Leaked Footage UFO Sightings Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Groom Lake Nevada!

Reportably Leaked Footage of a Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft! Citizens of Nevada have recently reported sonic booms and strange noises! Now we may be closer to the truth of what really is going on at Groom Lake or otherwise known as Area 51!Join Blake Cousins along with the Thirdphseofmoon Team for a weekly Radio Live Broadcast! 6PM Pacific Time! Speak on Air Live 1-347-934-0378 If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

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Автор Striker01 ( назад)


Автор david jones ( назад)
I think I saw this about 2 weeks ago here in Ky, it was not flying where
most jets fly and it got my att. and then I noticed it looked like it had
extra wings. it was going north and very fast.

Автор JOSE THE GREAT ( назад)
Why would anyone believe this? It's hilarious!

Автор King “OG” Romero ( назад)

Автор Area51UFOGynaecology ( назад)
its a weather balloon

Автор I'm Nicolas and I'm looking for a job ( назад)
The Tyrrell P34 of planes.

Автор B Gifftd ( назад)
this shit ass video

Автор gs gs ( назад)
😱😱😱😱😷😷😷😷😷✈ ✈✈✈

Автор hustlehard co ( назад)
its swamp gas

Автор Fjielin Fjielin ( назад)
Exhaust contrails usually form at high altitudes; usually above 8,000 m
(26,000 ft), where the air temperature is below −36.5 °C (−34 °F). They can
also form closer to the ground when the air is very cold and has enough

Автор Mr N.sherlock ( назад)
And what?

Автор Bobby Scott ( назад)
Hey ! ! God fruit It looks for me like really hot resulx beer

Автор Федор Кулеша ( назад)
америкосы вернулись к бипланам - деградируют .

Автор Louie Vee ( назад)
looks like a missle

Автор Danny Garden ( назад)
this is not a UFO, it is a concept plane testing, since we dont have one
yet, it is tested away from people, but id you look closely, I'm pretty
sure it is a plane to lunch aircraft in space, there is alot of different
models, but all the same agenda, lunching space craft with the best money
save, I already seen 6-7 differents plane, good video, my guess is going to
that, what would they do with a plane with 2 wings and more ???, the only
thing is close to space, you need more trust and wings to get to the edge
of space :)

Автор Daniel Garza ( назад)
you'd have to be a dumb pilot to fly it over the city.

Автор Stelios Papas ( назад)
what kind of airplane is that?

Автор TJMcSWAG ( назад)
really, that looks like a aircraft so that's fake

Автор Jason Lanase ( назад)
looks like hawaiian airlanes DC9

Автор Jose Rodriguez ( назад)
Photoshop!!!!! Nothing else.

Автор EBE 7 ( назад)
Just no. How can you Earthlings ever hope to master anti-gravity when you
can't even understand basic aerodynamics. Blake is a fucking moron. Any
of you who think of him as anything but a con-Earthling deserve anal

Автор hairoftehdog ( назад)
Lol the aerodynamics on that plane would be so fucked

Автор Tom Tiger ( назад)
it's def a plane, but who really knows what their using it for. it could be
unmanned or a super sonic plane like everyone is saying, but prob to catch
or keep up with UFO's.

Автор Grant Stickel ( назад)
looks like the plane goes under the power lines.?!!!

Автор Jason Berry ( назад)
Not everything in the sky is a UFO! I mean this looks like a fucking plane
because that's what it is. It looks like some modified Airliner with the
traditional tale wing section you can easily see. That elevated tail design
is not something they would use in a Super Sonic Jet.

Автор John Phanuhel ( назад)
You just can't have too many wings when you're a pilot who's afraid of
flying, I guess.

Автор Aaron Seckold ( назад)
cameras dont drink

Автор Sara B. ( назад)
It's the U.S.S. Photoshop, obviously. :P

Автор Jo Dreamer ( назад)
looks like two planes mating!

Автор godsmacker ( назад)
Mexican weather balloon 

Автор Scorpionbite8 ( назад)
Flying illegals back to Mexico. Needed a extended airbus.

Автор Geoffrey Mahugu ( назад)
fuck you that a plane

Автор Olivia Gates ( назад)
F&%kn military, stop the wars you bastards, it's all just a cover and we
know it okay!!!!!

Автор aussieaeromodeler ( назад)
aint no secret now lol

Автор Potato ( назад)
This is the plane who flied in the World Trade Centrum, I think it's a

Автор Adelbert Brideau ( назад)
Another sensational yet unsubstantiated claim in YouTube header by TPM to
attract views. It is nonetheless an unconventional airplane!

Автор anothercbrowner ( назад)
looks like an average kerbal aircraft

Автор Justin Metzinger ( назад)
It's an airplane carrying another airplane. They make those you know.

Автор leonardimas1 ( назад)
its a prototyp, Airbus make's test mit 6wings!!

Автор Александр Кудрявцев ( назад)
Oh shit,if there is nothing to show that this shit has nothing at all to
lay out

Автор dj kid kato salsamoto ( назад)
seen 1 in aurora colorado. but no tail Rutter 6 wings and very glossy ocean
blue color. it looked like it belonged in water and was moving extremely

Автор James Butler ( назад)
I noticed the airplane had a conard nose configuration.

Ha ha ha, how the hell can it be "LEAKED FOOTAGE"? It's flying all over the
place. I must have gone over peoples and properties? Bloody hell! Leaked my
aunt fanny!

Автор Mark ( назад)
Man made but impressive.

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
Top secret commuter rail craft Russian design russian-built and some people
don't realize that it's an aircraft not a UFO it surprises me that some
people can clean a UFO s commercial aircraft just like the stealth bomber
that was developed the Blackbird as well now there's three new aircraft
they're being built right now and they're being passed off as you are posed
as being tested tell me when somebody claim something that they really
don't know about themselves as a UFO or an ifo with is an identified flying
object do not send comment back to me I do not like comments back from
somebody who doesn't know anything in this world at all go back to school
and learn surely don't have your degree papers yet watching UFOs iFOs
Do not use Jet Propulsion to use magnetic waves with you can feel like a
watery substance underneath the UFO itself or I fo this is how they run
that's why you see them tilt left and right and move different ways you do
not move a Street Paterson always sometimes but not all the time mostly it
is a dip or foot jump up or a jagged left and a checkered right and when
they do this they move so fast that glow because of the l metallic magnetic
waves that it produced obviously this person doesn't realize he's been
tricked somebody knows more than he does there's many different shapes of
UFOs cigar shaped as a transporter it carries grave and also ship I can
talk many different types of ships that are developed out there but is very
hard because I do not have enough room I just only need one also this
particular cigar shaped and tracks and Deacon tracks so I could move faster
as light speed or hyper sonic speed Elvis that's the way it is man

Автор Doug Kennedy ( назад)
looked like modified airliner

Автор Aaron Lisle ( назад)
Looks like one of my Kerbel Space Program Planes lol

Автор Sir Fap A Lot ( назад)
awacs being refueled? .... whooo magic

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
Well I like these ass clowns they claim that this is a UFO meanwhile
Russian aircraft have wings at the front of the nose these days is
supersonic our days right now is hypersonic you looking at an old Russian
aircraft that did not make flight history or as a commuter aircraft UFOs do
not use jet engines the bonehead that sent this to me should see a
psychiatrist yes a sick demented mind keep bothering an old man well let me
tell you some kid with too hard and a diaper you believe what you want to
believe you still climbing the ladder
This man holds me a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich Elvis God said

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
Simply when the United States made the stealth bomber people thought it was
a UFO as well this is normally just the spot clean if somebody had built
UFOs are I have those do not have any sound. bottom line you believe what
you want to believe I know what I know simply saying when they built the
Concorde Russia designed as similar aircraft in this one and similar to the
Concorde and it self destructed in France look it up on youtube same design
as this one except there's just a wing extra engines of an aircraft are
named after the aircraft how I know I used to work with aircraft

. Cockpit is the same as a normal aircraft cabin is the same wings are
designed the same engine are named after aircraft this design does not
appear to be a UFO I am sorry what is called top secret people speculate by
seeing calling it a UFO but this one you do not call a UFO its call IFO
meaning identified flying aircraft do your research before you get a
passing grade and if you can't do that sit in a corner and suck your thumb
people singing this and calling out of you fo your to harden a diaper Elvis
that's it man

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
Aliens do not use jet engines they used magnetic waves which is magnetic
pulse wave similar to using a piece of metal dry ice and magnets same
polarity quit bothering me and asking me this is an alien craft
CCCP Russia

Автор Herr Mondlicht ( назад)
Some government invention by the looks of it.

Автор Philip H ( назад)
Thats what a plane looks like after I've had a few beers.

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
Kermit is a week individuals
Is wrong ownself self

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
To Kermit you don't even know what the hell you're talking about 4:40 you
like I remove your own self from YouTube obviously you don't even know
what's flying over your head

Автор Timothy Dawson ( назад)
First don't bore supersonic hypersonic now and its a commercial Russian
aircraft two engines on the ad section of the aircraft UFOs do not have
engines they have magnetic possible wave

Автор michael adams ( назад)
aircraft pure and simple

Автор ukz unique (1857 лет назад)
why is there people commenting bad things all the time, GO and watch
something you want to watch.

Автор Timothy Dawson (1026 лет назад)
Grow up Canon 7 passenger aircraft done by the Russians you cannot convince
me it's a UFO no its a commercial aircraft

Автор LETHAL GEEK ( назад)
see, when you post fake videos like this your channel looses points and

Автор Timothy Dawson (1319 лет назад)
Look like a Russian plane all Russian planes that hit the supersonic are
designed like

Автор Darren Sculuca ( назад)
this is simply a md-83 or the md-80 tech mules and notice the engins are
exposed, tells me that are not what they once were..this craft is very
heavly modified for testing...easy not that hard to see..who is testing
them and why they have been seen in public?? who know?..im shure the pilots
are getting a big kick out of this and a big repromand..lol..nice.

Автор Tony Johnson ( назад)
I saw this in 2012, Florida, it is real, this has been photographed
elsewhere also. This video leads me in the direction of hologram and
projection somehow, but it is a real phenomenon.

Автор lisdoddestraat (322 года назад)
this is a Photoshopt Boeing 717-200 of Hawaiien, Come on peeps

Автор Nex ( назад)
it's 100 percent real... you guys have no idea what your talking about it
is a spy plane that th us airforce has been working on

Автор NJSTARS6 ( назад)
It's prob a test flight for a new plane

Автор jackie brown ( назад)
A predator drone.. Easy one.

Автор Devthethird ( назад)
I only came here to dislike.

Автор Taylor Perkins ( назад)
What you are seeing is altered or glitched footage of a McDonnell Douglas
MD-83. This is a midrange commercial airliner not an alien spacecraft or
secret government project.

Автор Planes-Trains-And-Games ( назад)
it is either a toy plane or a photoshopped vid because not only does it go
under power lines why would it be tested over a town???

Автор Jonah Beale ( назад)
Too bad such an aircraft would be unstable not to mention completely
unsuitable for supersonic flight!

Автор Paddy Grant ( назад)
Utter shite.

Автор Edward Matos ( назад)
Agreed with the shadow image its def a fake

Автор kirsty lee ( назад)
Mate at 0.37 secs , there is a mirror image on the clouds . Mmmmmmmm

Автор David Hills ( назад)
Looks like something out of Kerbal space program

Автор Maximus Decimus ( назад)

Автор MetallicRain ( назад)
How do i block this retarded channel?! Please tell me so i don't get his
fake ass videos on my "recommended" anymore !

Автор JENS DAEMS ( назад)
This "thing" has 4 main wings and 2 canards and 1 fuselage ? What the fuck
? I thought it were 2 planes giving an illusion of being fused togheter

Автор rick Matherly ( назад)
GO USA ill bet this plane is 50yr old

Автор Booger Bear (The Watchman) ( назад)
This plane would never fly. Fake as hell.

Автор Mercury Engine ( назад)
Stupidest thing I have ever seen!

Автор Selinee Tejada ( назад)
It isn't a UFO It's a plane cult 717

Автор Christopher Fecundo ( назад)
Lmao fake

Автор calhouncook ( назад)
that big-boy's gotta have tremendous lift with all those wings.

Автор HateCrimesDivision ( назад)
This ENTIRE CHANNEL is based on pure bullshit.

Автор runninghoove ( назад)
Fake bullshitt on this channel as usual.

Автор Dadu Phineasa ( назад)
fake gammin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Space Nerd ( назад)
THIS IS NOT A UFO! most likely this is only a test for secrete military
equipment to use during battle. At the time the video was taken the Air
Force was probably testing out the new air craft. The double wings actually
is a smart choice for ,or stability and a crouch during flight. For the
secrete part they probably didn't want other people from foreign country's
to copy their upgraded air crafts but you probably just showed millions of
people top secret equipment used for the us Air Force, Great job!

Автор penny meads (156 лет назад)
Looks like 2 planes refuelling .

Автор Raul Alberto Perez ovalles ( назад)
Fake..00:38 sec 

Автор mike mathews ( назад)

Автор Skillz Uk ( назад)
TOP SECRET EH! Done a good job keeping it secret, Lmao

Автор Bobilator Realitywall ( назад)
Its fake , u dont need that mutch big wing when u go super sonic that just
stupid .

Автор Deadpan Barry ( назад)
Total bullshit yet again waisting peoples time and I say Bolloxs to
that........your welcome

Автор Adolf von Hessen ( назад)
Super sonic?? Hardly with the 2 hair dryers on the back of the aircraft

Автор Andrew Blackamore ( назад)
What software you using to make this double image.

Автор marctorres654 ( назад)
next Battlefield 5

Автор Mark Soucy ( назад)
TFOTM really why would you even post this , you are making your self less
reliable every time you post things like this .

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