Action Strings - Overview

Mp3: http://soundcloud.com/hybridtwo/cybernetic-haze-mp3
Twitter: @H2Daniel

In this video I take a look at Native Instruments new short string articulation phrase library 'Action Strings' I have written a short track for the basis of demonstration, showing how the library works in the context of a mix and how it fits into a workflow.

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Автор nasser12345 (4 месяца)
How are you getting the long notes because action strings to my knowledge
only does staccato riffs 

Автор FarryEntertainment (4 месяца)
Hi, I am using Action Strings with Flstudio and I can only open around 5
Kontakt plugins before it says that I dont have enough memory anymore. I
have 8GB RAM. Is there a way to layer different strings and strikes by
opening Kontakt once? Thanks.

Автор Cole Dowell (4 месяца)

i was wondering if you or anyone else has had problems with this program??
i bought it back in december and and love the samples but everytime i mix
down my project it is in a different tempo and key i contacted the tech but
he said we are working on the problem so wait for a update....but nothing
in the last 4 months this program is 100% useless to me as of now .....any
help would be great!!

Автор Vikesh Tailor (4 месяца)
Hi, Thanks for posting this amazing detailed video. I have just a few
questions - could you be kind enough to share with me your precession
library/libraries used in this clip? They sounded absolutely amazing :) My
final question is, did you use any other types of reverb? Of just the one?

Автор marked150 (3 месяца)
hey guys,i have a prob i remember DJ was talking about it in 1 of his
vids.when i hold a note (kontakt 5-symphobia-strbrsens)it plays for 4-5
seconds then abruptly ends while i still hold the key and when i release
the key it makes a short staccato like sound and thts it

Автор Majestic Symphony (5 месяцев)
Daniel James why are you playing with my favorite Epic song.. JK love it
good job Daniel James

Автор Music Media Group / Directed by Davo (4 месяца)
I love these. I'd rather not get lessons on what Staccato is for 10-15
minutes or justifying this as a means of musical creation for half the
video's duration! Teach/overview the software!!! lol Thanks :))

Автор Carl Borsing (3 месяца)
Nice vid, Y'a Cool Cat Y'a :D : But listen, At 37, if you don't like what's
basically the Uuseer (kidding) interface, you can click on the wrench (no I
don't mean your wife :) and work the script that defines the functions as
well as layout. Unless it's all locked away from our prying little fingers,
I don't know since I currently don't own Komplete ultimate. - Sir Carl's
Evil Twin..

Автор Ram Johansson (8 месяцев)
I REALLY want to know what kind of choir vst you're using in this video..

Автор D Christ (4 месяца)
what's the name of this software? how does one go about getting it, and
how much?

Автор Radically Autonomous (7 месяцев)
if you wanted to achieve that sort of traditional chinese long glissando
that chinese violinist and cellists do what would you recommend?

Автор spacebran (7 месяцев)
What program is he using for his compositions?

Автор Ewa Stawna (6 месяцев)
I want your music on my iphone, now! Is it available for sale?

Автор Matthew Adolphson (1 день)
Would love to see how you use your reverb for the different instrument

Автор Robin Anderberg (3 дня)
can i use action strings to metal? 

Автор Cesar David Marin (4 месяца)
Hey man! Great Video as always, now which one you think is better Cinematic
strings 2 or Action strings? 

Автор Eizan Prime (6 месяцев)
check this, an epic cinematic made with ur super puchy track

Автор Arturo Ayala Chávez (6 месяцев)
You are very talented!!... which chorus library are you using ?? 

Автор PiL ouche (5 месяцев)
The new sound track of Game Of Throne :) Very nice job ! I'm French fan of
it !

Автор isOceans (8 месяцев)
fucking epic man, I'm looking into getting action strings too

Автор PotterShowONAIR (6 месяцев)
It's just amazing :o your are a incredible talent

Автор Anime4TheWin (5 месяцев)
oh my god
good work

Автор Владимир Каракин (7 месяцев)
Good day, Greetings from Russia! I really liked your composition that was
present on the video "Action Strings - Overview" It's just super! I would
be very grateful if you send me an email (vovankarakin@mail.ru) full track.
I want to parse all the nuances. In advance thank you.

Автор Duane Neillson (1 месяц)
Very Nice Arranging!

Автор Filipe Diogo (4 месяца)
Mate.... Amazing stuff! If only I knew how to record from kontakt to
Ableton... I just can´t seem to make ableton recognize it..... 

Автор midipro203 (5 месяцев)
Hello Daniel,
Very good explanation and nice tutorial. I see in the Kontakt player, two
instances of Action Strings. Were both instances playing? If so, doesn't it
create phasing issues because the same sample(s) is being triggered? Thank

Автор Damion Wolfe (21 день)
Daniel, who's got the best library for realistic legato ostinatos that
don't take forever to tweak? For example if you're writing a Phillip Glass
type of score. Thanks.

Автор Adriano Magalhães (3 месяца)
Excellent overview. Deep and eye opener.
And nice track, by the way. Really emotional.

Автор steve odessa (4 месяца)
Very last of the Mohicans like. Awesome shit

Автор lilacee320 (6 месяцев)

Автор Harmonic Inventions (5 месяцев)
Nice vid and that song was amazing!!

Автор MWObeatz (5 месяцев)
Nice music man

Автор JAYMORPH (8 месяцев)
That Was Dope Bro! Great Composition!

Автор RaphaelG! (2 месяца)
hey man....first of all epic video and sound of it!!!
my question is.... im using fl studio but i dont figured out how u got
these notes into your piano roll!!! do you directly recorded it with your
keyboard ?
i mean if i load more than one action strings into the kontakt channel
there is no piano roll for each action string bank....i could only go into
the piano roll of the pattern itself, so i cant recrod the notes of each
strings patch seperatly...

i hope u know what i mean!!???

Автор HSF Music Tech (4 месяца)
Thank you Daniel. You're really amazing. As a newbie to cinematic and
orchestra work I can't tell you how much your videos have done for me. Who
knows, one day I may even compose something of my own and you would've had
a great part in it. Peace and thanks again,

Автор AshAndTheOrchestra (6 месяцев)
Hey, Daniel!
You are using some powerful Software. I was wondering what Hardware (PC,
MAC, and Specs) you are using. I bought an EWQL product and my computer is
s*** to run it haha.
Work wise, I think you pieces are brilliant! I'm still learning and your
videos are helping a chunk. Thanks man, Keep it up!

Автор Koko Alx (4 месяца)
please how to activate this librarry >>>? 

Автор Natanel Arnson (8 месяцев)
very nice epic music. Put it out there man!

Автор Luca Jibo (4 месяца)
In Italy we said "Grande Daniele!!!!"

Автор Spiccato (1 месяц)
What reverb plugin you use? Sound so convinced.

Автор Jay Sord (5 месяцев)
geeze this is nuts. great work

Автор mrbsred1 (8 месяцев)
Thank you for an excellent review on this unique plug-in. I like your song
too! It would suit a movie soundtrack.

Автор Raju Khadka (2 месяца)
can you please tell me how to install la strings....

Автор misterjango (3 месяца)
Thank you so much for this tutorial. That's so HELPFULL !!!

Автор Samuel Brunner (7 месяцев)
Wow! Great job and love your videos:) have a question.. im about to buy my
first library for cinematic music. I looked at the complete composers
collection from eastwest.. but in the local musicstore they say i should
buy komplete. Which one do you recommend? I want to play action pieces but
also beautiful songs. And of course not just strings.. percussion brass,
and all the other stuff you need;) thx

Автор Wellington Cordeiro (6 месяцев)
Hey Daniel great job!! What else are you using(plug-ins) in this track??
What did you use for brass and choir? Did you use Strike for the percussion
sound ??
Thanks a lot !

Автор Richard Huang (7 месяцев)
Such an amazing arrangement!

Автор kun do (5 месяцев)
you sir are a genius. loved this vid!

Автор Ben BamBoo (2 месяца)
Thanks a lot for sharing. I remember when this program was released, a
bunch of complete morons tore it apart on utube and the majority gave it
thumbs down. Most comments were about how they'd never use it (can probably
still see the poor ratings and comments on NI's Action Strings vid). Very
sad to see how they really missed the great potential of this tool. Most of
the string pieces I hear in dj productions sound so synthetic and obviously
artificial. Then NI came along and virtually gave us our own real orchestra
to control. They should've been commended and encouraged to make more
programs like this. Not overrun by people sorely lacking in imagination.
Thanks for showing what can be done when you use it.

Автор kunsanseoul (7 месяцев)
Very detailed and interesting tutorial. Convinced me that this is a very
interesting and useful tool. Thanks very much.

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