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Автор Aksel Reinholdt-Nielsen ( назад)
Please can I have IT😁😄

Автор Crabbybaba ( назад)
Am I late?

Автор chris kehler ( назад)
I'm guna make america love my nuts 1chop at a time

Автор Fardeen Shaikh ( назад)
was d person dancing behind jack

Автор Lalit Jindal ( назад)
when will you send me gifts

Автор Atanu Kundu ( назад)
is it jack ??

Автор themlgrock ( назад)
i want to build a pc

Автор Suhuur Jibril ( назад)
u r the best

Автор AttachedSilver ( назад)
you're a fucking piece of shit you bald ass motherfucker Lou.

Автор ChatVlogs ( назад)
I bet I can't get 150 subs this month

Автор ALEXANDER GARY ( назад)
its the blackcalypse

Автор Alrahim Richardson ( назад)
pick me

Автор sonu goenka ( назад)
Only 1 day lef to announce the winner. Good luck to all

Автор LesSander McCoy ( назад)
How did you get all that?

Автор Muhammad Adam ( назад)

Автор Muhammad Adam ( назад)
Who one ??

Автор ابن المغرب ( назад)

Автор Patruco Biko ( назад)
Hes fucking high😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Dexter Langton ( назад)
Give it to me!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Technology Tutorial ( назад)
hey is that safe

Автор Technology Tutorial ( назад)
plzzz give that to me

Автор Sex Claw ( назад)
fuck this bullshit

Автор J.J. Cruz ( назад)
song @3:18? i kno u dig that vaporwave

Автор gift card (offer) ( назад)
this is awesome.

Автор Kitty Lilly ( назад)
omg omg omg

Автор AJ LEE ( назад)

Автор Assasinproking Assasin ( назад)

Автор Abbas Hi ( назад)

Автор Avinash Ramtahal ( назад)

Автор F1ZZY FTW B ( назад)
Ermahgrddd! Me want!

Автор Alexey Surkov ( назад)
#Kaddrchallenge Сколько тут наших?)

Автор CDUB1002 ( назад)
I'd like to be in the givaway

Автор Stevester_Gaming ( назад)
Bro where you live i wanna shake your hand

Автор Stevester_Gaming ( назад)
So thats where all the iphones went

Автор achraf glossyboss ( назад)

Автор dark bendover ( назад)

Автор Prasanna Higgoda ( назад)
Wh the heck is this jack

Автор PiPoLo ( назад)
I want that

Автор Farhan Khan ( назад)
Sorry I don't want money because in our country money mean crime or it will
cause income tax raid

Автор Android Games - العاب الاندرويد ( назад)
I want to win

Автор Tobis GAMER ( назад)
plzz meeeee meee

Автор Aaron Mathew ( назад)
U suck!

Автор 王佳豪 ( назад)
Like you video i am from China

Автор snappy music reviews ( назад)
I despise the comment section

Автор Yogesh R ( назад)
There is a link in the description just follow the instruction ---- He
wrote that one down

Автор mR HaXAlot ( назад)
Unsubbed :(

Автор Leon Carter ( назад)
If I win I will give some to my family

Автор Melmelmax gomes ( назад)
:D BF!!

Автор Tyler Hildebrand ( назад)
Can I have the money without $50?

Автор crolikman ( назад)
for rednecks by redneck

Автор Alex Ayala ( назад)

Автор Tyler Dela Cruz ( назад)
you use to be my nigga. now this channel is gay af

Автор Iteza__ ( назад)
i want cash bruh

Автор Bleach KYS ( назад)

Автор Flame Machine ( назад)

Автор Lethabo Mokoape ( назад)
cool man

Автор rome1live ( назад)
instantly unsubscribed

Автор Tee Rew ( назад)
I don't think it's fake he's got nearly 7 million subscribers and counting,
why put that in jeopardy??

Автор Aleksander Hansen ( назад)
I got one of the unbox therapy mugs😀 arrived today.

Автор ipodtoucher12345678 ( назад)
i want te money
making a youtube yahhhhhh

Автор ChloeWade ( назад)
I'm not gonna love earbuds that have a wire between em I'm not gonna love
earbuds period I'm getting solo3 instead

Автор Jimmy Harry ( назад)
This dude is giving away 50k and I'm over here trying to decide if I should
pay rent or buy food

Автор 2Crafted - Minecraft Videos ( назад)
Hey Lu. Great Content. Funny as F*ck Unbloxing videos!

Автор Garrett Kallerson ( назад)
Oh and if you can can you get me the $10,000 check because I really really
need this money from my family

Автор Garrett Kallerson ( назад)
Oh and can I get this $10,000 check or $5000 check and a iPhone 6s The
color space gray please please please please please please please please

Автор Garrett Kallerson ( назад)
And please can I get a iPhone 6s the color space gray

Автор Garrett Kallerson ( назад)
Can I get a check for $10,000 or $5000 please please please please please
please please please I need this money for my family

Автор Garrett Kallerson ( назад)
Can I get a check for $10,000 or $5000

Автор Moreover music ( назад)
GraphicStock is cool app man

Автор Matt 'Bacon' Fellenz ( назад)
Hes fapping a coffee mug

Автор Ender mike ( назад)

Автор Stas Hutten-Czapski ( назад)
Dick at 6:09

Автор tabitha love ( назад)
omg moneyyyy 😻😻😻

Автор normaliciouz ( назад)
2:41 song name?

Автор Tech-Games tips ( назад)
so who won this money?

Автор flamingchicken44 ( назад)
Galaxys S7 would be my prefrence.

Автор kim power ( назад)
I got very stressful every time I watch ur vid Luke ...
I've never won a giveaway..
I want an iPhone!!!
any model will do..
I still using xperia play for crying out loud..

Автор Joe Tintin ( назад)
2:48 is that jack?

Автор Mohamed tamer ( назад)
if you eat the bacon and beer the God take people in the hell

Автор steve Leung ( назад)
just give as a iphone >,,<

Автор Kirinin Kiri ( назад)
Is he sponsored by all of these? Dam talk about a ton of profit in 1 video
if he is

Автор Naveen Pillai ( назад)
The end of this video had me rollin' lmfaooo

Автор Jayanth Turimella ( назад)
im sure this bottle is good for bottle flip

Автор O!G ( назад)
I just need a iPhone 7 or a iPhone 7+
I am still using Samsung s3

Автор Elkin Torres ( назад)
dammmmmn son look all that youtube money

Автор 96romil ( назад)
Rocking to brock berrigan!

Автор Shadow VillN ( назад)
I feel like he's forgotten the true sport of making videos and money is all
there is now. *sigh* well, incorruptible channels don't last long

Автор games g ( назад)

Автор Angus Fry ( назад)
When did he become such a cunt?

Автор Paul Cancescu ( назад)
Is that JACK for the 1st time ?

Автор OVER WATCH Fann ( назад)
I hope i win I wanna get iphone 7 for my kids

Автор GreenSharpieGreen ( назад)
i dont appreciate you using zack hemseys music in this scamming ass video.

Автор Antonio Camunas ( назад)
this is insane haha! you make the best videos 😍🎥

Автор War of Deimos ( назад)
Can I please have 50,000$ I'm have no money and I'm commenting on a library

Автор J Egginator9000 ( назад)
Dang, I thought Lou actually cared about his fans. Go buy another
McDonald's burger Lou.

Автор Dragos Cutian ( назад)
Money on my mind..........
Eyes on the dolla $ign..............

Автор Jordon Kersey ( назад)
I got one of the Unbox Mighty Mugs in my order. Gotta say Lou, looks pretty
sweet. This will be my new everyday work mug. Can't afford spilling stuff
all over my keyboard and desk.

Автор keyif oyuncu ( назад)

Автор thommie VG ( назад)
Lew stop the freaking acting man, its too much.

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