Hugs and Kisses Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

The tutorial for the Hugs and Kisses ring can be found on my channel. This bracelet can also be found on http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=403389.0
Tutorial shows how to make a Hugs and Kisses Beaded Bracelet.
Materials needed:
For a 7 inch bracelet------------------------------For a 8 inch bracelet
8 ft. of 10lb. test fishing---------------------------8 ft. of 10lb. test fishing line
10-7mm or 8mm round beads blue------------11-7mm or 8mm round beads blue
11-5mm or 6mm round beads green---------12-5mm or 6mm round beads green
40-3mm or 4mm round beads black----------44-3mm or 4mm round beads black
20-3mm or 4mm round beads purple---------22-3mm or 4mm round beads purple
11 aught seedbeads in 3 colors----------------11 aught seedbeads in 3 colors
lobster claw clasp or toggle----------------------lobster claw clasp or toggle
2 jump rings----------------------------------------2 jump rings

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Автор Diane Hemplydi ( назад)
Could this video possibly be remade? I love this bracelet so much that it
would be a real asset. Keep up the great work and beautiful jewelry!

Автор junie richardson ( назад)
if you are going to show how to make the bracelet you really must do it in
front of the camera ALL THE TIME....

Автор junie richardson ( назад)
absolutely gorgeous. thanks

Автор 오윤주 ( назад)
I make this bracelet.
But I don't find 7mm, 5mm beas.
Also possible, 6 mm and 8mm beads?

Автор swati tumbre (1041 год назад)
hi Alisha you are wonderful teacher and make it easy to understand.I have
made many of your projects and they turned out really beautiful.thankyou so
much god bless you ,waiting for more tutorials.

Автор Just Me ( назад)
I love this bracelet!P.S:your nails are so cool

Автор Jane Hammond ( назад)
Yummy yummy you have such talent and patience. Love your work.thanks. I m
old and learning from you easily.thank you for keeping my sanity in this
wyoming wind..

Автор Nicole Wagner ( назад)
Thank you for all of your patterns!! I've tried a couple so far and they've
all turned out great.

Автор Rebecca Konadu ( назад)
Hello, Would be very pleased if I can other for some of the beads

Автор 2138red ( назад)
i made this last night i am a beginner beader and was able to make this
within a few hours. looks great and has a nice weight to it!

Автор horsenaround2000 ( назад)
I just love your videos.. good job!!! Keep it up.. I'm not that advanced

Автор Teresa Phelan (376 лет назад)
there are many places u can buy beads. Amazon sells them, and they doing
time is OK... Lima beads on the expensive side like most places....

Автор mrs joy pupik ( назад)
What type of beads do u use?
And do u know where i can get beads on line ?

Автор mrs joy pupik ( назад)
Awsome tutorials!!!!
Thanks so much !!! Very helpfull!!

Автор Shirley Cumberbatch ( назад)
Hello Alicia I would like to make a watch strap with that pattern can you
please do a tutorial for us

Автор 羅劉美惠 ( назад)

Автор Kathleen Sciola ( назад)
Hi Alecia! I love your tutorials! I've been making jewelry for many
years, all types! Your instruction is so clear and patient. Having
Fibromyalgia my mind gets boggled easily, your style of teaching gets thru
the thick fog! Thank you so much xo Kathy

Автор Patricia Steward ( назад)
Love the bracelet ... didnt have all the correct sizes, but MADE IT ...and
it is gorgeous! Thanks!

Автор ‫אילנה לידור‬‎ ( назад)
Not everyone understands English can register your materials and we
translate our language by Google? Not only for this video, but in general
all the videos you do? Thank you

Автор Crystal Zimmermann ( назад)
Where do you buy your 4mm green beads the bead you said the fire line needs
to go through 4 times? Hobby Lobby only had one kind of 4mm beads and I
don't think the fire line can go through it 4 times. Thank you in advance!

Автор Zenaida Viernes ( назад)
Hi Alisha,thank u so much,because of your tutorial im learning even i dont
go for a class n pay.. a big big thanks to you and God bless you

Автор Ronnie Skinner ( назад)
You do beautiful work. I'm inspired to try. Thank you so much. Your
instructions are so clear and concise. It's like you know there are
backward-beginners like me who need hand holding. 

Автор Jennifer Greenfield ( назад)
I am just beginning to play with jewelry making and love the idea of
weaving with beads.. Gorgeous work!

Автор Patty Jaymes ( назад)
I don't know why, but every time I watch this one, I chuckle at the "very
sparkly" part. :) I'm going to attempt making this one of these days.

Автор Radha Vishwanath ( назад)
Thank you so much, Alisha, you are too good:-).

Автор Eden Hackworth ( назад)
This video wont work

Автор ginzell ( назад)
I love your videos! Thank you so much! I have been making these and I do
okay until I reach the half hitch knots. For some reason I can rarely pull
the knots through the next bead. The bead holes are big enough so I'm not
sure what I'm doing wrong. :( any ideas?
Thanks again

Автор Charles Koranteng ( назад)
your works are amazing , loving all that u sharing

Автор ada matos ( назад)
you do cool beading jewelery

Автор Marlene Torres ( назад)
This is such a detailed tutorial for a beautiful, intricate bracelet. I
absolutely love this! I just started making jewelry but have so many ideas
on what to make and this tut gave me even more. Thanks for posting!

Автор BRENY1970r ( назад)
Thank you so much Alisha! Sorry if I misspelled your name. I'm so trill to
share with you, my first bracelet! thanks to you and your awesome tutorial.
I am so happy! Please keep doing this! You are a blessings for us! 😊👍🌷

Автор BRENY1970r ( назад)
You are The Best!!! Thank you!!! I'm si happy making my own jewelery!!!

Автор Rachel Rigdon ( назад)
I know this is a really old video, but I just wanted to say thanks for
sharing all these tutorials! Your bracelets are all so pretty, I just love

Автор jacqueline Beach ( назад)
Hi can you tell me what you used for the blues and lilacs hugs and kisses
please, this is beautiful.

Автор Syravann Yang ( назад)
Thank you so much for your great tutorial.. This was my first try in making
own bracelet, though I skipped a few parts, yet it turned out satisfied.
Your video is quite helpful. My mom loves the bracelet, and admires it. Big
credit to you :)

Автор Jurema Senna ( назад)
muito bonito

Автор jjas411 ( назад)
Beautiful. Love it and you make it look easy! Can't wait to get started!!

Автор MsFukeneh ( назад)
ok so.. didn't have the right thread so I said .. yeah....gonna use
wire..lol it was easier to handle than I expected but as I finished the
base bracelet my wire broke...so .. im ... ok .. its at the top ill thread
my wire thru and start embellishing...I get third of the way down and im
like its too busy to look at and I pull it all out..your bracelet is very
pretty but 4 hours of working and repairing and improvising and you know
what..the base bracelet is BEAUTIFUL and I did it...call it defeated .. I
call it completed ! I sure did enjoy your tutorial and will be looking for
more projects :)

Автор The Beading Gem ( назад)
I think this is my all round favorite hugs and kisses tutorial! Will share
on my blog!

Автор duyen690 ( назад)
You are very talented! Keep up the great work!

Автор Denise Burns ( назад)
aught is a work used in sizing 11/0 or 11 aught 0 

Автор Denise Burns ( назад)
I have made the necklace once and I am having trouble at the center making
the " V" and now I can not find the video . Can you Please help me. Thank
you so much 

Автор LaShawn Hamberg ( назад)
I need to try this. :-) Love this 

Автор Wesley Vanderwesthuyzen ( назад)

Автор beadifulnights ( назад)
Are you sure your using the right size beads? It sounds like they might be
slightly bigger causing it to go out of wack.

Автор Debbie Samu ( назад)
I am having trouble with the bracelet. I get up to where you add the beads
along the side. I get about half way on both side then it starts to get all
out of wack. What am I doing wrong. I live this bracelet. I have no trouble
with the rings or era rings. Can you help

Автор Carolyn Dickenson ( назад)
Hi Aleshia, I love all your tutorials but mainly love the bracelets as I am
not a dress ring person. I just completed this bracelet and I love it. I
had a problem with the fishing line in the last step for the knotting so
had to thread up so fine linen beading thread and a really thin needle to
go through them all and knot. I will post a picture to FB but my account
got knocked off the other night and I had to start over again. I have put
in a friend request Caroline Douglas

Автор golfgranny58 ( назад)
I have a girl that I buy my opaque seed bead from, they are the most
uniform beads I have ever bought. The only problem is that she doesn't have
a huge selection of color. but they are almost perfect in size and
uniformity and they are reasonably priced. She is in an etsy shop.
ShadowDesignsCrafts you will not be disappointed. 

Автор beadifulnights ( назад)
Yes, you can use fireline.

Автор Miss HG ( назад)
thank you so much! very very clear and easy tutorial x

Автор cammicty ( назад)
You can buy almost everything on Ebay!

Автор Dee Anderson ( назад)
Great tutorial, beautiful bracelet, thank you for sharing and I hope you
make more.

Автор Hannah Hooton ( назад)
I clicked on your tutorial as part of some research for a book and was
pleasantly surprised by how pretty your bracelets (and rings) are and how
easy to follow your tutorial is. I now want to make jewellery instead of

Автор denise young ( назад)
go to aunties beads or anywhere else you can find miyuki seed beads, very
uniform in size.

Автор Stefanie Landree ( назад)
Beautiful bracelet!! What if I wanted to you fireline instead of the
fishing line, would that be ok??

Автор DORYFY1968 ( назад)

Автор bettany09 ( назад)
This is an awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed very much.

Автор Chachie Morales ( назад)
By the way ur awesome those bracelets r wonderful thank u 4 taking the time
2 teach it 2 us !

Автор Chachie Morales ( назад)
Plz tell me what r aught seed beads which one r those beads ?

Автор Bead licious ( назад)
hi i wanna say your tuts are beautifull. wich camera do you use??? because
if i make a tutorial for making jewelry then i cannot upload it in HD

Автор sharondavis205 ( назад)
Love this bracelet. I've watched the video several times and am ready to
start beading. I am waiting on supplies to come in that I ordered. I can't
wait to do this bracelet. I'm sure that I will end up making more than one.
Great job! and AWESOME idea!!

Автор Cathy Wow ( назад)
The bracelet looks nice.Can you do more tutorials

Автор TOUTENPHOTO ( назад)
superbe toutenphoto

Автор Monique Beauchamp ( назад)
Its, Really Nice Thank you Aleshia for your good tutorail. I'm wondering
why you don't use any needle to to it, For me, it's easier 

Автор Vanessa Bourque ( назад)
arebeads.com artfire.com

Автор Vanessa Bourque ( назад)
The beads will look smaller than the ones in the video....the camera makes
them look bigger than what they are...... 

Автор Margaret M ( назад)
Try BeadFX, they have tons of choice, good prices, and great customer
service. No, I'm not paid to say this. They are based in Toronto, Canada,
and ship all over the place.

Автор Bella Monroe ( назад)
Creative and beautiful :). I love it! Looking to start my own business
creating bracelets, necklaces and earrings :) I'm even more inspired.

Автор MsBluSpot ( назад)
Wanted to correct the spelling I used of your name Aleshia. It's a
beautiful name either way and you create beautiful things ! LOL

Автор MsBluSpot ( назад)
Hi Alicia, very nice. What are the purple and green beads called that have
the light color thru them ? What site did you get them and what other sites
do you like shopping at ? Thanks

Автор Sara Mateos Hernández ( назад)
do not speak English, a translator helped me to be able to leave comments,
just wondering if the author of the video speaks Spanish, nothing more.

Автор Sandy Wilkins ( назад)
My mom does this I will show her how cool this is

Автор Beni Saun ( назад)
Hi, Aleshia! Can I ask what kind of needle do you use? Thank you :)

Автор ScratLegs ( назад)
You can find some deals on eBay, too. 

Автор Cecelia Johnson ( назад)
Love beading and was in a rutt just watch your video going to get mt
supplies Now thanks for sharing 

Автор lymorale ( назад)
Wish I could do two likes. Loved the video!

Автор Amoresable ( назад)
Can u tell me if you have a tutorial for the blue ring? That u r wearing on
this video

Автор intouch ( назад)
excellent instructions - thank you !

Автор Christina Wheeler ( назад)
Hi there! I love all of your tutorials, thank you so much for sharing :o)
You are a wonderful teacher! I was wondering if you have a necklace for the
Hugs & Kisses set?

Автор Cathy Velazquez ( назад)
U r awsome! I think beeding will b my new hobby :)

Автор Sara Mateos Hernández ( назад)
Can you speak spanish please?

Автор plantsnaminals ( назад)
These are really really pretty :) Thanks for putting up this tutorial!

Автор ashlovnerd ( назад)
can i make this in elastic cord

Автор Kiwigirl ( назад)
Totally gorgeous. 

Автор Julie ( назад)
Omg simply wow . I'll make it today itself and show you if you don't mind.
So inspiring . Never tried making any bracelet before though.

Автор natalie chan ( назад)
gran tutorial, por favor visite mi perfil!

Автор mada8244 ( назад)
Śliczne!!! Bello!!!!

Автор Red_Azalea ( назад)
I started this bracelet a little after 12am & finished at 6am with a few
short breaks in between. I had to redo the filling in the gaps part (9:40)
2 times because the beads would bulge out in different areas. The end
result was amazing and that is all that matters. Thank you for sharing your
patterns..i don't know how you do it but you have such a talent. I'm glad i
found your channel & subbed!

Автор Jacqueline Nightengale ( назад)
Thank You! 

Автор S11VII ( назад)
Gorgeous ^_^ Love your videos 

Автор Perlita Mora (Perlita0657) ( назад)
Tus videos son fantásticos, casi todos tus trabajos los he elaborado, pero
éste mi cielo, me cuesta seguirlo por el rápido movimiento de tus manos.

Автор Sadin15 ( назад)
You are such an inspiration :-)

Автор Diane Ferland Dion ( назад)
C'est très joli mais assez long à faire, je vais m'essayer probablement ,
félicitation à toi

Автор The Fashion Junkies by Cerda Enterprise, Inc ( назад)
If you don't mind buying internationally then pandahall (dotcom) is good. I
like that one more than ebay and amazon

Автор syrahlover ( назад)
video well done, very clear directions - inspiring, cannot wait to try it,
will give you credit when people "ooooooh & ahhhhhhhh"

Автор amany Roby ( назад)
Very good .

Автор beadifulnights ( назад)
Yes! It is called, hugs and kisses beaded ring tutorial.

Автор Verna “LadySly” Williams ( назад)
Just watched this Video girl and its great. Thanks so much for your help.

Автор Imma Megna ( назад)
the blu ring on your hand is very nice,have you got any tutorial?

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