://goo.gl/Ox2ryR
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 4 - https://goo.gl/6jnqu7
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 5 - https://goo.gl/PVOGdY
Earthbound Halloween Hack part 6 - https://goo.gl/2kmryB
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 1 - https://goo.gl/i85AZ0
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 2 - https://goo.gl/Qep5u1
Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 3 - https://goo.gl/N9X85U
Timon, Simba and Pumbaa commit Suicide (Lion King 5) - https://goo.gl/MLERIN
The Cage's Mask: Part 1 - Instant Replay - https://goo.gl/sT6oz1
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay Trailer - https://goo.gl/W6SNyS
[Vinesauce] Vinny - Super Mario World: Call of Cthulhu (part 2) - https://goo.gl/NZyS4x
Let's Play: Call of Cthulhu, a Super Mario World Hack - https://goo.gl/tMJUjZ
Super Mario Brothers - Frustration - https://goo.gl/Qk1eSc
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Trailer - https://goo.gl/K9f9h1
Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery Game - https://goo.gl/ySyjm1
Elsa Throat Doctor - https://goo.gl/k3Ad4V
Elsa Throat Surgery - Frozen Queen Game - Doctor Game For Kids - https://goo.gl/KBZC9A
Frozen Games - Elsa Toilet Decoration - https://goo.gl/yOzZ7y
One Little Slip - Chicken Little - https://goo.gl/txfYzz
The Lion King - Circle Of Life - https://goo.gl/afpemx
♛ Elsa And Anna Vampire Resurrection - Disney Frozen Games - Princess Elsa & Anna Become Vampires - https://goo.gl/jnxKJW

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Автор Blow Job Overlord ( назад)
Dat Frozen games are Unholy

Автор Black ( назад)
the Halloween hack is the scariest one

Автор Zaney Boss ( назад)
The Mario one was more creepy than the Elsa one

Автор EPICGAMEBOSS ( назад)
did they really have to include the Nicholas cage one cause that's just a joke that's not creepy.

Автор SpookySushi ( назад)
this channel is just a bootleg JonTron

Автор undertale asriel dreemur ( назад)
undertale is made by toby fox

Автор tea ( назад)
"felix the cat"
//was traumatized by the bootleg

Автор MASONMAKES 06 ( назад)
This was creepy

read more

Автор Angle ( назад)
African American homoseccual

Автор Squid Icarus ( назад)
I HATE Frozen! The songs are terrible (especially Let it Go), a god damn baby cried, it's overrated, and everything else about this garbage is terrible! Everyone else loves that garbage, and it's the most popular movie to be made by Disney which is COMPLETELY unacceptable! I will start making Fire Emblem Jokes as an offense to the ever-growing fandom of Frozen. So number 1 is more cringe than scary.

Автор Riolufan224 ( назад)
30th vid on the nightmare binge... I want a nightmare, it's not fair I don't get any DX... Wish me luck

Автор ChosenFate ( назад)
3:27 repair mic pls sounds go from r to left

Автор Additon ( назад)
Silent Hill Alchemilla should be on here.

Автор tf2gifzguy ( назад)
this is so hot

Автор Ur Dank Ass Boi Figment ( назад)

Автор Miko Almuete ( назад)
8:39 Nicholas cage was a fan of marvel

Автор Mister Loxley ( назад)
Earthbound Halloween edition is actually nothing special

Автор Arno Dorian ( назад)

Автор Ty Skelton ( назад)
Felix = bendy

Автор Kitty flower1290 ( назад)
Also the 2 the one that one I was trying to look for also he's at my place where I get my teeth clean

Автор Kitty flower1290 ( назад)
Can we copy the vid only why they puted it in or why they did it.? Or why they did?

Автор Sans the sansy ( назад)
i like how he didn't put roblox in the top 9..

(Insert lenny face)

Автор Fnafgirl 14 ( назад)
Why am I watching this at night? fucking nightmares am I right!?!

Автор SunBunz ( назад)
I really like that background music!

Автор joseph smith ( назад)
randy savage will forever be funny in skyrim😂

Автор Diarie Nein ( назад)
That Nicolas Cage mod isn't even that creepy, it's hilarious! Imagine waking up and the everything has Nicolas' face, I'm dying xD

Автор sebseb the dankpire duck ( назад)
🍑🍑🍑🍑 anyone wants butt food?

Автор Little Leon ( назад)
*_"We had no goal. Only Cage."_* My motto.

Автор Sebastian Acosta ( назад)
Halloween hack for earthbound has the upside of the final boss theme... Being the original incarnation of Megalovania.

Автор Jacob Cleveland ( назад)
I dont think its the most physically damn in I played superman 64.

Автор Abigail Manning ( назад)
I like creepy videos xD

Автор Thedarkslender 818 ( назад)
Who came here from simba being hanged in the thumbnail

Автор GrahfMetal ( назад)
It's Super Mario 'Brothers' not 'Bros'. I know it's spelled that way but there's a "." at the end indicating the word is a contracted abbreviation. I'm assuming the reason everyone under the age of 30 say Bros instead of Brothers is because they didn't grow up with the NES but, saying 'Super Mario Bros' just sounds stupid

Автор Udon Wannano ( назад)

Автор SteaMonkey ( назад)
And i though id sleep after this vid... :)

Sweet Dreams, fuckers.

Автор Robert Junior ( назад)
That Nicholas Cage texture pack was fucking hilarious to me.

Автор Mojosoyo - ( назад)
You guys are talking about Nicholas Cage?! No, no, Macho Man 😂.

Автор DJ Wubs ( назад)

Автор Gerard Novembre ( назад)
Rest in peace macho man randy savage

Автор Alexander Baxter ( назад)

Автор ITSXCON PLAYS ( назад)
Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Cothulu

Автор Ryansock Gaming ( назад)
The scariest skyrim mod is thomas the tank engine

Автор Nightcore Lover ( назад)
welcome to the comment section...😊 here it is safe. here have some food for free! 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓🍅🍆🌽🍄🌰🍞🍖🍗🍔🍟🍕🍳🍲🍱🍘🍙🍚🍛🍜🍝🍠🍢🍣🍤🍥🍡🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍼☕🍵🍶🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻 Also we have rainbows and cute stuff 🐕🐈🐇🐼💮🌸🌹🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Автор Mary Boniface ( назад)
The macho man one was just weird/funny

Автор Kameron Kennedy ( назад)
halloween hack wasnt that spooky

Автор Leave me alone Now. ( назад)
Toby Fox?!?!?!?!
I Love Undertale!!!

Автор Death Claw King Bring It On ( назад)
nickcals f**king cage

Автор Julcool43110 ( назад)
Everyone else: Oh it is so scary

Автор BJ Blazkowitz ( назад)
They hunger was pretty good. And it was not really scary.

Автор eaglesaur962 ( назад)
when he was talking about the mario thing I was like dat does sound spoopy then he said that mario beats cuthulu and I was like WHAT?

Автор Timothy Knott ( назад)
hey blameitonjorge in your lost or cancelled video games video did you show and rotate and mention the Yoshi story gba game

Автор gummey cupcakez ( назад)
b-b-but i LOVE FELIX


Автор CrOw7086 ( назад)
talk about bootleg hacks! why don't you make your own videos and stop taking stuff from jon tron!!!

Автор Maid Of Breath ( назад)
So like, you know what pisses me off? Megalovania. First, it's in the bootleg, no attention. Then, it's in Homestuck, (Admittedly where I learned it) little attention. Then that one fucking game, Undertale, boom everyone's humming a tune I've been for YEARS. I don't even like the bloody game!

Автор lucarios gaming ( назад)
ohhh yea macho man randy savage is ready to kill ya with fire

Автор SAVAGE ARMY ( назад)

Автор Nug Chug ( назад)

Автор that one tractor ( назад)
toby fox stole the song megalovania from the Halloween hack cause the song was made in the hack and that hack was before undertale so toby fox's song should be taken' down by the one who made the hack cause the one who made the hack made the song

Автор Lazy Krimzen ( назад)
Ooooooooo yaaaaaaa Macho Man Randy Savage Mod, now i need to try it!

Автор lps titanium JJJ ( назад)
i like music

Автор SSushitumare ( назад)

Автор LivingVoid ( назад)
I blame john and vriska for this.

Автор That One Gamer Kid ( назад)
its kinda hard not to be tirrified when the guys voice is is dark and creppy:[

Автор Special Agent Washing Tub ( назад)

Автор Nightstrike The Umbreon ( назад)

Автор Tommy Gaming2 ( назад)
yeah me too

Автор YaBoiSater ( назад)
Earthbound Halloween edition really explains some things in undertale like omega flower and many other things

Автор Fatima Lopez ( назад)
I already know that about everything about undertale and Earth bond game theory told me


Автор Max Zender ( назад)
You forgot sonic exe and Ben drowned.

Автор Jason Platek ( назад)
the machoman one is HILARIOS!

Автор just a regler gamer ( назад)
"the game is known to cause deeperetion and nightmares" THEN WHY R U SHOWING IT

Автор Harleen Frances Q. ( назад)
"We had no goal... Only Cage"
Call me insane, but I laughed so damn hard when I heard that 😂😂😂

Автор Luciano Martinez ( назад)
I've always been a Lavender Town cultist.....this just added fuel to the fire....

Автор PizzaOwl ( назад)
I have actually played paranoia and it was AWSOME!!!

Автор James Williams ( назад)
The background music omg😩

Автор Hylia_The_Goddess ( назад)
"Felix The Cat." Get me out of here now, please.

Автор TakDoesStuff -Vlogs-Gaming-More ( назад)

Автор Grimhorrible ( назад)
Ben drowned is Nicholas cage

Автор Marshall Live ( назад)
aka fuel for vinesauce quality streams

Автор Diet Gaming ( назад)
is there anyone else who wants to kill themselves after that last one?

Автор Jaret S ( назад)
I don't think there's an x in escape

Автор Maria Reynolds ( назад)
I have skyrim

Автор CB The Bendy Fangirl ( назад)
The Felix game over screen looks like what would happen if Bendy was a cat

Автор ThePotatoKing ( назад)

Автор matt hew ( назад)
That skyrim mod doesn't look creepy to mw

Автор fzslayer/whispering999000 555 ( назад)
i swear almost every cartoon bootlegs who always died from game overs

Автор Matt D ( назад)
Earthbound Halloween: Traumatic and horrifying game, worst ever... final boss goes "get rekt scrub lord". XP

Автор Timothy Geren ( назад)
4:30 What do you mean making me depressed? I'm already depressed.

Автор wildhowl000 ( назад)
I couldn't stop laughing during the Nick Cage one

Автор Absurd Amy ( назад)
When you hide in the comments and find spoilers

Автор Frances Elsner ( назад)
Black and white and black and white and black and white no red and green and yellow and purple super Mario only plays in -"Housemario radio" a parody of housewife radio by ghost

Автор Frances Elsner ( назад)
I hate undertale btw

Автор kristoff keith garcia ( назад)
Too scary for me!!

Автор reptilian solder 107 107 ( назад)
I am gonna pour bleach in my eyes

Автор Super lemon 101 ( назад)
escape lavender town

Автор Animelover161001 ( назад)
How can you make a Nicholas Cage texture pack scary? Thats fucking hilarious!

Автор Finnmk Mckay ( назад)

Автор Mariopro 546a.k.a purple Guy's son ( назад)
I love The legend of Nicholas cage

Автор Mirarara ( назад)
I know you're American, but sometimes your accent becomes completely Swedish. Strange.

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