Leaked Footage UFO Sightings Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Groom Lake Nevada!

Reportably Leaked Footage of a Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Citizens of Nevada have recently reported sonic booms and strange noises! Now we may be closer to the truth of what really is going on at Groom Lake or otherwise known as Area 51!Join Blake Cousins along with the Thirdphseofmoon Team for a weekly Radio Live Broadcast! 6PM Pacific Time! Speak on Air Live 1-347-934-0378 If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

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Автор Milosz Ostrow (4 дня)
Interesting, but that's NOT a supersonic design, not it is a stealth

Автор Faisal Shah Murad (6 дней)
totally fake, this kind of wing configuration does not work.

Автор The Daily Driver (11 дней)
CRJ rear ended something....

Автор knomon (14 дней)
Fake as a 3.5 dollar coin :P

Автор randomstuff244 (1 месяц)
yea...thats aint aliens

Автор Hector Velez (2 месяца)
Reason this channel seems so ridiculous is because it is. Don't go for the
okiedoke, it's purposely done to camouflage military testing of
experimental aircraft. Public hysteria and excitement only helps add to the
confusion with a profusion of film, fotos, eyewitness accounts, etc. I
don't believe in Santa Clause, tooth fairies, or The Holy Ghost just

Автор Buddy Rasberry (1 месяц)
Change your frame rates. I caught the glitches.

Автор Yo Man (4 месяца)
Big deal, I got on on eBay last week

Автор David Foust (5 месяцев)
Doesn't S.H.I.E.L.D. have a plane like that?

Автор Villainous Lombardo (1 месяц)
so they are testing a new aircraft ?? and...............?

Автор Oz Malo (2 месяца)
All UFO footage and stuff is always out of focus , Why

Автор ClaudeMagicbox (4 месяца)
It looks like some special version of an old MD-80 modified to carry very
long loads.
Added wings and winglets are needed to have the craft actually fly.
Strange though that someone tough of making this thing up when there
already are aircraft of such and even greater length that could be used.

Автор Kris Kozub (2 месяца)
Since when is a malformed 727 super sonic. This channel makes me laugh so
hard sometimes i cry.

Автор Barcelona Heart (4 месяца)
Yeah you REALLY think they would be flying that low so everyone could see,
video and photograph this "top secret aircraft". Rolls eyes.

Автор jack gibbs (1 день)
So you have an airliner with more wings...big woop.

Автор Daniel Fagan (3 дня)
That looks like a modified KC130- note tail and engine placement, What the
extra wing and canard is for is any one's guess.

Автор CowCop (6 дней)
This is 200% fake. Just listen to the thing!

Автор Brett Rich (13 дней)

Автор Edmund Ward (16 дней)
that was boring

Автор Ismael Zyz (10 дней)
If that is an alien aircraft. xhy would it be flying in daylight ? and how
come you are the only one who has many video in which you are pretending to
have seen an UFO and nobody has seen them ?

Автор McKinley Ferrell, jr. (14 дней)
So what !!! our military should be able to keep us safe !!!!!!!!!!! get
over it ,and more on 10 4 !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Pez Pezzer (13 дней)
very fake...nice editing tho, but not even filmed in the desert...note the

Автор Fox Benton IV (1 месяц)
this video obviously shows fokkers new aircraft.

Автор Harald Blom (15 дней)
fake and gay !!

Автор How Ryou (2 месяца)
howard sterns balls

Автор Ivan Rivas (2 месяца)
Its nothing impressive since the US military have been investing a lot of
money in new UAV's they have more sophisticated drones that don't even run
on gas. These are used by higher levels of security..

Автор Angelo Vasquez (1 месяц)
You have to be kidding me.. -_-

Автор Fah Q (2 месяца)
I still think its fancy CGI or a rc with dragon link

Автор Peter Griffin (5 месяцев)
Is just ETE

Автор Crosley Fiver (22 дня)
multiple wings are not condusive to supersonic flight but to increased

Автор Vlad M. (17 дней)
Saw something similar to this over Asheville, NC 2ce already. Only fuselage
was a bit longer. And front wings were a bit larger. 

Автор jettscreemr (1 месяц)
I work for Boeing, this is what you call a bad SHOOP!!! This "aircraft"
makes no aerodynamic sense. Also the converging shadow, flying below
powerlines should be a dead givaway...

Автор InnerTubes (2 месяца)
Put your "talents" to good use somewhere else. This is a bad joke.

Автор Jack tav (1 месяц)
Looks so real!! I'm having a hard time determining if this is real or fake

Автор TypeTuber (1 месяц)
The future of aviation is to add wings, clearly.

Автор danny noun (27 дней)
Find that a plane on another plane

Автор Apollo79BV (3 месяца)
nice toy plane

Автор arturo polo monteserin (2 месяца)
This is basic (and bad) CGI. If the "ufo" were to have been there, the
camera that shot the video aimed at the sky would be focused at infinity,
making imposible both the clear focus we get on the plane (no focus
correction in the video) and, most importantly, the shaking the plane
suffers, as the whole background would share this shaking. This, as you can
see, does not happen in this video.(pay attention to the edges of the
screen while watching). And, as somebody else pointed out, and as a result
of bad cgi, the ufo "flies" under the electricity cables, which proves that
the image of the plane was placed post-recording frame by frame, in the
hopes of it looking as realistic handheld camera shaking. 

Автор daseladi (2 месяца)
:) You really have no problem putting this kind of stuff on tube.. let me
gues why.

Автор Andrei Luna (2 месяца)
hahahaha Tom Cruise should be laughtin' at this!!!

Автор Mehmet Yalçın Yarış (4 месяца)
white marks from wings, not engines? cmon atleast make it realistic.

Автор oleksandr Senko (4 месяца)
It's a plane

Автор B & I Productions (2 месяца)
This is probably the future of military aircraft. I'm guessing this
aircraft is either gonna be a transport aircraft. Or an all new version of
a Super Sonic Bomber.

-Free Lancer

Автор Moritz Helle (4 месяца)
looks like they mounted 4 wings to many on that subsonic Learjet...

Автор J- jay (2 месяца)
Fly shit and if withdraw, they will say "fuck it's a mini UFO." "or mini
alien UFO fell from!"

Автор Kristine Miller (2 месяца)
That looks more like something i built with legos than a plane

Автор c0nstantin86 (22 дня)
It's a fucking commercial jet with two engines and a T-tail. It has extra
pair of wings and Canard. It's probably testing fuel efficiency not agility
/ speed.

You're welcome!

Автор Tyson Collier (4 месяца)
Thirdphaseofmoon wtf is this crap... remove the title. You are discrediting
your reputation with this crap... wow a super sonic military aircraft...

Автор Wolf Larson (5 месяцев)
At 0:38 forgot to edit the shadow on the clouds.

Автор Tom Turner (6 месяцев)
think you need to review ur sources

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