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Автор Foster Tarr ( назад)
its kinda hard not to be tirrified when the guys voice is is dark and creppy:[

Автор Special Agent Washing Tub ( назад)

Автор Nightstrike The Umbreon ( назад)

Автор Tommy Gaming2 ( назад)
yeah me too

Автор YaBoiSater ( назад)
Earthbound Halloween edition really explains some things in undertale like omega flower and many other things

Автор Fatima Lopez ( назад)
I already know that about everything about undertale and Earth bond game theory told me


Автор Max Zender ( назад)
You forgot sonic exe and Ben drowned.

Автор Jason Platek ( назад)
the machoman one is HILARIOS!

Автор just a regler gamer ( назад)
"the game is known to cause deeperetion and nightmares" THEN WHY R U SHOWING IT

Автор Harleen Frances Q. ( назад)
"We had no goal... Only Cage"
Call me insane, but I laughed so damn hard when I heard that 😂😂😂

Автор Luciano Martinez ( назад)
I've always been a Lavender Town cultist.....this just added fuel to the fire....

Автор PizzaOwl ( назад)
I have actually played paranoia and it was AWSOME!!!

Автор James Williams ( назад)
The background music omg😩

Автор Hylia_The_Goddess ( назад)
"Felix The Cat." Get me out of here now, please.

Автор TakDoesStuff -Vlogs-Gaming-More ( назад)

Автор Grimhorrible ( назад)
Ben drowned is Nicholas cage

Автор Marshall Live ( назад)
aka fuel for vinesauce quality streams

Автор Diet Gaming ( назад)
is there anyone else who wants to kill themselves after that last one?

Автор Jaret S ( назад)
I don't think there's an x in escape

Автор Maria Reynolds ( назад)
I have skyrim

Автор Circus Baby ( назад)
The Felix game over screen looks like what would happen if Bendy was a cat

Автор ThePotatoKing ( назад)

Автор matt hew ( назад)
That skyrim mod doesn't look creepy to mw

Автор fzslayer/whispering999000 555 ( назад)
i swear almost every cartoon bootlegs who always died from game overs

Автор Matt D ( назад)
Earthbound Halloween: Traumatic and horrifying game, worst ever... final boss goes "get rekt scrub lord". XP

Автор Timothy Geren ( назад)
4:30 What do you mean making me depressed? I'm already depressed.

Автор wildhowl000 ( назад)
I couldn't stop laughing during the Nick Cage one

Автор Absurd Amy ( назад)
When you hide in the comments and find spoilers

Автор Frances Elsner ( назад)
Black and white and black and white and black and white no red and green and yellow and purple super Mario only plays in -"Housemario radio" a parody of housewife radio by ghost

Автор Frances Elsner ( назад)
I hate undertale btw

Автор kristoff keith garcia ( назад)
Too scary for me!!

Автор reptilian solder 107 107 ( назад)
I am gonna pour bleach in my eyes

Автор Super lemon 101 ( назад)
escape lavender town

Автор Animelover161001 ( назад)
How can you make a Nicholas Cage texture pack scary? Thats fucking hilarious!

Автор Finnmk Mckay ( назад)

Автор Mariopro 546a.k.a purple Guy's son ( назад)
I love The legend of Nicholas cage

Автор Mirarara ( назад)
I know you're American, but sometimes your accent becomes completely Swedish. Strange.

Автор Tyler Risner ( назад)
If blameitonjorge ever does a 'creepiest indie game' video (not sure if he has, please tell me if he has) he should check out Amon26's stuff.

Автор Lydia Lindgren ( назад)
Why am I watching your scary videos at 12:56 am?

Автор Shiyounin ( назад)
LOL you got the felix the cat one from JOEL

Автор Eryk Janas ( назад)
Okey :) I never really needed to know the last one :)

Автор Claudia Samuels ( назад)
such a cool vid

Автор Beau Pinet ( назад)
For number two the ending is actually two separate endings. When you beat that cultist and see Cuthulu mario actually goes insane. HOWEVER if you collect all the cat statues then the true boss battle begins

Автор Illyana Ferrell ( назад)
What is a mod?

Автор carton228's junk yard ( назад)
i fucking pooped myself on felix the cat

Автор My name Jeff funny epic vine complication kill me. ( назад)

Автор Jaguars A-Holic ( назад)
2:08 Well, I can forget sleeping tonight.

Автор Jonjo 520 ( назад)
wheres Mario.exe

Автор Markiplier 2017 ( назад)
really not scary

Автор live4marilyn ( назад)

Автор Paul Gabriels ( назад)
i dont know why the directors of the game do this this are kid games

Автор Jose Miguel Serna Agudelo ( назад)
looking the coments so you dont get scared huh? me too

Автор Kojiro Hyuga ( назад)
Spank elsa's buu

Автор Cringe Bait ( назад)

Автор James Williams ( назад)
I love the vid but good background mc

Автор FnafCraft 17 ( назад)

Автор the pals! pals!!!! ( назад)
his voice is sooooo scary

Автор Jacob carachure ( назад)
i think 8 and 3 are really funny

Автор GUNURIA 1 ( назад)

Автор Funee Meem Corporation ( назад)
meh, not gonna lie, this vid was pretty bad

Автор Alimosaedra1337 ( назад)
I was basically on the verge of sleep when watching this video, and right when I felt like I was gonna fall asleep, all I hear is "Yes, even the moon is Nicholas Cage" and then I just snap awake like "wait what? lemme hear that again?"

Автор Marvin Cartagena ( назад)
Oh my goooooooood, oh my goooooooood
- jontron

Автор Brandon Montes ( назад)
12:43 these are all frozen flash games

Автор Cesar Salazar ( назад)
I used to be a commenter but a I got a an emoji arrow to the knee

Автор FoxyThePlushieFox ( назад)
That last one though... XDXDXD

Автор cynocephaloid ( назад)
the flying sabertooth tiger glutch on skyrim is pretty hilarious. check it out

Автор SeptiplierTrash101 ( назад)
* Number 9. the Felix the Cat company made a mario hack too- if the player dies the picture is Or a piranha plant eating him alive. if he doesnt continue, a bloody skull is shown with a mario cap

Автор S Medrano ( назад)
I loved how they put the Halloween hack on this list and mentioned how this was the first game created by Toby Fox before he created Undertale😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Wilfredo rivera ( назад)
why do I feel so fucking paranoid? its just a video...

Автор Sonja Seppa ( назад)
OMG escape lavender is SO creepy!

Автор GreenShine Animations ( назад)
I'm scared. . . .
please help me. . . .

Автор General Maul ( назад)
I think you guys just want to find everything scary at this point.

Автор The Watcher /TW ( назад)
No not skyrim 😱😱

Автор Shmendan ( назад)
Did you call draugr draegar?

Автор Do it all Deltoy ( назад)
I can't watch tings like this during night

Автор Gavin Neary ( назад)

Автор Deebo Bellafonte ( назад)
are you okay​ cause you sound weird at the end of the video

Автор Deebo Bellafonte ( назад)

Автор Deebo Bellafonte ( назад)
you should do 9 scary glitches

Автор Klok ( назад)
the frozen bootleg isnt rlly creepy, it shouldve swithed places with the lion king v. The game over is the creepiest at #9

Автор Lil' Kat ( назад)
I screamed when i heard Undertale

Автор Frank Lee ( назад)
not scary

Автор Martina Parodi ( назад)
Call of Cthulhu: TRIGGERED.

Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu and Moon Lord

Автор Slender Man ( назад)
Nicholas Cage hack made me laugh when i watched it, idk whats so funny about it.

Автор Elena Ibarra ( назад)
dude.......when felix took off his face he looked so.... ......CUTE

Автор Elena Ibarra ( назад)
dude.......when felix took off his face he looked so.... ......CUTE

Автор Elena Ibarra ( назад)
dude.......when felix took off his face he looked so.... ......CUTE

Автор Josh Next ( назад)
I think Mario And The Music Box was more disturbing the Eathbound:The Halloween Hack.

Автор TheNZ Pak ( назад)
Wow fitting tribute to the macho man

Автор DUSTYx123456789 ( назад)
way to copy JonTron

Автор foxy gaming 45 ( назад)
undertale is a godd game but toby fox made halloween hck thats creepy tho but the part is not creepy is sans theme play :3

Автор Danish Rayyan ( назад)

Автор Citricsquid -Secretos y mas- ( назад)
name of the majora's mask hack plz?

Автор Jovani Tallat ( назад)

Автор Laura Tang ( назад)
The Nicholas Cage mod looks more funny than creepy. X)

Автор Mocha Wishes ( назад)
toby fox once again is a amazing hack and game developer! <3

Автор Christian Larsen ( назад)
the goal of the game is to eg-scape how could you mess that up

Автор GaliSmurf ( назад)
I think the Nicolas cage one is in the wrong list, it should be in the top HILARIOUS bootlegs/mods 😆

And I guess you can say...Link is CAGEd now. **wears MLG sunglasses while cool music played**

Автор TheLegend1 Rotton ( назад)
Are they not sure it's called Ghos Ted 2

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