Female to Male

SHUT UP ABOUT THE EYEBROWS!!! Stop commenting on them. Obviously I forgot them and so many of you have mentioned it. I get it! That's not the point of the video! Damn.

This took me FOREEEEVAR to make. Now I realize that just some makeup effects and a change of clothes does not make me trans nor did I think that it would. However I am trying to get across the point of the fluidity of gender. Male, female, androginous people, trans, cross dressers - it's all fluid! IMO there is no real male or female anymore. It's all a matter of personal expression and self identity. And who are we to judge?

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Автор ThePodVon ( назад)
Well I think it was a good video. Yes, you forgot the eyebrows, but so
what? like you said, that isn't the point.
(I would suggest a stippled bluing beneath the foundation in the facial
hair areas though as a more effective method of masculine colouration in
the same manner as mtf use red in that area to hide shadow.)

Sex, gender, sexuality and gender identity have never been the black and
white that most simplistic people would now have us believe. Science is
often misrepresented by the ignorant to 'prove' stupid cultural binary

Do you have a 'male' or 'female' brain? (Yes there is a biological
difference and also an intermediary state.)
Are your genetics 'male' or 'female', neither or both? (all of these exist)
Do you have male or female gonads or neither or both?
Do you have a penis or vagina? A scrotum or a uterus? A combination of them
So tell me, is someone with a male brain who is sexually attracted to men
and has breasts and a vagina and a penis and scrotum and is genetically XXY
male or female, both or neither? or is this binary crap just in your head?

Автор Eric Sparks ( назад)
People who are weak inside will always try to exploit anyway to hurt
another person's feelings.

Автор davina wendy ( назад)
what are you trying to do, look like a bull dike, or maybe just a tomboy,

Автор Thomas Allen ( назад)
You look like a girl with a hat on your head and soot on your face.

What is a boy, what is a girl, did you not take sex ed?

Автор SN - Old channel ( назад)
On the end, you look still like a girl.

Автор AsianTattoo ( назад)
I have a 3rd person perspective, meaning I don't see two different genders
(female and male) when looking at people, but instead I just see humans,
all equal. This video was very inspiring, thank you for posting it. 

Автор Tyler McClelland ( назад)
Thank you for standing up for us

Автор tracy love ( назад)
lol i wasn't expecting that song to play xD

Автор roscafeliz1 ( назад)
The eyebrows should be thicker

Автор juli grlee ( назад)
amazing. you are really great.

Автор ͡ ( назад)
You don't define what looks like female, you uneducated cissexist prat.

Автор Danny. ( назад)
nice try now take your ass back to the kitchen 

Автор yosaya kaswank ( назад)
i think u look like some hobo chick

Автор Sacha Mathes ( назад)
Love what u had to say, there needs more people in the world that are
understanding. We all have our battles in life, they're not always the

Автор AngieSashaRizzles ( назад)
Need to make jaw bones stronger! But great vid! 

Автор Laura de Bever ( назад)
Wat een slecht filmpje zeg... FAAAAL!!

Автор dylan Jones ( назад)

Автор whoeslecanitbe ( назад)
you only look like a girl. But the message at the end made me cry :(

Автор yorum nachung ( назад)
now that i hav finished watchin the video..must agree u still luk like a

Автор yorum nachung ( назад)
u already luk like a man 

Автор myyard1 ( назад)
she does look like a man

Автор tori marie ( назад)
i rarely curse i only do when people get me mad. but i type this on my
phone so i use text language and i alsways dont spell things rite. but i
can show my report card if you want me too.

Автор tori marie ( назад)
it was my dogandno i am not are you a f******* retard you just need to stfu
andget offi can say what the hell i want because this youtubewhere we can
opinionize freely and if we couldnt then why would be abe to comment. No im
a 14 yearold honor student cheerleader and my goal is to be a lawyer orr a
neonatalnatologist or hygentist. Can you please just stop commenting it
would make my day!

Автор tori marie ( назад)

Автор tori marie ( назад)
i was referring to jesus as the one that died for our sins and also my
lifelong dog died and my great grandmother and my uncle all 3 from cance
great grandma was 99. Also i cansay what i want this is youtube

Автор tori marie ( назад)
*1 **more things

Автор tori marie ( назад)

Автор tori marie ( назад)
please argue aboout this in inbox a 11 month argument really you have
orethings to do in life!

Автор SpartanSouL ( назад)
pff itś a shit...

Автор 〈_CCBBY_〉 ( назад)
Your male look is great but you really need thicker eyebrows to pull it off
better and try to continue the rapping up to your arm pits instead. Other
then those tips i love it! You go girl!

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Your cute little quote from that book actually makes the statement for me.
It used the words masculine and feminine. Masculine and feminine aspects
are set by the culture that they come from. In metrical societies the
definition of those aspects are different then in a patriarchal society.
That’s not social science, that’s just simple reasoning. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Really, I do not recall calling you a Bible thumper; I never said you did
not know any better. I started this with a simple definition of the word
gender, a scientifically accurate one at that. You’re the one that took it
political. So I am just going to go back to my original statement and
rebuttal of your statement. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
No shit, really, has nothing to do with economics, wow, did you figure that
out on your own did you. You continue to be insulting. I guess it is just
in your nature. By ALLWAYS resorting to insults and derogatory statements
you only show how imbecilic you truly are. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
I understand that you believe this. I understand that you have been taught
this. I understand that you cannot come to grips with the fact that you
have been taught this by someone. Why can’t you face that?

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Definition of FASCISM 1 often capitalized: a political philosophy,
movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often
race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic
government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social
regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition 2: a tendency toward
or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control Websters

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
No, I have not been taught that, I don't even support "progressive" policy
for your information

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
I was never taught that, and your the one saying it, not me dude.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
One last thing

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
And you say I am programmed, holy shit dude, you’re a walking tape recorder
of propaganda. I wish you could listen to yourself. I actually know some
people from the old USSR and they did refer to their country as communist,
and this was before the fall. Just think about what you have been saying.
You have been tossing the word Marxist around like a basketball. Dude, get
help, get some knowledge and most of all, open your eyes and look in a
mirror about your statements. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Ummm, technically that is correct in as much as that is what the party
called itself in Italy during the 20’s but you show your ignorance with
that statement. Fascism is governmental philosophy, like socialism,
conservatism, communism, liberalism, etc . . . Using your argument would
mean the US is not Democratic because Democrat is a political party. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
4. The very statements that you are making are talking points for a
conservative, ultra-conservative point of view at that and you still
maintain that I am a product of engineering? You need to take a step back
and look at things on your own, and not through the lens that you have been
handed, but through your own mind, which you have proven to not have and
simply shout out more talking points to those that do not share your point
of view.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
3. I have heard of social engineering, and no I am not a product of it for
several reasons. I do not support a Marxist point of view, not do I support
a socialist point of view. I simply make my own choices on a subject and
don’t fall in line of any point of view that I cannot research for myself.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
2. You keep making that statement that education is indoctrination and that
all teachers and professors are simply teaching this Marxism point of view.
Only an uneducated duped rube makes statements in the absolute. I at least
have an open mind and can see things from a distance and draw my own
conclusions about a subject.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
1. See the funny thing here is that you’re still spilling talking points
like a parrot. Fascism is, by definition, extreme conservative, or right
wing philosophy, which is the way I was using it, the fact that you did not
see this and went to that talking point argument is proof of my last

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
One of three things has had to have happened. 1) You bombed out of school
and and you blame the system and not yourself. 2) You were programmed to
think this way by your parents and have never looked into it yourself. 3)
You form opinions based on political line towing and never question the
rightness or wrongness.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
You keep calling me a parrot, but the fact of the matter is that every word
out of your mouth is nothing more than right-wing fascist propaganda. Every
word you typed in this last entry is almost word for word in step with
extreme right-wing fascism. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Ok, one thing. Where are you getting your information? American education
industry is not based on “blank slate”. It was like 30 years ago, but not
anymore. You can regurgitate your propaganda all day long; it still does
not make it true. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
And, Sociology is a LARGE group of different fields including Archeology,
the study of law, religion and other aspects of society. The blank slate is
a single hypothesis in a very, very large field of research. Your blanket
statement has credit, but only on, and to the arias of interest that
actually use the blank slate methodology. I am not a sociologist, I will be
physicists, and you want to talk about a field that has stuff disproven all
the time . . . 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Finally, an argument that can hold up that is not based on playground
antics. Blank slate has been shown to not have as much credit as it did,
but that is what science is all about. Being proven wrong is the best thing
that can happen to a scientist. 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
All you have proven is that you are totally incapable of making any
statement that is not an insult, can make no contribution to anything, so
here we go. Neener, neener, neener, you’re a booger head, my dad can beat
up your dad. There, is an argument that you can understand? I don’t think
you will. Please, grow up, get an education and please, please, please
never have children so the future generation does not have to deal with
your ignorance. Good luck in your life, you will need it.

Автор Thomas Dudley (522 года назад)
You have just proven my point even more. You focus on a typo, or a spell
check hic-up instead of making a point. Thank you once more for showing
your lack of a point or mental ability.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside do to the fact that you have no
argument other then calling people names and making statements that are
your opinion only. I hope you grow up and learn a thing or two before you
actually are given any responsibility. Thanks for the attempt, but mostly
thank you for your failure.

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
The quote from the book is cute and makes a point for the general usage of
the word, but what you and . . . well most of the closed minded types do
not realize that words have multiple meanings and usages. This entry does
support your argument, but the scientific usage of the word supports mine.
Saying something is bunk does not make it so. You do not agree that's your
choice, but it still does not make it bunk, look up sociology and its sub
disciplines and you will be enlightened. 

Автор Thomas Dudley (983 года назад)
Actually you’re the ignorant one. You’re confusing the word gender with
sex. Sex is not fluid and is determined but genetics, you know the whole
XX, XY thing. Gender is determined by culture and society and therefore is
plastic and can change over time, or to use your word, fluid. If you don’t
believe me, just look it up, you know in a dictionary, you do know what a
dictionary is right?

Автор Thomas Dudley (1370 лет назад)
Wow really? Do you even know what sociology is? Archeology, Criminology,
Anthrozoology, just to name a few branches of science that are sociology.
Your statement is full of the words of the uneducated and criminally
ignorant. Before you make such a broad statement and generalization, at
least have the common decency to have some knowledge about the topic first.

Автор UnbEaTabiL pErson ( назад)
u cant change ur beautiful eyes :-P 

Автор GloriaLovesChristain ( назад)
Wow you really are ignora arn't you? who gives a fuck if she wan't's to
look like a mle or not does it really matter let her do what the hell she
want's to do and leave it at that. It's people like you that make me sad
about today's socity you didn't have to watch did you? now take some tips
from her and leave her be. 

Автор Kortney M ( назад)

Автор Kane Jackson ( назад)
you could try improving the way you look as a women first - Just saying! 

Автор Kane Jackson ( назад)
cry me a river douchebag 

Автор Thomas Dudley ( назад)
Ones sex (XX or XY) is determined by nature. Gender is defined by society.
This is a basic lesion in sociology. Gender is a concept of what your
culture says it is. The US is a culture, your home town is a culture, your
family is a culture and yes the trans-gendered are a culture, a sub-culture
but a culture nonetheless, so the point of the vid is valid, even if the
illusion of the transformation was not 100% successful.

Автор AynManRand ( назад)
hahhaha. Still a hot dyke. S/he ppl can be a lot of fun, shout out to
Bruin, Kat, Brutus. I just cant see where identity based on plastic surgery
is helpful or powerful. It also interesting to see the fetishisizing of the
gender roles amongst S/he.

Автор Jatin Parmar ( назад)
u dont luk like a guy at all.. 

Автор angiangel5 (1464 года назад)
what the name of the song?? 

Автор jig dot ( назад)
now you have to work like a man! nothing will be free and you won´t get
things just because you have a fake dick 

Автор min bk ( назад)
but you still have a vagina...

Автор AdventureGumbo ( назад)
I don't mean to be mean. but you look like a pedo when your a guy ^_^"

Автор SpiritsEnchantments ( назад)
@uzavas She's not ugly at all. In fact she makes a really cute butch! 

Автор SpiritsEnchantments ( назад)
@Ruach I think there are lots of male and female identities out there. The
trick is to tap into your own feelings and don't worry about what others
think of you. 

Автор SpiritsEnchantments ( назад)
Gender is fluid; whether you're gay or straight or bisexual.......that
sounds very familiar. I think Shane said the same thing on the L Word! 

Автор Artful Dodger ( назад)
Interestingly enough, I've heard more women say that they wish that they
had been born male, and yet there seem to be more male to female
transsexuals, than female to male.

Автор Luna Sangria ( назад)
Not bad!

Автор Fader ( назад)
what ahottie

Автор kirk rullman ( назад)
what the hell created the rant at the end of the vid? haha .. anyway still
look like a chic to me at the end, just a real ugly one 

Автор Shiggity diggity ( назад)
tits woooooo!

Автор Slutpasta ( назад)
@cherryblossomblack69 I know that, but, it's still hard to see how to
actually LOOK like a guy, even though i have a 'male' face/body structure

Автор Roman Lee ( назад)
@LuvBug00990 then go without it :) it;s what i do

Автор Ruach ( назад)
"there is no real male or female anymore. It's all a matter of personal
expression and self identity." Where did they go? And if they don't exist
anymore how do you use them to express yourself. I'm confused. Aaaaand you
don't look like a guy.

Автор Slutpasta ( назад)
What would you recommend for an adolescent girl? Because I'm pretty sure a
12 year old boy would not have a 5 'o clock shadow..

Автор Nova ( назад)
This is pretty cool! 

Автор catlin massier ( назад)
so are you a guy or girl?

Автор Scott Kevin Huard ( назад)
I would prefer you to be......A GOOD HUMAN BEING..Nothing else..thank
you...s :o)

Автор 88pie88 ( назад)
getting your balls off wont make you a woman. your just a ball=less guy
that dresses up.

Автор sassypansexualalex ( назад)
The part at the end almost made me cry. Thank you. 

Автор 2prize ( назад)
KGB is still watching me?

Автор DavschiDave ( назад)
Step 2 Remove Make-up Step 3 Put Make-up on

Автор JamesWorldStudios ( назад)
@TheKidFromGreece Clearly doesn't look like facial hair, and thanks for
your angry opinion.

Автор JamesWorldStudios ( назад)
I don't have dirt on my face and I'm a male.. wtf?

Автор Clair Maddi (466 лет назад)
was this for halloween?

Автор kbs1212 ( назад)
Let me be annoying and say WHAT ABOUT THE EYEBROWS.

Автор moonloon1972 ( назад)
an epic failure

Автор ShaneDylan ( назад)
@BolanKeith she didnt fully remove her makeup 

Автор kagomeotilia ( назад)
really nice job! 

Автор chiskiaooo ( назад)
you don't look like a male 

Автор chiskiaooo ( назад)
the eyebrowns 

Автор kalai131 ( назад)
why would you want to be a male, there are many beautiful things about
being a woman, that a man does not have.

Автор Lann (1924 года назад)

Автор tina key ( назад)
eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows....

Автор Vitrossexodus ( назад)

Автор Louis Laszlo ( назад)
Nice try, but the angular chin and plucked eyebrows give you away. Try
letting the brows grow (or fill them out with pencil) and put on a fake
beard next time :-)

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