Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Patti Smith

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 4:34
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Автор Rosa Bruno (8 месяцев)
Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Автор Baggy Bang (9 месяцев)
... e sogniamo ...

Автор Mario Ruggiero Lucci (1 год)
Keeping mine alive no matter what
A farm a small diner 

Автор Marie Sprowl (1 год)
I have to see her live~

Автор Robert Craven (2 года)

Автор Robert Mihaly (1 год)
I'm high on wonderful music...I confess. This song by Patti Smith, "Dream
of Life", isn't new, but it's new to me, and it has such heartfelt lyrics
that touched my soul. Only Patti's soulfull voice could have given it such

I'm with you always
You're ever on my mind
In a light to last a whole life through
Each way I turn
the sense of you surrounds
in every step I take
In all I do
Your thoughts your schemes
captivate my dreams
Everlasting, ever new

More lyrics:
All about Patti Smith: http://www.musictory.com/music/Patti+Smith

Автор Elenh B (6 месяцев)

Автор Josef Bruckner (1 месяц)
Again we have here not a complex song-structure - but an exciting and
powerful voice. That makes an estimable and moving result : a good song.

Автор Virginia M (2 месяца)
She is sublimation

Автор convento santuario (2 года)

Автор Teresa Itapua (10 месяцев)

Автор Marzia Marinis (1 год)

Автор Karl Reinhard Krierer (1 год)


Автор carlo alessandro Moroni (1 год)

Автор DeAnna Paris (2 месяца)
Sea returns to sea
And sky to sky
In a life of dream am I
When I'm with you ...

I'm with you always
You're ever on my mind
In a light to last a whole life through
The hand above

Автор lennoxkiel (2 года)
waking up from the dream of life is when you die, Patti said in the movie
Dream of Life paths that cross will cross again

Автор Marianne Lykkeberg (2 года)
Patty Smith

Автор DuhmeDarling81 (1 год)
I listened to this song a lot when I was pregnant with both my son and my
daughter. When my daughter died during birth, we decided to play this song
first at her funeral. It is the most meaninful song in my life. Hope for my
son in this life, and memories of knowing my daughter when she was in my
belly and I had so many dreams of her life. Deep in my heart, her presences
shines to this day.

Автор Ju Li Ana JulianaGarcia (8 месяцев)

Автор jnmud (11 месяцев)
i appreciate people sharing stories like this thanks

Автор popstone1 (3 года)
a woman i loved once gave me this album. i still wanted her and i would
come to my apartment at night and drink myself into a trance with this
record. yearning and wanting what i could never have again: deep in my
heart, the presence of you shines, in a light to last a whole life
through...this dream of life i share with you... two people have had an
almost magical power to reflect whatever i'm going through in my life in
their music: patti smith and bruce springsteen.

Автор marcikification (1 год)
Patti Smith dodaje mi sił i wiary, że jednak coś można zmienić, jeżeli robi
się to z sercem. Uwielbiam Ją.

Автор Warrensdeciple (3 года)
I could not Agree More !

Автор 2010097 (2 года)
Patti's best track. Don't care 'bout the " purists opine's".

Автор teenka2 (2 года)
hi boy, it is a bitter sweet sadness what you wrote here and I can only
agree and share the same with you. I love Love, whatever He does with me.
Thanks, K.

Автор wefadetogray (10 месяцев)
this hurts nicely

Автор Constantine N (1 год)
you're great and so strong, I'm sure about that in a strange way even if I
don't know you! your daughter is an angel now who protects your family... I
sent you my love and greetings from Greece! God always bless you honey! :)

Автор marcikification (1 год)
dokładnie... i nadal potrafić patrzeć na świat przez pryzmat poezji.

Автор xbluebells (2 года)
Love her audio version of her reading "Just Kids". Her memoir about her
early life with Robert Mapplethrope she talks about paths that cross will
cross again... very very good and won the National Book Award (2010).. her
reading the book is just awesome. Peace

Автор saeedsinger (1 год)
this voice is voice life and God

Автор gloria978 (1 год)

Автор Kevin Barone (1 год)
Patti, without a doubt, is one of the very best original and creative
artists I've ever encountered.

Автор Polipol345 (9 месяцев)
It's just amazing to know someone's journey and being able to understand
the real emotions beneath their art

Автор SetkaRDB (1 год)
Dedicace à Sarah "lesjouesrouges", c'est de celle là que j'te parlais ! ^^

Автор 3Dartist247 (1 год)
What beautiful thoughts. Only Patti's soulful rendition could give them
such life. I didn't know this song, but now I will treasure it.

Автор Will0w14 (1 год)
i love this song so very much..the chords resonate into my soul...beautiful.

Автор andrea barrett (2 года)
i love patti!!

Автор Rusty Price (9 месяцев)
im just curious does Patti still perform would love to see her live

Автор thegoochieguy (4 года)
been looking for this song on here forever! it is so elegant and exquisite,
i love the whole album....thank you patti for all your music, but
especially this record

Автор lourelou lou (1 год)
..a nawet jeśli tak naprawdę nic nie zmienić, to przynajmniej pozostać
wiernym sobie i się nie sprzedać :)

Автор CLAUDIO SERRELI (10 месяцев)
☆ ¸. ✿ ¸. • ° * ~ ~ * ° •. ¸ ✿. ¸ ☆ ..

Автор Giuliana Rubino (2 месяца)
Sea returns to sea
And sky to sky
In a life of dream am I
When I'm with you ...

I'm with you always
You're ever on my mind
In a light to last a whole life through
The hand above

Автор Apollo (6 месяцев)
(6η Ανάρτηση)

Ακριβώς αυτό.

Автор Stéphanie Lugaldo (2 месяца)
"You're ever on my mind
In a light to last a whole life through", "Your thoughts your schemes
captivate my dreams
Everlasting, ever new" - Dreams of life Patti Smith

Автор Pierluigi Pisano (1 год)
Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Автор NANCY NYANKO (2 месяца)
I love・・・・・・・・・・

Автор Andrea Bastijanic-Buljat (8 месяцев)

Автор carlo alessandro Moroni (1 год)

Автор Consuelo Petrocca (1 год)
.Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Автор Radio Rivoluzione Civile (1 год)
Patti Smith - Dreams of Life http://ow.ly/kL86E

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