Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mess-Up Was a 4-Minute Long Hell

Steve Harvey chats with Jimmy about becoming world famous after his Miss Universe mistake, and how it could have actually been the blessing he asked for.

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Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mess-Up Was a 4-Minute Long Hell

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Автор Ned Gold ( назад)
Yeah, this is most likely a self serving lie.

Автор Annie Dorje Jamyang Tashi ( назад)

Автор Annie Dorje Jamyang Tashi ( назад)
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or
acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a
pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

Автор Agent ( назад)
Ryan Seacrest should host the Miss Universe. He's from FOX Network anyway,
who airs the show officially.. ryan is a pro, likeable, humble, & very good
on what he does & that is hosting! In 15 yrs of American Idol, he never
announced a wrong winner.. steve only did this once & he messed up BigTime!

Автор hitandjog ( назад)
Does anyone know what the song is at the very end of this video?

Автор ShawN TyleR ( назад)
We will see you here steve this 30th of January.

Автор Mother Chuckers ( назад)
Steve: kalakababsbaabavvavavavavah kakabavvaalaakakakaka ba avaakkana

Steve: man i was getting cussed out in spanish


Автор Thatblackopsguy5 Its Me ThatPokemonguy5 ( назад)
if he's a smart guy than how did he mess up

Автор kuur 313 ( назад)
it's alright Steve you still a great great great person though.

Автор Ahmed Alam ( назад)
he should've just left it alone and had someone else announce the real miss
universe the next day cuz it wasn't his fault but when he walked back out
and apologized it made it look like it was his fault lol

Автор Michael Raymond ( назад)
What's the outro song?

Автор Blukeyy ( назад)
I don't get why it's called miss universe when it's only people from earth?
Give the aliens a chance

Автор Waiting for love ( назад)
That was no mistake, that contest was arranged and thats all....

Автор Daniel K ( назад)
So technically it wasn't even his fault. Yes he said the wrong name but
they should of clarified to him who the winner was before hand.

Автор davidsalinas9 ( назад)
hell yeah, shit I would too get to be the host for a bunch of physically
beautiful women

Автор Francis Njoka Ng'ang'a ( назад)
Jimmy is crazy, you hosted miss universe chuckles like you guy screwed the

Автор youngtamparay ( назад)
I love Steve but he gotta get a shirt with a smaller collar and button that
shit up at least one more button.

Автор Aidan Culver ( назад)
Why is Steve rocking his shirt like that

Автор heroinhero69 ( назад)
this mr potato head looking motherfucker should be glad Pablo Escobar isn't
around anymore

Автор saif daifallah ( назад)
what is wrong with jimmy fallon why is he all fake

Автор nate lopez ( назад)
hell yeah I'm going back....

Автор Joey Baseball ( назад)
steve is a sellout

Автор Costeno Salao ( назад)
Two of the biggest phony jackasses in entertainment together on stage.
Bring on Donald Trump at the same time and you have the perfect trifecta of
shit-flavored vomit.

Автор DozyProductions ( назад)
"Are you going back?"
(expecting the obvious no)
"Hell yeah I'm going back."

He's got a great attitude.

Автор Hanad Mahmud ( назад)
hell yeah im going back hahaha😂😂😂 im dead

Автор Jason Brathwaite ( назад)
From my personal experience. Those cards are blank in their hands they are
guided by the ear piece in either ears. U either read from the screen or
listen to the earpiece. He was instructed wrong and that's okay. They
wanted to fix that in the media would of been a crazy risk. Fix it now one
time. Steve took the blame to save whoever job I'm sure cause in a case
like that it's sure breadline send home. Great character Steve ur a BOSS.
The cards are to just make the show interesting more like props.

Автор joel guerrero ( назад)
don't believe it haha

Автор TheGutshot888 ( назад)
Absolutely Brilliant...cue the millions of viewers at the next miss
universe pageant

Автор Nicky210 ( назад)
No idea Ms.Universe was still a thing.

Автор Juni Anyagi ( назад)
Love You, Steve! Much love from Philippines. We're cool with it. (:

Автор Alain Bruno ( назад)
He's got a good attitude.

Автор Echocookie ( назад)
The mistake helped that show in my opinion.

Автор Peace and LOVE ( назад)
Gave him more money!!!, and now he's hosting again!, the Ratings will be
GOLD, Marketing at its BEST!!!!

Автор altuwejri jeri ( назад)
shittt that moustachee

Автор Pablo Escobar ( назад)

Автор Twinklestar 4*7*4*7 ( назад)
I don't care if he messed up Mr.Harvey is hilarious! Honestly I find him
funny so either way I like him as a comedian making him, in my books, a
good person

Автор Swimbikeand Run! ( назад)
I'm a smart guy?? fool is an idiot that doesn't believe in
evolution...can't stand his fake ass.

Автор Evan Rebosa ( назад)
I really don't know if im happy or not today because i hate humility.

Автор Muhammad Omer Sajid ( назад)
its a cover up

Автор Average Joe ( назад)
Fhm philippines brought me here... I was just reading an article in that

Автор Ayebatonyeseigha Christ ( назад)
Steve is one funny brother....

Автор MEATERY ( назад)
Imagine if Steve announces the winner to be Philippines but it's actually

Автор Fire Crystal ( назад)
Steve was the real MVP, if he didn't said that true winner of the Miss
Universe 2015 pagent, that problem might have been even worse, he got the
balls of steel to do that. Great Job Steve Harvey!

Автор Franklin Ramos ( назад)
Steve harvey has the worst nails

Автор Sophiya Tabago ( назад)

Автор Charlotte Philippe ( назад)
Oven line teenager cook box work.

Автор Mandy M ( назад)
hes just trying to make it look like he didn't fuck up. blaming it on
others. NO smart guy will CLAIM they're smart. "say the next name" meaning
say miss universe instead of 1st runner up. he didn't get that because he's
an idiot. he took full responsibility on the night and now he's claiming it
was the guy on his ear. what a load of shit lmao. making himself look like
the brave guy "ima do it now" you didn't take any bullet steve, they were
all screaming on your ear piece cuz you truly fucked up so you had no
choice but do it. you shot the gun yourself. your bullshit excuse is long
over due and unneeded. you will still go down as one of the dumbest host in

Автор benee56 ( назад)
hahahahaha 2:39 His face when the Colombian family started cursing him....

Автор adrianasrb1 ( назад)
Necesito la traducción de este video al español. Por favor. ¿Alguien puede
ayudarme? Gracias.

Автор cierrablue ( назад)
Way to make it right!!!!

Автор Gin San Jose ( назад)
Steve is really funny

Автор Qasim Nadeem Dated :- 05/06/2016 ( назад)
True legend, Took full responsibility. Faces plenty of critcism. No matter
what the situation is, He faced it like a legend #Amazing

Автор your Hayness ( назад)
miss earth should be the title. miss universe must have mars, jupiter etch.

Автор eisenhower sucks ( назад)
If Colombia wins this time it'll be rigged!

Автор Ladymae Comes ( назад)
So who is the GUY????that his saying all the time...because he must accept
his mistake!!!😡

Автор MICHEN3SEAkaFrank9 ( назад)
Good guy Steve Harvey

Автор JK Kiddo ( назад)
whats the name of ending song ?

Автор matthew paul ( назад)
Steve I respect you man...you got balls


Автор Sherwin santin ( назад)
who is that guy who whispered "READ THE NEXT NAME NOW." I believe he has
some liability in it.

Автор Alex Sander ( назад)
The sad thing is that it wasn't embarrasing for him. I mean, a little bit
yes. But Miss Columbia, oh my god. That must have been hell.

Автор gomezdannyboy ( назад)
Steve is actually the REAL HERO of all of this. welcome to the Beautiful

Автор Mariano Rinaldi ( назад)
pals bbq investor prefer it heavily %control .

Автор Romy Shinra ( назад)
I don't like him, but he's not a coward.

Автор Jill Framil ( назад)
not everyone gets it, while anouncing the winner there's this thing thats
connected to his ears from a device thats clipped on him(kinda like a phone
and an earphones.) then there's also this thing in front of him like a tv
(i think you call it a teleport or smthng) it said "and the next miss
universe is --- (blank) then on the paper he's holding it said miss
philippines and miss colombia. The guy speaking on the ear thing said say
the next one. now, NOW! (which is miss colombia)
what he did is so brave, he fixed a problem he didn't do, considering the
fact he's on national TV and infront of the whole world. Tbh when this
happened I was like "this guy is so stupid he's just gonna read like wtf."
but i learned my lesson. He's a great man that deserves respect.

Автор Raymond de Montagné ( назад)
Oh Jimmy...how did this kid make it big? Da's da worst interviewer I've
ne'er seen...

Автор Ojal Mannepalli ( назад)
I applaud you Steve, I really do, for taking it into your own hands to fix
a mistake that truly impacted the lives of a couple of individuals. 👏👏👏

Автор NahBish Nah ( назад)
he recovered from the mistake very well.

Автор Tiaira Bre ( назад)
The competition was gonna screw over Colombia. 24 hours thinking that she's
Miss Universe. I'm proud of Steve.

Автор Matt Hargrove ( назад)
Steve looks like a bald chubby Richard Pryor

Автор Alfredo romo ( назад)
and....this time, I predict it'll be the most watch miss universe contest
ever. thanks to that mistake.

Автор marvciputra ( назад)
I'm Gonna Do It Now... WOW, sir now that's what i called a real MAN.. THE
MAN.. :)

Автор Son Goku ( назад)
steve harvey a gawd damn liar lmao cant take the L

Автор d selle ( назад)
What up with that shirt tho

Автор Alegc ( назад)
I'm Colombian, We all hate you, 🖕🏼🙂. Thanks for Making every single
person cry and shout af a year ago. BTW: your production people and
everything on side are WORST Fck them And Fck trump 🙄😭

Автор Dizzy Blu ( назад)
Why wasnt Steve Harvey made to host the presidential election results.

Although why did he say it was "my fault"?

Автор Cody Bilbrey ( назад)
Go Steve! You the man.

Автор Eter Wael ( назад)
He should have announced the US presidency

Автор Adryanna Mataele ( назад)
It was a mistake, it was an embarrassing mistake on national television,
but no one FUCKING died~

Автор Spencer Belcher ( назад)
So EVERYONE fucked up

Автор Dwayne Johnson ( назад)
I have to apologize.

Автор Miguel Sandoval ( назад)
"Hell Yeah I'm going back"....like a boss.

Автор Stephanie Reneé DeRamus ( назад)
Steve is a good man 👏

Автор omar wafa ( назад)
No man, I'm gonna do it NOW

Автор phillip rosario (tru feel) ( назад)

Автор Jane Kim ( назад)
I smell BS.

Автор The RTV ( назад)
Going back to the Philippines this year, now that takes balls! Drug Free is
the way to be over there because the other way will get you killed...

Автор arturo perea ( назад)
So he fixed a mistake that he didn't make, it was the guy talking in steves
ear's mistake

Автор Manel Bonnet ( назад)
bounce volunteer significant giaqgu candle tip.

Автор will smith ( назад)
of course he's going back that's the source of his income and the dead tv
show family feud

Автор Simon Waweru ( назад)
he got no neck lmao

Автор Diego Gonzalez ( назад)
For not saying any words in Spanish, he actually had a pretty good Spanish
accent. lol

Автор Chandrakant Sharda ( назад)
Nice cover up

Автор thejakeakar ( назад)
hell yeah im going back ,.,.

Автор yisroel finkelstein ( назад)
i liked how he turned him making a mistake into him being a hero. very

Автор Jogie Glen Mait ( назад)
you got balls man, you got balls.

Автор Shari Hopkins ( назад)
Wow plain This is awesomeness work%moment

Автор Regina Khoo ( назад)
Good man Steve!

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