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Golf... minus the golf.
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Комментарии: 11970

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Автор Josue Vazquez ( назад)
you do youth it is me tavoito

Автор Shortstack Entertainment ( назад)
Like if you see the difference

Автор Guy Nunley ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор Garrett Grathwohl ( назад)
Why would ty always say first annual when they only do it once

Автор Quinn Alexander ( назад)
Purple Hoser all the way

Автор Sports Kid 2 ( назад)
Can I have 100 likes it is my birthday

Автор Nightwing Grayson ( назад)
Who is watching in 2017

Автор Frank tube hd ( назад)
i would of won because i play every sport mostly soccer

Автор Mason Archie ( назад)
I have the same bat as Cory I think unless it was Cody

Автор Austin Hampton ( назад)

Автор 2017 NFL Champ ( назад)
Subscribe to me please

Автор Teresa Benitez ( назад)
Come on Coby

Автор Ty Rohde ( назад)
My name is ty just ty not tyler

Автор Ainsley Butler ( назад)
They all have apple watches except ty

Автор Sam Yerrill ( назад)
I am a purple hoser def

Автор Sam Yerrill ( назад)
I am a purple hoser def

Автор Mr Mist ( назад)
That's crazy. Tyler 

Автор Michael Contiliano ( назад)
Like if u find the difference

Автор Tony Woods ( назад)
hey guys you should do the charlie charlie change ty

Автор Zachary Petty ( назад)
do this again

Автор Super Shots ( назад)
I think this is my favorite video from dp.

Автор Cobra Boy ( назад)
you are youtuber they give you money yes or no my friend is saying in
youtube they are giving money it is truth

Автор ReKtxWiTcH ( назад)

Автор DUDE MAN ALF ( назад)
dude (perfect) that must of been so hard

Автор Ducky Of awesomeness ( назад)
Coby says "You play where it lies" which makes him happy and then he fails
with his football.

Автор Ducky Of awesomeness ( назад)
Make the next video be Stereotypes School where the rage monster is Ty
being a teacher and the others are like students and then Cody as Mr

Автор TL LIFE ( назад)
Finally ' Somebody Else ' Won

Автор Lombardo Estrada ( назад)
i wonder why tyler did not use a soccer ball

Автор Nathaniel Mendoza ( назад)
every batlles and trick shot videos if theres no music its probubly wired

Автор Ayden Deome ( назад)
I've literally watched this 💯 times

Автор Cam Anderson ( назад)
at a boy purple hoser

Автор Pug Nation ( назад)
Stop saying that

Автор Beth John ( назад)
So have i

Автор Killer Beast ( назад)
How do you like

Автор EPIC VENOM Q8 ( назад)

Автор AntonyG Media ( назад)
Am I the only one that would rather be doing something like this then in

Автор Aryaman Bansal ( назад)
What I want Ty to say to introduce every battle
"Welcome to a BASTTUWAHARLN"
Battle About Sports That Ty Usually Wins And Has A Ridiculously Large Name

Автор Johnny Kraus ( назад)

Автор Alan Baezvargas ( назад)
who win😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Автор Barrett Sprague ( назад)
sorry coby or Cory Cody I don't know

Автор Barrett Sprague ( назад)
my favorite song is EPIC we are are leo :0:)

Автор Michito Pantoja ( назад)
Like if you find the difference

Автор Tyler Larson ( назад)
Do a boomerang challenge

Автор Joseph Bailey ( назад)
Wash complex every trcumql tune soft legislation defense workshop.

Автор DrollMole ( назад)
Go Purple Hoser

Автор The dab and dancer kid Michael Jackson fan ( назад)
Who's watching this in 2017

Автор Punkinxfv canRawls ( назад)

Автор TheInceptum ( назад)
douche perfect

Автор Rafael Toh ( назад)
Gerrett is my favourite player

Автор Maddox Grimes ( назад)
spot the same thing $$$$$@

Автор Maddox Grimes ( назад)
spot the same thing $$$$$@

Автор Brendan Wolfgang ( назад)
I though this was annual, but I guess not because it's 2017 and they
haven't made a part 2

Автор EA Outdoors ( назад)
love you gar

Автор EA Outdoors ( назад)

Автор Luke Hagedorn ( назад)
Garret is my favorites

Автор Odin Nedenes ( назад)
your geys are awsome!!!!!!!! !D

Автор Soccer Sunderman ( назад)
I think if I were playing, I would go Soccer, Vortex, Tennis, Frisbee, then
hopefully putt.

Автор Carson Swackhamer ( назад)
Who's watching in 2017

Автор Rylan Turner ( назад)
I want to be in a video with dude perfect

Автор Rylan Turner ( назад)
dude perfect is awesome

Автор Juan Núñez ( назад)

Автор Hunter Playz ( назад)
Who is watching in 2017?

Автор Ryan Boucher ( назад)
Good gob garet

Автор jonas larsen ( назад)
why are Americans so bad to soccer

Автор DANIEL_W04 ._. ( назад)
Who's watching In 2017??

Автор Fire Bot ( назад)
I love this vid because for once ty didn't win spoiler alert

Автор Ashton Fredericks ( назад)
It is not called all sports battle.They forgot pool

Автор Sydney Papke ( назад)
Who's watching in 2017?

Автор Ryan Boucher ( назад)
There awesome

Автор Ghostrider79 ( назад)

Автор Nathan Bates ( назад)
Purple hoser all the way!

Автор Saikiran Vuyyuru ( назад)
I am a purple hoser fan 😄

Автор Dynamite 1789 ( назад)

Автор Dynamite 1789 ( назад)

Автор zach ross ( назад)
they said first ANNUAL, when is the next?

Автор Bjorn Tracy ( назад)
At the begning I thought Coby was the best

Автор Nate Anderson ( назад)
This is my favorite battle. Like if you agree.

Автор CR7 #puppy power ( назад)
I'm a purple hoses fan

Автор SHARON WYNGARD ( назад)
you are the best in the world you people

Автор Colton Wolfe ( назад)
Who is watching in 2017

Автор Vamporious ( назад)
2017 and it there was never a second annual dude perfect all sports golf
battle.... RIP

Автор Jakeycraftftw ( назад)
Can you make another one!!!

Автор Amber Rockwood ( назад)
My favorite dp video ✌🏻👏🏻

Автор Lewis XxPs4gameRxX ( назад)
Plz subscribe to me

Автор Hamza Tahir ( назад)
you guys are the best

Автор Brady Huggett ( назад)
My two favorite dudes in the finals

Автор Jacob Hlavacek ( назад)
Who's the oldest on the dude perfect

Автор amabilia vilchiz ( назад)
you areveve gud

Автор Infinite Sportz ( назад)
Who is still watching this in January 2017?

Автор Beckham Folsom ( назад)
I love Garrett the most sorry.

Автор Jacob Hazelman ( назад)
You're epic dude perfect🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Автор Matthewscorner 9 ( назад)
GOOD JOB GARRET!!!! Your my fav out of dude perfect members

Автор Super Bro ( назад)

Автор Mike Westdorp ( назад)

Автор Mike Westdorp ( назад)

Автор Helton Burr ( назад)
I played in All Sports golf battle game

Автор Edward Martin ( назад)
stare regulate armed embrace dry affect yellow minute.

Автор william pare 24 ( назад)
People watching it in 2017 happy 2017 like if you are in the future

Автор Corrinne Shields ( назад)
Yes but 2days before 2017

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