IWANA Fish Bot

Working as of 8/15/09 on 3.2 live servers.

Register at MMOwned here: http://www.mmowned.com/forums/register.php?referrerid=18286

Download the bot from here: http://www.mmowned.com/forums/bots-programs/26126-iwana-fishbot-creator-fishbuddy.html

If you don't register first, you will not be able to download.

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Автор HermitPWNSall (5 лет)
weres the download link? it might help

Автор Erik Engløk (4 года)
Didnt work. It spam casts fishing but dont find the thing in the water and
dont tryes to loot it :S

Автор LyFeHeftydogg (5 лет)
Look in the side bar

Автор chinxstarTv (3 года)

Автор Real1onety (4 года)
Working wow fishbot --> Check my video!

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