Life Hacks! (Dear Ryan)

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I got Hacked!



Автор Lexi Corraled ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make a diy

Автор Marijeta Nemet ( назад)
he is so funny

Автор Osvaldo Flores ( назад)
hace you e ver poop in public

Автор Beyza Hilal San ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a gravity falls parody pleeeeaaaassseeee

Автор Aditya Ghodke ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you wax your armpits.

Автор OwnerPvp ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a ppap parody

Like if you agree


Автор Chase Mug ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make the cringiest video ever

Автор ZakSwag ( назад)
He is right

Автор Aaryan Mehta ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you copy famous gamers

Автор Digonto Ahmed ( назад)
dear Ryan do u make parody of starboy?

Автор Patricia Kim ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make another BGA music video?

Автор Mia G ( назад)
dear Ryan can you talk like Maranda sings?

Автор Sagar Bhujrl ( назад)
just say sagar is don of universe he is from nepali and read in lab school

Автор Carlos Mederos ( назад)
I hate trolls

Read More

Автор Xfighter Trolll ( назад)

Автор Chill Bro ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you slap cam someone

Автор Isabelle Castillo ( назад)
dear ryan,
can you give me a shout out in a video please please please

Автор Cj Taylor ( назад)
Wait you have a brother

Автор Edward Shalim ( назад)
are you Filipino

Автор Alexandcat xx ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do all of the impressions that you know

Автор Beth Any ( назад)
Dear Ryan confess what YouTube girl star you like

Автор ɾᗡ ǝlɟɟɐM ɹǝqʎϽ ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u hug a cactus?

Автор Bahk Lottery ( назад)
dear ryan can you do a triple back flip gangam style role chest bump kick
flip bubble butt

Автор Luminous Destroyer ( назад)
Do you actually have a brother???????

Автор Harry Everton ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do the ice bath challenge

dear ryan, whatch ninjago

Автор Zein Zayan ( назад)
gaming hacks

Автор Itz Pancak3z ( назад)
Dear Ryan i dare you to kiss your girlfriend when shes sleeping

Автор Kyle Coy ( назад)
Dear Ryan do a flip up stairs to down stairs

Автор August Coyne ( назад)
a fart is funny but calling for mom's help isn't?

Автор Nathan Markie ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a how to survive a horror movie part2

Автор Fallen ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u do something super weird

Автор jigmey lama ( назад)
dear ryan can you make world war fake traler

Автор Nathan Moyer ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u be serious for one episode?!?

Автор Ryan Stewart ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you go up to houses and ask for the bathroom

Автор Ariel Young ( назад)
hes cute tbh and funny

Автор Kids West ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do a final fantasy 15 parody please!!!!!

Автор Run You Clever Boy And Remember ( назад)
Er... big bang theory doesn't have a laugh track😂

Автор Даниел Колев ( назад)
Dear Ryan Can you make an iphone 9 commercial

Автор Too Good ( назад)
Roses are red

Violets are blue

Grass is orange


Автор beauty rulzz ( назад)
reason for ur beauty face Ryan??

Автор TheGamingBeast 915 ( назад)
ryan and kyle is like sasuke and itachi

Автор Jack Alpha ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you show us your girl friend

Автор LPS cookie Dough ( назад)
You know whats is the problem of money,
It doesn't make CENTS

Автор Ju Ran Teves ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do another weird hairstyle

Автор crazylakshya hacker ( назад)
dear Ryan plz give a hoverboard to me........teeheee

Автор Sasha Paris-Carter ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you be a mystic guru?

Автор DIY withMiya ( назад)
At 3:08 he looks like ramen Roy's brother(guava juice)😂

Автор Giro Fitzmaurice ( назад)
Like ~ your crush will confess they like you and ask you on a date

Comment ~ comment your wish

Subscribe ~ your wish will come true :)

Do nothing ~ your best friend will unfriend you :(

Автор Thanh Huynh ( назад)
Dear ryan can you try to cair flip challenge

Автор Brooklyn McAlister ( назад)
Dear Ryan,.can you make a hard core happy birthday song

Автор Lax ME ( назад)
Life hack if you ever have a headache squeeze the back of your neck

Автор luis reyes ( назад)
Dear rayan can you do the ding dong dich chaling

Автор Andrea Lopez ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u react to ur old videos

Автор Ness Earthbound ( назад)
To eat toothpaste,
With doritos.

Автор Sophia Lin ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u make a rap battle with one of ur friends?

Автор Lukas Ruch ( назад)
dear Ryan do a pyramid water bottle flip

Автор River Chaney ( назад)
s3 ep5 of big bang theory there is 32

Автор Posted Random ( назад)
As soon as he farted I did as well and was all "oh shit illuminati

Автор Howard The penguin ( назад)
The laugh track was made in the 1950s so you're listening to dead people

Автор Frank Feng ( назад)
Ps how do u know the frozen song but not the actual movie/film?

Автор Frank Feng ( назад)
The baby ryan walk is hilarious ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Автор EMO KID02 ( назад)
dear Ryan
can you react to twenty one pilots

Автор EMO KID02 ( назад)
dear Ryan
can you do a blind vlog

Автор Alpha Matt ( назад)
dear ryan, can you show us you recording the TEEHEES

Автор Lisa Rittmeyer ( назад)
The Big Bang Theory doesn't actually use laugh tracks. They perform in
front of a live audience. Chuck Lorre said so in his vanity cards.

Автор Corbin Angelone ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a race track and race your hoverboards

Автор GoldKnight2005 ( назад)
dear ryan can you play knock knock ginger on your friends

Автор AbsurdDucky ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you eat a bug?

Автор Esther Bullock ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you walk into a door?

Автор Jetsepticgun Fairliebluepie ( назад)
like this if download teehee app(don't have to)

Автор Abhishek Seewoosurran ( назад)
DEAR RYAN can you transform in to super saiyan

Автор Yuvraj Vohra ( назад)
dear ryan,
can you beatbox

Автор Chicken Master ( назад)
when ryan farted i actually smellt some fart

Автор PC B ( назад)
#Wasting water

Автор Log ( назад)
Was that his real brother?

Автор RDstoner Gamer ( назад)
R.I.P Aim

Автор Kevin Sahoy ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make a Lego mansion

Автор neil mittal ( назад)
dear Ryan can you run around and try and keep a stack of cups on your head

Автор OMO GAMER272 ( назад)
dear Ryan,What do you prefer XBOX or PS

Автор Pika power yt Sub ( назад)
Dear Ryan are you savage

Автор Weaboo21 Games ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Go to people's houses and advertise your channel

Автор Oryza Macalinao ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you cartwheel

Автор I'm Anonymous ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make another movie?

Автор Madison Monkey19 ( назад)
Dear Ryan do Charlie Charlie

Автор Sunny antoney ( назад)
After video!! U add filming back side seen it's means people want to know
your normal person 😂😂

Автор Sushi Sanchez ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u do a funny romantic video?

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
It's weird cuz I know what aol and msm messenger (I may have gotten it
wrong it may be msn dunno)

Автор Ananya kumar ( назад)
so... her name's Erika I always wanted to know...............why do I sound
like a maniac?

Автор Kaleb GoneKrazy ( назад)
mom can you iron my shirt

Автор UltraSONIC Films ( назад)
do a one where you randomly slap a persons butt and then kiss it

Автор Tikare Stores ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a whole video singing non-stop?

Автор Emile Abeysuriya ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you Act a sene from star wars The Clone War's

Автор Ignas Vilda ( назад)
that comment said
can u parody the big bang parody
the comenter must of been uverwhelmed by the idea

Автор Mary Cepeda ( назад)
Dear Ryan make a video of Pokemon

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