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Автор ThePodVon (3 месяца)
Well I think it was a good video. Yes, you forgot the eyebrows, but so
what? like you said, that isn't the point.
(I would suggest a stippled bluing beneath the foundation in the facial
hair areas though as a more effective method of masculine colouration in
the same manner as mtf use red in that area to hide shadow.)

Sex, gender, sexuality and gender identity have never been the black and
white that most simplistic people would now have us believe. Science is
often misrepresented by the ignorant to 'prove' stupid cultural binary

Do you have a 'male' or 'female' brain? (Yes there is a biological
difference and also an intermediary state.)
Are your genetics 'male' or 'female', neither or both? (all of these exist)
Do you have male or female gonads or neither or both?
Do you have a penis or vagina? A scrotum or a uterus? A combination of them
So tell me, is someone with a male brain who is sexually attracted to men
and has breasts and a vagina and a penis and scrotum and is genetically XXY
male or female, both or neither? or is this binary crap just in your head?

Автор Eric Sparks (6 месяцев)
People who are weak inside will always try to exploit anyway to hurt
another person's feelings.

Автор davina wendy (8 месяцев)
what are you trying to do, look like a bull dike, or maybe just a tomboy,

Автор Thomas Allen (11 месяцев)
You look like a girl with a hat on your head and soot on your face.

What is a boy, what is a girl, did you not take sex ed?

Автор toddhawley (1 год)
I love lesbians! The problem is, they won't love me back :(

I am actually looking for a video on youtube of a 16 year old girl who
posted a threat regarding her school mates in Pheonix Arizona- Does anyone
know if it's still on this transgender affiliated channels or anywhere? Any
downloads of it?

Assistance would be greatly appreciated-

Автор SN - Old channel (1 год)
On the end, you look still like a girl.

Автор antonio spanos (3 года)
that isnt male..its G@Y ...male have more eyebrows!!! :P

Автор 88pie88 (3 года)
getting your balls off wont make you a woman. your just a ball=less guy
that dresses up.

Автор Homeless Zombie (3 года)
you forgot the eyebrows ...

Автор Angela Smith (3 года)
i think this video has such a wonderful meaning behind it! it's upsetting
people are being so rude.

Автор Fader (3 года)
what ahottie

Автор Jennifer Lynn (3 года)
you have a great point, even if you do still look like a woman... i agree
with bolankeith, if you tried to look like the kind of guy who goes to the
gym and shaves his chest and wears cologne and shit, it'd be much more
believable. also if you made the 5'o'clock shadow cover the whole beard
area it'd look better. great video though =)

Автор Thomas Dudley (2 года)
No, I have not been taught that, I don't even support "progressive" policy
for your information

Автор tori marie (2 года)

Автор reizp (3 года)
ehh why would you do this your really pretty .

Автор LadySeraph (3 года)
You should have made the eyebrows bushier.

Автор TracyC273 (3 года)
great speech but you look nothing at all like a male you still look 100%
woman sry

Автор tori marie (2 года)
i was referring to jesus as the one that died for our sins and also my
lifelong dog died and my great grandmother and my uncle all 3 from cance
great grandma was 99. Also i cansay what i want this is youtube

Автор Unknown Habs † (3 года)
and suck my dick bich.. lesbian u need my dik in ur big mouth

Автор Hamilton Burger (2 года)
Just like I am too masculine looking to be a cross dresser you are just too
feminine & beautiful to pass as a man. But excellent video. Thank you.

Автор gp4nut (3 года)
please don't become a man, you don't need to do this, you're hot.

Автор Thomas Dudley (3 года)
You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside do to the fact that you have no
argument other then calling people names and making statements that are
your opinion only. I hope you grow up and learn a thing or two before you
actually are given any responsibility. Thanks for the attempt, but mostly
thank you for your failure.

Автор Littlefoot3559 (3 года)
cut your boobs and put them on your face

Автор kirk rullman (3 года)
what the hell created the rant at the end of the vid? haha .. anyway still
look like a chic to me at the end, just a real ugly one

Автор malakota (3 года)
So pleased someone understands the fluidity of gender, thankyou!

Автор Sacha Mathes (2 года)
Love what u had to say, there needs more people in the world that are
understanding. We all have our battles in life, they're not always the

Автор SpadeN95 (3 года)
This is pretty cool!

Автор weshowze (3 года)
hey you still look like a lady. i agree in what ur saying i just watched a
doc, about a man named eddie aka gwen who was murdered but the world went
in an uproar & totally forgot that eddie wasnt truthful to the men whom he
was sexual with.u look great do u date...hook me up u can dressn like a man
anytime u want while i ....have fun...hook it up brother.

Автор JaVlLilTigger (3 года)
You did good (:

Автор telorinodelhoyoo (3 года)
the eyebrowns

Автор JamesWorldStudios (3 года)
I don't have dirt on my face and I'm a male.. wtf?

Автор Thomas Dudley (2 года)
4. The very statements that you are making are talking points for a
conservative, ultra-conservative point of view at that and you still
maintain that I am a product of engineering? You need to take a step back
and look at things on your own, and not through the lens that you have been
handed, but through your own mind, which you have proven to not have and
simply shout out more talking points to those that do not share your point
of view.

Автор Thomas Dudley (3 года)
Actually you’re the ignorant one. You’re confusing the word gender with
sex. Sex is not fluid and is determined but genetics, you know the whole
XX, XY thing. Gender is determined by culture and society and therefore is
plastic and can change over time, or to use your word, fluid. If you don’t
believe me, just look it up, you know in a dictionary, you do know what a
dictionary is right?

Автор jig dot (3 года)
now you have to work like a man! nothing will be free and you won´t get
things just because you have a fake dick

Автор masteruploader1998 (3 года)
u seem more like you just woke up from a deeeeeeep sleeep and gott drunk! XD

Автор hookiebookie1 (3 года)
Great job! Thing is though that due to the shape of a woman's skull (ie
there is no ridge above your eyes that males naturally have to "protect"
their eyes when we were fighting primates.....that said after looking at
some of the comments not much has changed...!) you can inherently tell that
you're female at the end..! Very good job though, that was actually quite

Автор 1FCZ1LoneWolf-random bits (3 года)
i agree cause most people as i suport furries people can call me strange
but it's what i believe so there the strange people for not letting peole
live there lives the was they want to

Автор Curtis Sharpe (3 года)
Id still know you were a girl instantly...

Автор Chase Frances (3 года)
what did you use for the sideburns?

Автор kbs1212 (3 года)
Let me be annoying and say WHAT ABOUT THE EYEBROWS.

Автор Shiggity diggity (3 года)
tits woooooo!

Автор tina key (3 года)
eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows....

Автор Tyler McClelland (1 год)
Thank you for standing up for us

Автор Thomas Dudley (3 года)
The quote from the book is cute and makes a point for the general usage of
the word, but what you and . . . well most of the closed minded types do
not realize that words have multiple meanings and usages. This entry does
support your argument, but the scientific usage of the word supports mine.
Saying something is bunk does not make it so. You do not agree that's your
choice, but it still does not make it bunk, look up sociology and its sub
disciplines and you will be enlightened.

Автор ShaneDylan McMahan (3 года)
@BolanKeith she didnt fully remove her makeup

Автор Thomas Dudley (2 года)
Ok, one thing. Where are you getting your information? American education
industry is not based on “blank slate”. It was like 30 years ago, but not
anymore. You can regurgitate your propaganda all day long; it still does
not make it true.

Автор Thomas Dudley (2 года)
And you say I am programmed, holy shit dude, you’re a walking tape recorder
of propaganda. I wish you could listen to yourself. I actually know some
people from the old USSR and they did refer to their country as communist,
and this was before the fall. Just think about what you have been saying.
You have been tossing the word Marxist around like a basketball. Dude, get
help, get some knowledge and most of all, open your eyes and look in a
mirror about your statements.

Автор Kane Kucan (3 года)
Hmm...more like a simpsons character if anything?

Автор Jordyn R (3 года)
what did u use to flatten ur chest up?

Автор myyard1 (2 года)
she does look like a man

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