Anthony "Rumble" Johnson || "Monster"

Anthony Kewoa Johnson is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is well known for his brutal knockout power and intimidating presence inside the octagon. Wikipedia
Born: March 6, 1984 (age 32), Dublin, GA
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 205 lbs
Song by Jacob Banks - "Monster"
All footage and rights belong to Zuffa LLC , UFC & WME-IMG
( I am not affiliated with them )

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Автор wedemboyz ( назад)
Next thing you know people will say Conor hits harder than Rumbe :thinking:

Автор Abdel Wakil Longou ( назад)
rumble wins
at WW
light HW
and Heavyweight
conar mc nuggets is shit compare to that .

Автор Lobsang Tsetan ( назад)
As Mark Hunt, When I am hitting peple, I am trying to sperate their Spirit
from the body.

Автор Profanitarian ( назад)
He's gonna kill someone in there one of these days, jeez...

Автор Nica Rolland ( назад)
Good video.

Автор R Channe ( назад)
Do yourself a favor, folks. Turn off the audio for this highlight video.
Open up a new tab and listen to "Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm
Of The War Drums" and play it , while watching this highlight of Rumble.
You're welcome.

Автор Mickolos Bambus ( назад)
Anthony is a fuckin beast!!!

Автор Kevin Anders ( назад)
What's the name of this song !?!?!?

Автор Brandt Miller ( назад)
Do alistair

Автор James Blue ( назад)
this is a great song but that nigga trying to rap fucking sucks man.

Автор The Disturbed ( назад)
Subed to this video just for iway.__...Please keep up this beat in de
future or i un sub

Автор SHANELL032007 ( назад)
Bruce was like WTF I just sat down!

Автор Cologero Figueroa ( назад)
tryon Woodley

Автор Kelvyn Ortiz ( назад)
Edson Barboza please

Автор London2ATL ( назад)
Please do lorenzo larkins

Автор Redview ( назад)
Sickest Highlight i've ever seen.

Автор Jonny Applesead ( назад)
i hate it when they dont show they knocked out guy get stiff

Автор oneleg1arms ( назад)
nice editing

Автор bryan leon ( назад)
not.monster only real one is kevin randleman

Автор ubi mendoza ( назад)
Tyron woodley!!

Автор Ali Amin ( назад)
Fuck, dude is underrated n scary in there

Автор STIKKAR ( назад)
Best highlight I've seen great clips and song to match. Well done

Автор J Miles ( назад)
might be the hardest puncher in all of mma. n his fight style is perfect
not flashy stands his ground. he learned the proper distance for defense.
I'm a say it. DC don't want none. IDK about for good but not now. listen I
like DC I've seen several of his fights. always rooted for him. just this
time rumble looks ready. even stronger. he catches anybody n it's lights

Автор Franky mamey ( назад)
name of the song ?

Автор Michael ( назад)
I think what makes people like him terrifying is that he does not be
incredibly skilled to put away people who outclass him everywhere at any
given point in a fight..

Автор Araz A ( назад)
he is ggg for mma

Автор Annique H ( назад)
So he's a great fighter and attractive too? Damn

Автор Евгений Фролов ( назад)
Gegard Mousasi

Автор Евгений Фролов ( назад)
Gegard Mousasi

Автор Jacob “THE MUNTED ONE” Clark ( назад)
These people have families. This man is the living Requis.

Автор twisty mee ( назад)
the baddest guy to ever put on mma gloves.

Автор 김호연 ( назад)
I wanna know about the bgm of this video

Автор Jaw ( назад)
Kimbo "Killer" Slice. Hes a legend of the sport and id love to see a video
on him!

Автор Jarred Johnson ( назад)
I think the only man who can take this guy out is CM Punk

Автор manuel hernandez ( назад)
I didn't know Dan Hardy fought Anthony Johnson

Автор quick comedy ( назад)
Song please?

Автор Hugh Mungus ( назад)
Is there any man the ufc could give you that would make you more scared
than rumble ... Like Dana could ring you and say your next fight is against
Dom cruz and dj at the same time and I'd still rather that than "I'm only
joking , you got rumble really"

Автор Jack O'Brien ( назад)
Like how the fuck did he make 170!!

Автор BIG D ( назад)
Johnson has the power of a god in his hand,but Phil Davis must have a crazy
chin to go three rounds with rumble

Автор Game Over ( назад)
good song but sadly some bad edeting...

Автор Miguel Maineez ( назад)
he is the best no conor McGregor

Автор Hedzert ( назад)
Holloway reel?

Автор Alex Lemos ( назад)
Vitor Belfort!!

Автор Carl John ( назад)
Nice video mate.

Автор Charles Woods ( назад)
Did yo thing on this 1

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
It's no wonder DC is ducking Johnson.

Автор Jonathan Cuevas ( назад)
mma reels do cody garbrandt !!!!!

Автор sure lookit ( назад)
I wonder how this guy would do against Jon Jones

Автор tonylilrealdeal ( назад)
What's the song?

Автор Baby ( назад)
You have a great talent ! A tribute for khabib will be awesome :o

Автор dogztalk ( назад)
looks so easy when he does it..

Автор Corrina Barber ( назад)
the mma world needs a new dik to ride..

Автор Corrina Barber ( назад)
the mma world needs a new dick to ride..

Автор Corrina Barber ( назад)
the mma world needs a new dick to ride..

Автор Quentin Welch ( назад)
amazing song choice man you're really good at that

Автор Jonathan Wright ( назад)
I give you major props for this video. You found the perfect song for this
clip and arranged it from young cocky foolish rumble, to being cut from the
UFC... maturing and not giving up to go on a tear in WSOF, to comeback as a
grown man with humility at the top of his game. Rumble is terrifying & not
with just his hands... people forget he has hard kicks when he uses them.
Keep working on that cardio and grappling Rumble. Fix those holes like you
have been & your going to be a wrecking machine even more then you are now.
He's terrifying. I've watched his whole career and I'm really happy he woke
up and didn't give up.

Автор Гошан 2 Аккаунт ( назад)
Daniel Cormier

Автор Ian Bedford ( назад)
next champ

Автор Ian Bedford ( назад)
good lord that is a terrifying man

Автор djlink18 ( назад)
I dont have anything against DC, hell i even like the guy, hes a pretty
good fighter and a decent human being, but i would love for Anthony Johnson
to become the next LHW champion.AAAAAAAAND NEW!

Автор theamazingblaison ( назад)
do Tyron woodly

Автор freestylewrestler ( назад)
he punches like a rhino tank

Автор Bob Mills ( назад)
rumble is overrated as far as I'm concered badder is overrated a has been
nog davis is shit gus was a solid win minuwa can glover overrated rumble
has fought 2 elites dc and gus hes 1-1 soon 1-2 rumble hasn't evolved you
put his ass up against the cage and he gasses when will rumble ever evolve

Автор Sean Schonberger ( назад)
Perfect song choice for this montage. It actually makes sense.

Автор Guapo Savage ( назад)
We just gonna ignore the fact this man carried one punch knockout power
from Welterweight to Light Heavyweight. He is a genetic freak of nature

Автор bqrre ( назад)
Beautiful. The feels!

Автор drgagula ( назад)
You should make Yoel Romero video.

Автор Deadalus DX ( назад)
The Scariest man in UFC.

Автор King Sasha Mitchell ( назад)
Rumble is only good for 2 things knocking people out or getting choked out

Автор Joshua Hal ( назад)
Another Conor McGregor would be great

Автор Matt Lawford ( назад)
You should do Chris Weidman next

Автор aydooknow ( назад)
If harambe was a human being, he would be Anthony Johnson

Автор aydooknow ( назад)
his blacksplosiveness is off the charts

Автор Harley Guest ( назад)
Could you do a sage northcutt

Автор Tony M ( назад)
rumble vs conor. fuckit niggaz gotta eat.

Автор Danye Gorrell ( назад)
Tyron Woodley!!!! should be cool especially if he wins against wonder boy
cant wait to see the highlight

Автор thejakeakar ( назад)
what a video ,..thank you

Alexander Gustafsson .,,.dude ,.how the hell come you haven't done a vid of
him ,.YeT

Автор Cr7 ( назад)
my favorite fighter in the ufc dude has sleeping gas on his hands

Автор Sólon Jóhannsson ( назад)
Dan "hendo" Hernderson!

Автор Fred Jackson ( назад)
All he has to do is work on his cardio and takedown defense, LHW Champion

Автор Phillymadedude ( назад)
Song is crazy catchy , the real champ !

Автор Van Helsing ( назад)
this guy is motivation for me👊

Автор Mohit Singh ( назад)
Can anyone tell me which song is that

Автор Daniella Masci Fraresso ( назад)
If johnson beat DC And Jones,he beat all tops of ligh heavyweight
division,And become the greatest Lhw all time.

Автор You Tube ( назад)
The song fits Anthony perfect. Genuinely humble and an ice cold killer

Автор U Two ( назад)
MMA Reels the best songs and clips

Автор Guy Zabari ( назад)

Автор chillinewm ( назад)
Crazy how fast Rumble sleeps people. He has melatonin on his fists. I
watched this and thought back to his win over Gus. The loss seemed to
devastate Gus. But in retrospect, it's a 1st round KO loss that has aged
well, as crazy as that sounds. Rumble poured the violence down on poor
Alex. But it really showed what a goddamn chin The Mauler has, considering
Johnson has basically 'touch-of-death'ed everyone else. Except Cormier!
Speaking of chin and heart, whoooeeh....i cant believe DC recovered and won

Автор Hosey Waldo ( назад)
after this video my money is on rumble no doubt

Автор JKBoomslang ( назад)
He's Like Rampage

Автор omar nabs ( назад)
so fit

Автор Robert Chamberlin ( назад)
Sarah Mcmann to brickhouse commadores.

Автор Robert Chamberlin ( назад)
Magumi fujii!!

Автор Uzamaki Luffy ( назад)
I once knocked out Anthony in a street fight in Venica CA true story

Автор Tyler Darko ( назад)
I just watched the wonderboy reel and now rumble. great videos great songs.
you just got a sub. Awesome work!

Автор matt s ( назад)
This is such a well made video- awesome job man. The song combined with the
footage and how it was edited; one of my favourite MMA highlight
compilations period.

Автор Kyle Flory ( назад)
I once high-fived Anthony Johnson. Afterward, the doctor said my hand was
broken in 3 places.

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