Rustic American Mini Cabins by Landmark Home and Land Company Stylized Wood Homes

Landmark's Unique miniature cabins are great for second homes, small lots, in law apartments, hunting lodges, retreats and hotel rooms.

Very affordable to build and yet have a lot of character. Warm feeling they are a great place to relax and unwind.

Available with custom interiors and exteriors they can truly be personalized to your lifestyle and site. Make yours a Victorian, Contemporary, Gothic or a Mini Lodge.

They come in a variety of sizes and square footages. Most have lofts and multiple sleeping areas. All come packed with character.

Well built and energy efficient, they will become a family favorite.

Landmark can provide these homes as kits for your assembly or complete turn key ready to move in. Contact us for details at landmark@LHLC.com or call 800-830-9788

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Автор Anna Wesson Etters ( назад)
What a nice, perfect little starter home, for a small family. I would have
been more than satisfied with one of these, in my younger years, when my
children were small.

Автор Doe Campbell ( назад)
how much is this house turn key just as it shows in this video???

Автор Doe Campbell ( назад)
Please let me know how and or who I çan contact to get the needed
information to have this home made for me, my two dogs and my cat!¡!_☺
All information can be sent to me at.,.
I'm really looking forward to gettï

Автор Doe Campbell ( назад)
Hit the wrong button.😆

Автор Doe Campbell ( назад)
Landmark Cabins, all I can say is WOW!!¡!
You do have the best lookin log cabin I've seen!!! I'm divorced and in my
50' (25 and 23)! I'd like to know the costs of this home or where I can
contact som\eone who can help by get f

Автор Tom Mavrakos ( назад)
the nice bird singing doesnt go with the off beat annoying jazz

Автор Bob 357 ( назад)
Very nice indeed. I'm a realtor in a large city with clients that like 2nd
homes that are simple getaways. Will earmark your site and call soon. Great

Автор Ximena Renteria Hernàndez ( назад)

Автор Ka3Ty ( назад)
Very stylish and compact, so the one shown is closer to 55k than 25k. I
suppose someone that makes 100k + a year would be a drop in a bucket, and
may even save money by having the work done for them, rather than doing it
yourself. If you have the time and capability a person could save Huge
money by shopping around for their best buy on materials and doing it
themselves. So it is for the rich that wouldn't want to take away for their
high paying job to even consider building one themselves.

Автор Giovanni Berardinelli ( назад)
I love this !! very well use of space... and does not look super tiny or
crowded like you see many others have. the only thing I don't get at
all..... is why the fuck do you and everybody else make a loft area that is
USELESS !!!!!!! if you have to walk on your knees to make a bed or vacuum
its useless space. 3 more feet would be a huge selling point just where the
loft space is..... does anyone else see this as an issue ?? and not
everyone has kids or wants them.

Автор Zakk Swayze ( назад)
I love it. I want this exact cabin and hide it in the mountains somewhere
away from everyone!!!

Автор Regan Strand ( назад)
Love this

Автор Six Wings ( назад)
What's the price range?

Автор 1950Viper ( назад)
I would do a bed and breakfast with 5 of these units.

Автор oldmtnfart ( назад)
Would like to see more of this one. Love it.

Автор Pinshe_Loko ( назад)
ok throw us a ball park hahaha

Автор Holly Hobbie ( назад)

Автор Johnny Appleseed ( назад)
That is hands down the NICEST mini home I've EVER seen !

Автор Nathan Chung ( назад)
i really wanna live in a rustic house DX it's so pretty in winter. and
winter's my favourite season.

Автор LA2Alaska ( назад)
Gorgeous cabin! I live in SE Alaska and looking for land to build, possibly
the bench lands. Problem with here is lots of wetlands/muskeg. I am sure
the price is much higher in Alaska. I would love the same design but with
stairs to the loft and garage attached. Do you folks have a catalog?

Автор 454 younggun ( назад)
Lovely House.. By the way what is the name of the MUSIC?

Автор zachevanbros ( назад)
Ha gaayy

Автор kidgloves2 ( назад)
I would love to know the dimensions on that first cabin.

Автор JAMOACHA ( назад)
Love that music.

Автор BgMsDangerus ( назад)
If the cabins come with the music, I think I'm sold.

Автор Totes McGotes ( назад)
i'm only 19 but it would be a dream come true for me to one day be able to
build my own log cabin like this...just wish they didn't cost so much.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
Costs of the cabins vary by size and design features. Lofts, cathedral
ceilings, tall ceilings, porches, railings, log siding, cedar shake siding
and more can affect the cost. Local codes can also affect the cost and
designing the case of earthquake and hurricane areas. High snow loads can
also affect the cost. In general, kits start at about $25,000. If you have
more questions you can email me at landmark@LHLC.com. We also have more
pictures on our website at LHLC.com. Thanks, Steve

Автор Garrus Vakarian ( назад)
On average how much do cabins this size cost and what size are they exactly?

Автор jason palmer ( назад)
I would name it the love cabin.

Автор David Canavan ( назад)
just give a price or because its like 75 gs

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
Tina, we will need to know where you are building the cabin and some other
details such as foundation type. Please email us so we can help you. My
direct email is landmark@LHLC.com. Thanks, Steve

Автор vwkid05 ( назад)
lookin at dis jus giv me da blues....

Автор Tina Allen ( назад)
I too want to know how much this cabin is exactly as it is ..... Seriously

Автор Schpankme Verimuch ( назад)
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Автор John Walton ( назад)
What was the total price for this one?

Автор Kevin Hurley ( назад)
How much for what you see I'm looking to buy,very nice,please respond

Автор SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( назад)
the guitar is good, blues well played. The house? Sure. It's nice on a nice
day. But....Tuesday's just as bad....

Автор lmturmenne ( назад)
This is really nice. Good, spacious and fully comfortable. This is mini,
but beautiful design and layout makes it seem "not mini" at all.

Автор Josh M ( назад)
omg, thats so peacefull n relaxing cabin to live in! I love to "Have" 1 my
own some day:)

Автор delindsay90210 ( назад)
The EXACT type of response a wasteful "Murrikan", as G.W.B. would put it,
would say, bravo. And btw, America, not the United Stated of America, was
founded by people who lived in Wiki-ups and Tipis, very small homes indeed.

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
These are the nicest cabins I've yet seen... at least 40% larger than the
"tiny" homes.

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
Americans should be able to live in whatever size homes they CHOOSE to!
This "is" America, you know. (Or was before the comrade & cohorts got in
office, that is).

Автор AFewGoodPuppets ( назад)
The problem is with me I make too much money for a mod! So they think I can
pay my bills but they do not account for 3 kids and a wife! It sucks!

Автор Ximena Gomien ( назад)
Horrible furniture and curtains. Less is more.

Автор Georgette Lingenfelter-Leggett ( назад)
I just got a modification from 1,200. to 734.00 now it's back up to 833.00
a month for a 4 bedroom full basement, 3 bathrooms, family room. Attached
garage. It is only me here. Time to down size to something simple and so
much smaller.check out the tiny house on facebook they have free building
plans to build your own.

Автор Bobby Donaldson ( назад)

Автор MountainDreamLand ( назад)
Love.....the guitar background music. Who is it???

Автор Gore Blaster ( назад)
"No electricty"... Light bulbs everywhere...

Автор diystutorials ( назад)
cant understand ur comment

Автор AFewGoodPuppets ( назад)
Same! Why post a video if you cannot find the product it would be like
walmart running an ad for Coke but not have it in the store.

Автор AFewGoodPuppets ( назад)
If someone would give me the information needed to build this panel home
and help me get the material shipped I would sell my house now and get away
from this $1,500 a month payment!!!!!

Автор ChesterLoadstone ( назад)
Rustic? Sorry. Nothing rustic to it. These were built on a
doctor's/lawyer's stock option dime. I'm not saying that they suck. Because
they don't. But if you got 110 running in that crib, it is no longer
"rustic." Show me a wood stove, a pile of tinder bundles and your favorite
wool blanket--and we can talk rustic.

Автор ci3lo3t3rno ( назад)
Wowww !!!

Автор huuhko ( назад)
living single, great place..

Автор PA Camping Ministries! ( назад)
Ckeck out our modern cabin tour! Located in Nockamixon State Park.

Автор downthecountrylane ( назад)
@55Keylock There's always an idiot in the village, in any country.
Thankfully there are always a genius too. I do agree that when I read The
Daily Mail (yes, I read a Brit paper online.) it seems they only like to
report our idiots. However, we're not a nation of any one thing. BTW, a
majority of Americans think those two are idiots too. :)

Автор Bean ( назад)
@downthecountrylane 'idiots'? Because our news channels (in England) focus
so much on the likes of Palin and Santorum. So, easy mistake to make -

Автор Retro80Lady30 ( назад)
Men from rich family backgrounds can't build anything. My husband always
pays for people to do all repairs. If you can't fix things yourself I would
suggest you don't buy a home. To bad my husband can't build a home like
this, and I think our culture is all about spend, spend, spend. Which makes
people slaves to loans, and credit. Not to mention banks charging high
interest rates.

Автор T2H Instructionals ( назад)
yah I am diggin the music as much as the cabins!

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@joeplacetas1 permits are controlled by your local building department. In
some parts of the country you do not need a permit, in others you do. Check
with your local building department on the minimize size requirements for a
home or guest house on your property. Each size mini cabin has a separate
cost. We have kits from $25,000US. Please email me at landmark@lhlc.com if
you have further questions. Thanks, Steve

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@davehutchinson67 our customers have build them in their yards, marinas,
motor coach parks, hunting land and other places. They are very flexible.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@83zongo thank you,, yes they are excellent cabins!

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@RawFoodGuy99 there are a few cabins in the videos. They range from 16 by
36 up to 16 by 42. Some are also placed side by side to make them bigger.
finished costs vary by design and location. every area has slightly
different codes. your land conditions also affect the cost. contact us for
pricing details.. landmark@lhlc.com. my name is Steve

Автор 3sajc3 ( назад)
Absolutely Incredible! I'm headin' to the website....

Автор downthecountrylane ( назад)
@Dregowz Perhaps the name implies the style, not that we Amercans believe
we invented the log cabin. Look at beer... everyone has their own style,
and so it's now American beer, German beer, English beer... that doesn't
mean those countries invented it. Why is it that some people in other
countries think that all Amercans are idiots? BTW, USA was formed, not

Автор Gonzo Gonzic ( назад)
odlicna je

Автор James Pullein ( назад)
A lot of UK houses are smaller than this.

Автор RawFoodGuy99 ( назад)
Is this all the same cabin in the video ? I like the outside of the first
cabin,can you email me the size and a round about price for this finished
cabin ?

Автор Samantha McDonald ( назад)
Do you not have a website?

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@fpstina Thanks. Our Designers do a great job.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@Dregowz Log cabins are very historic! Also very cool to live in.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@isabstmr You can have any type of fireplace that you would like,, wood,
gas, pellet stove, etc.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@Atritionist Thanks, we think they are pretty cool as well. Very unique

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@2fast65 Our mini cabins are between 240 and 1,000 square feet. We can also
customize a plan if yu would like.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@Yodle2012 Thanks, there are really unique. If you have questions, please
call me at 800-396-5556. If you are outside of the United States, we can be
reached at 708-205-2043. Steve

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@KatiushaVN4 These are very practical homes. yes they can be wired for
internet. they are wired, plumbed and heated just like any home. Thank you.

Автор KatiushaVN4 ( назад)
Internet available?

Автор chronicreader ( назад)
@Dregowz Very true. Log cabins were being built in Scandinavia and northern
Europe long before the Americas were even colonized.

Автор 2fast65 ( назад)
kick ass little cabins would love to build one someday as for wasteful size
in the USA F you where ever you are from we need walking space once in a
while just to stay sane .

Автор Atritionist (1360 лет назад)

Автор Isabel S ( назад)
Is that a real wood burning fireplace? I love It!

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
Thanks for all the great comments! These are really cool cabins.. Nothing
else like them...

Автор Lindenberg Double Zottelmischel ( назад)
Thank you

Автор fpstina ( назад)
very nice interior...

Автор rubbersole79 ( назад)
Nice background jams.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
@HaloHamstur that is our 16' by 42' plan. doesnt have a specific name. in
the mini cabins we generally refer to the sizes. you can email me if you
have more questions.. landmark@LHLC.com or call 800-396-5556. Thanks, Steve

Автор HaloHamstur ( назад)
@landmarkhomeandland Can you tell me the name of the plan for 0:37?

Автор Andre Apodaca ( назад)
looked your site dont see mini witch one is this one and how much ?

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
We can supply the complete kits, but many people want to choose their own
plumbing fixtures. We are flexible and will supply the materials that you
need. Many customers buy plumbing fixtures, electrical components and hvac
locally. We can also customize a floor plan or develop a design for your
particular taste and situation.

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
Exterior walls have white cedar logs, Cedar lap siding or Cedar Shake.
Cedar is resistant to bugs and rot which is why we use it on the outside.
On the inside we use pine. There are many options and alternatives to
finishing these homes.

Автор dkolb65 ( назад)
@delindsay90210 Shut up

Автор Harley Austin ( назад)

Автор tpd513 ( назад)
so what all comes in the kit for 25k does that include the cabinets roof
bath sink etc?

Автор Landmark Home and Land Company ( назад)
Thanks for all of your comments. Landmark's mini cabins range in size from
288 square feet up to about 1,000 square feet. They can all be engineered
for earthquakes, hurricanes, expansive soils or snowloads as your building
department may require. Cost of the kits ranges from $25,000 to about
$55,000. They are a very affordable option. They look more expensive than
they cost which is nice. We an also customize features for you. Call
800-396-5556 with any additional questions. Thanks.

Автор delindsay90210 ( назад)
That's a cabin, nothing "mini" about it. The only thing you could possibly
mean is mini compared to the ridiculously wasteful size of American homes.

Автор Mick Scarborough (1193 года назад)
@GMOkills Wood does a great job of surviving earthquakes because it flexes.
Also earthquakes and hurricanes are limited to only a few states. Wood has
been used in homes building since the beginning of western civilization.
Give me a break.

Автор Barbie3sunset/Bettijohatrix ( назад)
@GMOkills That all depends on where in the USA you live. here in NM wood is
just fine.

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