Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Patti Smith

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Длительность: 4:34
Комментарии: 25

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Автор Leo no sekai ( назад)

Автор Sawas Markos ( назад)
love it..

Автор alex dornelli (1507 лет назад)
when my son was very little I used to think that this song was made for
him...Patti Smith has the senses and sensibility of a greater human being

Автор maazvdo ( назад)
Thanks for posting,

Автор Ju Li Ana JulianaGarcia ( назад)

Автор Polipol345 ( назад)
It's just amazing to know someone's journey and being able to understand
the real emotions beneath their art

Автор Rusty Price ( назад)
im just curious does Patti still perform would love to see her live

Автор wefadetogray ( назад)
this hurts nicely

Автор jnmud ( назад)
i appreciate people sharing stories like this thanks

Автор lourelou lou ( назад)
..a nawet jeśli tak naprawdę nic nie zmienić, to przynajmniej pozostać
wiernym sobie i się nie sprzedać :)

Автор 3Dartist247 ( назад)
What beautiful thoughts. Only Patti's soulful rendition could give them
such life. I didn't know this song, but now I will treasure it.

Автор Kevin G Barone ( назад)
Patti, without a doubt, is one of the very best original and creative
artists I've ever encountered.

Автор Will0w14 ( назад)
i love this song so very much..the chords resonate into my soul...beautiful.

Автор Constantine N ( назад)
you're great and so strong, I'm sure about that in a strange way even if I
don't know you! your daughter is an angel now who protects your family... I
sent you my love and greetings from Greece! God always bless you honey! :)

Автор gloria978 (1047 лет назад)

Автор SetkaRDB ( назад)
Dedicace à Sarah "lesjouesrouges", c'est de celle là que j'te parlais ! ^^

Автор xbluebells ( назад)
Love her audio version of her reading "Just Kids". Her memoir about her
early life with Robert Mapplethrope she talks about paths that cross will
cross again... very very good and won the National Book Award (2010).. her
reading the book is just awesome. Peace

Автор teenka2 ( назад)
hi boy, it is a bitter sweet sadness what you wrote here and I can only
agree and share the same with you. I love Love, whatever He does with me.
Thanks, K.

Автор lennoxkiel ( назад)
waking up from the dream of life is when you die, Patti said in the movie
Dream of Life paths that cross will cross again

Автор andrea barrett ( назад)
i love patti!!

Автор thegoochieguy ( назад)
been looking for this song on here forever! it is so elegant and exquisite,
i love the whole album....thank you patti for all your music, but
especially this record

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