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Автор Kathleen Humes (27 дней)
This video is so cute!!!!

Автор Casey Tsou (9 месяцев)
When she says "oh my gosh I put too much" wow that's perfection

Автор MeagandDanielle26 (1 год)
Hate to tell you this because I love you so much but the coral shadow on
your lower lash line makes you look like you have pink eye. Just a tip:
don't use pink shadow to close to your actual eye ball because it gives the
appearance of pink eye:)

Автор Lauryn Mills (1 год)
This Is So Good

Автор Franka Modrić (9 месяцев)
she put this video on my birthday :D

Автор HASHTAG Calliekinz (1 год)
You are soooooooo gorgeous I love you so much 

Автор kardelensdiary (11 месяцев)
I like the lipstick color and good on you

Автор Grace Outeiral (1 год)

Автор Brooke S. (1 год)
Love ya beth!

Автор Yurixa Peralta (1 год)
whats the name of the last song playing in the background?

Автор Sophia Glanz (1 год)
Does your pillow say Laur DIY!?! I love her!

Автор Anju Singh (1 год)
Love u beth i just want to meet u i live in india ♥♥

Автор andrea ramirez (1 год)
i <3 you beth

Автор Jessica Reeder (1 год)
this isn't her first gideo..

Автор the3goodlemons (9 месяцев)
pause at 7:38 awesome video i love you

Автор Acrogirls67 (1 год)
First video!!!!!

Автор Esha Gawri (1 год)
Is this your first video ever ! Wow it's pretty good 

Автор Amairany Rodriguez (1 год)
i love you videos do one for this Christmas

Автор Em Graw (1 год)
Where did u get ur bedding

Автор Amairany Rodriguez (1 год)
they do give more you are the best

Автор Ekra Khalid (1 год)
What happened to ur first video ?

Автор Catie H (1 год)
aww little bethers

Автор Amairany Rodriguez (1 год)
give me your phone number i want to call you

Автор Beatriz (1 год)
BETH!!!! It's 2014 and you have made it so far. Your MOTAvators are so
proud of you. We love you so much because you are such a funny, amazing,
and beautiful human being.

If you were to ever see this i just want you to know that i love you so
much and you are such an inspiration<3
I love you to the moon and back!!!

Автор sophia elena (2 года)
where is your shirt from? it's gorgeous! Xx

Автор Lucia99 (2 года)
ya ur tightline

Автор Aevin Ray (2 года)
Okay, you said you were gonna mute the sound but didn't tell (or should I
say WARN?! lol!) us about the shocking music that shook me entirely from
head to toe!! BOO!! Love the make-up though!! <3 ;))))

Автор Sempai idk (2 года)
No vive

Автор Raquel Teixeira (2 года)
Dimpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeees *-* ! Can I have them?

Автор fashionbyjacky (2 года)
Cool!! I just checked the date and i am watching it exactly at May 27,2013
but she uploaded this 2 years ago which is May 27, 2011 cool!!!

Автор Julianna Marie (1 год)
Make more videos of healthy eating. And health and weightless. And like all
that good stuff. Love u Beth

Автор Grace Brown (2 года)
Thank yon so much for making this video

Автор kailyn bailey (1 год)
Like if your watching this in summer of 2013??(:

Автор MsPeawe (2 года)
Maybe at Pacsun! Or Forever 21. That's where I get mine.

Автор Ashley Addison (2 года)
wow you had a feather Beth..

Автор mintchocolate9 (2 года)
i love her dimples! i think they look cute hehe (:

Автор MountainGirl07 (2 года)
I think you can get them put in for a few months at some salons or you can
buy clip in ones. Try looking online :)

Автор Griselda Esquivias (2 года)
I 3 that blouse!

Автор nativepridesailor (2 года)
No:) I forgot which mall it was but they sell them still:)

Автор RaainbowFloweers432 (2 года)
So who cares she is just putting bit of humour in her video

Автор Lille Loves (2 года)
Check out my channel!

Автор Grace Green (2 года)
ok thanks:)

Автор Greta Scott (2 года)
What cameo

Автор STLatina (2 года)
Vegas Vault

Автор Loraine Luk (2 года)
u look like you need more sleep in this video!

Автор chanelegance (2 года)
Hi, lovelies! It would mean the world to me if you could check out my
channel and hit the subbie button! My recent video is a Pretty Little Liars
one!!! Thank you!! <3 xoxo, Chanelegance

Автор Heylie (2 года)
A "summery" video :D

Автор Alondra Ortega (2 года)
you look nice with makeup on, but you look biootyful with out makeup

Автор dissy sissy (2 года)

Автор Ashley Rutz (2 года)
Good for you

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