Summer Fun hair and makeup! Bronze Goddess

Thanks so much for watching!
I hope you guys enjoy this video!
Don't forget to send me a pic if you do this tutorial! :)


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Автор Jaqueline Hope ( назад)
I love watching your old video all over again 😭❤️

Автор Gillian Nogue ( назад)
who else is watching this in 2016?😂

Автор jenn stine (553 года назад)

Автор Danica Milanović ( назад)

Автор Katie The Make-Up Chick ( назад)
This video is so cute!!!!

Автор Franka Modrić ( назад)
she put this video on my birthday :D

Автор the3goodlemons ( назад)
pause at 7:38 awesome video i love you

Автор Casey Tsou ( назад)
When she says "oh my gosh I put too much" wow that's perfection

Автор kardelensdiary ( назад)
I like the lipstick color and good on you

Автор Yurixa Peralta ( назад)
whats the name of the last song playing in the background?

Автор Sophia Glanz ( назад)
Does your pillow say Laur DIY!?! I love her!

Автор Grace Outeiral ( назад)

Автор Brooke S. ( назад)
Love ya beth!

Автор Jessica Reeder ( назад)
this isn't her first gideo..

Автор HASHTAG Calliekinz ( назад)
You are soooooooo gorgeous I love you so much 

Автор Anju Singh ( назад)
Love u beth i just want to meet u i live in india ♥♥

Автор MeagandDanielle26 ( назад)
Hate to tell you this because I love you so much but the coral shadow on
your lower lash line makes you look like you have pink eye. Just a tip:
don't use pink shadow to close to your actual eye ball because it gives the
appearance of pink eye:)

Автор andrea ramirez ( назад)
i <3 you beth

Автор Lauryn Mills ( назад)
This Is So Good

Автор Beatriz ( назад)
BETH!!!! It's 2014 and you have made it so far. Your MOTAvators are so
proud of you. We love you so much because you are such a funny, amazing,
and beautiful human being.

If you were to ever see this i just want you to know that i love you so
much and you are such an inspiration<3
I love you to the moon and back!!!

Автор Amairany Rodriguez ( назад)
i love you videos do one for this Christmas

Автор Amairany Rodriguez ( назад)
give me your phone number i want to call you

Автор Amairany Rodriguez ( назад)
they do give more you are the best

Автор Catie H ( назад)
aww little bethers

Автор Esha G ( назад)
Is this your first video ever ! Wow it's pretty good 

Автор Ekra Khalid ( назад)
What happened to ur first video ?

Автор Emersyn Graw ( назад)
Where did u get ur bedding

Автор Acrogirls67 ( назад)
First video!!!!!

Автор Phinney Aldredge ( назад)
What was the eyeshadow palette that you used called?

Автор Kailyn Elizabeth ( назад)
Dude I've never seen anyone with the same name and spelling as me!

Автор flowww312 ( назад)
Thank u Beth!!! I am no longer ashamed of my naturally oversized eyelids
because I see you sporting them

Автор Natalie leasure ( назад)
I think you more preppy and full of energy then you were back then

Автор Sherry Zhang ( назад)

Автор Makeup Lovers ( назад)
Thanx for replying

Автор Isabella Faith ( назад)
a feather

Автор Isabella Faith ( назад)
a feather

Автор Sharon goldena mary ( назад)
lol!! m watching this in rainy season !!!

Автор Julianna Marie ( назад)
Make more videos of healthy eating. And health and weightless. And like all
that good stuff. Love u Beth

Автор Julia Hansen ( назад)
like if you did watch this XD

Автор Makeup Lovers ( назад)
What is that snake thing in your hair?

Автор Makeup Lovers ( назад)
I like your nails beth

Автор kristin harper ( назад)
follow me on instagram kristin_2498

Автор Lily Ainsley ( назад)
what was the temp. on your curling iron?

Автор Tara Rai ( назад)
Hello there, are you familiar with "HAIRator"? Just search on Google. There
I have found a revolutionary and pain-free body hair removal alternative
that involves no more shaving, waxing or other outdated methods. The truth
is, that solution has been featured in Time Magazine. This helped Kenny to
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Автор Lizzy Francis ( назад)
Your so gorgeous!!! I love you so much beth!! Please follow me on
instagram!!! @daisydiva877

Автор Andriani Mareth ( назад)
I loveyou Beth!

Автор Samavia Ahmad ( назад)
Like if u noticed when she said E3 method ;D love ya Beth

Автор kailyn bailey ( назад)
Like if your watching this in summer of 2013??(:

Автор Alissa Tran ( назад)
I have the same curling iron as u

Автор Isabelle Harris ( назад)
U are lucky our school finishes June 27

Автор Cesia Gard ( назад)
I love this video

Автор Veronica Wolf ( назад)
no i think she is 17 or 18

Автор Kendra Cole ( назад)
The Loreal Hip Jelly Balm's Were Discontinued but they may still have some
in a drugstore somewhere. Sorry. :(

Автор Cristian Santillan ( назад)
i love black dicks

Автор Cristian Santillan ( назад)
i love black dicks

Автор Alexis Ardolino ( назад)
----if anyone would care to read this---- hi, im alexis and i dont want to
seem annoying or like im spamming, but its hard to get noticed in the
beauty community because its so competitive, i know its a slim chance but
if anyone could just take 5 mins out of there 24 hour day and just check
out my very first video? i was also my first time using imovie because i
just got a macbook pro, but i was inspired to start a youtube channel.
feedback and comments would be so amazing! thank you so much xxx

Автор Leah Clark ( назад)
Like this if you would like Beth to do another one like this , this year!

Автор Rebecca Daughtry ( назад)
watching in june!!

Автор Rebecca Daughtry ( назад)
im watching this in june !!

Автор willow lahey ( назад)
can u do one of these for 2013?

Автор taylora000 ( назад)
She's like 18 or 19 now @Sabine malt

Автор Bla274 ( назад)
Could you please do a closet tour???

Автор Sophia Renee ( назад)
Beth you look so perf <3

Автор jasmine guzman ( назад)
Am I the only one that reminds myself to wash my hair whenever I watch any
of her videos.

Автор Kiana Schorr ( назад)
Like if you're watching this in 2030!

Автор Casey Barnes ( назад)
This is so helpful!

Автор Ashley Wu ( назад)
your hair...it's perfect!!!

Автор Thu Nguyen ( назад)
Like if you want all these stupid comments to fucing stop

Автор Marissa Stepp ( назад)
Watching this video 2 years later

Автор super83835 ( назад)
Like if you alive!

Автор fashionbyjacky ( назад)
Cool!! I just checked the date and i am watching it exactly at May 27,2013
but she uploaded this 2 years ago which is May 27, 2011 cool!!!

Автор glcluver ( назад)
Anybody know what kind of brushes she uses?

Автор Kc Secusana ( назад)
beth: Oh my Gosh! I put too much.....hahhahahah

Автор likealadyNo1 ( назад)
06:06 :D ♥

Автор Koko Boo. ( назад)
Stop saying like this,if people wanna like it they will!!

Автор Haley Zoey ( назад)
Like if you don't care when people are watching this. :)

Автор ZemenuAluS ( назад)
6:05 Hahaha :D

Автор Daisy Gomez ( назад)
How do you make your videos soo coll when you edit them

Автор Sophia ( назад)
where is your shirt from? it's gorgeous! Xx

Автор Myunicaija ( назад)
oh so that's why she was on "seventeen" magazine! silly me!

Автор Britney Nicole ( назад)
she's 17

Автор Myunicaija ( назад)
Wait how old exactly are you? I thought you're like 25 or something cuz you
wear makeup that adults use! LOL but when you mentioned getting out of
school, i said omg she's must be young then!

Автор STLatina ( назад)
Vegas Vault

Автор Yashi105 ( назад)
like this if you are watchin in summer 2013

Автор Evelyn Martinez ( назад)
why does that dry shampoo always leave those whit stufff i have it but nver
use it cus of that

Автор Joanna Lawler ( назад)
Y o u ' r e a m a z i n g : )

Автор Jamie Stone ( назад)
Like, who wears that? I do, its cool. Lol

Автор Gkath9 ( назад)
the dry shampoo left like grey colour in ur hair... :P

Автор Ashley Addison ( назад)
wow you had a feather Beth..

Автор olivielivielivie ( назад)
You are b e a u t i f u l

Автор V Karra ( назад)
can you do a makeup collection video!!! by the way loved your video☺xxxx

Автор rhythmliz ( назад)
Great video!! You did a great job i really enjoyed it. BTW, i would love it
if you entered my Smashbox MAKEUP giveaway! Thank you so much! xoxo

Автор Aashna Gandhi ( назад)
i love youur hairstyless..

Автор vfbjghjfsazymjk tudg,k ( назад)
Who wears that? I do Cuz its cool. *straight face* Lol

Автор Estefania Albarran ( назад)
What grade are you gonna go to

Автор Grace Brown ( назад)
Thank yon so much for making this video

Автор Erin Johnson ( назад)
Like if your watching this right now. :D

Автор Enjoy Love ( назад)
I love it, but I have curly hair (verry) so I can't do this hairstyle. You

Автор Jubaer khan ( назад)
Hey there, do you know "HAiRator"? Simply check out their site:
http://hairator.com On their website I have discovered a revolutionary and
pain-free body hair removal treatment that needs no shaving and / or
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This helped Kenny to enjoy long lasting smooth skin. I hope it works for
you as well.

Автор mintchocolate9 ( назад)
i love her dimples! i think they look cute hehe (:

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