Leaked Footage UFO Sightings Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Groom Lake Nevada!

Reportably Leaked Footage of a Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Citizens of Nevada have recently reported sonic booms and strange noises! Now we may be closer to the truth of what really is going on at Groom Lake or otherwise known as Area 51!Join Blake Cousins along with the Thirdphseofmoon Team for a weekly Radio Live Broadcast! 6PM Pacific Time! Speak on Air Live 1-347-934-0378 If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

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Автор Jackson Juday ( назад)
it's 100 percent real... you guys have no idea what your talking about it
is a spy plane that th us airforce has been working on

Автор NJSTARS6 ( назад)
It's prob a test flight for a new plane

Автор jackie brown ( назад)
A predator drone.. Easy one.

Автор Andy Devlin ( назад)
I only came here to dislike.

Автор Taylor Perkins ( назад)
What you are seeing is altered or glitched footage of a McDonnell Douglas
MD-83. This is a midrange commercial airliner not an alien spacecraft or
secret government project.

Автор gtgamer2015 ( назад)
it is either a toy plane or a photoshopped vid because not only does it go
under power lines why would it be tested over a town???

Автор Jonah Beale (RCFlyer) ( назад)
Too bad such an aircraft would be unstable not to mention completely
unsuitable for supersonic flight!

Автор Paddy Grant ( назад)
Utter shite.

Автор Edward Matos ( назад)
Agreed with the shadow image its def a fake

Автор kirsty lee ( назад)
Mate at 0.37 secs , there is a mirror image on the clouds . Mmmmmmmm

Автор David Hills ( назад)
Looks like something out of Kerbal space program

Автор Maximus Decimus ( назад)

Автор MetallicRain ( назад)
How do i block this retarded channel?! Please tell me so i don't get his
fake ass videos on my "recommended" anymore !

Автор JENS DAEMS ( назад)
This "thing" has 4 main wings and 2 canards and 1 fuselage ? What the fuck
? I thought it were 2 planes giving an illusion of being fused togheter

Автор rick Matherly ( назад)
GO USA ill bet this plane is 50yr old

Автор Greg White ( назад)
This plane would never fly. Fake as hell.

Автор Cliff Rogers ( назад)
Stupidest thing I have ever seen!

Автор Selinee Tejada ( назад)
It isn't a UFO It's a plane cult 717

Автор Christopher Fecundo ( назад)
Lmao fake

Автор calhouncook ( назад)
that big-boy's gotta have tremendous lift with all those wings.

Автор HateCrimesDivision ( назад)
This ENTIRE CHANNEL is based on pure bullshit.

Автор runninghoove ( назад)
Fake bullshitt on this channel as usual.

Автор Dadu Phineasa ( назад)
fake gammin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Madison Moreland ( назад)
THIS IS NOT A UFO! most likely this is only a test for secrete military
equipment to use during battle. At the time the video was taken the Air
Force was probably testing out the new air craft. The double wings actually
is a smart choice for ,or stability and a crouch during flight. For the
secrete part they probably didn't want other people from foreign country's
to copy their upgraded air crafts but you probably just showed millions of
people top secret equipment used for the us Air Force, Great job!

Автор penny meads (155 лет назад)
Looks like 2 planes refuelling .

Автор Raul Alberto Perez ovalles ( назад)
Fake..00:38 sec 

Автор mike mathews ( назад)

Автор Skillz Uk ( назад)
TOP SECRET EH! Done a good job keeping it secret, Lmao

Автор Bobilator Realitywall ( назад)
Its fake , u dont need that mutch big wing when u go super sonic that just
stupid .

Автор kevin barry ( назад)
Total bullshit yet again waisting peoples time and I say Bolloxs to
that........your welcome

Автор Brendan Hynes ( назад)
Super sonic?? Hardly with the 2 hair dryers on the back of the aircraft

Автор Andrew Blackamore ( назад)
What software you using to make this double image.

Автор marctorres654 ( назад)
next Battlefield 5

Автор Mark Soucy ( назад)
TFOTM really why would you even post this , you are making your self less
reliable every time you post things like this .

Автор Arthur Lopingco ( назад)
You guys are all wrong! That's big daddy plane at the back humping mama
plane biatch!

Автор коля Катков ( назад)
Видно же турбины,шасси,самолет не разу не видели что-ли? 

Автор Olivia Bishop ( назад)
Bad CG

Автор Olivia Bishop ( назад)

Автор John Carrillo (1373 года назад)
Looks like two Mc Donnell Douglas Dc9s put together. I want to fly it. 

Автор def leppard ( назад)
Another fake title...
Fck it

Автор Joseph Nafnalus ( назад)
LOL. Somebody call George Noory. But somewhere some idiot has bought this.

Автор HU03TON ( назад)
Two aircraft flying in close formation, does not make a UFO

Автор NO2JOE ( назад)
More wings means more drag. Zero reason to have more then 2 + maybe canard

Автор cancerman50 ( назад)
2 planes flying in formation. Blue Angels do it all the time. 

Автор guido brown ( назад)
This is a video of two (2) military jets flying in formation, FAKE, FAKE,

Автор Crissy Miller ( назад)
U can see it's not real cause there is a quick glance at a shadow of
another plane coming towards it lol!

Автор XypherVG ( назад)
Aircraft of this design is aerodynamically impossible. 

Автор gizzycat cat ( назад)
Something truly bothers me about this. I hate that.

Автор Rob Courtney ( назад)
Oh, look! A PhotoChopped airliner! LOL!

Автор Pikolover999 ( назад)
it´s a new plane or 2 planes

Автор Joe Martinez ( назад)
its called a taxi ... a 747 used to taxi the space shuttle from place to
place, called an 'SCA' ffs

Автор ani manga ( назад)

Автор Dylan Byrd ( назад)
Fake video you can tell there is no moisture coming off the leading edge of
the other wings not to mention the cloud cover shows you the aircraft's
true shape. If you pay close attention to it during the video

Автор michael mottlau ( назад)
FAKE, look at 0:47 and 0:48, the center part of the airplane is IN FRONT of
the black cables.

Автор Tonelero ( назад)
You could make something similar to that fly but wouldn't one wing need to
be high and the other one low on the plane?

Автор jules verne ( назад)
windows paint 95 special effect XD

Автор The-Abyss-is-open ( назад)
turd phase of the lune horse shit

Автор Brian Pickler ( назад)
This is nothing new or fake we have these at are air port its a high class
jet it just looks cool

Автор MeLtedLogiK ( назад)
This is it for me.. unsubscribed.

Автор They Live ( назад)
DUMB. <-period

Автор Sky AmneZia 02 ( назад)

Автор Bill Thomas ( назад)

Автор Paul Bunyun ( назад)
morons like you that just spread EVERYTHING in hopes that 1% of what
they're putting out has some substance to it are what keeps the general
public in the dark. look at these people in the comments that are
interested to see what this truly was and came to see a hoax. just like the
rest of your videos. YOU are the cancer @thirdphaseofmoon

Автор Enzyme Twosix ( назад)
Clarification. U-nidentified F-lying O-bject UFO. Doesn't necessarily have
to be alienic spacecraft, retards.

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
No matter how many facts, practical examples and proof of concepts you
provide stupid people will always believe the impossible and claim its real

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
3rd phase of moon guarantees fakeness

Автор Skarmory Fly ( назад)
Fake #1: The plane Go UNDER the Cable

Автор SixDrops ( назад)
...and that, boys & girls are how baby planes are made...

Автор marcus1091 ( назад)

Автор Ivan Yulianto ( назад)
Just see the livery on 0:41, it's really clear that the engines are
purple-coloured and the tail are red(top), white(center) and
purple(bottom), it's T-tail and the engines were shaped like that, I'm sure
that it's Hawaiian Airlines. In the recent fleet, the only T-tail aircraft
was the B717, but it's edited so it may trick you.

Автор KaL Rynzler ( назад)
Why do people wast time posting untrue stuff like this?

Автор LesPaul2006 ( назад)
2 planes in formation or After Effects. Simp.

Автор etrememasters1 ( назад)
fake or passenger plane fueling steal bomber idk

Автор Sarcalogos Tortolero ( назад)
your so stupid its 2 air planes doing a trick they do it on a stupid

Автор wolk28 ( назад)
хвост от ту-154

Автор somitto ( назад)

Автор Ray Liu ( назад)
Someone did their aerospace engineering homework...

Автор starman1695 ( назад)
This should be titled Leaked Footage US UFO Sightings Top Secret Super
Sonic Military Aircr

Автор Ivan Yulianto ( назад)
Hey, that's an edited Hawaiian B717!

Автор BillWa ( назад)
True, this is fake, but those aren't slip streams, he's dumping fuel

Автор Matthew Stryletz ( назад)
Yeah, no. I have serious doubts that thing can get off the ground, let
alone achieve supersonic speeds.

Автор Sean R. ( назад)
also the this is fake cause the slip streams are coming from a point on the
wings that would never cause them... and the amount of drag caused by 3
sets of wings would never allow it to reach "super sonic" speeds without
bigger engines and not ripping off the wings... and that ridiculous tail

Автор RovereTano ( назад)
chemtrails tanker....

Автор Aadonai ( назад)
y0, thats UFO kinda looks like a plane dont u guys think???

Автор Fred Al ( назад)
Two planes caught in the act

Автор Jimi Ellis ( назад)

Автор Robert Mans ( назад)
It's a plane

Автор FireFox Bancroft ( назад)
Air Craft designed by an 8 yr old in 3D Studio Max.

Автор FLATUANT ( назад)
DC9 photo shop, vapor trails of main wings a clue, leading wings are
mounted on top, which would cause aerodynamic issues. agree the second set
of wings serve no function. You have recently posted several comments.
Enter the text in the image to continue posting. how freaking stupid, they
are going to post themselves....

Автор zakaria kamal ( назад)
May be slow speed, glide landing, low fuel consumption, passenger plane

Автор william reid ( назад)
be able to land at very slow airspeeds.

Автор william reid ( назад)
Looks like some Rutan like design. The tandem wings could be workable if
the attack angle and the position of the wings are different so they have
unimpeded airflow around them where the slipstream of the forward wing does
not ruin the airflow over the rear wing. I have worked with tandem wing
designs and they can be very slow or fast depending on angle of
attack,fusilage position and type of airfoil used. Such planes could
possibly land at very slow speeds and with a re angling of the wings

Автор Wolf Larson ( назад)
At 0:38 forgot to edit the shadow on the clouds.

Автор Spore4006 ( назад)
This is an obvious video edit job. I bet you are the same people that think
this is real. /watch?v=CE0Q904gtMI

Автор scarakus ( назад)
it obviously wasnt moving at supersonic speeds

Автор nelsman ( назад)
That was third crap of the crap's magical mystery bus.

Автор Mark Rushing ( назад)
This is what you call an experimental photo-shop project that should be
kept top secret!! Not because the person did a crappy job of incorporating
the useless wings and canard but because it clearly demonstrates their
ignorance of aerodynamics.

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