Life Hacks! (Dear Ryan)

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Комментарии: 49913

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Автор marcial escobia ( назад)

Автор David Killion ( назад)

Автор David Killion ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do the fantastics gymnastics

Автор Timothy Shaw ( назад)
Why can you not let the water hit the cloths. JK I know so they don't shrink

Автор Fire Skull37 ( назад)
YAS u play Xbox one now u are my favorite YTer. If u diss like I will kill u🔪💀🖕 . Like the video👍👌👌👌👌👌👌😀😀

Автор drew maus ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do basketball trickshots?

dear ryan can you dance

Автор Tianzhen He ( назад)

Автор Tianzhen He ( назад)
Dear Ryan Do you have a sister

Автор Jasmine Ingle-Lewis ( назад)
dear ryan, can you do the hot sauce challenge, if not the chubby bunny challenge?

Автор Macho Dz ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you please kill ur self
nah kidding
i luv u

Автор A. Mulla ( назад)
Bruuuh, I know what MSN is

Автор josh 3232 ( назад)
#DEAR Ryan can you play basketball

Автор Karnajoy Chirom ( назад)
Dear Ryan... Can you do a dance with a Bollywood music?

Автор Tad Woolson ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you react to your first video?

Автор Jamie Dunegan ( назад)
Mine cept on freezing so I dealtid it

Автор Aarav Nair ( назад)
Dear Ryan could you do a epic fail video

Автор Galaxy Youtuber 115 ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you make a make up tutorial?

Автор Tasha Greenwood ( назад)
dear Ryan, do you watch the outsiders

Автор Muhammad Hisham ( назад)
how loud do you fart.

Автор Gert Murro ( назад)
Dear ryan, can you do a backflip

Автор Naruto Sensei ( назад)
knock knock
whos there!?
cows go
Cows go who?!
no, cows go.. mooooooo

Автор Myles Armstrong ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Can u eat a whole toilet roll

Автор Cayden 4REAL ( назад)
dear ryan,
can you do the eat it or wear it challenge

Автор Tomás Barron ( назад)
Dear ryan fuk yourself

Автор BamboomareYT Lascano ( назад)

Автор The Beast ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you please make a video of your childhood

Автор DASHTUBE HD ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Make a video abt ur brothers Xbox 1

Автор Elangbam Nganthoibi ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please do F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Автор Elangbam Nganthoibi ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please do F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Автор TTD: Time To Draw ( назад)
i used a fabric softner..and now it is smelling bad!

Автор CRICKET TV ( назад)
are you gay................................?

Автор Hydro Bolt ( назад)
Lol he thinks we all are 12

Автор Rip Off !! ( назад)
6:01 xD

Автор afiq fiqrie ( назад)
dear ryan could you kiss a girl

Автор Afshin sheikh ( назад)
Hey Ryan, can you kick football from Asia to Europe ?

Автор Evan Choi ( назад)
Buy a nerf gun and have someone shoot u in the face

Автор Evan Choi ( назад)
Dear Ryan put a spider on ur face or fly down the stairs

Автор Taelyn Glidden ( назад)
Can you do a whole video about life hacks. Dear,ryn

Автор Sabrina Geraldasaurus ( назад)
Dear Ryan,

Автор Graham Brannigan ( назад)
Dear Ryan,


Автор Anime/GamerGirl AWESOME! ( назад)
i just recently been in a situation about confessing.

Автор Fizzy Soda ( назад)
Call me stupid, but I actually laughed at the "Big Fart Theory" joke.

Автор mea kakabadze ( назад)
Ryan ask youre brother to do a funny video whit you 😊😊

Автор Pär Wedin ( назад)
dear ryan can you talk swedish

Автор Lari Vainio ( назад)
i have no words

Автор reign go ( назад)
dear ryan can u make fire with your hands?

Автор huy mac duong ( назад)
Dear Ryan

Can you make a video with Regina singing Taylor Swifts song(parody)

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i hope you see my comments

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
you are the funniest

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i subscribed both the channels of yours that is nigahiga and i dare you

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i saw all your videos

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i am an Indian

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i like your all the videos

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i want to be your favorite fan

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i everyday subscribe you with my and my friend's computer or laptop

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
i am your fan

Автор Go crazy dudes! ( назад)
you are the best and you are increadible

Автор Chuck Grant ( назад)
My brother never let's me play halo 4 multiplayer

Автор Portal Man ( назад)
I think he forgot hisADHD meds today

Автор Daisy Moore ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you make a rap song about a life of a chicken tender?🐔

Автор The Homeless Lion ( назад)
6:15 cringe

Автор Faraz Tahir ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Please make I Dear You video with merrell twins

Автор Dexter Paton ( назад)
me and my mom and dad watch the big bang thery and the cwshchin 18 and i am sorry i am 7

Автор Aaron4444 ( назад)
What's the song when you sang to your brother? I DIG THAT!

Автор Roblox Villager ( назад)
Dear Ryan,

What Anime Character you would murder?

Автор Shelley Bowler ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you speak like a girl?

Автор Denver lauzon ( назад)
6:09 <--- keep clicking this and you can make a meme

Автор J J ( назад)
Ryan, we love Virginia and Tham. Will you be kind as to make a new video soonest? 😊

Автор sup its jacky ( назад)
I love the Big Bang theory

Автор Sultan NB ( назад)
I'm a YouTuber Bro

Автор Mary Aggrey ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please make a new song. My favourite is Nice Guys x

Автор Michael Mojeluk ( назад)
Dear ryan, can you make a video on water bottle trickshots?

Автор Lucrecia Sanchez ( назад)
this is teddy🐻
can he get 2 likes

Автор Gabriel Paguiagjjh ( назад)

Автор Ashley Lepage ( назад)
Lmao at 2:45 😂. his face though ..gos I love ryan lol

Автор Power Gamer ( назад)
i wasted your time

Автор Thomasmastergamer Ultimate ( назад)
Dear can u lick your toe

Автор Thomasmastergamer Ultimate ( назад)
Dear Ryan can't lick ur toe

Автор Ava Whitmeyer ( назад)
Thanks for making video's

Автор Evgeni Daraganov ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Put your name in Google and see what comes up

Автор Gerard Andre Villanueva ( назад)
Hahhahahahaahahahahahah the Big Bang theory😄😄😄😄

Автор Sinai Melgoza ( назад)
Can You Do An "I Dare You",With The Gabbie Show?

Автор JJMaker ( назад)
dear ryan

can you how much can the human hold the breath

Автор lucky panda ( назад)
I dare you to stay

Автор Nishad product ( назад)
There called sitcoms

Автор Adeola Parkinson ( назад)
you know its filmed infront of a live studio audience and thats the 'laugh track'

Автор Kelly Novak ( назад)
I know I didn't send you this or ask you but I dare you too knock on a random persons door and do it like in frozen and when they open the door say "do you wanna build a snowmannnnn????????" ^ω^ have fuunnnn (and plz record it if you are doing this)

Автор YoloAssassin7 ( назад)
not dear ryan you know what I mean

Автор YoloAssassin7 ( назад)
dear ryan please play more minecraft

Автор Henry Alejandro Ramirez ( назад)
This are why ppl hate me

Read more

Автор Kyle Lewis ( назад)
my names kyle

Автор Mauricio García Pérez ( назад)
Dear Ryan , can you do a reaction video?

Автор Jangchu Pelden. ( назад)
dear ryan. can you make a makeup tutorials with all the professional skills involved????

Автор Ralph Toledo ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you break a world record... If yes, please please please do it....

Автор Kurtis Swaysland ( назад)
Dear rayan can u speak minion

Автор Iman Nazir ( назад)
dear Ryan could you imitate lucy heartfilia from fairy tail

Автор Iman Nazir ( назад)
this was published when I was born

Автор Eve Connally ( назад)
Dear Ryan could you play the piano for us?

Автор team boss ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a gaming channel

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