How to Spring into Action Origami

Another somewhat unwilling piece of paper bites the dust ... Instruction on how to make Jeff Beynon's Origami Spring into Action. Not the first origami spring into action instruction but hopefully one of the more clear origami spring into action instructions as many don't show the struggle... enjoy!



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Автор cockney gyal ( назад)
why don't it work on smaller paper?

Автор evfan13 ( назад)
Would this work with 8x16 instead of 6x12?

Автор Edo Timmermans (geometric art) ( назад)
Great spring, great tutorial!!! :) (annoying music though..)

Автор George Chen ( назад)
if you have a dell laptop, then you can slow the vid down a bit

Автор Laura Gonzalez ( назад)
@Ana Villaseñor Corona that is why they invented the pause button. DUH!

Автор Ana Villaseñor Corona ( назад)
why is the video going so damn fast i cant even

Автор 1t0mmy123 ( назад)
I did it 3 hours and looks like a toilet paper ur vid is 5 mins and urs
looks rly awesome...

Автор soledad veloso ( назад)
because they do not teach how to do when I've got it all done and I do not
understand how you do

Автор Yakup Mert Kaya ( назад)
lts soooooo hard !!!!!!!

Автор raul cisnerosorigami ( назад)
u r right

Автор Amirul Guna ( назад)

Автор Perilously Perspicacious ( назад)
Shut up.

Автор ezio Auditore da Firenze ( назад)

Автор Celene Bulay ( назад)
I can't lift up the flap underneath the first flap on 2:30

Автор Miriam Hoyte ( назад)

Автор Mike Kennedy ( назад)
Thx I made it easily I'm going to put a giveaway for it on my channel

Автор AG Cuber ( назад)
no, it comes in different sizes ,printer paper is just a kind of paper (for
eg - copy ,origami,tissue foil)

Автор MrTipptiger ( назад)
wow what a lot of work to do

Автор Minjae Song ( назад)
Fuckin copyer

Автор Clement KWOK ( назад)
the music ruined it

Автор housewars1 ( назад)
Hey, if you want to check out how to make a working functional spring out
of paper than check out my video it's in the video responses. Hope to see
you there :)

Автор JianLong1833 ( назад)
Ain't nobody got time for that.......

Автор Nathan Richan ( назад)
American printer paper is actually a bit shorter than A4.

Автор Tiffany Ji ( назад)
I cant twist it

Автор Howard Oh ( назад)
It's totally all wrong it can twist at all when i'm trying to twist it i
just can't twist in shape when i try to force on twisting my paper is torn.

Автор AMAR4571 ( назад)
yeah bitch!

Автор krishnazee061 ( назад)
thank you

Автор David Job Osias (1431 год назад)
printer paper is a4!

Автор Carlito Ortiz (1418 лет назад)

Автор lalito rafiz ( назад)
esta super

Автор SuperModerngranny ( назад)
To all the nasty people who cannot even have the decency to show some
respect, and who cannot do it properly, please go and practice more. This
is a difficult piece and it cannot be done perfectly in just one try.....

Автор SuperModerngranny ( назад)
Oh you are good! I think I will probably take a whole day to do this if not
more...LOL. 2 thumbs up. :)

Автор taynà pereira ( назад)
nao entendi bosta nenhuma :(

Автор Maxy Stephenson ( назад)

Автор xTwinkleS ( назад)
me its imppossible

Автор Salima ( назад)

Автор Glustin ( назад)
how the hell do I fold the flap thingy out???

Автор Elina Lenders ( назад)
is it hard????

Автор lazaro ortiz ( назад)
great video thanks

Автор SaInT2959 ( назад)
сука я целый час сидел и делал эту хуйню и потом психанул и нахуй смял этот
конченый лист бумаги!!!!!!! the bitch I sat the whole hour and did this
хуйню(obscene lexicon) and then психанул(obscene lexicon) and нахуй(obscene
lexicon) crumpled this washed-up sheet of paper!!!!!!!

Автор Alvina Mui ( назад)
How many of you guys have trouble pulling out the flap?

Автор Arlene S ( назад)
How many cm are the 6 vertical mountain folds?

Автор LaedusMcGonagall ( назад)
8.3 × 11.7

Автор Crassie ccg ( назад)
oldskool dubstep

Автор Kimberly Nguyen ( назад)
what is the paper's size in inch please tell me!!

Автор theblackincidentTBI ( назад)
es muy chevere

Автор 조 성현 ( назад)
why you have no ads? I think it's good for you..

Автор Youssef Sammouh ( назад)
thx 4 the vid

Автор Youssef Sammouh ( назад)
my brother finished this and he is still grade 2!!!!

Автор MrJorgensen82 ( назад)
ATTENTION!!!!If you notice the paper they use. The folds change at the two
minute mark, the paper dimensions are not the same, use a paper {5.5"x 11"
I THINK, or 7"x14"}. I tried for 3 hours, not fun. Then I noticed the
different length on the diagonal folds. I don't have time to make sure
these r the right dimensions. The rectangles r 1x3 in the begining, and
after the 2 min mark they have a 1 x4 ratio. Which indicates a different
ratio for the begining piece of paper.

Автор InbarSternbach ( назад)

Автор Yentl ( назад)
xd. i don't even know. I'm confused now. ;aa.

Автор skeletonbones5342 ( назад)
0.0 i sent 5 hours just folding and i FAIL

Автор Mario R. ( назад)
you facking stupid facker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mario R. ( назад)

Автор Mario R. ( назад)
second day try, why there's hald of the paper IN the cylinder ? I can't get
it open like you have. And why you don't answer to people if you make a

Автор Mario R. ( назад)

Автор Mario R. ( назад)
2:03 ... how?????

Автор Calvin Minich ( назад)
You know fuck you you fucking bitch you suck at teaching. I did all the
fucking folding but couldn't follow how to pull the fucking flap out
because you're to much of a bitch to actually teach how to fucking do it.

Автор Serena Williams ( назад)
Thumbs up if you saw the first step and gave up without even doing it.

Автор Corsin Christoffel ( назад)
wow standard size is unusual

Автор Danimacab ( назад)
Jaaaa, lo logré!!!! medio chueco pero lo logre, jajaja

Автор Yellowsman Harold ( назад)
Me: OOOH!!! AWESOME!!!! Them: Start by cutting Me: Mkay Them: Then,
valleyfold Me: *Stopped watching*

Автор Zack Fair ( назад)
Did you watch the beginning ,he said cut it from A4 paper

Автор ariel delgado ( назад)
wau entendi un monton jajajaja

Автор Julia Zolota ( назад)
thanks helped me soo much

Автор CaliforniaFarAway ( назад)
i didnt get a flap

Автор Jonny Tran ( назад)
I got everything corrected! :D

Автор Blastic Heart ( назад)
@ 0:06 oh this isnt that bad this will be easy @ 0:12....HOLY SHIT!!

Автор Kurodoki ( назад)
who else was like wtf at 5:26

Автор dragonatun ( назад)

Автор Jeear ( назад)
never seen a video like this with some skipped parts and so complicated....

Автор Alex Schaffer ( назад)
thanks i'll try that when i feel like making another one, I've made 2 but
both of them started ripping

Автор mademoizelledu56 ( назад)
tros nul!

Автор Alex Schaffer ( назад)
the first thing you make at the top won't stay i need help

Автор Alex Schaffer ( назад)
if you use the measurements the video said to, to fold the fourths into
thirds fold them every 1.3 centimeters so, 1.3 then 2.6 then 3.9 hope it

Автор Alex Schaffer ( назад)
measuring it with a ruler

Автор Alberto Brito ( назад)
Me parece formidable, espero que much@s podamos realizar este proyecto

Автор Chordinated ( назад)
This thing bothers the hell out of me, I can't for the life of me fold a
piece of paper into thirds that I'm satisfied with.... Also the music is
truly horrendous haha

Автор kopfwietopf ( назад)
Just use google once in your life, for fuck's sake.

Автор Jasper Luke ( назад)
Im gonna take a stab in the dark, and say your asian XD

Автор matthew galvis ( назад)
This sh*t doesn't show how to fold into 3rds

Автор 幫主 林教練 ( назад)
有意思,我要試試看!3Q :)

Автор 10000athav ( назад)
thanks!! that really helped me!!

Автор Vivi Qin (447 лет назад)
I don't have a set way of folding thirds. I usually roll it into a cylinder
and carefully flatten the cylinder, until it flattens into thirds. You
could always measure out the thirds with a ruler as well.

Автор 10000athav ( назад)
but..now how should i fold it in thirds?? thanks.

Автор Vivi Qin ( назад)
Fold the paper in quarters lengthwise, then cut off one of the quarters. It
worked for me.

Автор 10000athav ( назад)
hey! please help me!!! in which size do i cut the a4 paper??? and how??!
please help me!! i am dying 4 this model!!

Автор Милости Пряности ( назад)
моя рука решила подписаться на канал

Автор Yentl ( назад)
Maybe she's old. lol

Автор John Thompson ( назад)
does this work if you cut the paper directly in half. if not whats a good
method of measuring that particular size?

Автор Andythemn3 ( назад)
I think the video is sped up.

Автор Mika B ( назад)
Don't try this f*cking sh*t

Автор benjamin Johansen ( назад)
jes it was!!

Автор Oscar figueroa gonzalez ( назад)
ooooo yes perfect origami

Автор zeyno0806 ( назад)
how to fold in 6 ???

Автор hiddey solo ( назад)
wat is milimeter?

Автор sam sacluti ( назад)
why is her hands shaking?

Автор mariopianoMP ( назад)
awesome model and very easy and durable. I just wanted to play with it

Автор roko zuvic ( назад)

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