Life Hacks! (Dear Ryan)

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Автор Liav Shaham ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a how to be smart

Автор Stephanie Ortiz ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
do a volleyball trick shot

Автор DETMAN1049 ( назад)
Game job 4 life

Автор Jack Ryan 38 (STUDENT) ( назад)
pizza from subway AYAYAYAYAYAAYAYA

Автор mjc1120 ( назад)
dear Ryan can you smack yerself

Автор Kat McCulley ( назад)
#Dear Ryan can you parady the show " i dream of ginny"?

Автор Hopetabby ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you pretend to be a cat?

Автор W 7 ( назад)
What happened to the teehee app?

Автор AriGames LP ( назад)
i am german and cant download the app.. :(

Автор soopajeff ( назад)
i disliked the video cuz there was no teehee

Автор Muhammad Abrar ( назад)
Dear Ryan an you spin a figit spinner at 1000 mph

Автор Toxic FiRe ( назад)

Автор ComedyToday 123 ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you show us your house in Hillo Hawaii

Автор Random Person ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Dear Ryan , Dear ryan

Автор Fried_ Potato ( назад)
I told my "crush" I like her she was like I know I turned into a tomato 🍅

Автор Random Person ( назад)
Dear ryan, call 666-666-6666

Автор Arnau CC ( назад)

Автор Arjun Uresh kumar ( назад)
Dear Ryan , please can you make parodies of music videos

Автор Ramanatha Sharma ( назад)
dear Ryan,
can you make a parody of mission impossible or fast and furious 8
Have you ever tried the Ouija board

Автор Xue Qi ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u make a war between white ants and black ants with real ants

Автор LpsSuperProGamer ( назад)
TBH I wanted to laugh during the Big Bang theory parody lol

Автор MegaGamerYT _15 ( назад)
any game? how about sex?

Автор Alyssa Cox ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a rap of muana

Автор keesh productions ( назад)
do a youtube tips video

Автор Player Yo Ki E ( назад)
Dota Too ahhahahaha da f

Автор dreamer101111 ( назад)
Six hours of misery
Can't use electronics
Over boring
On a school ground

Автор Stevie Emoji ( назад)
I would just ask for an autograph

Автор Little Kid ( назад)
Dear ryan can you make a try not to lauget video? Please please

Автор maybella sagay ( назад)
how can i download the teehee app? i cant find it on my appstore.

Автор Hayk Tunian ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do the condom challenge on sean

Автор abinash adhikari ( назад)
dear ryan, can you kick your ball at your tv

Автор TDThree ( назад)
Ryan your childhood was exactly like the childhood of mine I only wanted to play with my brother and he would not play with me

Автор Mr Bloxer ( назад)
Dear ryan do a shoe flip challenge...

Автор Chloes Meafwa Team ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do the sour challenge?

Автор Dragon Slayer ( назад)
the app is awesome teehee was my favorite

Автор GalacticTinkle Star ( назад)
Ever wonder if you could fart stank so bad that you could see it come out?! I KNOW IM A GIRL AND TALKING ABOUT FARTS...BUT WE FART EVERYDAY!!! DONT JUDGE!!!

Автор Rika Kim ( назад)
lol the angry face he made after laughing at his internet joke.

Автор rohit boss ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u feature ur whole family in a video reacting to A.S.S

Автор BlueHundred ( назад)
the big bang theory is filmed in front of a live studio audience. The audience is braindead

Автор Lps Sapphire ( назад)
He does not know frozen but did do you wanna bilda snow man

Автор Clueless Rhythm ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Make a completely useless marble machine.

Sincerely, your fattest fan. Tee-Hee

Автор alyssa pather ( назад)
Wait but I thought that bbt uses a live studio audience, not a laugh track

Автор Daniel Da Beast ( назад)
#DearRyan can you do a trasketball trick shot video?

Автор Colin Bracken ( назад)
Im watching The Big Bang Theory while he was talking about it

Автор Thegaming H ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of overwatch

Автор TudorDogeGaming ( назад)
Dear Ryan, do you want to make a hardcore gaming channel?

Автор Masroom Eggplant ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you say something dirty?

Автор Nill Roy ( назад)
DEAr RYAN, how will u control your wife and children and youtube after your marriege????

Автор Tekhi Ramus ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Do you have a friend who's gay?

Автор legit guy ( назад)
dear Ryan can you lick you're elbow??

Автор Bill Cipher ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you eat paper?

Автор Juanito dela Pena ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you be a baby

Автор Nathan Gabriel Bacalla ( назад)
is that Ryan higa's brother

Автор Adrimill Haku ( назад)
dear ryan can you skate board tricks

Автор Bendict Bash ( назад)
can you play terraria with out dying in expert mode Just go Hard Core Expert

Автор Zarifah Kumi ( назад)
do reaction about taeny

Автор Saaquib Rahman ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you play outlast 2?

Автор xDaMas35x :D ( назад)
Dear RYAN play dead and make your dog see you

Автор Daniel Gonzalez ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you plz do a diss track

Автор The B.O.Y ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you talk Romana ???

Автор BringerofBacon :3 ( назад)
Ryan ur hawt

Автор lunar star ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you dab crazy? Like a boss because my friend does not think you can dab. I WILL HAVE PROOF!!!

Автор Dominique Barker ( назад)
Dear Ryan,Can you Make a pillow fort

Автор Sebas Pierre-Louis ( назад)
tee hee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Ethan A ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do chopstick trickshots?

Автор Linda Ashtan ( назад)
8:08 oml!!! I can go to sleep now

Автор Just a Youtube original ( назад)
Who else paused when they showed kyle

Автор callum roberts ( назад)
they dont use a laugh track its a live audience

Автор afitro tuba ( назад)

Автор Brook Mal ( назад)
The Big Bang theory records infront of a live studio audience

Автор Mix-Up Official Channel ( назад)
and say some filipino words

Автор Mix-Up Official Channel ( назад)
make a big pillow fort

Автор Mix-Up Official Channel ( назад)
plssss ryan

Автор Mix-Up Official Channel ( назад)
ryan can you make a big pillow fort

Автор CFC10 ( назад)
Dear Ryan do an impression of your favourite actors, BTW your the best

Автор yang luo ( назад)
I love this vid Ryan is awesome

Автор akshit karnr ( назад)
Rofl😂😂😂 time machine😂😂

Автор TheBlazingLion ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you find the exact value of pi by finding the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle

Автор Redblade 360 ( назад)
Cows actually go Mew, I've witnessed this before in the flesh.

Автор Megan Zinger ( назад)
That was actually a pretty good parody of the Big Bang Theory

Автор AverageSuper Sparkel ( назад)
@Dear Ryan: Can you be a celebrities 😀😍😀

Автор is gage ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Freeman ( назад)

Автор Rimie ( назад)
I love ,......................Youtube

Автор Rimie ( назад)
I love youtube

Автор Melina Gold ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you parody of under the sea🌊🦑🦀

Автор 1infinitylove1 Animal_Jam ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Do underwear have Kids?

Автор Zuane Tolmay ( назад)
Multiplayer song

Автор Stamen Vlad ( назад)
dear ryan say that gzcbdjdjfuckfuckdhhxgfvvfcv

Автор Wilson Hii Zhi Jie ( назад)
Did anyone watch this video in 2017

Автор Luca Caramani ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a parody of the lego movie?

Автор Prajuval Gamer ( назад)
Ryan it's not available in India why? are you racist?

Автор Samer lol ( назад)
can u shout me out cause I'm such a rebel in life

Автор Habefastro ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
First of all, that Big Bang Theory parody was GOLD!!!
Dear Ryan,
could you do a parody/reenactment of Django Unchained. That just might go PLATINUM!!
Bless you

Автор Saransh Chauhan ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do the ice bucket challenge

Автор Momo Man ( назад)
Dear Ryan show impression of Lady Gaga

Автор Dolan Marshall ( назад)
I get the Big Bang Theory joke

Автор Consuelo tsum Tsum ( назад)
Go to 1:55 😅😂

Автор Consuelo tsum Tsum ( назад)
Do you know guva juice if so you should team up with him

Автор drakke125Channel ( назад)
LOL i love seeing the "Dead" on the phones and the cricket/grasshopper.

And yeah...i came from the AIM days too...sighs......

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