Action Strings - Overview

Mp3: http://soundcloud.com/hybridtwo/cybernetic-haze-mp3
Twitter: @H2Daniel

In this video I take a look at Native Instruments new short string articulation phrase library 'Action Strings' I have written a short track for the basis of demonstration, showing how the library works in the context of a mix and how it fits into a workflow.

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Автор 2SlowMusic ( назад)
how are you getting the notes below C2, not the keyswitches but the actual
notes that are coming out? Isn't the lowest note of action strings C2?

Автор randee madden ( назад)
Wow what movie could you hear this track in, LEAVE COMMENTS, I HEAR T-400

Автор Nige Lowe ( назад)
Great video Daniel thanks for sharing

Автор Valentin Beaud ( назад)
Great video! Really interesting and complete. What is the plug-in (or the
library) that you use to make the chorus in the track?
Thank you

Автор matthew adams ( назад)
ok one of the biggest problems I'm having is in the play back menu (screen)
every time i open up a.s. it always opens as 2x the normal speed I know it
may come down to my limited knowledge of kontakt but how can I get this to
open as 1:1 or have the availability of changing it once and not having to
reselect it every time i open the a.s program?

Автор Nguyen Khuong ( назад)
holy crab this track is awesome. LIKE - SUBBED. thx Daniel

Автор James Z Productions ( назад)
That is very informative AND inspiring. That sounds PHENOMENAL!

Автор Jabari Jones (Dj Zoofman) ( назад)
I appreciate this video. Very informative.
I have been trying to get into the movie soundtrack industry but, lack the
proper equipment. What are the specs on your computer if you dony mind me
asking? What would I need to look for if I plan on growing my library? Ive
already purchased Various products from EastWest Instruments.

Автор Justin Vincent Link (485 лет назад)
Tack sounds amazing!

Автор DRUMadam ( назад)
Does anyone else have timing issues with Action Strings? I'm using Cubase
8, and for some reason the phrase goes out of sync/time after the 3rd beat.
Any idea how to fix this?

Автор Ilyas Butt ( назад)
Its not cheating it is only a fast workflow. You still have a lot of work
to bring out the idea from your head on paper/Daw :o)

Автор Omar Abdul-Rahman ( назад)
Love it ,sound good.

Автор Djordj Hess ( назад)
Mate, could you post what kind of monster computer you have?

Автор Vaeis Omar ( назад)
just subbed! this is awesome

Автор Arend Erasmus (1908 лет назад)
Wow dude love your music! Would you mind giving me some tips on one of my

Автор deejay domino ( назад)
Jesus wept that track is epic.

: o

Автор Remakes ( назад)
That song is amazing, did u release that?

Автор GreningerProductions (1128 лет назад)
In terms of cadences and music theory the whole of music is prebaked,
there's rarely a phrase that someone hasn't used somewhere in some key or
another, and many scales and arpegiations are simply practice riffs from an
etude book. As I analyze music more and more in context of technology and
theory I have come to the realiztion that scores are recorded samples in
notation form which are innacuraetly reproduced by performers, if early
composers could copy using the best phrases recorded they would, and the
Family of motzat would be suing the family of Bethoven for infringment,
Holst would have served time in prison for repeated copyright and sampling
violations, if you look at music technology and the state of the art, DJs
is where music is headed, just as those writing plain chant and madrigal
scoffed at the Artzy types who dared innovate tonal structure.
If score notation could be regarded similarly as samples are, John Williams
would be just now getting out of prision for star wars. 

Автор Joseph Mata ( назад)
dude your drums sound epic as fuck, what are you using?

Автор tim bracegirdle ( назад)
Hi great tune and review, just wondering how do you get ableton to record
the expression using the mod wheel? I recorded live and turned up the
expression but on playback it didnt actually record the rising music, it
just played it back at the current level

Автор Yasu Takeuchi ( назад)
This was playing in the background of the Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady top
ten games special on ESPN :)

Автор Jose Lopez ( назад)
His track starts at 0:40

Автор RealGeeNius ( назад)
Your second part Plays the lows, but on G#1 isn't assigned any Sound. How
you get that to work? If i select the sample in the mapping editor and
change the key range it won't play the sample on G#1 i.e.?

Автор RealGeeNius ( назад)
How you create that custom theme? I'm new with that library! Thank you for
that nice Video.

Автор Chris Meyers ( назад)
In my opinion, whoever says this program is cheating, or inhibiting to
creativity, is an imbecile. I don't know too many composers (like myself)
who can afford to bring in a full orchestra to perform handwritten pieces
any time they have an idea. This program makes the inconvenience of
orchestration, so convenient. And you don't lose quality. And for those
that weren't fortunate enough to go to big time schools to study music
theory and how to compose like Mozart, this program allows you to play
pieces and phrases, with such amazing quality, that you don't get
discouraged when it doesn't sound as good as it does in your head. I get so
discouraged and lose steam when I try to program fast strings like this,
and it sounds so fake and dirty that I lose creativity for the rest of the
piece, and end up questioning my music ability all together, lol.

Great tutorial! Great Track! Sorry for the rant.

Автор Vikesh Tailor ( назад)
Could you kindly share with us the name of the drum patches that you used
on this track please?

Thank You

Автор Md Ahmad ( назад)
He Buddy.. Your Vedio was an eye opner to me i had just purchased kontact 9
ultimate and i am so happy i did. you have made This part of so easy..

Автор Nathaniel Mankupranata (1551 год назад)
I really love the track.... 

Автор Andy Hepburn ( назад)
Great video! Thanks Daniel.

Автор peda mbr ( назад)
very helpful video, outstanding track!

Автор DylanG0125 ( назад)
How can anybody dislike this? Its a super clear demonstration of a library
by a nice bloke, showing his methods of composing awesome virtual
orchestrated music. Some people....really...

Автор Yasu Takeuchi ( назад)
man. I can't get over how awesome this is.

Автор Adam Kallibjian ( назад)
Action strings is great for i think really big fast ostinatos for trailer
music, which I believe is one of your specialties Daniel? I think EastWest
HS are better for that full orchestra and a larger range of colors and
textures. Both are excellent libraries! Action strings definitely packs a

Автор Altraction Music ( назад)
Im not sure if you are, im just wondering. Are you a Movie Trailer music
producer? Have you ever helped the making, of action scene music? I thought
was so good, that i bought Kontakt, and i will make great use of your
explanation, and i will credit you for your techniques in future songs,
Like Wildfire in 2015, or a random new year song!
| "You don't create music, you express it." |

Автор theflyingmusician1 ( назад)
Whoahhhh........ :O

Автор fauxfreshness ( назад)
I thought you did a wonderful job. In my case, I used it in "The Faltered
Crescendo (Full Derangement Mix)" I have on SoundCloud and thought it was
epic. I'm a bit of a Native Instruments fanboy, only because the stuff just
kind of "works" all the time. I did that track in Maschine 2.x while in a
class for Dubspot, and feel like Action Strings is a great way to sketch an
idea, but then it has tons of ways to polish it after the fact.

Автор Neil Goetze ( назад)
what do you use for your choir, percussion, brass, and synths? are those
native instruments as well?

Автор Morten Folmer Nielsen ( назад)
do you experience clicks from the action strings when making tempo changes
in ableton ?. i have this, only on action strings, and only in ableton..

Автор MillsMixx (272 года назад)
Wow you have A LOT of tracks goin' there! I've seen some of your other
tutorials Daniel. Newbie Question: As far as your setup do you actually
load a new instance of Kontakt into each track of Ableton or are they
routed through Kontakt's output section with several instruments on one
track? Not sure I'm even asking the question right as I'm sorta new to this
but I've wondered about that with CPU, and actually how to route it if so.

Автор Ed Genovese ( назад)
Very cool of you share your skills with us ! Very helpful ..so glad I
subscribed.. Thanks much Daniel ...Ed.

Автор Leslie McManus ( назад)
This is exactly what I needed to watch....I just bought Komplete Ultimate
and this really showed me exactly how to use this particular library. Thank
you for putting this together Daniel!

Автор TutsTeach ( назад)
I am against loops. I do not classify this as a loop, because this is a
dynamic purpose-built instrument for Kontakt which gives you creative
expression. There are other string instruments for pure, raw strings. Then
this is for times where you need additional creative expression. This is a
very good product.

Автор TutsTeach ( назад)
Screw the review. Listening to that track was worth coming to this video...

Автор 64revolt ( назад)
I am also curious about the percussion. Which library is used for that? It
sounds fantastic!

Автор TNGlive TNGlive ( назад)
This is the sound level I'm trying to reach really soon. This is really

Автор Ksoundd Music Production ( назад)
This is the sound level I'm trying to reach really soon. This is really

Автор Good Fortune ( назад)
Which horns do you use, by the way? 

Автор Clyde Hidershaj ( назад)
Do you feel like you may not have enough slots for phrases (since it is
limited to 10), specifically when composing classical? How would you
overcome needing more than 10 phrases? 

Автор Genshi Media Group ( назад)
If you don't mind me asking, what percussion library(s) are you using for
this? They sound fantastic! Especially the sort of "swoosh" sound you're
getting. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Автор David Estioco ( назад)
Totally not related to Action Strings but...

That composition is gorgeously beautiful.

Автор Monster LMA ( назад)
Dam that's great for doing music for shoot em up games. Great track that
belongs in a movie.

Автор ALTN8NRG ( назад)
Great vid demonstrating Action Strings!

Автор Alexander Andreassen ( назад)
I can't get over how good the percussion sounds. Seriously. 

Автор Arelle Hall ( назад)
This was good but way too long because of all the extra talking. It takes 5
minutes to say one thing, I'm like just get to the point already and then
stop saying the same thing over and over again.

Автор so easy ( назад)
I am having trouble get this sound with my Sticcatos in EastWest Hollywood
Strings. When I set up my notes it almost sounds like their is a timing
issue. I know I have heard demos of it, but I might need Action Strings.

Автор Ashley Smyth ( назад)
Brilliant! Thank for the upload! 

Автор Benjamin Arias ( назад)
does this plugin have Upward/downard glissando samples?? 

Автор DecoKeegan ( назад)
You remind me of Ramin Djawadi in a way

Автор agentdark64 ( назад)
23:35 if you think this guy talks to much.

Автор Simen Andreas Knudsen (710 лет назад)
This may be a stupid question, but how do I make long notes? Just plain
hole notes? I just cant get out of those phrases.. Thanks

Автор Kostas Visvinis ( назад)

Автор dewalwals ( назад)
Wow, Daniel James., truly inspiring!!!

Автор Matthew Adolphson ( назад)
Would love to see how you use your reverb for the different instrument

Автор Robin Anderberg ( назад)
can i use action strings to metal? 

Автор HarryPotter98 ( назад)
It's just amazing <3

Автор NNWillieProject ( назад)
Always a pleasure, thanks for the walk-through, impressive breakdown. 

Автор LFOVCF ( назад)
I found just recently when I mixed synth and string 49:00 that near
microscopic nudginging of the synth arp makes it fit better rythmically to
the string, less is more though! I took the snap off and macroed in to
nudge it forward and back, to see what sounds best. This also works for
drums n strings because sometimes it sounds like the drummer is eager to
get home! lol

Автор LFOVCF ( назад)
Anyone who says "you can't......" really means, THEY can't!

Автор Spiccato ( назад)
What reverb plugin you use? Sound so convinced.

Автор Duane Neillson (1772 года назад)
Very Nice Arranging!

Автор FormatDub ( назад)
Amazing score, what other instruments did you use in Kontakt? I want to
start scoring for my own short films.. Especially the perc sounds, and big
reversed percussive sounds! they were awesome! 

Автор Mike W. ( назад)
Bought this but when i press the pink trigger key and then the note on my
MIDI controller it only plays a single note and not the phrase I selected.
The funny thing is it plays the right way on the Kontakt virtual keyboard
using my mouse but not using my midi controller. I have a 61 key controller
but changed the octave to reach the pink keys and still my controller only
plays single notes and not trigger the phrases, any help?

Автор Tim Utfeld ( назад)
Really awesome song!

Автор Raju Khadka ( назад)
can you please tell me how to install la strings....

Автор RaphaelG! ( назад)
hey man....first of all epic video and sound of it!!!
my question is.... im using fl studio but i dont figured out how u got
these notes into your piano roll!!! do you directly recorded it with your
keyboard ?
i mean if i load more than one action strings into the kontakt channel
there is no piano roll for each action string bank....i could only go into
the piano roll of the pattern itself, so i cant recrod the notes of each
strings patch seperatly...

i hope u know what i mean!!???

Автор Ben BamBoo ( назад)
Thanks a lot for sharing. I remember when this program was released, a
bunch of complete morons tore it apart on utube and the majority gave it
thumbs down. Most comments were about how they'd never use it (can probably
still see the poor ratings and comments on NI's Action Strings vid). Very
sad to see how they really missed the great potential of this tool. Most of
the string pieces I hear in dj productions sound so synthetic and obviously
artificial. Then NI came along and virtually gave us our own real orchestra
to control. They should've been commended and encouraged to make more
programs like this. Not overrun by people sorely lacking in imagination.
Thanks for showing what can be done when you use it.

Автор marked150 ( назад)
hey guys,i have a prob i remember DJ was talking about it in 1 of his
vids.when i hold a note (kontakt 5-symphobia-strbrsens)it plays for 4-5
seconds then abruptly ends while i still hold the key and when i release
the key it makes a short staccato like sound and thts it

Автор misterjango ( назад)
Thank you so much for this tutorial. That's so HELPFULL !!!

Автор Henrik Viktorsson ( назад)
Great video! Just started to experiment with Action Strings and I
experience the phrases to hit slightly off-beat, anyone else experience

Автор Adriano Magalhães ( назад)
Excellent overview. Deep and eye opener.
And nice track, by the way. Really emotional.

Автор thebiglj ( назад)
thank you man! good explanation.

Автор Carl Borsing ( назад)
Nice vid, Y'a Cool Cat Y'a :D : But listen, At 37, if you don't like what's
basically the Uuseer (kidding) interface, you can click on the wrench (no I
don't mean your wife :) and work the script that defines the functions as
well as layout. Unless it's all locked away from our prying little fingers,
I don't know since I currently don't own Komplete ultimate. - Sir Carl's
Evil Twin..

Автор The Guitarist ( назад)
How are you getting the long notes because action strings to my knowledge
only does staccato riffs 

Автор Filipe Diogo ( назад)
Mate.... Amazing stuff! If only I knew how to record from kontakt to
Ableton... I just can´t seem to make ableton recognize it..... 

Автор Koko Alx ( назад)
please how to activate this librarry >>>? 

Автор FarryEntertainment ( назад)
Hi, I am using Action Strings with Flstudio and I can only open around 5
Kontakt plugins before it says that I dont have enough memory anymore. I
have 8GB RAM. Is there a way to layer different strings and strikes by
opening Kontakt once? Thanks.

Автор Music Media Group / Directed by Davo ( назад)
I love these. I'd rather not get lessons on what Staccato is for 10-15
minutes or justifying this as a means of musical creation for half the
video's duration! Teach/overview the software!!! lol Thanks :))

Автор Merewilton Lages ( назад)
Muito show as cordas

Автор Cole Dowell ( назад)

i was wondering if you or anyone else has had problems with this program??
i bought it back in december and and love the samples but everytime i mix
down my project it is in a different tempo and key i contacted the tech but
he said we are working on the problem so wait for a update....but nothing
in the last 4 months this program is 100% useless to me as of now .....any
help would be great!!

Автор Cesar David Marin ( назад)
Hey man! Great Video as always, now which one you think is better Cinematic
strings 2 or Action strings? 

Автор HSF Music Tech ( назад)
Thank you Daniel. You're really amazing. As a newbie to cinematic and
orchestra work I can't tell you how much your videos have done for me. Who
knows, one day I may even compose something of my own and you would've had
a great part in it. Peace and thanks again,

Автор Vikesh Tailor ( назад)
Hi, Thanks for posting this amazing detailed video. I have just a few
questions - could you be kind enough to share with me your precession
library/libraries used in this clip? They sounded absolutely amazing :) My
final question is, did you use any other types of reverb? Of just the one?

Автор D Christ ( назад)
what's the name of this software? how does one go about getting it, and
how much?

Автор Extrem Raym ( назад)
Just one question,
how action strings manage tempo ? I mean, did they record the phrases on
different tempo ?

Автор Extrem Raym ( назад)
Thanks a lot for your review !
Nice music, nice explanation, perfect !

Автор steve odessa ( назад)
Very last of the Mohicans like. Awesome shit

Автор Luca Jibo ( назад)
In Italy we said "Grande Daniele!!!!"

Автор nathan bowser ( назад)
I don't try to yuse obscenities.....but you sir.....are the moudder f'n
rooster swinging man!!!!

Автор Jason Cunningham ( назад)
Ballsy?! LOL I laughed so hard. Great video. I purchased Action Strings
immediately after watching. Great music, bud!

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