Lion Pride vs Buffalo Herd | Buffalos rescue and then kill one of their own!


Incredible scenes at the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania where we witness a pride of lions hunting and catching a buffalo bull. The buffalo herd then come to the rescue and free the bull from the lions, but there is a dramatic twist at the end...

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Автор PAULLONDEN ( назад)
Bullshit heading !

Автор Anti Islamism (354 года назад)
people are not here to guess. Fuck you

Автор Fackmylife ( назад)
Clever cats, inflict as much damage to the back legs. If the bull gets
saved, it will not be able to walk far and will become a meal anyway.

Автор Peristilo peris ( назад)
This buffalo died because he tried to convince those lions to become

Автор oerjan swensson ( назад)

Автор bernie sharp ( назад)
1.44 : female orgasm ? 

Автор TejanoMade210 ( назад)
i think the lions attacked the buffalo cause they were hungry

Автор fffrrreeeddd ( назад)
i couldnt guess what happened next 

Автор Pali Aha ( назад)
Let the VIDEO do the NARRATION.

Автор Conespliff ( назад)
Wow, that's crazy. I had no idea they sacrificed like this.

Автор WhatHappend2HipHop ( назад)
2:02 why did that one buffalo stay back with the other buffalo that had
been killed?

Автор harry balls ( назад)
buffalo soulja

Автор John B ( назад)
they didn't "put it out of its misery", the surviving bulls saw an injured
rival and took it out. This is actually common.

Автор michaeld5 ( назад)
lol, "tough decisions" That's nature, dude.

Автор Aren Mori ( назад)
Some do but rarely. One video uploaded shows a bull horning an injured bull
buffalo and stepping aside for the pride of lions to finish the kill.

Автор TheBooban ( назад)
1:15-1:21 What do think happened there?

Автор Jorge Perez ( назад)

Автор Techprime20 ( назад)
Wow.. This was completely knew to me too. I didn't know they harnessed such
characteristics of empathy and strategic decisiveness. Fascinating.

Автор Sapphire Auriga ( назад)
animals do this sometimes to protect the herd or put an animal out of its
misery. In this case both. I have seen a herd of wild horses do this too. A
filly that was just born had some major leg problems and would not be able
to walk so all the mares left her in the middle of their grazing area and
the stallion had to go over there and kill her

Автор smexsa ( назад)
how is that sick

Автор victor256in ( назад)
black on black crime

Автор Ash A ( назад)
I have never seen this behavior of a buffalo killing another buffalo.

Автор Aren Mori ( назад)
thanks for showing, would have liked to see the kil.l

Автор Neo Seer ( назад)
Astonishing... Thanks for this.

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