Leaked Footage UFO Sightings Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Groom Lake Nevada!

Reportably Leaked Footage of a Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Citizens of Nevada have recently reported sonic booms and strange noises! Now we may be closer to the truth of what really is going on at Groom Lake or otherwise known as Area 51!Join Blake Cousins along with the Thirdphseofmoon Team for a weekly Radio Live Broadcast! 6PM Pacific Time! Speak on Air Live 1-347-934-0378 If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

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Автор michael mottlau (28 дней)
FAKE, look at 0:47 and 0:48, the center part of the airplane is IN FRONT of
the black cables.

Автор snedler (3 месяца)

This is not a UFO ffs!!!

You can see clearly its a secret plane, military project i guess or privat
i dont really care..

but what i try to say is..
an UFO is when you have no clue at all whats flying in the sky.
Here you can clearly see its nothing more than a secret plane not yet
unknown but not unidentified...
it still uses fuel as we can see so what so damn ufo about this??

Its okey to get fucking real and not name UFO on your titel just to get
people to watch it....
You did upload great stuff once but that have been changed with uploading
all kind of shitty videos.. You are a big joke.. You'r subscibers will
start to leave you for that kind of shit

Автор Cooper Rothschild (29 дней)
You could make something similar to that fly but wouldn't one wing need to
be high and the other one low on the plane?

Автор TheOnlyWayIsMetal (5 месяцев)
A craft like that would literally tear itself apart. Why I am bothering to
explain is beyond me but here goes. There is absolutely zero purpose for
the fore stabilising fins nor the second set of wings. Both would create
extreme forces on the fuselage during even low speed flight that would snap
it like a twig. Secondly, the engines mounted aft would not produce
anywhere near the power needed for a "secret" vehicle even if this thing
could fly (which it couldn't). Thirdly, the shadow under the first and
second set of wings are identical, which would not happen. Finally, it is a
Bombardier CRJ series that has been badly edited. Looks like a 900 but I
could be wrong.

Автор Joe Martinez (16 дней)
its called a taxi ... a 747 used to taxi the space shuttle from place to
place, called an 'SCA' ffs

Автор Rob Courtney (2 дня)
Oh, look! A PhotoChopped airliner! LOL!

Автор jules verne (1 месяц)
windows paint 95 special effect XD

Автор Dylan Byrd (22 дня)
Fake video you can tell there is no moisture coming off the leading edge of
the other wings not to mention the cloud cover shows you the aircraft's
true shape. If you pay close attention to it during the video

Автор Pikolover999 (15 дней)
it´s a new plane or 2 planes

Автор escapeephil (2 месяца)
1 aircraft, doubled up, pushed forward a bit, scaled down a bit and masked
over the one behind it to look real. Blah.

Автор Faisal Shah Murad (8 месяцев)
totally fake, this kind of wing configuration does not work.

Автор TheOnlyWayIsMetal (5 месяцев)
P.s. The con trails are a joke. What set of wings are they coming from? At
that altitude there would be none. Any other air tech will tell you exactly
the same. This is Grade A bull.

Автор PIXEL PLANET (1 месяц)
Looks crazy.

Автор Brian Pickler (1 месяц)
This is nothing new or fake we have these at are air port its a high class
jet it just looks cool

Автор Robert Batson (6 месяцев)
That's not supersonic or even aerodynamic. Good FX though...

Автор tyamada21 (2 месяца)
That's not a UFO it's a KTPUBHTREI144329 being tested for its inaugural
flight to the moon and back. Part of the preparation has been taking place
for over 2 years while an unmanned aircraft has been circling the globe (it
is now back on Earth).

Автор titan1235813 (2 месяца)
This shit channel is so full of disinformation and purposely cheesy,
photoshopped videos and images, to take away any credibility about the
reality of extraterrestrials visiting us and any secret government military
project. Lousy, fucking government puppets and paid trolls in disguise.

Автор Félix Lecompte (7 месяцев)
#1: The video is just a loop (So probably a photoshop thing looping over
and over again)
#2: If it was truely a ''top secret'' Military thing, the governement
wouldn't leave this on youtube for 2years.

Use your brain guys.

Автор ani manga (16 дней)

Автор Dave in the Shed (1 месяц)
Photoshop is fun!

Автор The-Abyss-is-open (1 месяц)
turd phase of the lune horse shit

Автор Jack Bodiless (2 месяца)
Third Phase of Moon, worth the UNsubscription.
Only comedy and entertainment can be found here....

Автор sKuNKdoSE (1 месяц)
This is it for me.. unsubscribed.

Автор Fox John (8 месяцев)

Автор dave albert (3 месяца)
its a fucking joke can you come up with anything better than this. only
thing you do is get clips from the net. 99 percent are computer generated.
don't make you're self look so fucking stupid 1st and foremost people this
is youtube 99 percent fake 1 percent maybe. and that's on a good day

Автор Cotedazur trader-futures (1 месяц)
Fake video superposée!!!!!!!

Автор knomon (8 месяцев)
Fake as a 3.5 dollar coin :P

Автор Joey Licht (2 месяца)
does this look like a ufo no it does not

Автор Rasul Harris (7 месяцев)
i seen this same thing in Lawrenceville, VA only at night. At first it was
a big orange-red ball of light that seemed to be stationary, once I said i
was going to get my camera it took off and flew right above me.. i would
say it was as high as this on was maybe closer.

Автор Даниил Щуковский (3 месяца)
Это ПУТИН полетел!

Автор Villainous Lombardo (9 месяцев)
so they are testing a new aircraft ?? and...............?

Автор Wolf Larson (1 год)
At 0:38 forgot to edit the shadow on the clouds.

Автор Tom Turner (1 год)
think you need to review ur sources

Автор philippe berg (1 год)
air friction

Автор The Apollo Parade (1 год)
you just went full retard you realise UFO just means unidentified right?
and considering noone knows what this is yet, thats exactly what it is a
UFO, new designs come out everyday... so what are you talking about saying
"stupid fucks this is fake" whats fake? can you name the aircraft? nope? oh
right, so you cant identify the unidentified flying object lol, idiot.

Автор Fred Al (1 год)
Two planes caught in the act

Автор TAHOKMUSIC (1 год)
This is Pandora...everything is a bit doublish...if there was such a
word...You might wanna go to hell for some R&E...for every little thing
here in Pandora would want to eat you or kill you for Jujubes....:)

Автор Raj Rijhwani (1 год)
What a god-awful CGI design. The VC10 is 1960s tech.

Автор foom5 (1 год)
Christmas is early this year!

Автор TheArtistSoldier (1 год)
the military is testing new plane designs every year, most likely we will
see it as a new military plane in the future

Автор UnfoundWay (1 год)
It's a DC-10 that has been photoshoped.

Автор fuddyize (1 год)
OMG a UFO so real :D

Автор sylvain ferré (1 год)
juste un prototype ,top secret

Автор FireFox Bancroft (1 год)
Air Craft designed by an 8 yr old in 3D Studio Max.

Автор Flavius Nita (1 год)
Those are subsonic wings... Multiplying the number of wings does slow the

Автор aX Rapture (1 год)

Автор Garfuck (1 год)
Well there are tandem planes, airplanes with two sets of wings. But they
usually don't just look like you descibed it. Well everything is possible
although it's very unlikely. You didn't drink and or smoked that day. Cause
I did one day and I could swear I've seen the reflection of a cigar shaped
ufo with two fins on a engine hood. I looked up, but nothing. Even though
weed and beer doesn't make you hallucinate, maybe it did in that instance.

Автор aurimelis79 (1 год)
leaked my ass!

Автор djkc2411 (1 год)
DUMB. <-period

Автор zakaria kamal (1 год)
May be slow speed, glide landing, low fuel consumption, passenger plane

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